Best Soundbar for Hisense TV : A detailed Guide

Picking and identifying the best soundbar for your Hisense TV is crucial to finding something that is easy to use and will provide the best audio experience. The quality of your Hisense TVs video must match the audio. You would also need to make sure you’re picking the right fit for your TV since you don’t want a larger soundbar than your TV or a smaller one. You want just the right fit.

To be able to determine what is the best for your ears and experience you’d have to put the products you’re interested in side by side with other options thus allowing you to compare and pick from your specific needs. To ensure quality sounds you also need to make sure your soundbar has the drivers to provide the crispest possible audio equipped with features such as Dolby Atmos, DTS and surround sound.

If the situation is that you want to go above and beyond with your audio experience to the video. Checking the ports of your pre-existing sound system and making sure you can set up a soundbar with whatever you already have. Ensuring you get maybe a subwoofer or additional woofers for your surround.


You might be wondering how to pick the correct  and the best soundbar for your Hisense TV. Along with the features, you are looking for the correct size and the appropriate support for the TV. This guide will cover some of the best in the market.

Audio features

Some soundbars have alternative configurations of channels. Meaning you are given a range of surround stereos spanning from 2 channels all the way up to 9. Some come with a proprietary subwoofer to increase immersion.

Depending on how you enjoy your audio and the size of your room you decide what you pick.

For a smaller room you could go for a 2.0 or a 2.1 soundbar which is barebones and standard. You are getting stereo sound just about enough to cover your own little personal entertainment space.

If you desire a louder system preferably for a slightly larger space. You could go for a 5.1 or a 3.1 surround, ideally this is optimal size and sound for a set up unless you have an overkill entertainment space. Having that dedicated center channel is a godsend if you are a movie buff and want that optimal immersion.

If you have a large enough space you could easily fit in a 7.1 or a 9.1 surround. This is easily what could be classified as almost an industrial standard for a movie theater. In which you are facing zero compromises with dedicated up-firing drivers and rear speakers and subwoofers.

Appropriate Size for TV and Soundbar

The size of your TV and soundbar is very crucial. You need to make sure the soundbar that you invest in is appropriate for the TV you have already. Since the dimension of the TV is measured diagonally it’s very easy as you may mismatch the incorrect sized soundbar for your TV.

It would not do your 32 inch TV justice if you get a soundbar that is too large or too small for the TV that you get. Ensuring you get the correct sized soundbar is absolutely necessary if you don’t want issues with aesthetics and support.

The correct sizing reference for your TV and soundbar are as follows.

  • Soundbar size for 32-inch   TV:20-30” soundbar
  • soundbar size for 40-inch   TV: 30-40” soundbar
  • soundbar size for 55-inch   TV: 40-50” soundbar
  • soundbar size for 65-inch   TV: 60-70” soundbar
  • soundbar size for 75-inch   TV: greater than 60”
  • soundbar size for 85-inch   TV: greater than 60”

Best Hisense Soundbar for Hisense Tv:

First, we will discuss different Hisense soundbars for Hisense Tv and after that,we will discuss soundbar from different brand which are compatible with Hisense Tv.

Hisense HS201C1 Soundbar Review:

This Hisense sound system is a great option for your 40” inch TV as the dimensions are 950 x 63 x 63mm among Hisense soundbars Great for a medium to small entertainment setup. Since they are optimal for small to medium sized entertainment setups, they are 2 channels only.

You are able to connect to this soundbar as it supports wireless bluetooth streaming capabilities. Alternatively it also has optical audio input meaning with an AV connector you can directly connect to your device with minimal set up.

If you wish to connect using HDMI, however, that is also available for your convenience with their HDMI ARC feature that allows you to do so. It has a wireless subwoofer built into it with Dolby Digital support.

If you want to connect your USB that is also possible as it has the ports for you to do so. Ensuring you have all the basic functionalities so you have maximum convenience at your disposal.

Overall This is a great purchase for a small to medium set up if you’re looking for the most basic set up without spending too much time researching. You wouldn’t be making a dent in the bank if you invest in these speakers, granted your features are limited.

Hisense HS218 2.1 Review:

The Hisense HS218 comes with 4 drivers along with a wireless subwoofer. You are getting a whopping total of 200 Watts of clear audio. It supports Dolby Audio and control of sound effect tuning. Ensuring you are able to get the most out of your entertainment system audio.

Since it’s a dual channel with an external wireless subwoofer. It cuts out the mess of wires and you are also given a gut-punching bass for anything you’re enjoying in your entertainment system with 80 watts of raw power from it. Pairing the deep lows with the mid and clear highs from the other drivers.

Along with the bluetooth connection. If you just want plug and play. You are given the free will to do so with HDMI ARC. Making sure you get premium audio from just connecting your HDMI. You can even pair it with Roku TV as it is readily compatible giving you easier set up and more convenient navigation.

If you’re looking for easy connectivity you are looking at the perfect system. Since you’re given a remote option you can even connect wirelessly through a bluetooth smart device. No setup required, just pair and enjoy everything compressed in one remote system for your Hisense home theater.

In conclusion for the price of just $150 dollars you’re getting the whole easy setup rig. Fully compatible with all features you could think of. With amazing deep bass and mids and highs paired with the subwoofer and normal woofers. This 2.1 Hisense soundbar is a great run for your money.

Hisense HS512 Wireless Woofer

This slim soundbar is a great addition to your medium to large surround sound system. It would look great in front of your TV. Granted it will be a large one at that. It also comes with an external wireless Subwoofer for bass. It is a 5.1 dual channel as the name suggests.

It also features an HDMI port which allows you to stream 4k and HDR content, granted your TV is 4k supported to begin with so that’s a great feature to have at your disposal. It has two upfiring drivers alongside the other front firing woofers. Delivering clear Mids and highs all around.

With the external subwoofer which is wireless as well. Combined with the omni directional sound delivering drivers it creates an immaculate surround experience. Delivering rich sound uniformly all around your entertainment set up.

The 5.1 makes for a great experience as the drivers in the whole system are carefully set to fire in all directions with front/up and side firing. You are given great mids, highs and lows with the whole package. Perfect for a medium to large entertainment system. Remote control is also provided.

This is a very nice purchase if you want an almost omnidirectional firing speaker for mids and highs. With clear rich audio. Along with a decent sized subwoofer for your lows. Making sure you get the best experience be it video games movies or music.

Hisense HS205 2.0 Channel Soundbar

The HS205 dual channel soundbar is a great budget option for you if you’re looking to trim some cash from your budget without compromising much for a big screen. This speaker is a perfect fit for anything that is above 32”.  Granted you are not getting an external subwoofer.

This soundbar is fully wireless and supports bluetooth. With those features it is able to be compact and deliver you full immersion for a super nice budget. It has great features other than being wireless and bluetooth. It is also Roku TV ready, meaning it has HDMI ARC for a super easy wired experience.

Alongside the bluetooth and easy wired connection. It is able to be remote controlled, giving you full convenience. The bluetooth technology has been made easy to connect to any laptop, tablet or smartphone. It is compact and elegant with a built in subwoofer so no worries of fitting a larger sub.

With built-in Quick touch EQ modes you are able to adjust your EQ settings for whatever mood you are in at the moment. Just pick your desired preset and enjoy the rest. It comes with all the necessary accessories straight out of the box including mounting equipment and the necessary wires and cables.

Overall this is a great purchase especially if you’re on a budget and you went over budget with your Hisense TV and you’re looking to save some bucks. Even on a budget they are sure to give you a run for your money with almost no compromises.

Hisense HS214 2.1ch

The HS214 2.1 dual channel is another great addition to the HS series. It comes with a built-in subwoofer and is an All-In-One soundbar making it great for your entertainment set up. It is perfect for 32” TVs or larger.

The built-in subwoofer makes it slightly beefier in design however it is always more compact than actually having an external one. Making your set-up clean and aesthetic while delivering deep basses and more immersive sound. It’s great for mid, High and low frequencies.

It is Roku TV ready which means that the recurring compatibility is available through an HDMI (ARC) connection. Since it is Roku TV ready, it can also be controlled with the Roku TV remote. Indicating that you won’t need to carry or keep track of two different remotes.

Along with the Roku support it can either be connected via HDMI or wirelessly through bluetooth and requires minimal to no set up. Their dual front facing drivers and the subwoofer combined provide a near theater experience with the immersion.

In conclusion a great soundbar to purchase which is a dollar shy of a hundred dollars. Slap this bad boy in your TV counter enclosure and get to enjoying your favorite movies and tunes with no effort. It even includes all accessories necessary so if you’re looking to mount it they have you covered.

Setting up a soundbar for your Hisense TV

Hooking up a soundbar to your Hisense TV can be pretty easy. Granted that every single product that was reviewed as a soundbar on this guide was Roku TV ready. Super convenient because what that means is that these soundbars are already built to work with your TV. Be it through bluetooth which is already natively supported by all or by HDMI or Optical.

Optical and HDMI are like siblings. Although HDMI has one wire to connect, optical devices might have a few extra wires. Quality and crispness might wear overtime but that is what you get when you get dated gear. Connecting these is as easy as putting two and two together. Just find the right ports and match them like legos and bam! You are set for good.

Finding compatible soundbars for your Hisense

Thankfully you are not confined to the restrictions of brand names for your soundbar selection. You are free to explore all other options if you have any in mind. You should not be afraid to choose your own device. You could even go for LG, Yamaha, Samsung or Bose.

Hisense does not extend their budget that much so if you look anywhere else in the more popular and flagship brands the prices may vary depending on their features, which isn’t a bad thing. If you have the budget feel free to spend it. Hisense does not have many options beyond their dual channel setups.

So looking anywhere else isn’t out of the ordinary. Many people have done it and it’s completely compatible. They are audio sound systems afterall.

You could easily Hook up brands that are not even Hisense to Hisense TVs. It’s not rocket science. You could easily hook up a samsung soundbar with ease granted it has the necessary ports and features and is up to date. It’s super easy just connect the wires or hook it up using bluetooth.

You may sacrifice some points in terms of complete compatibility but that’s not the end of the world. You can easily adjust to trivial things and features if you want that extra punch  or surround for your sound system.

Hisense Alternative Brands for Soundbars

If Hisense is not to your taste or you want something with  a lot more to offer or specific features to your own needs. Exploring other brands and manufacturers that have features that you specifically want is crucial to your entire audio experience.

This part of the guide will cover different brands of soundbars that are compatible with almost every brand of TV including Hisense. Along with a lot of features that you may find interesting or essential to your needs.

Polk Audio React Sound Bar

This is a great low profile soundbar from Polk. They offer Huge clear audio with their 3D virtual surround sound. Along with the audio it provides so much to the aesthetic with its low profile design. It looks clean and elegant with minimal Branding. The low profile ensures nothing on the TV is blocked when placed.

It offers great audio for any TV. Since it is equipped with 6 drivers with mid ranged drivers and tweeters and 2 passive radiators. This makes sure that you get super immersive sound without any additional speakers since they are all built into this compact and low profile Soundbar.

It supports ALEXA so you are able to use this as your home assistant and can pair it with other devices. It has a wide range of voice control compatibility. This enables you to even control your smart home devices if you have others in your set up or home.

It supports HDMI ARC which means you can easily set this up with no hassle if you don’t want to use it wirelessly with bluetooth. Additionally it has Optical audio input and even USB-A to play music from whichever source you desire.

The best part is that you can expand this in the future with the full React family. You are free to build a 5.1 Channel sound set up for maximum immersion. Polk React wireless subs are available if you need that deep thump for your set up. No wires required whatsoever.

Great addition to your setup if you’re looking to keep everything clean and professional while at the same time keeping everything crisp and immersive and modular. You are not spending top dollar and yet you are getting top quality because that’s just Polk Audio.


Yamaha is one of the most common household names and the most trustworthy brands in the audio system industry. Known to make some of the most reliable speaker systems and instruments alike, you can never go wrong with Yamaha even on a budget.

This soundbar is quite low profile and comes with a built in subwoofer for the extra thump that you need for a home theater without disrupting your setup space. It keeps things clean and simple without making everything crowded.

The form factor and quality of audio is immaculate with DTS virtual: X 3D surround sound. In other words you are getting super clear dialogue and crisp mids and highs and deep bass without any compromise or additional elements in your setup.

The caveat is that it does not mention anything about ARC, however it can be set up with HDMI regardless of the absence of the feature. You can even set it up with optical if that’s something that you’re looking for. It’s pretty easy to set up and offers great audio.

Overall a great soundbar for your setup. It does not break the bank and offers amazing audio quality. With no branding on it it keeps things clean and simple and the low profile form factor will leave you in awe with the immersion and audio it provides.

Samsung HW-A450/ZA 2.1ch

Samsung is another brand available in every household. They offer great audio systems and are certified to deliver with any product if you have any sort of prior experience with their products. The HW-A450 is also a prime example of their superb quality.

This soundbar comes with a subwoofer straight out of the box which is great. Meaning you do not have to spend extra if you want the deep bass. However you need to allocate space for the subwoofer. Which may or may not be a deal breaker for you.

It has many features such as bass boost which is exactly what it says it does. It boosts your bass if you want that extra thump with just the push of a button. Other features such as adaptive sound lite are also found which is basically a fancy way to adapt to different situations you use the sound bar for.

The bluetooth connection is super easy if you have bluetooth for your TV and that means you will for sure have no compatibility issues. The only caveat of this system is that it does not seem to have any mentions of HDMI so it may be a deal breaker for some of you.

The remote control could have been streamlined if you had a samsung TV but since you are using a Hisense TV you may need to consider the fact that you will need a separate remote for this system so that may be an additional issue but not a huge drawback nonetheless.

It has options to expand with other wireless compatible devices and drivers for your soundbar. So if you are content with this selection and want to expand the wireless surround you are more than free to do so. You can turn your entire set up into a complete home theater heaven with the expansions.

Overall it is not a bad purchase considering its budget and audio quality. Although not being a completely low profile or low profile at all. You are not compromising anything in terms of audio. With various features such as Game mode and adaptive sound life you are getting a wide range of scenarios.

Bose TV speaker – Soundbar

If you’re a huge sound nerd or anything close to an audiophile you have heard of bose and probably know everything that they already have to offer. Their products speak for themselves in terms of sound and build quality. This soundbar is great for your setup if you want the best audio.

You can get clear audio as you would with any Bose audio system. This is a simple one stop solution for your TV. It ensures that the dialogue audio that you get is clear and crisp for your enjoyment since obviously watching movies is a priority for your home theater.

The build is premium and is equipped to provide wide, realistic sound with 2 angled full range drivers. For a soundbar that is considered small it surely delivers big and natural sounds along with spatial audio. It is a little wide in terms of depth but it’s not absurd.

With enhanced dialogue it claims to provide great audio for voice which delivers clear voices and vocals. Alongside the super clear audio it has super easy bluetooth setup. You can with minimum effort pair this with your TV and get the best out of your Hisense TV experience.

A simple setup is promised with a lot of port compatibility. If you desire to use bluetooth, HDMI or even AUX. It is small and is great to put in front of your TV without cluttering your setup. A remote controller is provided out of the box and has features of bass boost if you want the extra thump.

It can easily be expanded to create a full fledged surround sound system for your home theater. You can get the best out of the entire audio experience as you can never question the integrity of audio quality any Bose speakers provide and adding more Bose Bass module 500 or 700 speakers.

Overall a great purchase if you want the most premium sounds for a premium price tag. This soundbar isn’t the most expensive compared to their other products and will provide the most. The only Caveat is that you are not getting the complete wireless experience. A great soundbar nonetheless.


You are not necessarily bound to just hisense TV speakers when looking for soundbars and are free to explore these options. They are each equipped with great features and audio quality and no one else can influence your decision because of your preference.

Going beyond brand restrictions will often result in getting unexpectedly excellent audio experience. So with the mentioned products feel free to explore your desires. Only the top tier soundbars of each brand has been reviewed and covered and can easily be purchased from your local major electronic store or on amazon straight from your couch.

How to Connect your soundbar to your Hisense TV

The process is pretty straightforward in terms of connectivity. You get a supported soundbar for the TV and when you want to set it up. You are able to connect using your HDMI and simply powering on the Soundbar. That is if the soundbar has the correct ports for your Hisense TV.

How to connect to the  bluetooth for your TV?

  • To connect all you have to do is ensure the device is on and not connected to any other devices previously if you switch often.
  • Go to the settings menu on your TV and navigate to the advanced or connections options
  • Pair to the bluetooth and identify your soundbar
  • From the list connect to the bluetooth
  • To check simply play anything of your choosing

Other connections

If you wish to connect to the soundbar you are given plenty of alternative options. You are able to connect through HDMI. Since Roku is the standard and all the soundbars work with HDMI ARC, you may easily connect with no setup. Simply plug the HDMI between the TV and the soundbar and navigate to the audio settings and set HDMI and it’s that simple.

For RCA, simply connect the corresponding wires to the right colors accordingly.

For optical cable, do the same. Find the two ports on each device that you are with. Plug them in, make the switch from the audio settings from your Roku menu.


For something as crucial as your precious free time, you deserve the best possible experience in whichever way you choose to spend your time. And to ensure that this guide has listed some of the best Hisense TV soundbars for maximum audio visual stimulation.

To pick your favorite your own ears are the best judges for all these options. Feel free to visit your largest electronic stores to find the best in your opinion. Or if there is something you have in mind go for it. As stated earlier. Most soundbars support most TVs and in cases where they don’t they are quite rare and exceptional.

This guide was made to aid your choosing and shortlisting some of the best soundbar contenders. Hope it helps. Happy listening!