Martin Logan vs Klipsch: Model By Model Comparison

Nowadays, people are mostly fond of home theater and thus becoming more interested in audio equipment. Seeing the need, many brands are making newer things like speakers, subwoofers, or other items.  And the choice among them is becoming too complicated. Such two well-known brands are Martin Logan VS Klipsch. And the debate between them which is best is running for years.

So, here I will show you the comparison between them and highlight their best products. So, you can choose the right one for you.

Martin Logan

Martin Logan is actually a US company that makes especially speakers and subwoofers. They have wall-mounted, ceiling, or floor-standing speaker variations.

And they are the first brand makes electrostatic center-channel speakers. This brand always tends to serve wonderful audio pieces of equipment that can satisfy one audiophile’s mind.


  • Their speakers are quite stylish.
  • The bass is too rich in the loudspeakers.
  • Driver technology is impressive.
  • 4-ohm impedance.
  • Affordable price.


Klipsch is such a brand most famous for making high-efficiency loudspeakers. Not only the speakers but also the headphones, subwoofer, and various kinds of speakers they make.

They have also held a good thought into people’s minds. And try to keep it up by making unique products that can blow one mind.


  • Big woofers in the speakers.
  • Most of the speakers ensure the loudest sound with a high sensitivity rate.
  • The full speaker enclosure is of bass reflex.
  • Sometimes use Dolby Atmos in speakers.
  • High impedance.
  • Tractrix Horn

Martin Logan vs Klipsch| Model By Model Comparison

Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-280F vs MartinLogan Motion® 40

Model Name Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-280F MartinLogan Motion® 40
Dimensions 10.50 x 16.40 x 43.20 ” 12.8 x 7.6 x 42.5 inches
Color Black Gloss Black
Amp power 150 Watts 20-300
Bi-amp Inputs Yes Yes
Built-in Powered Sub No No
Weight 62.5 lbs 49 pounds
Enclosure Bass Reflex Bass Reflex
Tweeter Tractrix Horn Folded Motion Transducer
Tweeter Size (inches) 1 1×1.4
Woofer size 8 6.5
Woofer Composition Cerametallic Aluminum
Connector type Binding Post Binding post
Frequency Response 32-25k Hz 40-25k Hz
Sensitivity 98 dB 92 dB
Impedance 8 Ohm 4 Ohm

Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-280F has a beautiful sleek design perfect for home decor. With such good design, it also provides natural, clear, and distortion-free sound. Highs are perfectly smooth, and mids are harmonious.

Then the integrated Tractrix horn gets a rich sound even in the highest volume. The bigger woofer is there, and a big woofer means more high quality and loud sound.

Then the sensitivity is 98 dB, which ensures the loudest music one intends to hear. The impedance is 8 ohms and power handling capacity 150 watt, which is quite good for a home theatre speaker.

Coming to MartinLogan Motion® 40 speaker is a kind of different floors-standing speaker that indeed is capable of delivering the richest sound.

It has a Folded Motion Transducer tweeter of 1×1.4 inches. For a superior detailed sounding system. And the woofer size is impressive that is big enough for great sound.

The sensitivity rate is enough for louder music that can give a nice punch into your ears. And then, the impedance is 4 ohm with high frequency. This is meant for powerful sound but smooth.

This is not a weighty speaker and also has nice glossy black color. So, it won’t look like a traditional prominent speaker; instead, have a stylish look.

Overall, both of the speakers are incredible by their combination of various features.


 Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-280F  MartinLogan Motion® 40
  • Big woofer
  • Sleek design
  • Fit for loudest music
  • Tractrix horn
  • Nice design
  • Detailed highs
  • Rich bass
  • Clear mid-range


Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-280F MartinLogan Motion® 40
  • Expensive
  • Too big and tall
  • Quite hard to move
  • Not enough power
  • Sometimes mids are heard not so good

Klipsch Reference RF-7 III vs MartinLogan Motion® 60XT

Model Name Klipsch Reference RF-7 III MartinLogan Motion® 60XT
Dimensions 17.90 x 13.90 x 49.00 inches 12.8 x 7.6 x 42.5 inches
Color Black Cherry (black)
Power Range up to 250 20-400
Bi-amp Inputs Yes Yes
Built-in Powered Sub No No
Weight 97 lbs 66 lbs
Enclosure Bass Reflex Bass Reflex
Tweeter Tractrix Horn Folded Motion XT
Tweeter Size (inches) 1.75 1.25×2.4
Woofer size 10 8
Woofer Composition Cerametallic Aluminum
Connector type Binding Post Binding post
Frequency Response 32-25k Hz 32-25k Hz
Sensitivity 100 dB 94 dB
Impedance 8 Ohm 4 Ohm

This Klipsch Reference RF-7 III is a monster floor-standing speaker that will surely blow out your mind with its extreme performance. Because it can deliver the highest quality sound that will feel like a concert at home.

The woofer is too big for getting the loudest sound with a heart-pumping sound. The 100 dB sensitivity rate can also give wall-shaking music that is too much for a loudspeaker.

The frequency is balanced for smooth music at the highest volume, which ensures no distortion. And 1.75 inch of tractrix horn tweeter is the trending that makes the sound even more admirable.

Seeing the performance and design, it is fit for any home theatre.

In contrast, the  MartinLogan Motion® 60XT is also a powerful speaker for pretty nice home entertainment. As it does not provide too much loudness as the Klipsch but those who don’t like strong bass can have this.

The frequency range is a pretty good balance with the other features. Then, the power range is 20-400 watts, which can make the music beautifully textured.

The design is always unique and has a cherry black color that can enhance your home’s beauty. As it is light-weight than other speakers, it is also not too big to set it up anywhere you want.


Klipsch Reference RF-7 III MartinLogan Motion® 60XT
  • Bigger woofer
  • Loudest music as a live concert
  • Powerful and strong performance
  • Tractrix horn
  • Beautiful design
  • Enough big woofer
  • Ensure quite good louder music
  • Dynamic tweeter


Klipsch Reference RF-7 III MartinLogan Motion® 60XT
  • Maybe too large
  • Extreme louder music
  • Need more amp power

MartinLogan 35XTi vs Klipsch RP-600M Bookshelf Speaker

Model Name MartinLogan 35XTi Klipsch RP-600M
Dimensions 12.05 x 14.85 x 17.65 inches 8.00 x 118.00 x 157.00 inches
Speaker Type Bookshelf speaker Bookshelf speaker
Colors Gloss Black Ebony, Walnut, Piano Black
Max Input Power 250 watts 100 watts
Crossover Frequency 2200 1500
Biamp Inputs Yes Yes
Weight 18.5lbs 16lbs
Enclosure Bass Reflex Bass Reflex
Tweeter Folded Motion XT Tractrix Horn
Tweeter Size (inches) 1.25 x 2.4″ 1”
Woofer size 6.5″ 6.5″
Woofer Composition Aluminum Cerametallic
Woofer Surround Material Rubber Rubber
Frequency Response 50-25k Hz 45-25k Hz
Sensitivity 92 dB 96 dB
Impedance 4 Ohm 8 Ohm

The MartinLogan 35XTi bookshelf speaker is a powerful speaker with an intense power handling capacity. This kind of amp power indeed produces the excellent stereo sound that one tends to listen to more.

Not only the input power, but the other factors also make it a mighty one. The woofer 6.5” is big enough for a bookshelf speaker. So, in a more loud volume, you can enjoy your audio.

Then the sensitivity rate and tweeter all combination in a package gives the fantastic bass, perfect highs and mid-range also good.

What else does one need for this kind of speaker? Lastly, the glossy black gives it an elegant look.

If you are wondering how can a bookshelf speaker delivers a robust bass, then this Klipsch RP-600M is here for you. This is an incredible speaker that can fill your home with its acoustic sounds.

The rich, clear, and smooth sound it produces. Also, the high rate of sensitivity helps get the loudest music. Even in the high volume, no distortion in the sound, and the highs are utterly unique.

The frequency range is adjustable for getting the proper sound, and impedance of 8 ohms in such speakers beyond something. Like a floor-standing speaker, it has all the features just in a congested size.

Then the tweeter of Tractrix, which Klipsch uses traditionally integrated into it. 90×90 Tractrix horn with a surrounded silicon face helps the music getting smoother.

And three different color is available so you can choose one that matches your home decor.


MartinLogan 35XTi Klipsch RP-600M
  • Dynamic range
  • Excellent amp power handling capacity
  • Louder music
  • Acoustic sound
  • Great sensitivity rate
  • Very efficient


MartinLogan 35XTi Klipsch RP-600M
  • The upper midrange is not so good
  • Vinyl does not feel high

MartinLogan Motion® 30 Center vs Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-250C  Channel Speaker

Model Name MartinLogan Motion® 30 Center Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-250C 
Speaker Type Center Channel Center Channel
Enclosure Bass Reflex Bass Reflex
Colors Gloss Black Ebony, Cherry
Max Input Power 20-250 125
Dimensions 10.50 x 16.50 x 6.90 inches 10.00 x 18.50 x 6.90 inches
Frequency Response 65-25k Hz 60-24k Hz
Weight 18.00 lbs 21.10 lbs
Impedance 4 Ohm 8 Ohm
Tweeter Folded Motion Transducer Tractrix Horn
Connector Type Spring post Binding post
Woofer size 5-1/2 5-1/4
Sensitivity 91 dB 96 dB

If you want more precise and dynamic sound, then this  MartinLogan Motion® 30 Center is there for you. The clear, highly defined sound it can produce so that every movie dialogue and song hear expressed.

The big reason behind this is the Folded Motion Tweeter. It ensures the dynamic sounding. Distortion-free sound and fast response time.

Then there is the woofer made of an aluminum cone with 5-1/2 size. Makes the more and more pleasing and smooth also louder. Then there is the sensitivity rate gets the volume higher.

Lastly, the glossy black with a flawless finish gives it an aesthetic look. So, can match with any home decor easily.

Klipsch wanted to make such a speaker in a compact size that will make people fallen in love again with the music. And finally, they did it, and the result is Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-250C  channel speaker.

This speaker gives a realistic sound that no other brand couldn’t do. Every movie dialogue and lyrics of songs hear so detailed and define. And more natural sound means a more enjoyable home theatre experience.

The Dolby Atmos is also there to add extra definition to the sound. So, the more high-level sound system can get.

The high sensitivity rate that Klipsch always ensures and high impedance does the rest of the work, making the sound more rich and powerful.

The 90×90 Hybrid Tractrix Horn is integrated for making the frequencies even high. It also improves the resolution and makes the sound more detailed and dynamic.

In the end, the design it has with the cherry color fit for any home decor.


MartinLogan Motion® 30 Klipsch Reference Premiere    RP-250C
  • Detailed sound
  • Excellent performance
  • Great tweeter
  • Louder music
  • Perfect for detailed movie dialog and music
  • Dolby Atmos


MartinLogan Motion® 30 Klipsch Reference Premiere    RP-250C
  • No negative impression
  • Nothing important

MartinLogan Dynamo™ 800X vs Klipsch Reference R-12SW Subwoofer

Model Name MartinLogan Dynamo™ 800X Klipsch Reference R-12SW Subwoofer
Speaker Type Subwoofer Subwoofer
Enclosure Acoustic Suspension Bass Reflex
Colors Black Black
Weight 31 pounds 31 pounds
Dimensions 19 x 18 x 20 inches 19.2 x 14 x 16.5 inches
Frequency Response 24-200 Hz 29-120 Hz
Amplifier Output (watts) 300 200
Wireless Optional No
Low-Pass Crossover Freq 35-120Hz 40-120Hz
Woofer Composition Polypropylene Copper IMG
Woofer size 10 12

Nowadays, subwoofers can extensively and effortlessly produce rich bass and great sounding. Such a subwoofer is MartinLogan Dynamo™ 800X. It is not less than any loudspeaker.

This sub has a low-frequency response, which can produce powerful bass and sub-bass. A punchy and powerful bass add into the sound gives the most soothing music you want.

Then the woofer of polypropylene is impressive in the size of 10 inches. And last, of all, the amp power of 300 watt takes the performance to a high level. The amp is powerful enough for a sub.

It has a wireless connection, too, with Bluetooth app control. The sub-control app has variation in the feature like the volume up-down, listening mode, room correction, etc.

Coming to design, it has an enclosure acoustic suspension with black color that can drive anyone’s attention.

This Klipsch Reference R-12SW Subwoofer is such a sub that can blend with any kind of speaker and give surround sound that can fulfill your room.

The low pass cross-frequency ensures the low frequency that gets the smooth and pleasant sound for home theater. The next thing is the amp power is powerful for a sub that can contain enough energy and give a high level of performance.

The front-firing driver is capable of giving a punch, deep, and robust bass. This is required to define the sound. The woofer size is significant, and the composition is copper IMG. A big woofer means more sound, which is an attractive feature.


MartinLogan Dynamo™ 800X Klipsch Reference R-12SW
  • Two-channel system
  • Room correction is integrated
  • Amazing and clean bass
  • Deep and rich bass
  • Big woofer
  • Bass reflex enclosure


MartinLogan Dynamo™ 800X Klipsch Reference R-12SW
  • The woofer should be bigger
  • Nothing considerable

Martin Logan vs Klipsch| Detailed Comparison


Now, Martin Logan and Klipsch are both brands that always try to give a high-level sound through their every product.

Martin Logan

Martin Logan loudspeakers are capable of producing the louder sound and in high volume distortion-free sound. Acoustic and surround sound that can fill your room.

Even their bookshelf speaker is also fantastic. They come in a compact size, but the powerful and defined sound they can produce.

And their center channel speakers are beyond description. How can they make something this good many just wonders?


There is nothing much saying when it comes to Klipsch because everyone knows how majestic their sounding system. Every speaker ensures the loudest music that can make you feel a live concert is in front of you.

Even their bookshelf speakers are too loud that they can defeat loudspeakers of other brands. Through their speaker, every movie dialogue is heard detailed that you may have never listened to before.

And they make subwoofer with an exciting feature that can match with any speakers and makes the sound even better.

Their new series RP is now taking place over people’s heart with the robust performance. The latest center channel speaker is too good to describe. In a word, the best sounding in you can get with any product of Klipsch.


Bass is something that most audiophile wants it to be powerful, punchy, rich. And all speakers brand can’t provide it. But MartinLogan and Klipsch ensure the excellent bass that any audiophile love.

MartinLogan is best for crisp, bold bass. Smooth and clear bass you will get and no distortion. So, this works for many of those who are not audiophiles.

But if you are an audiophile, then you should buy Klipsch. Because most audiophiles people need robust and robust bass. Bass, that is heart shaking. Also, rich and loud can win your heart.


Woofer may consider as a remarkable fact behind the best sounding. The big your speaker would be, the more influential the sound you will hear. A good woofer should have the maximum size, and the material should be aluminum or cerametallic.

The big woofer is such capable that it can give you a wall-shaking performance. Or in the highest volume, you will feel you are in a live concert.

Comparing this woofer size or composition Klipsch is the best and incomparable. Because you will notice each of the speakers has a bigger woofer than others.

Even the material they use and composition in the most woofer is aluminum. Which is a good material for a good performance.

They can work efficiently with the frequency response, and the sensitivity rate comes with a combination of a speechless performance. Klipsch R-51PM has a great woofer you should definitely checkout.

Another hand MartinLogan also has a powerful woofer. Their woofers are also significant and useful built quality for a warm sound. But when to compare, they are not too big as the Klipsch.

Sensitivity rate in speakers

The sensitivity rate refers to the loudness. The more sensitivity rate would affect the louder music you can hear, like a room shaking. And the ideal ratio is 90 dB or above.

Both the brand has a sensitivity rate above 90dB which is a good thing. Your speaker or woofer can too much loud that can also entertain your neighbor. So, which brand you go for? No worry about the loudness.


As most of the time, speakers or woofer are used for the home theatre or in the living room, they should match the home decor. Or a stylish speaker doesn’t need extra things to set it as it ownself is beautiful enough.

Different things work behind the beautiful design, like the material and color. So, if you want an elegant speaker or woofer, then buy a MartinLogan product.

Because they are well known for the stylish design of their products. And the color variation of a glossy vibe is something different that can increase the decoration beauty of your home.

Klipsch is also that bad, whether a nice finish you get to see.


If you want to set up your home theater or want to replace anything, then these two brands are the best choice you ever can have. Todays are like a competition which can have the best thing.

And competition the other sometimes is more formidable as all the things can’t match, and the price is also a considerable fact. More strong sound, bass, woofer, design, and other criteria can’t compare with each other.

But you can have an all in one with the MartinLogan or Klipsch brand. As the day pass their all product are going to the high.

Yet, if you ask me which is best in my opinion, then I would refer to the Klipsch. Because it has all the bright side that won’t ever make you regret it after buying.

In contrast, MartinLogan also holds a place in people’s hearts. They are extensively known for design; even the working principle is highly praised also.

Author’s Pick: Klipsch

So, make your choice which you need and which met up your need, then buy anyone between Martin Logan vs Klipsch that will give you the best experience you ever have. Also checkout the difference between Klipsch vs Bose: Side by Side Comparison for a differenct perspective.

Frequently Asked Question

Which is budget-friendly?

Before buying a product, the price range is a must important thing. As you need to buy within your budget.

If you want a budget-friendly product, then MartinLogan is such a brand. They always try to buy something that is less expensive but can give full coverage.

Whether Klipsch is a bit expensive. So, if you have a more comprehensive budget range, then go for Klipsch.

Is Klipsch worth the money?

There is no doubt if Klipsch worth the money. We all know Klipsch makes an expensive product. Many may think, what kind of thing cost this much.

But trust me, they really wort it. In the very beginning, I have reviewed some products where you can easily understand why they are expensive.

Their product is high ended and perfect. And making outstanding products and buying them you have to spend money.

What type of product Martin Logan and Klipsch make?

MartinLogan mainly makes speakers like a floor-standing speaker, in-wall hybrid speakers also wall mounted. Their new addition center channel speaker.

Besides, they are also making subwoofers, bookshelf speakers.

And the Klipsch makes all kinds of speakers bookshelf, floor-standing, in-wall, loudspeaker. Headphones, the subwoofer is also they make.

Which has better overall quality?

I have discussed it in the verdict section, as per my opinion. Which brand is best depends on several things. One may good for the speaker others may good for woofers.

Klipsch and Martin Logan also two brands that are good with the product in a different section. But if you want to know overall who is better, then I recommend Klipsch.

But one disadvantage is the Klipsch is expensive. Many may not afford it. So, you need to judge all the sides.