Have a Blast With The Best Speaker for Outdoor Projector

The best speaker for outdoor projectors is an ideal setup if you want to plan a wedding or have a movie night outside. While buying the best speaker for an outdoor projector, you need to take into account some major factors. Most of the time, sound quality is one of the most crucial factors and it will depend on things like speaker drivers, output power, soundstage, etc.

The best speaker for outdoor projectors should be portable and weatherproof for ease of movement and all-weather use. However, if you use it specifically in your yard or patio, then it is not mandatory. The quality of the speakers should be premium because they have to withstand dust, wind, and may experience road bumps.

The setup is important because many people don’t like several wires and cables creating a messy environment. For them, a Bluetooth speaker is a must. The setup between the projector and speaker should be easy and straightforward. If you often use the speakers for outdoor projectors for movie nights, then you can choose one with lighting. 

Editor’s pick: Samsung 2.1 HW-R450 soundbar

The reason to choose a Samsung soundbar speaker is that you can get a soundbar along with a subwoofer at an affordable cost. It is a fantastic little entry-level soundbar that will improve the sound quality of your projector without taking up too much room. With slightly curved sides and a slender shape, the bar should be able to sit under most modern TVs and projectors.

Top 10 Best speaker for outdoor projector:

The following table shows the differences between the best 10 speakers for outdoor projectors.

Comparison table of best speakers for outdoor projectors:

Bose companion 2 series III
Pohopa EF-B210G
Oontz Angle 3
JBL Flip 4
Sony GTK-XB90
Channel config.
All weather resistant
Bose companion 2 series III
Channel config.
Pohopa EF-B210G
Channel config.
Oontz Angle 3
Channel config.
JBL Flip 4
Channel config.
All weather resistant
Sony GTK-XB90
Channel config.

Best stereo speaker: Bose Companion 2 Series III


  • AUX input and headphone jack
  • Truespace stereo circuitry
  • Power Requirements 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Ported cabinet
  • Weight: 2.3lb

These wired speakers for the projector deliver excellent sound quality whether you are watching videos, movies, or playing games. It has an auxiliary input and a headphone jack. The design is simplistic with a volume knob for easy control. 

With the innovative ideas of Bose, this speaker uses TrueSpace stereo digital processing circuitry. This results in a broader soundstage and precise imaging. The ported cabinet design ensures enhanced bass. The audio quality is excellent and has enough clarity. 

The speaker has a very easy setup and gives you the option to watch movies privately using a headphone jack. You can easily use it with your outdoor projector. Although it is good to use as PC speakers, you can also use it outdoors. 

You will get a good sound if you keep them closer to you and your guests. With such a low cost, you can buy a pair of these speakers to produce immersive and lifelike sound. You can always rely on Bose for their sound and build quality. 

Bose doesn’t reveal the sensitivity or the transducer size/material of these speakers. If you want bookshelf speakers for projector, then you can look into the Edifier R980T 4.

Try to know about Bose speakers more here.

Reasons to buy:

  • Easy to carry
  • TrueSpace technology
  • Excellent sound
  • Tight bass
  • Affordable 

Things to improve:

  • Is not weatherproof 

Compared to other Bose Outdoor speakers

Bose 251

The award-winning Bose 251 outdoor speakers deliver rich, dynamic stereo sound over a far larger area than most outdoor speakers. It is, however, significantly more expensive than the Bose Companion 2 Series III and lacks deep bass, which is insufficient for this volume. Despite this, the Bose 251 is weatherproof and can be connected to your audio components or Lifestyle setup, as well as mounted to your exterior walls. Click Bose 251 to know more about this one.

Best aesthetics: Pohopa EF-B210G Bluetooth Lantern speakers


  • Uses TWS feature
  • Supports Bluetooth within a distance of 33ft
  • 20W sound output
  • Weight 5.08 pounds
  • 4400MAH battery
  • 3-inch full-range drivers and a bass reflex vent

The speaker has an excellent design. It has a lantern-shaped design and has a handle. It is easy to carry and since it comes with a battery, you can use it outside. The TWS feature allows connectivity between the two speakers. The speaker should be within a distance of 66 ft which should be reduced while using it outdoors. 

Being waterproof and dustproof, you can use it in the poolside, backyard, patio, lawn, garden, camping. The 20 LED lights are useful when you use them at night-time. With 50% of the volume, the battery will give 12 hours of playback which may increase if you turn off the lights. 

The wireless connectivity with Bluetooth 4.2 makes usage easy. The controls and setup make it very easy to use. It has noise reduction technology and the audio has crispier highs and decent overall sound. The vocals and dialogues are plausible.

You can easily listen to them at a high volume. Test results show they have a frequency range of 91.1Hz and 11.5Hz. The soundstage is impressive and the dynamics are very good.

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Reasons to buy:

  • Attractive design
  • Lighting causes a party environment
  • Long battery life
  • Wireless connectivity
  • IP54 waterproof rating

Things to improve:

  •   Battery life rapidly reduces with high volume   

Compared to other Pohopo Outdoor speakers

Pohopa B210D Portable Speaker

The Pohopa B210D Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker has a solid 10W stereo driver that delivers crisp treble. The B210G series is a revamped version of the B210D series, with improved sound quality, real stereo sound effect, and the two speakers (main speaker and secondary speaker) can automatically pair with each other once turned on, eliminating the need for manual pairing. However, since the B210D model’s 5.8G technology allows for wireless multiple pairing, you can link up as many B210D speakers as you want to produce shock surround sound.

Best Bluetooth outdoor speaker: OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker


  • Weight 10oz
  • Passive Bass Radiator
  • Volume: 10W
  • Supports Bluetooth with 100 feet range
  • 6 hours charging time

This outdoor projector speaker has several buttons including volume down/trackback, play/pause, power button, volume up/track next. The LED shows Blue light when pairing or when connected and red light when the battery is charging or is completely charged. The speaker has dual precision stereo drivers.

The passive radiator comes with its own grille and is in the opposite direction of that of the drivers. This ensures the bass doesn’t conflict with mids and highs. The specially designed triangular shape and the downward-facing bass radiator are made so that the sound is even more powerful.

Overall, the mids and highs are precise, the sound has excellent clarity and deep bass. You can place the speakers horizontally or vertically and still get the same sound. The speaker can play music at a very high volume without displaying any distortion. 

with power-saving features, you can save battery life to use later. Once the speaker reaches 15% of battery life, the red light will flash rapidly. The speaker has a built-in mic the microphone. 

It is one of the best speakers for outdoor projector because it is resistant against rain, water splash, or water spray. However, you should not submerge it partially or fully into the water.

Take a peek at this similar kind of  2 Jabra Speakers

Reasons to buy:

  • Wireless connection in long-distance (100m)
  • Tight bass
  • Clear and loud audio
  • Has IPX5 rating
  • Easy control options
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 14 hours of battery life

Things to improve:

  •  Battery life will reduce if played at high volume

Best affordable: BYL Soundbar speaker


  • 20W full frequency drivers
  • Sensitive remote
  • DSP technology
  • Bluetooth 5.0

The soundbar has three sound effects so you can choose from News, Movie or Music. It has a sleek design and it has a 32.2 x 6.1 x 5.7 inches dimension. You can easily place it in between TV feet or use it with an outdoor projector. It also has wall-mounting options.

The Dialogue button on the remote makes the dialogues and vocals more prominent and clearer compared to background sound, the Movie mode creates a cinematic feel and the Music mode focuses on audio and tones. The Bluetooth and optical connection make it easy to connect to the soundbar, whether it is a TV, smartphone, or projector.

The audio quality is very good, it is well-balanced and clear. The bass is deep and tight. The soundbar has two 3-inch 20W full frequency drivers that ensure accurate sound. The speaker uses an anti-interference that can produce 360-degree audio. This also ensures ‘lossless audio transmission’.

The soundbar has 2 bass reflex ports that deal with low-frequency range and deep bass is produced. It has adjustments for treble and bass which you can control with Bass+ and Bass- button in the remote. 

You will also find, Treble+, Treble- and Memory function in the remote. In terms of price to performance ratio, it is one of the best affordable soundbars for outdoor projectors.

You can find more of these types of soundbars here Best Soundbars for Projector

Reasons to buy:

  • Very cheap
  • Bass and treble adjustments
  • Easy setup
  • Easy to control with remote
  • Decent audio
  • Can connect wirelessly

Things to improve:

  • Driver size could be increased for powerful sound 

Best portable speaker: JBL Flip 4


  • Bluetooth version 4.2
  • Output power: 2x8W
  • 3000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • all-weather companion
  • Weight 0.51kg
  • Transducer: 2 x 40mm
  • Frequency response: 70Hz – 20kHz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥80dB

JBL Flips 5 is available in 6 different colors. It has a cylindrical shape and is made of durable fabric material and rugged rubber. This makes it durable for rough use and outdoor use. You can use it with your projector but it is best if you use more than one or two speakers. JBL makes this easy by using the JBL Connect+.

With JBL Connect+ you can pair up to 100 JBL speakers, while 100 is not possible, you can easily pair 3 to 4 speakers. The speaker allows you to connect up to 2 Bluetooth devices. It has Bass Radiator which uses dual external passive radiators to enhance bass. Since it can get loud, it is one of the best Bluetooth speakers for outdoor movies.

Along with listening to music, you can use the noise-canceling and echo-canceling speakerphone to speak clearly. The voice assistant integration allows you to use Siri or Google Now easily. The weatherproof rating makes it ideal to use it for outside projectors on your patio by the beach. It is also resistant to dust, dirt, and sand.

The sound quality is satisfying. The vocals are well-represented with clarity. The mid-range sounds mediocre. It can get quite loud and you can even use it indoors. Based on its feature and audio quality, it is considered one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100.

Know more about JBL Flip, click here.

Reasons to buy:

  • 12 hours of playback
  • IPX7 rating, resistant against rain, spill, or inside water
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Passive radiators enhance the bass
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Multiple devices can be connected

Things to improve:

  • mid-range should be improved

Compared to other JBL Outdoor Speakers

JBL Charge 5 

The new JBL Charge 5 is the newest model in JBL’s iconic line of Bluetooth speakers, offering improved connectivity and a more rugged design.  Compared to JBL CFlip 4, it is a little big for a portable speaker, lacks speakerphone function, and also pricier. Nevertheless, it offers better sound performance and also longlasting battery life. Take a peak at JBL Charge 5 if you want to know more about this brand new speaker.

Best battery life: Sony GTK-XB90


  • Recharge battery up to 16 hours
  • Has Sony-music center app
  • Lighting effect
  • 3 6cm tweeter and 2 18cm woofer
  • Weight 14kg
  • Multiple device connectivity
  • RCA audio input and output, 
  • USB, mic in

This speaker is stylish yet powerful and has a handle with which you can carry it around. The Sony GTK-XB90 has excellent aesthetics, where it has an infinity mirror and strobing light around the speaker. It has 1x Stereo RCA / 1x USB / 1x Mic In along with Bluetooth which makes it very easy to control wireless devices.

This speaker has a very powerful battery that can give a battery life of 16 hours if you turn off the lighting and set the volume to 16. In case, the battery is low, you can easily switch to stamina mode for 4.5 hours of battery life. The battery life makes it the best wireless speaker for the projector.

The tweeters and woofers will produce a deep and clean sound. It can also get loud enough for a crowd or open spaces. The ‘club-like LED multiple lights and flashing effect’, creates a party mood and changes the overall atmosphere. With Bluetooth, you can pair it with up to 10 other speakers.

You can use your NFC-enabled devices to connect with the speaker instantly. It allows you to connect up to 3 smartphones with the speaker. It uses a Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) that makes sure the audio doesn’t lose quality and details. 

The ClearAudio+ uses DSP to enhance the sound settings and produce clear and consistent audio. It also has a mic which you can use at a party. With 60W sound output, it is quite powerful.

Click Sony GTK-XB90to acquire knowledge about this speaker.

Reasons to buy:

  • Comes with a carrying handle
  • Excellent lighting feature: infinite mirror, strobe flash
  • DSEE and ClearAudio+ enhances sound quality
  • Excellent lighting flashes
  • Powerful battery life
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Can connect to multiple speakers and smartphones

Things to improve:

  •  Quite heavy

Compared to other Sony Outdoor Speakers

Sony GTK-XB60

The Sony GTK-XB60 speaker is a big speaker with extra bass depth and an LED light display to pump up electronic, hip-hop, punk, and rock songs. It’s a lot bigger than the XB60, which can make it difficult to carry. The Sony G-XB90, in fact, is the XB60’s bigger sibling, with much more volume, tone, and bass than the GTK-XB60.

Best compact speaker:  Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z200


  • Quite heavy
  • 2 3.5mm input, 1 headphone jack
  • 5W RMS
  • One 2.5” active driver and one passive radiator
  • Several controls
  • 2.0 channel
  • 3 lb weight

No products found.

This speaker has unprotected drivers but the build quality is sturdy with a heavy plastic frame. Although they are lightweight, you still need to connect it to the power supply even if you carry it around. It is available in black and white color. The Logitech Z200 is ideal to use in small porches or gardens. 

You can also use it indoors while you aren’t taking it outside. The sound is very good and detailed. It is said to have a solid audio quality which will fill the room. The speakers will work great with PC, TV smartphone, Tablet, music player, projector, etc. it is a very easy, plug-and-play setup. It is one of the best-wired speakers for projector with decent audio. 

 The loudness is decent but if you increase it higher, you may notice some distortions. It has different tone controls that let you adjust the bass. The movie sounds are well-played with clarity. You can enjoy private listening with headphones by using the headphone jack. The speakers look quite small but the sound is big despite its size.

While the active drivers produce room-filling sound, the passive radiators work with deep and tight bass. The speaker comes with a 1.8-meter cable to connect speakers and 1.8 meters adapter cable. This long cable length gives you the freedom to place them where you want. The setup, quality, and audio make it one of the best external speakers for projector.

These 2 Logitech speakers are worthy of your attention.

Reasons to buy:

  • Decent sound quality
  • Adjustable bass
  • Easy setup
  • Very cheap
  • Looks compact and well-built
  • 2.5” drivers produce immersive audio

Things to improve:

  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth

Compared to other Logitech Outdoor Speakers

Logitech Z207 2.0 Multi Device Stereo Speaker

The Z207 produces a very impressive sound with depth, punch, and good detail replication, whether you use it outside or in your living room. It can be linked both wired and wirelessly, which is unusual for the Z200, which is always wired. The Z200, on the other hand, has stronger bass with improved bass control, as well as a more rich and vivid sound output. Logitech Z623 and Z625 are also in similar category.

Best well-built speaker: Polk Audio Atrium 6


  • Frequency response: 50 Hz to 27,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 90dB
  • Uses Dynamic Balance Technology
  • Strong built
  • Powerport ensures deep bass
  • Weighs 5.4lbs

This speaker comes with 5 ¼” polypropene woofer and 1” aluminium tweeter.  The Speedlock system makes the wall mounting of these speakers very easy. It is built in such a way that the powerful sound can fill up large spaces which makes it ideal for outdoor use.

This is one of the best speakers for outdoor projector due to its durability. It has passed extreme tests and is resistant against all types of bad weather like salt fog, UV, extreme temps or heavy rains. The durability continues with its strong build.

The speaker has Aluminum grilles and brackets. It uses stainless steel and brass hardware, as a result, it is corrosion-resistant. The Dynamic Balance is introduced by Polk Engineers so that they can effectively reduce unwanted distortion and noise and produce the purest form of audio.

It also uses Klippel Distortion Analyzer that deals with the motor structure of the woofer. This again improves the audio quality. The long-throw aerated polypropylene cone driver can produce deep bass. The woofers are also surrounded by butyl rubber which ensures a ‘smoother response’.

The mineral-filled polypropene cabinet ensures performance despite being used outdoors. The sound quality is impressive and loud. The setup is easy. The imaging is very good and the speaker is designed specifically to improve the acoustics.

Reasons to buy

  • All weather certified and water-resistant
  • Can fill large spaces
  • Specially designed and engineered cabinet
  • Strong aluminium enclosure

Things to improve

  • The bass should be more punchy

Compared to other Polk Audio outdoor speaker

Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers

The Compact Atrium4 loudspeaker provides excellent sound anywhere you like it. Because of its compact size, it’s perfect for tight, out-of-the-way installations. And for its lower price, the Atrium 4s perform admirably in comparison to the Atrium 6. That being said, Atrium 4 should have delivered significantly better lows and highs, which is present in Atrium 6. These 2 Polk Audio speakers should be on your watchlist.

Best durable: FUGOO Tough 2.0


  • Rechargeable with built-in USB port
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Built-in microphone
  • 5 custom-designed acoustic drivers
  • SPL=108dB
  • Frequency response: 60Hz – 20KHz

This speaker comes in three styles: Style, Sport, and Tough. Among these three, the Tough is the toughest.  It has fiber-reinforced resin and a solid aluminum body. The 5 acoustic drivers are angled at 8-degree which ensures sound comes directly towards users.

You can easily pair it with another or multiple Fugoo 2.0 speakers for even more powerful sound. with an SPL of 108 dB, the speakers can get very loud despite their size. The speaker produces a clear sound while delivering vocals or high frequencies.

It has a rugged design along with an IP67 rating. You can use it no matter what the outside weather condition is. Even if it accidentally falls on the pool or splashes of a waterfall on it, nothing serious is going to happen. Being lightweight and waterproof are some of the strong points that make it the best speaker for outdoor projectors.

This speaker is also compatible with Google and Siri. With built-in microphones, you can receive phone calls, switch from one song to another, and talk to Siri. Overall, the build quality and the sound quality are something to be impressed with. The sound is immersive and powerful, and the bass is decent.

Reasons to buy:

  • Waterproof with IP67 rating
  • Long battery life of 12 hours
  • Highly durable against snow, mud, weather, sand
  • Reasonable price
  • Very loud
  • Supports Siri

Things to improve:

  • Doesn’t have USB-C charging.

Best sound with bass: Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450 with Wireless Subwoofer


  • Frequency response: 43 Hz to 20 kHz
  • 6.5” woofer
  • Surround Sound Expansion virtual surround sound technology
  • Four DSP sound modes: SSE, Game, Standard, Smart Sound
  • Samsung Audio Remote app
  • Energy Star Certified

If you want surround sound with deep bass then the Samsung 2.1 Soundbar with wireless subwoofer is best for you. The soundbar allows wired connections as well as wireless via Bluetooth. You can easily use it with TVs for gaming or projectors. The ease of connecting wireless makes it one of the best Bluetooth soundbars for the projector.

The soundbar has a sleek and thin design to fit any space indoors or outdoors. It has a metal grille and uses plastic for construction. It comes with four drivers that help to deliver well-balanced audio. The Smart Mode helps to work on contents and adjust the sound according to it.

You can add the SWA-8500S Wireless Surround Kit to have surround sound. the audio in movies is crystal clear and detailed. With 43 or 50Hz lower frequency, you should expect rumble from this soundbar. It has a peak volume of 93dB which means the loudness is quite high.  

It can also decode DTS and Dolby content. The Game mode enhances sound as per need during the gaming scene.  The soundbar has the following connections: 1 Optical TOSLINK Audio,1 1/8″ / 3.5 mm Audio, 1 Micro-USB. The setup with a subwoofer makes it one of the best soundbars for the outdoor projector. 

Click here Samsung Soundbars to know more abouSamsung’s soundbar technologies.

Reasons to buy them:

  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Easy setup
  • Comes with wireless sub
  • Has well-balanced, immersive audio with deep bass
  • Affordable
  • Sleek design

Things to improve:

  • Not weatherproof

Best speaker for outdoor projector: Buying guide

Wired vs wireless

Whether you want the speaker to be wired or wireless depends on you. Some people try to avoid wired speakers because of the hassle of wires. Several wires and cables will look messy and you need to find a way to hide them. To avoid all these issues, wireless or Bluetooth speakers are the best.

They are wire-free, so you can avoid messy or scattering wires. You can also easily move them from one place to another. However, wired speakers are known to produce better sound quality than wireless. The wired speakers are less susceptible to interference or poor internet connection.

Stereo or surround

Stereo sound from a soundbar or a 2.0 speaker will be good but surround sound will be much better. You can choose a 5.1 surround sound system if you have the budget or space. 

For outdoor use, people often prefer simplistic, portable and sometimes wireless. But you can also use powerful home theatre system as outdoor projector speakers.


The best sound system for projector should be durable. High-quality speakers are made of premium materials. Outdoor speakers should be rough and tough to withstand sudden bumps or fall-down cases. These speakers should be strong or rugged to be able to survive outdoor weather. Here are some more Durable Bluetooth Speakers for you. 


This is one of the most important features while shopping for the best outdoor projector speakers. This is for those users who want to use their speakers no matter what the weather condition is. So, if the speakers are weatherproof, dustproof, and waterproof, they can be used in pool parties, beaches or any yard to enjoy.  

Speakers that are resistant against water splashes, moisture, and rain or snow are ideal for outdoor use no matter what the weather condition is. UE Boom 3 is a great waterproof speaker for you. 


Portability is another factor to look into while choosing the best outdoor movie speakers. You may want to use the speaker in a classroom, office room, outdoor picnics, or backyard movie nights. So, the speaker should be lightweight or may come with a handle that makes it easy to carry.

Battery life

This is only needed for wireless speakers. They should have a powerful battery life so that users don’t have to take the hassle to change frequently.


While you are using the speaker for outdoor projectors, chances are that several people: friends, families, or neighbors will have a look at your devices. So, aesthetics is more important than you may think.

Some speakers come with LED lights that blink with music, others are designed to look like old-school radio, and so on. Some speakers are such that they will need a small amount of space so you can place them anywhere with little space.


The size of your audience is related to the speaker size.  If you have a large crowd, then you need a powerful speaker with higher sound output. It should be able to produce immersive audio with a decent soundstage. An additional subwoofer will also be very good to produce a deep and tight bass.   


  • How do I connect my Bluetooth speaker to my projector?

This is a general guideline:

  • The speaker should have Bluetooth A2DP 
  • On your projector, go to Menu 
  • Then Settings and choose HDMI link
  • Press on Audio Out Device, then select Projector
  • Go to Settings and select Bluetooth 
  • Press on Bluetooth Audio and enable it
  • Go to Bluetooth settings and press on Search Bluetooth Device
  • Choose the desired speaker name from the list
  • The speaker is connected to the projector via Bluetooth

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a projector?

Follow these steps and choose your method of connection:

  • A projector with a 3.5mm port, composite/component audio, TOSLINK cable is common. These can be used to connect the projector to the stereo speaker.
  • You can connect through a 3.5mm port to connect speakers or use Bluetooth
  • If the projector has a VGA port, then you should use an HDTV or PC to connect the speakers
  • You can also use Splitter to split HDMI signals.

Parting words:

If you think you don’t want to add external speakers, then it is completely fine. One of the best projector with built in speakers is the BenQ HT2050A[/amazon]  . With 10W sound output, the audio is quite decent. However, adding external speakers will improve the sound quality even more.

Among many, the Fugoo 2.0 speaker has excellent durability.it has a sturdy built, rugged design, and IP67 rating. If you want a reliable brand, you can choose among Sony or Bose speakers that we discussed here. Choosing a soundbar is also a great option. We recommend the Samsung 2.1 audio system because of the additional sub.

For portability, JBL Flip4 or OontZ Angle 3 will be good. If you prefer lighting aesthetics, then Sony GTK-XB90 or Pohopo 2 packs speakers will be great. The strobing and flashing lights that will blink according to musical tones will change the mood of the party. In the end, a lot will depend on your budget and taste. Click here Bluetooth Speakers Under $30 if you iin a budget. 

FAQs of Best speaker for outdoor projector

This section is going to answer some of the most asked questions from all over the internet. Let’s read this section to have a better understanding of these speakers.

What type of projector should I use?

The two main factors to look into while choosing a projector is lumens and resolution. A projector with a 3000 – 4000 lumen range will be a good choice. Since you will use the projector for viewing, the resolution is also important. While you can choose a 4k projector, 1080p resolution will also perform well.

What other factors should I take into account while creating an outdoor projector?

Apart from having a good set of speakers, some other factors should also be taken into account:

  • If you are connecting to the speaker wirelessly and streaming from any online source, then make sure you have a strong and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection.
  • Make sure the power supply is close to the speaker and projector to avoid placing wires over long distance