Klipsch RP-280F vs RP-8000F: Review and Full Comparison

You cannot complete your home theater sound system configuration without floor-standing speakers. There are also various models of floor-standing speakers manufactured by various firms. However, Klipsch manufacturers their speakers with some special innovations, such as the tractrix horn, and they devote a lot of time and resources to make music more enjoyable. For example, they invest in Klipsch RP-280F and Klipsch RP-8000F to provide you with the best music experience possible. There are similarities and differences between the Klipsch RP-280F vs RP-8000F.

Like both speaker has the same amp power 150 watts, the tweeter has tractrix horn technology, 8-inches of woofer, 32-25k Hz of frequency response, even the sensitivity and impedance also same 98 dB and 8 Ohm.

And if you look at the difference between Klipsch RP-280F vs RP-8000F 0f then you can find the speaker dimensions are not the same, as well as the weight. Furthermore, the connector type of the speaker is not the same, Klipsch RP-280F has a Binding Post connection type and Klipsch RP-8000F has a post type connection type. And their price also not the same but you can consider them under budget.

Klipsch RP-280F vs RP-8000F| Comparison Chart

Model NameKlipsch RP-280FKlipsch RP-8000F
Dimensions10.50 x 16.40 x 43.20 ''10.00 x 18.00 x 43.00''
Amp power150 WattsUp to 150 Watts
Weight62.5 lbs60 lbs
EnclosureBass ReflexBass Reflex
TweeterTractrix HornTractrix Horn
Woofer size88
Connector typeBinding PostPost
Frequency Response32-25k Hz32-25k Hz
Sensitivity98 dB98 dB
Impedance8 Ohm8 Ohm

Design: Klipsch RP-280F vs RP-8000F

Klipsch RP-280F

  • The Klipsch RP-280F comes with a mellifluous design. The previous speakers don’t contain such a sleek design. But this RP-280F is something different than anyone would like.

Its construction is so smooth and pleasant. The speakers are placed at a distance from the bottom. And it also contains an 8-inch woofer.

The woofer is quite significant. The Klipsch uses cerametallic materials in all their speaker’s woofer. They traditionally follow this.

Coming to the tweeter, they are made of Titanium. And  90 x 90 Tractrix horn is also attached. Which has a copper accent?

And here an exciting thing in its design is the black grille. It always attached in front of the speaker magnetically. But it is removal.

Behind the grille, the speakers and horns are hidden. And an open port makes the easy going of the air.

Overall it is a beautiful speaker with ebony and cherry colors. The texture is smooth with the bass reflex enclosure. This kind of simple but outstanding design has also an effect on the bass and sound. You will hear an excellent sound.

Klipsch RP-8000F

  • The Klipsch RP-8000F is another fantastically designed speaker. And mostly demanded. People just love it with its simplicity.

The main attraction of this speaker is the horn. The tractrix horn-shaped in a geometry form. The softer silicone material cone is attached to the mouth of the funnel.

And as usual, the woofer is made of cerametallic material with a copper color layer. The woofer is 8-inch that is big enough.

The aluminum color of the woofer and ebony and walnut color makes it look so modern. There are slices in the design that make it looks so funky.

The cabinet is also smooth and bt heavy. It looks like a tower speaker with big woofers. A floor-standing speaker designed for soft and excellent bass loud enough. And this type of construction help to get the lower frequency and faster.

Seeing the first time, anyone will love it. It is slim and perfect for hometheater set up as well as home decor. It can enhance the decoration of the living room.


Dimension and Weight

Dimension is essential to know. Because when you are about to buy a speaker need to set it up in your room. So, knowing the measurement can help you to buy the right one.

  • The Klipsch RP-280F speaker height, width, and depth are 43.20, 10.50, and 16.40-inch, respectively. This kind of dimension is perfect for any type of room.

You can add it without facing any problem in your home theater.

And the weight is 62.5 lbs which is a bit heavy than RP-8000F.

  • The dimension of RP-8000F is 10.00 x 18.00 x 43.00-inch (depth x width x height).

The weight is 60 lbs. This is lightweight than the RP-280F speaker. This a slim and sleek type of designer speaker. Also find out about the Klipsch RP-160M and RP-600M which have beautiful premium design.

Amp power

Amplifier power is a significant feature for any speaker. Because the amplifier power decides how the sound will be, the more amp power one speaker contains, the more efficient, transparent, and smooth sound you will get.

Because it converts the signals to a high level. So, make sure your speaker has good amp power.

  • The Klipsch RP-280F has an amp power of 150 Watts. That is quite impressive. It means it can produce enough clear sound.

It will give high performance. High performance means the loudest or melodious sound whatever you want.

  • In this section, the RP-8000F is the winner. The amplifier power is up to 150 Watts. So, it can reproduce sound more efficiently than RP-280F.

And the unique, deep, and loud sound you will get. A live concert you will feel in your own home. Check out How to choose amplifier for speakers.


Sensitivity is something that decides how loud your speaker can be. So, for getting the most audible sound, you need to get a high rate sensitivity power in your speaker.

The rate must be up 90 dB. Because the 90dB sensitivity rate is accurate can provide the loudest sound.

But under 90dB sensitivity rate is also not so bad. According to your need, it varies.

And if you compare Klipsch RP 280f vs RP 8000 for sensitivity then you can see they have the same 98dB sensitivity rate. That means you will get clear and perfect loudest sound or music and enjoy the time.

A concert is full of loud music you can now have in your own home. So, which one you buy you can get the same loud. Sometimes it may differ on the other features.

Sound Performance: Klipsch RP-280F vs RP-8000F

  • This Klipsch RP-280F speaker is incredible in producing sound. The bass is quite deep and clear. And it also distortion-free. It is a huge speaker with big woofers, and those woofers will give you high-quality sound.

The highs are perfectly listenable and smooth. The vocals and mids are also harmonious. You don’t feel the sound distortion.

The sound is powerful, and the frequency response is able enough to give a piece of soft but loud music. A beautiful sound but powerful will reach into your ears.

And the high sensitivity range I have mentioned earlier will give you rich and the loudest sound. The room will be filled with music and give you an overflow of music through your whole body.

And the horn is such fantabulous that at high volume you won’t feel the distorted sound. The tractrix horn is just superb. Dynamic music can produce for this. Also you can try out these Klipsch speakers which have better tractrix horns.

  • The first about the sound quality of the speaker Klipsch RP-8000F is so graceful and detailed. Whatever type of music you listen to won’t give you a way to complain.

The high deep bass and clear will blow your mind. And high volume and bass are also distortion-free. The bass is like a powerful punch in the ears. You can check out these Klipsch subwoofers for better bass.

The sound is more realistic as the singer intends us to listen. And loud music. You can get a high volume and loud music for doing frequent parties.

The frequency response is 25-32k. It defines the whole sound system, I think. Nothing more a person needs in his speaker. This speaker is an all in one speaker. The sound is majestic.


Tweeter: Klipsch RP-280F vs RP-8000F

Both the speaker have tweeter of tractrix horn. And the woofer is of titanium. The tweeter size is 1-inch. Able to produce high frequencies.

Which is must important for any speaker for high ended performance. 90×90 Tractrix horn comes in these speakers. What do you think about this high-level horn?

I just can’t describe how good the speakers are. Every feature and everything is just unique.

Here the RP-8000F contains a bit better feature in tweeter. The company has added a vented tweeter. This just helps to get higher frequency but smooth.

The tweeter is not heavy and made of titanium. This helps to get real-life sound in the ears.


Klipsch RP-280F Quick Review

Things we Loved

This Klipsch RP-280F speaker comes with an ergonomic design that delivers impressive sound.

This beautiful sound because of the newer model integrated speaker. And the tractrix horn is also integrated. The horn has a square mouth. Circular type throat is also in it. At the last rubber coating.

This helps to improve the treble response. And the intricate geometry design of the horn. All these things combined help to get the best sound.

And lastly, the tweeter with titanium follows LT’s principle. The woofers I have said before are absolutely perfect for producing low frequencies.

The other features are the frequency response 25k to 32k Hz is much more than one speaker’s needs. The sensitivity rate is 98 dB/2.83 V/m for each of the speakers.

The impedance is 8 Ohm and also capable of handling 150 Watts amp power. The crossover frequency is 1750k Hz with two speaker drivers.

This kind of manufacture makes this floor standing speaker majestic. You will tend to hear more and more. The Klipsch made this with everything balanced the treble or the bass.

And lastly to add it is also less expensive than the Klipsch RP-8000F. So, you can easily afford it.

Things we didn’t like

After seeing or searching about this Klipsch RP-280F floor-standing speaker, we didn’t see many negative reviews. Overall this is the right product. But still the disadvantages you might know.

  • This is quite heavy and tall. So, plenty of space in your room is needed. Otherwise, you will face problems while setting it up.
  • And the pads are of rubber stick. It makes it quite hard to move.

Klipsch RP-8000F Quick Review

Things we Loved

Klipsch RP-8000F provides a lot of advantages. That every audiophile wants in their home theatre. I think it offers more than one desires. This is the best thing about this floor-standing speaker.

Comes to frequency response it is neutral, accurate, and in-depth. And all the systems are balanced and well-controlled. That helps to get the best sound.

The sensitivity range is 98 dB that is over as per our expectation. So, enough loud sound will be enjoyed with this.

The frequency response is 25-32k Hz enough for a speaker. And the impedance 8 Ohm.

And the most crucial part of this speaker is the horn. The horn is 90° x 90° Tractrix horn. And guess what this fantastic horn can do. It just makes the frequency response smoother. Also, protect the tweeter from getting damaged.

The attractive central part is that the small drivers are efficient enough in the mid-range. This gives an unparalleled and transparent sound system.

Things we didn’t like

There are not many complaints about this speaker. But some things of improvement can make this floor standing speaker perfect.

  • The sound sometimes can be felt hard for some people.
  • It is larger.

Alternative Options

Klipsch R-820F

The Klipsch R-820F floorstanding speaker delivers incredible precision and clarity to your room. The R-820F provides lifelike acoustics that carry your music and movies to life, thanks to Klipsch’s patented horn-loaded technology and dual 8″ spun-copper IMG woofers.


  • Solid construction.
  • Decent sound.
  • Deep bass performance.


Some cheap parts.

Polk s60

Polk’s Signature Series, a modern, smartly engineered lineup, effectively embodies the company’s long-held ethos of providing quality production at an accessible price. The Polk Audio S60 receives our highest recommendation because the producers should be proud of producing such high-performing speakers despite the budget constraints they faced.


  • Excellent range and tonal balance
  • Dramatic looks
  • Good blend from unusually low-profile center


Sub is unable to add much to the towers.

Final thoughts: Klipsch RP-280F vs RP-8000F

What speaker you choose will be good and perfect for you. All you need to do is to buy the right one that meets up your need.

The Klipsch RP-280F vs Klipsch RP-8000F are two fantastic speakers. All the features and comparisons I have added to this article. The rest of the thing you need to do to go to the shop and see it ownself.

A real sound test will do the rest work. Then you will fully able to know what to buy.

They are not comparable because most of the features are the same. But still the difference in the sound quality.

Since both of the speakers are from Klipsch. You need not worry. Your decision about buying one of them won’t make you regret it.

FAQ: Klipsch RP-280F vs RP-8000F

Let’s hop right into this segment to have a better understanding of this amazing sound technology.

Which will be perfect for my home theatre setup?

If you compare the Klipsch RP 280F vs RP 8000F they both have an advantage side and some limitations but both are beautiful speakers. So, there is no need to worry about home decor.

All you need to concern about the space. The Klipsch RP-280F is more massive than the Klipsch RP-8000F. But not so large.

The Klipsch RP 8000f is more suitable for home theater and Klipsch RP 280f also can use in your home theater setup but they are suitable for universal or general use.

Does more amp power mean outstanding performance? Then which is best?

More amp power means excellent performance; it is not wholely true. But it affects performance or sound quality.

So. regarding these specs the Klipsch RP-8000F is much better because it has amp power up to 150 watts.

Is the Klipsch speaker budget freindly?

The Klipsch speaker is quite expensive. There are several reasons for being expensive. But they are worth it.

The RP-280F is affordable than the RP-8000F speaker. But the Rp-8000F is not that much expensive with such unique features. Alos take a peek at these budget speakers to buy.