Best Soundbar under $50: Budget Soundbar With Maximum Quality

To increase the sound quality of Tv, Projector or Laptop an external sound system is essential. A soundbar within a decent budget can serve the purpose. But you should not go for a random soundbar.

Since you are looking for a budget soundbar that does not mean you should not consider the only budget but also some important factors, like connectivity and sound quality as well as some pros and cons.

Here I try to gather essential data about budget soundbar, say between $50 or under $50 and review them.

Benqbot Soundbar Review: Mini Hometheater with Built-in Subwoofer

Another budget-friendly as well as a multifunctional soundbar, Benqbot is capable of pairing with TV as well as PC in order to receive an unsurpassed sound.

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Features and Specialities

Surprisingly just under 50, the Benqbot soundbar can produce better surround sound in comparison to other expensive devices. Besides, it also comes with one subwoofer for better performance.

Moreover, the sound quality is great, where you can easily dissect every layer of the audio.

Also, in terms of user flexibility, it is very easy to connect and use. All you need to do is connecting the Benqbot soundbar with your TV or PC through Bluetooth or any other wired options, then use it.

Similar to the Dodocool soundbar, this affordable device also has a remote as well as a control panel. Each of them can be used to program or control the soundbar, or even for receiving phone calls.


✚ This device is multifunctional and it pairs with both PC and TV.

✚ It produces surround sound (3D).

✚ It comes with a built-in sub.

✚ It supports Bluetooth connection and also has other connection options.

✚ It has its own remote control.

✚ This soundbar has a control panel as well.

✚ The design is sleek and cool.


Firstly it is not at all compatible with the Roku Television. And the remote functions okay; but it is too tiny which might bother few users.

FoxNovo Soundbar: Offers 180-days full money-back guarantee

FoxNovo soundbar is such a device that people will definitely keep in their options list if they are in search of a good-sounding speaker for their home entertainment system.

Features and Specialities:

This soundbar can be used on regular basis. Plus, it has great durability, which is why it will be a great investment for a long time use where you will surely get comfortable using it.

Other perks of FoxNovo include the great volume and sound of the device so that the users can enjoy the music with the best quality. Further, it comes with the option where one can customize the bass level according to their needs and enjoy the song at its fullest potential.

As said earlier, people are puzzled while deciding the type of speaker to buy for getting a vivid experience. Take it as a tip; when you want the best quality sound, you must need speakers reproducing the sound with no need to adjust the volume. The FoxNovo is such a kind of soundbar. It will give you great sound quality with good volume.


✚ It is a very powerful soundbar with Bluetooth connectivity.

✚ It has a great volume, good for house parties.

✚ It has both the Wired and Wireless options.


The FoxNovo soundbar lacks in producing depth bass. Besides, it has a loud volume, which is also ‘too loud’ for some users.

Asiyun Soundbar: Soundbar Under $30

The first best soundbar under 50 in our list is the Asiyun soundbar. It is an amazing device capable of 5.0 Bluetooth. Not only that, this soundbar ensures a stabler as well as faster wireless connection.

Features and Specialities

Most interestingly, one can easily stream content from the mobile and relish the remarkable output from the soundbar.

Besides streaming, the 5.0 capable Bluetooth can connect the user’s soundbar with his/her TV wirelessly in order to minimize clutter. Besides, some other wired options via aux cables or RCA are available as well.

Talking about the design, it comes with an innovative and smart soundbar with angles triangular in design channeling akin which makes the sound glance off in various directions, creating an encompassing and well as vivid experience.

Moreover, there is an option available in the soundbar where you can insert a TF memory card for playing the saved contents from the Asiyun soundbar without connecting it with the device.


✚ Asiyun has a unique and cool triangular design.

✚ It features a 5.0 Bluetooth.

✚ It has multiple connecting options.

✚ It comes with a rechargeable battery.

✚ It can also be paired with the user’s phone for having hands-free calls.

✚ The soundbar comes with a volume adjusting knob at one side.

✚ It is very lightweight.


At this price, there are unexceptionally very few cons. Firstly, the volume might get very loud with can be an issue for party lovers. And another issue is its remote control which I didn’t find that convenient to use.

VegasDoggy Soundbar

VegasDoggy is another below 50 $ soundbar in our list offering a good number of amazing features which we will be known shortly.

This soundbar comes with wireless Bluetooth connectivity, featuring 2 speakers of 5 watts and a frequency response of 100Hz up to 18KHz.

Features and Specialities

This soundbar is one of the best budget soundbars available today. With its great attributes, it will surely give the audiophiles an outstanding musical experience.

This device comes with great features like built-in speakers, touch-sensitive and easy volume control, a USB connection, remote control, and a headphone jack.

Moreover, there are also some other features that include bass boost, a mute switch (auto), low bass, bass eliminator, mid-bass, treble eliminator, high bass, volume fader, high cut filter, and subwoofer output.


✚ This soundbar comes with a double sub.

✚ It has many input connections

✚ It is super easy to set up.


This soundbar does not connect perfectly with the sound touch, plus sometimes it comes with some cosmetic damage.

Majority Bowfell Soundbar Review:

Majority Bowfell is a small soundbar, designed especially for people with limited space. Say, if anyone is lacking out of space, so he/she wants something to fit in one corner of the room, this soundbar will be a good choice. It is a sort of all-in-one TV-like audio system.

Features and Specialities

This soundbar is known well for its TVs along with the matching soundbars. It has successfully created all-in-one products fitting the demands of people who want a TV-like audio experience in the same room.

This soundbar comes with a built-in subwoofer, Bluetooth, USB, AUX connectivity to enjoy the moves and TV shows to the fullest. Moreover, it also has its own remote control along with optical and RCA. In addition to that, the built-in subwoofer will give you a deep and rich sound profile bringing the audio back to the entity.

Besides, it has a sleek and small design which helps it to fit in anywhere in the room.

Plus, due to its size, it is too easy to move around comfortably from one corner to another corner in the room.


✚ It has a great all-around sound.

✚ It is wide range compatible.

✚ It has a fashionable and slim design.

✚ The built-in subwoofer gives the user a deep and rich sound profile bringing the audio back to the entity.


The Majority Bowfell lacks bass depth.

Youxiu Soundbar

An Italian brand has launched the Youxiu soundbar promising the users to give a home theater-like feeling. It is impressive and innovative equipment impressing the listeners.

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Features and Specialities

Firstly the sound quality of this soundbar is great, which has digital signals of high quality making the audio mode vivid. Also, this soundbar comes in an array of designs and colors. That means you can choose any type of setting depending on your preference.

Moreover, it features a bass adjustment facility along with wire and wireless 5.0 Bluetooth and a built-in subwoofer.

This soundbar has a nice design by looking at which you will feel like this device would easily fit in any sort of environment. And it does as well.

Further, the Youxiu has many outputs, which allows it to work as a sound system. In addition to that, the outputs on the soundbar come out in analog as well as digital signals. This feature makes it easy for the users to use the device in different ways and for different purposes.


✚ It ensures great sound performance.

✚ It comes with both Wireless and Wired connections.

✚ It has a built-in subwoofer as well as a built-in battery.


The remote sometimes doesn’t work and the setup directions are complicated for any user to understand.

Seiki SBASE301 Sound Base

Seiki S-Live Sound Base or the SBASE301 is actually a speaker that acts completely like a soundbar. You can get the black one on amazon.

This device features Bluetooth connectivity, 2.1 channel output, a pedestal design supporting maximum 46-inch TV, a built-in subwoofer, etc.

This device ensures to provide an impact over the user’s TV look as well as the entire environment. The smooth and plinth design of the SBASE301 sound base perfectly completes the look of a home theatre system, also offers the user a great sound system without any sort of installation process.

Features and Specialities

Taking about the features, this sound base comes with a 2.1 channel built-in output and full-range speakers of 4 x 1.5 -inch along with a great built-in sub of 3.5 inches.

This sub delivers richer and deeper sound quality which enhances the overall experience of the user. This sound base also has good connectivity options and works with tablets, PC, smartphones, laptops, along other Bluetooth-compatible devices. So, you can use this soundbar, anywhere and anytime you want.

In terms of design, this device will surely blow the user’s mind away as it is almost beautifully perfect! It perfectly works out with TVs having flat-panel up to 46-inch or a maximum of 170 pounds.

Moreover, the high-performing audio won’t disappoint you, which I can guarantee.

It delivers the best kind of sound experience, which is very lively as well. Besides, the built-in sub that comes with the device will provide you with an audio quality having richer bass.

Overall, it is a wonderful speaker providing quality content, magical sound quality

which mesmerizes the mind as well as gives peace.


✚ It has a sleek and sharp design.

✚ The Bluetooth range of this sound base is quite wide.

✚ It provides great audio quality with high performance.

✚ This device comes with a built-in sub.


Sadly, there is no USB cable in the box, which is quite disappointing.

FSTgo WM1300 Sound Bar

If you ask me to name the best value bar featuring the common attributes like Bluetooth connectivity, built-in sub as well as gives the user a smooth and simple design, I will say FSTgo WM1300 soundbar.

With this soundbar, the user can make her/his home a small theatre and also play the songs with no hassle throughout all day long. This soundbar also comes with many audio inputs on the subwoofer, through which you can connect your phone and TVs as well easily.

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Product’s Features and Specialities

With the help of its 4.0 Bluetooth technology, one can instantly and securely connect to a PC, smartphone, and other devices. Having that said, it also gives a wireless connection of around 33 feet) or 10 meters range, isn’t it great?

Furthermore, this soundbar also supports A2DP, HSP, AVRCP, HPP format to give the users more streaming options. Most importantly, this soundbar has 6 speakers (play mode) and equipped with adornments like 2.0 CH multimedia, 3.5mm cable (AUX), TF Card mode, USB mode, also including the FM radio mode, so that the user can enjoy various modes to easily connect the bar.

Moreover, it has a smooth and simple design giving the soundbar a high-end look.

Also, its Bluetooth technology will save you from any sort of wiring mess.


✚ It is a lightweight and portable speaker

✚ Remote control comes with this speaker as well.

✚ This soundbar has 6 speakers (play mode).

✚ The design is smooth enough.


No “low volume” option is available on this soundbar.

Guzack Soundbar

Another great soundbar just under 50, Guzack comes with a built-in mic and other exciting features. It also gives a HI-FI design which increases the beauty of your room. Besides, this device offers you Hi-Fi highs, mids, Bluetooth speakers, drives of 2 x 3W, as well as audio quality having rich bass along with an inner speaker (magnetic) unit for enhancing the user’s experience in both outdoor and indoor activities.

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Features and Specialities

This soundbar has good connectivity options and works with tablets, PC, smartphones, laptops, along with other Bluetooth-compatible devices. Therefore, you can use this soundbar, anywhere and anytime you want.

Furthermore, this one of the best soundbars under 50 comes with a built-in microphone, as mentioned earlier, to give its users the feel of flexibility having the hands-free option. Plus, they can pick up any calls within the bar so easily.

In addition to that, this device has an earphones jack of 3.5mm, so that the users can listen to their favorite songs smoothly.

Also, one will get a manufacturer guarantee with this soundbar so that he/she can avail the maintenance facilities go totally with zero cost.

In terms of design, the device is very beautiful with a stylish and sleek outlook. Likewise, other than full compatibility and a built-in mic the Guzack soundbar is also very easy to use.

You can operate it just with the help of some simple buttons and functions. So, if you are a noob and it is your first time using any soundbar, don’t need to worry as it is actually easy to set up and use.


✚ It is very handy; lighter in weight.

✚ The soundbar is very beautiful with stylish and sleek outlook.

✚ It is fully compatible.

✚ It comes with a built-in microphone.


Most of the things about the soundbar are great, in this budget, however, I won’t suggest it for the wall-mounted.

LuguLake TV Sound Bar

The LugaLake soundbar comes with a 2.0-Channel along with a sound system of high-fidelity. Here you can also get 39 Inches long by the stable output power of 40 Watts.

One can easily stream his/her favorite music, shows, movies, and many more, at great sound quality as well as with high volume.

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Features and Specialities

This device provides 3D Surround sound where one can also get a high fidelity audio quality via the DSP or Digital signal processing system. This system also provides the user with a realistic and mesmerizing sound experience. Besides, this best-selling soundbar can also make one’s time more enjoyable, and even more reliable.

Furthermore, this soundbar also comes with a wireless remote. Through this remote control, you can easily control the device. Plus, this system also offers you the easiness to customize the entire bar with the IR remote control that is smaller in size. Due to this, you can easily operate this device sitting on the couch, bed, floor, etc from a distance for a maximum of 10M range.

The LuguLake soundbar also contains accessories like the USB cable, Coaxial, 3.5mm, Optical, and the AUX RCA input which easily works easily & conveniently with other devices, such as, smartphones, iPad, HD TV, DVD player, Game Box, and others.

Also, the 2.0 channel gives you a sound system of high fidelity, so that you can enjoy a rich and deep sound bass with great quality. Similarly, the 3D surround sound will help you to enhance your experience by enhancing the listening quality where you can hear the real and detailed sound effects, isn’t it cool?

I didn’t recommend the last soundbar for the wall-mounted. But in this device, there is no such problem. As this device’s design is very stylish and sleek, one can wall mounted it easily in order to get a neat and clean look a the home theatre.


✚ It can be wall-mounted.

✚ It comes with a wireless remote control system.

✚ The connectivity of the Bluetooth connection is quite strong.

✚ It provides 3D surround sound.


Sometimes, while the connection with the television, this device arbitrarily skips the sound.

GooDee Home Sound Bar

Another budget soundbar; GooDee Home is among the newly launched soundbars with the least price range but a good number of features. For this reason, it has successfully grabbed attention from the consumers as well as reviewers.

Features and Specialities

This soundbar offers various features like many other soundbars, like the built-in subwoofer, Bluetooth connectivity, etc. So keeping them aside, let’s talk about its specialties that people love.

One of the most popular as well as used features of this device is its ability to change the volume at an unplugged state. In other bars you can see only 1 volume control, making it undoubtedly tough to change the volume of any music while the bar is disconnected.

Besides, it also includes a wall mount kit in the box for an elegant and organized setup. Plus, it comes with four equalizer modes to match the program you are watching. One can also enjoy it from a PC, smartphone, and other Bluetooth-embedded devices.


✚ It provides great sound performance

✚ It comes with both Wired & Wireless Streaming options

✚ This soundbar has a built-in sub that provides great bass.

✚ It comes with a warranty of 12 months.


When the soundbar is turned on or off it makes a loud beep which is quite annoying, otherwise, it is a great soundbar.

Dodocool Soundbar: Budget Surround System

Can you imagine any soundbar less than 50$ capable to create surround sound? Yes, you guessed it right. Dodocool is a super budget-friendly soundbar that comes with surround sound. It also has a different equalizer of 3 sound modes which helps in optimizing the contents to their ideal settings.

Features and Specialities:

Interestingly the Dodocool soundbar has given the users, depending on their home theater system, to choose from a wireless or wired connection for the setup.

For the wireless setup, the user will have a 4.2 built-in supporting streaming from the devices outside.

Whereas for the wired, the soundbar supports a cable connection of 3.5mm. Besides, this device comes with a USB slot that plays the saved contents without any connection with the external devices.

Also, this soundbar is built with a control panel on one side, plus it has its own remote control, for controlling and adjusting the device easily just sitting on the couch.


✚ This soundbar can produce surround sound.

✚It has a very sleek and slim design.

✚ It offers both wired as well as wireless connections.

✚ Bluetooth streaming is possible here.

✚ It has three sound modes.

✚ Its own remote is included with the box.

✚ It has a built-in control panel.


Firstly the bass is quite weak and also the power cord is short which cause a bit of problem.

How to Choose the Best Soundbars Under $50?

Here is a short guide for you on the things you should notice/ consider while buying, have a look.


First, select the position or place where you are going to put the soundbar. Then according to that space and location, buy the soundbar.

If you randomly pick one soundbar without any planning, you might face problems related to the blocking of the TV’s IR receiver, which will cause a problem in the operations of the remote control.

Passive or Active

Maximum soundbars are self-amplified and active. So no external application is required to run them. But the passive ones do.

So, if you buy a passive amplifier you will need an AV receiver or an amplifier in order to power the soundbar. So keeping that in mind, buy your soundbar.


All most of all the soundbars under or over 50$ come with HDMI connectivity. Not only that, but it also features stereo connectivity of 3.5mm along with an RCA. If you want to use the soundbar as the AV receiver, HDMI connectivity is required. Also, Bluetooth connectivity is an important thing to consider if you want to use the device wirelessly.

Soundbar or Sound Base

I have already mentioned a good sound base in the list. They are flat and also its shape looks similar to a pedestal, which is not alike the soundbar.

But both provide good sound quality. You should figure out which one will fulfill your requirements before buying.

Audio Quality:

One of the most essential aspects of any affordable bar is its sound quality. It surely needs to work at a great standard in comparison with your Television speaker, otherwise, it won’t be worth the money.

So, look for the kind of soundbar that has many sound modes and if possible, a voice clarity as well.


Though most soundbars are similar in design, there are exceptions in the market, as well. Say, for example, the Asiyun sound bar It has a triangular design angling its speakers in various ways in order to achieve a great sound. So see; this is a soundbar with a unique design.

Therefore, if the design is important for you and you want something unique looking then list some names of soundbars of such kind and look for them.


Budget-friendly soundbars can even come with a built-in subwoofer, which I guess you know by now. This helps the soundbar handle the heavy bass. Moreover, the sub is also responsible for generating the low as well as rumble the tones that the regular speakers might miss.

So, if having a sub makes a difference for you, especially to get good bass and an earth-shattering thump then you sound look for a soundbar with a built-in sub.


How many channels do you want in your soundbar? Trust me, this is a very important question which you should definitely ask yourself before making a purchase.

The more the number of channels your device contains, the more qualified your device will get and deliver, as a result, it will deliver a great surround sound.

So, if a good surround sound is important for you, buy a soundbar with more channels, otherwise any decent soundbar with fewer channels won’t serve you badly either.


Finding the best soundbar under 50 is neither an easy nor a tough job. The main job is to look for something that will provide you with the exact and accurate features you want. Also, don’t forget about the quality.

I hope the above article has made it easier for you to have some great options within the budget. I have tried to shower you with the best and top-rated products in town.

These soundbars come within 50$ and they have quite good reviews as well.

Whether you watch movies, music, sports, shows, or news, the devices from the list will serve you the basics. They have a decent sound, good budget, nice design, and connectivity, etc. At this price what do you need more?

So, without waiting for more just grab the best soundbar under $50 from the above list and experience a theatre-like feeling seating at your home. You can get all their products from Amazon at a good rate.

Our Research Method For Finding Soundbar Under $50

At first, I have searched and picked the few best soundbars under 50$ with the most stars and good reviews from Amazon. Then I have pointed out their features, specialties, pros, and cons, hoping that it will help the readers to find the perfect soundbar for themselves.

The soundbars might be ‘cheap’ but I have tried to pick the devices which bear maximum all the qualities for giving the user a feel of an actual theatre.

These picked soundbars under 50$ have lots of benefits, like reliability, durable option, zero maintenance cost, user-friendliness, etc, which are the absolute reasons for anyone having a tight budget to pick one of the soundbars.

People who have used them, have honestly praised them, and I think you will as well. Plus, through this article, you can also know about how to pick a perfect soundbar/ factors to consider while buying one. So, without any delay let us check out some best soundbars under 50 and pick a suitable device based on your budget and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To serve your concern regarding budget soundbar.

Which one I shall go for in between a soundbar vs speaker for TV under $50?

–> Soundbars are like the all-in-one device, but the speakers themselves come with different individual speakers. The soundbar is sort of clearer. So, depending on your preference and budget you can pick anyone.

Does the Asiyun soundbar support Bluetooth?

–> Yes it does. The 5.0 capable Bluetooth can connect the user’s soundbar with his/her TV wirelessly in order to minimize the clutter