Logitech G933 vs G533: Review and Comparison

In the gaming accessories world, Logitech has always been incredible. And their most outstanding product Logitech G933 vs G533 has raised a huge debate between them.

Both of them are gaming headsets, and none is less good. Logitech G933 has a stylish look than G533. With the sounding system of 7.1 Dolby surround sound, it is a bit expensive.

Another hand, G533 is cheap with decent battery life. So, let’s check out all the comparisons between them.

Then you can buy the perfect one for you and have the most amazing gaming experience.

Logitech G933 vs G533 | Main Distinctions

FeaturesLogitech G933Logitech G533
TypeGaming headsetGaming Headset
Sound output mode7.1 Dolby surround soundDTS 7.1 surround sound
Microphone typeNoise eradicatingNoise-canceling
Impedance39 ohm32 ohm
Frequency response20Hz-20KHz20Hz-20KHz
Response bandwidth100Hz-10KHz100Hz-10KHz
Sensitivity107 dB107 dB
Driver technologyDynamicDynamic
Micro USBYesYes
Battery life15h12h

Headset With Greatest Features: Logitech G933

Logitech G933 is kind of has an authentic design and is a great gaming headset. The most beautiful part is the RGB light.

Nothing stops here; the mic is here integrated also great. And now is most trending headset can blow anyone’s mind easily.

Logitech also added many features to this headphone. When you come to know about them, you definitely will fall in love with them for sure. The various functions also make it versatile.

Keep a watch on the next sections by which you can know about all the interesting features of G933.


  • Work with PC, gaming console, XBOS, and others.
  • It can work both wired and wireless.
  • Versatile sound system.
  • Many features and options.

Recommended Pick Within Budget: Logitech G533

This Logitech G533 is absolutely perfect for those searching for a budget-friendly headset that can also work as a great headset.

There is no doubt Logitech puts a lot of effort into it. For this, they finally made such a wonderful headset and set all the features that a perfect headset should contain.

The dynamic driver with the other finest technology makes the finest sound. Along with the smooth comfort, wearing this will surely make you buy this.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Long battery life.

Logitech G933 vs G533 | Differences

Logitech G933 Has A Unique Design

  • The Logitech G933 is absolutely stylish and has a funky look in it. You can choose your desired color because it comes in 4 different colors. Black, blue, white, and grey all look so nice.

There is also an RGB color that supports 15 million colors. This RGB lighting makes it different from the typical headset, and while gaming, this gives an extra good gaming experience.

The earcups are rectangular in shape. And like other G series headsets, it also has a G logo on the earcups. And even some lighting Logitech added on them that looks so bright.

The material used is a type of glassy plastic that ensures no fingerprint or scratch. So, you can use it for the long run.

There is also an attached mic. With this mic, you can talk with your teammate.

But this headset is quite bulky. Many may not like it. But as it looks so nice and beautiful, most gamers would like it at first glance.

  • If you want a simply designed headset and no fancy look on it, then Logitech G has G533 for you. This headset looks so simple with only one color of black.

But there are no RGB lights on it. The black color seems glossy and looks quite good. But there can be fingerprints. And sometimes may scratched but still fine-looking headset.

There is also a metallic band. It gives strength as well durable. The headband is also made of foam. The earcups also have a metallic body, and there is a G logo looks good with it.

This has a comfy feature in the design that the mic is here is detachable. That means, as per your need, you can remove the mic and again can attach it easily.

Overall in its price range, this is a good-looking typical gaming headset that any age gamers can use.

The Logitech G533 Is More Comfortable

  • The Logitech F933 is much comfortable for long time usage. Being a gamer, you may spend long hours and just want comfort while using the headset.

This G933 can ensure this comfort zone for you. This is flexible, and the built quality is great and durable, as I have mentioned before.

The materials used in it are breathable. So no need to worry about a long time using them. Instead, you will be surprised by how comfy they are.

The headband pads are so smooth and comfortable that they make them more excellent. Also, the earcups are too great that any gamers must want this type of thing.

When you are wearing them for a long time, your ears won’t sweat or won’t be so hot. This type of headset construction gives coolness to your ear.

  • Another side the G533 is comfortable on all sides because of its construction. As it is simply made, this makes it so easy to use.

Hours of gaming won’t make you irritate or feel any burden on your head and keep your ears cool. No itching or pain, you won’t feel.

The earcups are also great, and the foam used in them makes is soft. This event didn’t seem right to me. Any age of gamers can easily use it. The headband and cup cushioning are simply great; that is the comfiest part of it.

So, both the headsets Logitech G933 vs G533 are very much comfortable in their way. The G933 weighs 1.41 pounds, whereas the G533 weighs 0.77 pounds.

So, when comparing them, the G533 is more comfortable than the G933.

The Logitech 933 Has Great Microphone But G533 Has Amazing Noise Cancellation Feature

A good quality microphone is needed for gaming as the gamers need to interact with the other teammates. And sometimes need to mute it too. Logitech just offers these with their headsets.


  • The mic in G933 is attached to it. But the interesting part is you can move it. You can move it and bring close to your mouth or place it in any position you want.

The wire is flexible, so it helps it to move. This makes sure you can talk to others keeping the mic in the perfect position. Pull it up or down its range seem good to me.

And the sound quality is also fine as the receivers used in the mic are of good quality. So no bassy sound or noise the mic would produce.

There is also a fantastic noise cancellation feature in the mic. So, the unwanted outside noise can prevent easily.

Moreover, a mute button on the back. You don’t need to do extra things; just pressing the button can do the work.

  • The G533 has an impressive detachable mic with an active noise cancellation feature. The mic is good enough so your friends can hear you clearly.

All the communication you want to make will hear exactly the same and no distortion in it. And as the mic is detachable, you can remove it also.

But one problem the sound may not hear realistically sometimes. But ignoring this part all over a good one microphone.

Noise cancellation:

  • The G933 ensures the perfect passive noise cancellation. While playing games, you won’t like the outside noise to distract you.

Because then you need to concentrate fully. A min of disturbance can snatch your full concentration. So, noise cancellation is a must.

The passive noise cancellation cause by the building construction. The earcups or material block the noise. But can not fully reduce it. You can say this eradicate sounds.

You still will hear some noise. If the noise is so loud, then it won’t help you much. But regardless, this can ensure pretty much good noise reduction.

  • But the G533 just hit the point. This both active and passive noise cancellation. I have already told you about passive noise cancellation.

This happens because of the built quality or construction. This blocks the sound from coming to the ear.

But the active noise cancellation is something every gamer is searching for. Most of the headsets or headphones don’t contain this feature. So, gamers sometimes fall into a problem.

The active noise cancellation eliminates sound. This happens because of high technology. This counter the noise. Then an anti-noise signal helps to remove the noise.

I like this feature a lot. Because I personally never like that when I am playing something outside, unwanted noise disturbs me. This is so irritating and disturbing.

But thanks to G533, it provides a great feature at this price.

Logitech G933 vs G533 Which Provide More Battery Life?

Decent battery life is a must for a long time of gaming. If you are a game addict or game lover, then you play gamers for hours. And if your headset doesn’t provide a long battery life, then it wouldn’t be good.

Because in the middle of the game, no one likes to charge the headphone again and again. This is so annoying. So, if your headset can provide long time battery life, this will be great news.

Logitech brings game lovers a fantastic headset capable of giving up to 10 hours of battery life. The G933 can work 12 hours perfectly without lighting.

But if you use the default lighting, then the battery life will remain 8 hours. This is pretty awesome because no one plays this long time. But yet if you want then without any disturbance of charging, repeatedly use it.

This also gives extra benefits that are you can play wired. This means while charging, you still can play games and won’t face any problems.

The G533 is outstanding in this regard. It provides 15 hours of life to the battery per charge. This is huge. When I came to know this, I got surprised.

A headset giving this many benefits is beyond imagination.

More Interesting Features With The G933

  • A 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, RCA cables, micro USB cable, and the headset you will find when you open the G933 box. And an attached microphone also with the headset.

With the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, you can connect it to your pc, gaming console, PS4, or PS1. You won’t get these benefits with most of the headsets.

Also, there is the charging port on the bottom of the right earcup. If you want to charge it and play, you can do that by keeping the headset wired.

Talking about the headset, the headband can be expanded as it needs to be fit in the head. For several additional clicks, you can easily extend it. So, it can do to any size.

The next thing is the buttons. There are so many buttons for mute, volume control, etc. The volume control wheel button is on the bottom of the left earcup.

Three-button g1, g2, and g3 are there for the power switch and other controls on the left earcup. The mute button for the mic is also there.

The most beautiful part is the RGB lighting. This looks cool for young aged people. They like it glowing on their head and feel different.

But most people think this is useless. Because you can’t see them while gaming. So, it’s one personal opinion some like it and some not.

  • When you open the box of G533, you will get a charging cable of 2 meters, a USB cable, and a headset. This only offers a wired connection and also provides micro-USB and USB dongle.

The most interesting part is the Pro G driver. The most fantastic audio experience this driver provides. And next amazing fact is the DTS X 7.1 virtual surround sound. This thing is super duper for a high-quality audio experience.

This uses the Logitech software. As a result, the impressive functionality and excellent option we can see. Such as the customizable G button. With the dedicated G button, you can set it wherever you want.

And several control buttons like switch on, volume control wheel button. So, you can adjust the volume or sound as you like. Or media, audio commands, keystroke, multi-key, hotkeys, and many more options for the best purpose.


While buying any accessories, price is the most important thing. Because you need to believe in a limited price range. Not for everyone but for most of the people they need to spend a fixed amount.

The G533 is cheap than the G933. The G933 headphone is expensive with all the latest features and several options. Also, there is an option for choosing a color.

Another hand, the G533 is also an impressive headset. It has lots of features and benefits and not less than any headsets. Best gaming experience this can ensure.

So, whatever you want to buy, you won’t regret it for sure. These two Logitech G933 vs G533 is kind of is a robust headset. Amazing features and powerful, absolutely perfect for gaming.

If you are not willing to spend much money, then go for the G9533, but if you can afford it, then you must go with the G933.

Logitech G933 vs G533 | Cons

Logitech G933Logitech G533
No RGB light
Music option is limited
No audio jack

Logitech G933 vs G533 | Similarities

Frequency Response

The ideal frequency response for the headphones is 20Hz – 20KHz. This is the perfect audible frequency range can thus produce good sounds.

Many headphones or headset may produce more frequency response. Keeping in mind one thing, a wide range of frequencies does not mean they can deliver good sound.

Both the headset Logitech G933 vs G533 have a frequency response of 20Hz – 20KHz. This is perfect, and the headsets also work excellently within this range.

They can produce the deepest and fine bass. Also, sounds hear distortion-free. No extra noise in the sound. Hear too close to natural sound.

Logitech, that’s why I didn’t change the frequency range. This is the most perfect and the reason behind a good sounding system.


Sensitivity refers to the rate of how loud your headphones sound can be. In a range or level, how loudest the volume of the sound can produce is the measurement of sensitivity.

This ensures no distortion in the sound as well as produce a louder sound. So, a good rate of sensitivity is needed. The ideal rate is 90dB or more.

Both of the headsets have a rate of 107dB. This means too much loudness. So, while gaming, you can have the full sound that can produce some thrill in your body.

Logitech G933 vs G533 Which Sound Quality Is Best?

The Logitech makes an amazing gaming headset and always keep close attention to the sound quality. As in games, you need to focus on the footsteps, enemies sneaking sound or firing or reload.

So the sound should be great. And not only for playing games, but many also use them for listening to music and movies. This helps you with those too.

  • At this point, the Logitech G933 is really good as it serves both the Dolby technology and the DTS 7.1 surround sound. These extra things make the sound more powerful and clear.

So, the clear sound helps you in noticing all the points in gaming. More clear sound means more good gaming experience.

All the little or detailed things you can hear so smooth and clear. Even the bass is punchy and rich. This is well balanced with the mids and highs.

The mids and highs always work better, and never you won’t miss any at all. And when there is an option of switching between Dolby and DTS, you can change as per your need.

Sometimes many don’t like the default setting. So, no bothering at all within a simple step, you can use the EQ preset. Yes, this helps a lot, or you also can make your likings.

  • Other hands, the Logitech G533 is a great headset in this price range and produces a clear, crisp sound. The highs are balanced, and the mids are also fine.

The dialogues or gaming sounds are accurately heard. Every single detail you won’t miss. The sensitivity rate and impedance are balanced well for providing rich and beautiful bass.

Moreover, the DTS headphone X virtual sound is there for putting extra effort into the sound system. This ensures sound clarity and deep bass.

You can not expect more at this low price. One thing that should be noted that the sound sometimes doesn’t hear naturally, and the mid and highs are sometimes missing.

These things are not easily catchable unless you really have a piece of good knowledge about the audio.

So, now comparing the two and seeing all the sides, the Logitech G533 sound better than the Logitech G933. Different criteria work behind this.

First, the G533 sound quality is close to the G933. There is nothing much different. So, why spend more money when you are getting what you want.

But if you want more natural sound, then G933 can also work nicely. But for gaming, the Dolby is not that necessary from my perspective.

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Final Verdict

Its always been the toughest task comparing the two best products. And when it’s about Logitech gaming headset, the work becomes tougher.

The Logitech G933 vs 533 gaming headset can snatch anyone’s attention with its features and working principles. None are less magnificent.

One is expensive but has marvelous features. Games like Apex, Call of Duty, or even more thrilling, you can play using this G933 headset will fill your mind.

In contrast, the G533 offers spectacular mic, sound, comfort, and battery life that can also be your companions for a long time.

Ultimately it’s only your decision which to buy. Choose wisely that can fulfill your need perfectly.

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Frequently Asked Question

This part is specially built for your better understanding. Let’s hop right into it!

Can Logitech g933 connect to my phone?

Yes, you can do that. You only will need a female USB and male Micro USB adapter. This ensures plugging the transmitter wirelessly into your phone.

Can I use Logitech g533 on ps4 or Xbox One?

This a PC gaming headset so easily you can use it with Mac or ps4. Even other USB compatible device you can connect.

But If you want to connect the Xbox one, then it can not work. Because this doesn’t contain the 3.5-millimeter jack. For this reason, the headset doesn’t allow you to connect.

Logitech G933  vs 533 which is the best?

This a tough question. But still, some points can help to find the best one.

Previously I have described all the features and works of G933 and G533. Both of them have their own good ways.

The G933 has a stylish look with many features. Also, the sound quality is better than theG533. But the G533 is too marvelous as it is very budget-friendly.

So, lastly, pointing to all views, the G533 is better than the G933. I am not saying the G933 is less. But as they closely work, if you go with the G533, this will be a wise decision.

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