Best Pioneer subwoofer for car : Cruisin’ n bangin’

Everyone needs a good subwoofer while cruising in their car. The most popular option when choosing a good subwoofer for your car is almost a household name. Pioneer provides great options to select from.

This guide will cover all you need to know about picking your best bang for the buck speaker subwoofer system for your car and we will make sure what subwoofer hits the hardest so you know what you’re getting into for how much money.

We will be covering a quick review of the top 7 pioneer subwoofers for cars.

TS-W3003D4 | Pioneer subwoofer Champion series

The TS-W3003D4 is an option within the pioneer subwoofer champion series amongst many.

On paper it has power upto 2000 watts.

The pioneer subwoofer champion series is an option you probably heard of somewhere along the lines of speakers and is not a very uncommon name. Proving its authenticity as a brand. Even if you haven’t heard of the name you probably have seen it in cars.

These are premium aftermarket subwoofer options for your car as they can handle excellent bass frequency responses without any distortion. These are your standard 12” inch drivers and it packs one hell of a punch for your car audio system.

These are priced at just $80 dollars per driver and are packed with excellent features. One flagship feature that this subwoofer claims to have is that it can handle high input power at higher volume without compromising higher quality.

They have Deeper and Louder bass for their seamless cone and honeycomb build. Accompanied with double stacked large magnets and long voice coil with Aluminium bobbin. All these features contribute to delivering some of the thumpiest bass you can find on the aftermarket.

It has a frequency response of 20 Hz to 16 Hz with a sensitivity of 92dB. At maximum power it is able to deliver 1600W. No doubt this will have the whole neighborhood shaking if you decide to crank it all the way up.

Aesthetically it looks really professional and sturdy. The honeycomb design on top of the driver adds to that. Buildwise, it feels just as good as it looks. Very sturdy and super premium in terms of build quality. It surely comes with a heft as well.

Overall with almost nothing bad going for the Pioneer subwoofer Champion series is one hell of a buy especially if it’s your first subwoofer. And it will surely give you a run for your money. Additionally you do not have to go overboard with everything while choosing this option.

TS-W261D4 | 10″ Champion Series Subwoofer

This is an option from the champion series. With a couple of inches smaller than the 12” series you are looking at saving a little bit of space without compromising much of a performance drop. The reinforced cone structure is a recurring theme and for good reason.

The cone structure of this speaker however was newly re-designed to deliver accurate and powerful bass and that has been proven as all good and powerful subwoofers use the same shape but reimagined in a different way.

The W261D4 is a single drive cone with a light weight dust cap. Ensuring a rigidity and sturdiness no other speakers within the same price range can compete. This shape is attributed to being lightweight but at the same time prevents cone failure at high sound pressure levels.

Additionally it uses a highly rigid, fully closed, single piece basket to help minimize excessive and unnecessary excursion throughout the subwoofer and increase the driving force to the cone. Allowing it to produce deeper and audible bass.

With most of the moving parts creating a lot of friction and too much heat within the parts can lead to complications. However the subwoofer is designed with ventilation holes to improve air flow and release heat keeping the piston cool for increased performance.

This version has RMS upto 350 watts. Accompanied with a frequency range from 20 Hz to 125 Hz and a sensitivity of 93 dB which isn’t a lot but it gets the job done for the price and size. It has a Maximum peak power handling of 1200 Watts.

The voice coil type is dual voice as most of its other options.

If you’re looking for a smaller driver with deep bass and an almost premium feeling audio. You may settle for this option. This seat is reserved for anyone who is a casual listener and does not want to drop a whole bunch of money and space for their vehicle.

TS-W1207D2|D4 | Pioneer Champion series Pro 12

The TS-W1207D2/D4 is from the premier series which is slightly a cut above the other options. They are premium and pay more attention to detail. That does not go as to say that the other options in other series are bad. Just that this option has more options for those looking for it.

The premier champion series is a newer version in their champion series line up. They feature a brand new design and look.They are made to be super heavy duty and carry quite a heft and punch to their design and sound alike.

They are designed to give out premium sound which can wield and support power upto 1200 Watts. Double stacked magnets for higher power support with radial surround for the high output they are designed to give out. They use aluminium in their basket instead of better plastic.

The double stacked magnets are there to aid with the massive magnetic energy for the sub. The double stacked magnet design ensures positive powerful control over the elongated excursion of the voice coil.

Other features of this device are the wide roll 3 layer fiber radial surround which is what the subs surround is reinforced by. This material is crucial to the role of a speaker’s performance in terms of bass response making them sound clear and right.

The build reinforced polypropylene cone with carbon fiber/glass fiber adding to the premium build quality through and throughout. The reinforced IMPP with carbon and glass fiber provides the speaker with extreme strength and rigidity making it lightweight as well.

The voice coils are as usual dual with either 2 or 4 ohms allowing you to use a low impedance amp with much bigger bass and clearer music.

Overall for just $40 dollars coming in at $120 dollars in total. You are paying for the most premium materials money can buy for that price point. The bass is kickin’ no matter what by this point.

Pioneer TS W304R | Champion series 12

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Another great selection within the Pioneer Champion series is the Pioneer TS W304R. Adding more to the list of great bang for the buck options. This goes without saying that they offer impressive price to performance ratio.

The TS W304R is rocking a rugged cone made from injection molded polypropylene. Which is high quality plastic. This is used in the automotive industry so you know you’re getting the premium quality build yet once again without adding heft to the build.

Like the other options in this list the subs no seamed cone design increases efficiency and reduces distortion. It even has treated foam surround keeps the cone under control so it works great in either sealed or ported enclosures.

It has 6- layer voice coils to allow it to handle up to 300 watts RMS. Additionally it has a stamped basket with a magnet cover for added protection. The familiar design of this sub will fit in seamlessly in any vehicle.

It is a 12” 4-ohm subwoofer driver which is standard for any car subwoofer. The frequency response ranges from 20-220 Hz with a sensitivity of 95 dB. Allowing you to enjoy distortion free and clear deep decibels straight from your vehicle.

Aesthetic wise and build wise Pioneer never fails to deliver quality feeling and premium looking devices. Get two of these installed in your vehicle to wow everyone that hops into your car.

What comes in the box is pretty straightforward. You get one of the 12” SubWoofer itself. Some screws that you might need for the installation are manual and warranty information. Additionally it is priced at around $80 once again.

With its price range and the features included this once again, reigns true to be an excellent contender for your subwoofer selection for your vehicle.

Pioneer TS-A300D4 | A- series

It seems as though delivering deep and distortion free bass is a recurring slogan for the pioneer brand line of speakers. Luckily that is exactly what people look for when looking for subwoofers in vehicles.

The TS-A300D4 is a 12” 1500 Watts max power dual 4 Ohm voice coils. It is a A series car audio stereo subwoofer. Once again it uses IMPP (polypropylene) for the cone construction.

It has butyl rubber surround and poly-cotton/cotton dual spider for extra endurance and linearity when there is increased excursion. With more in and out excursion chances of hitting distortion are high in most cases except with any of the pioneer subwoofers.

It is optimized to work smoothly with seamless integration if you already have PIONEER A-series full-range automotive loudspeakers. If dynamic, high impact bass that lets you hear and feel the music is a priority then look no further than this option.

The frequency range of this is insanely vast starting from 20 Hz to 2.3 kHz with a peak power Handling Watts of 1500 Watts. It has a sensitivity of 77 dB. Additionally it has RMS power handling of 500W.

Build wise it has a linear structure where both the front and back excursion directions of the cone movement is essential to clear reproduction of sound waves. A high level of linearity is maintained even in high output.

CarSoundFit App is an app from pioneer. It is a car sound simulator which indicates you are able to pair this with your very own smartphone. This device will ensure a premium listening experience for your vehicle.

Coming in at $120 dollars at least, it is a cut above your other options but the extra features and sensitivity make up for it. Apart from the novelty of using it with a smartphone and having a very diverse sensitivity it makes incredible deep noises for your vehicle.

TS-W308D4 | Champion Series

This is one of the best premium Champion series you can go for,  budget and performance wise. Coming in at $200 dollars you are expecting exactly what you pay for.

Like the other premium champion series subwoofers this one also has interlaced basalt/Carbon Fiber Reinforced IMPP cones. Once again ensuring that you get a natural sounding bass. The basalt fiber technology allows the cone to be lightweight, rigid and well damped sound and also has good temp regulations.

An integral part of the subs sound is attributed to the subs surround for overall performance. For the bass to sound clear and tight. The surround ensures the magnets do not create an excursion large enough to damage anything internally even in high volume levels.

It has Dual Mass magnets with magnet covers that assists in driving and controlling its voice coil. The dual magnet assembly increases the magnetic force to make sure you get bigger and more accurate music. The cover to add to protection.

The sub has dual voice coils which operate at 4 ohms. Ensuring you can use once again if needed a low impedance amp to produce big and powerful bass. The DVC is a standard practice throughout all the pioneer subwoofers.

Aesthetic wise it also provides space for speaker grills to add to the look of professionalism to your speaker system if you care about that sort of stuff.

The sub has a frequency response between 20Hz and 180Hz. It has a max power of 1400 with a sensitivity of 92 dB. It also has an RMS of 400 watt with an ohm rating of two options. D2 and D4. D4 ranging from 2 or 8 ohm making sensitivity of 92 and D2 has ohm rating of 1 or 4 ohm at 90 dB sensitivity.

Overall this is a great purchase if you are able to spend the premium bucks for a premium speaker. Although the premiumness of this product lies in its own novelties it still performs monstrously in your vehicle.

TS-W3002D2|D4 | Champion series pro 12

We have embarked on the most premium performance for the most premium price point of the guide. This option is for when you have pockets that go deep and a passion for sound quality to go along with it. These pro series subwoofers go upto 3500 Watts max and 1000 Watts nominal.

Clearly paying a premium of up to $250 you are expecting premium reinforced materials for the build. The build features interlaced basalt/carbon fiber reinforced IMPP cones. To aid withstanding deep excursions and exude deep and tight bass.

To help with the bass the subwoofer pioneer comes up with an air suspension system which is effective within a smaller enclosure comparatively. This mechanism locks air for a spring like effect between the main drive cones moving together.

The air suspension system provides consistently clear, powerful, wide ranging bass you will feel within your core if you crank the sound up. The subs dual cone structure can maintain sound linearity and durability after heavy use with spider structures to keep the voice coils lined up being used in only high quality subwoofers.

As per previous mentions it has dual stacked magner with double stack top plate to produce massive magnetic energy for the sub. This design ensures clear, powerful control of the voice coils during increased duration of excursions.

Routinely in most of their champion series the TS-W3002D2 has a great sub surround. Featuring a Wide-Roll 3-Layer Fiber. For the bass response to sound clear and tight the surround has to react evenly around the entire circumference without flexing at high volume levels.

The Basket is manufactured from scratch by Pioneer with cast aluminium which holds all the components of the sub together in place. This design helps reduce internal friction, increased damping and magnet efficiency.

The Frequency response ranged from 20 Hz to 150 Hz with a sensitivity of 90 dB. The impedance of the dual coils are 2 ohms or 4 ohms with varying options.

Overall this is a pretty bangin’ installation for your vehicle. Although not as bang for the buck as you would want it to be. It is just a good option if you want to brag about having the best of the best in the subwoofer world with subs that can rock anyone to their core in your vehicle.


Hopefully this guide will help you with everything you need to know to get a good subwoofer for your car. We have covered subs in every price range in one of the best and the most common and trustworthy brands in the realm of subwoofers for vehicles.

Pioneer has every bit of marketing and manufacturing experience in offering the best in any price point you are able to expend. Happy cruising!