Pioneer AVH-2500NEX Review

Want to upgrade or replace your car DVD receiver? Then nothing can be better than Pioneer AVH-2500NEX as it is offering numerous options for a newer experience.

Also, the best news is for the phone users both iPhone or Android, it can be controlled through the phone. From the design, controlling options to compatibility with Spotify, Apple CarPlay, etc. every feature will surprise you.

Let’s deep dug into every feature of Pioneer AVH-2500NEX, also some comparison with its newer versions. So, you can choose easily what is going to work best for you.

What’s In The Box?

  • Pioneer AVH-2500NEX DVD receiver
  • Quick start guide
  • Bluetooth mic
  • USB extension
  • Wire harness
  • Warranty card

General Specifications At A Glance

  • Receiver Size: Double DIN
  • Display Type: WVGA Display
  • Display Color: Variable Colors
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Screen Size: 6.8″
  • Peak Power: 50 watts x 4 channels
  • RMS Power: 17 watts x 4 channels
  • CEA-2006 compliant amplifier
  • Backup Camera
  • Built-in: AM/FM radio tuner
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 11 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.1 Pounds

User Interface And Display Screen

  • Display Specifications
  • Resolution: WVGA (800 x 480)
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Touchscreen: Clear Resistive
  • Display customization: 13-Backgrounds

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX has a display screen of 6.8-inch. For some, this size is massive but for me personally for placing in a car this is a perfect size.

The display resolution is WVGA (800×400), a nice view you can have. For getting an even nicer screen view it has featured with LED-backlit, and aspect ratio 16:9.

A clear vision is seen when looking at the screen. Pioneer tried every possible thing to make this receiver perfect in every aspect.

User Interface:

The touch screen is clear resistive which is a great thing Pioneer added to their receiver. This feature means you don’t need to press hard on the screen, instead you can just simply touch and do the work.

On the front, there are plenty of options for controlling the receiver options. The layout is simple with the CD/DVD slot is in the top. The other controls are on the side, organized nicely.

In that panel, you will find at first the voice activation key, then comes the volume control keys. Next, you will find the Home and display keys. But you will be using the touch screen most.

This layout is highly customizable, responsive, and advance. Controlling with a phone makes it easier than ever.

Plenty Of Inputs And Outputs

  • 3 (4V) preamp outputs
  • 1 rear input for camera
  • RCA input/ output option
  • USB port
  • 1 steering wheel
  • Port for power option

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX has plentiful, decent input/output options for connecting phones, or Bluetooth with ease. In the back, all the ports are organized with a good layout.

On the back part, on one side there is a port for connecting Bluetooth microphone, this mic you will find in the box. Besides this, 1 steering wheel port that can control through a third-party adapter like ASWC steering wheel interface.

There is also an optional port from Sirius XM FOR sxb 300 tuner. Right below it, the most important USB port is present through which you will connect your Android auto, iPhone, or Apple CarPlay. This USB port is also used for movies, music with a USB Flash Drive.

The audio and video auxiliary input with a plug-in option for connecting your vehicle with the power and harness cable is present on this side.

On the other side, you will find four-volt RCA outputs for operating external amplifiers. Set them as front, rear, and subwoofer or high, mid, and low output which can give better sound quality.

For the backup camera a brown port, RCA input, and output for audio and video, finally plug for AM, FM antenna is all present in the layout.

Hand Free Controls Only With Bluetooth Connection

For hand-free communication or streaming your favorite app, music, connect your iPhone, or Android with 2500NEX and enjoy a truly Bluetooth experience.

It lets you pick up calls without using your hand when you are driving. Once you connect it you can see all the apps and music on the screen.

Too much easy to pair Bluetooth with your phone. The auto-connecting system makes it less complicated. Some really amazing features NEX Bluetooth option offers for the consumer.

  1. First of all, Hand-Free Profile, which I have already mentioned. With this feature connect your compatible mobile phone with the receiver. Then access what you want from your phone to the receiver.

The clear vision is display on the screen. Use all the streaming app or play your favorite music and enjoy a long drive without using your hand.

  1. When you are going to stream music from your phone nothing to worry about the audio quality at all. Expect high-quality, clear audio with the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile feature.
  2. Next, receiving phone calls or access contacts from your phone can become much easier with NEX Bluetooth.

When you once connect your phone Book Access Profile is there to show you on the screen who has called you or what contact you want to find; do it easily.

  1. Last of all AVRCP allows to control play, pause like a remote, or select media through Bluetooth.

A Smart Receiver With Plentiful Smart Features

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX is a smart receiver with numerous smart features that surely can entertain you fully. Stream music, listen to your favorite content, or control with your voice everything just in a minute with this receiver.

Check these various options that you can enjoy with your smartphone only.

  • iDataLink Maestro
  • Alexa/ Siri Eyes Free/ Google Assistant
  • Apple CarPlay
  • HD Radio
  • Android Auto
  • Pandora
  • WebLink®
  • Spotify
  • Vozsis
  • SiriusXM

Apple CarPlay

2500NEX supports Apple CarPlay what is like a dream for iOS users as it offers an incredible controlling option. This is one of the best features for using in a car while driving without using hands.

Make calls, use maps, stream music or podcast or even check msg with just your voice and hand down. This is the safest and easier way to enjoy, one thing to remember is iPhone 5 or the newer versions can work only.

Android Auto

This receiver is specially designed for giving a really user-friendly opportunity even for Android users. That’s why this Android Auto feature is integrated.

Control with your voice and get a simple, organized option for media, apps, or phones. This option just expands the Android platform to your receiver. This never distracts when you are driving, so you can consider it as a safer feature to use.


When you are getting a variety of options in your receiver then why leave behind options like YouTube or others apps. Only with a single USB connection, you can get access easily.

Use this feature with your iPhone or Android. You can only use the apps that are pre-installed on your phone.

Vozsis Use with Amazon Alexa or Siri Eyes Free or Google Assistant

This is another feature that supports the 2500NEX receiver. Super easy to have access to this feature, which is available on both Android and iPhone. Simply download this then give command using Alexa.

Play music, hear about news or weather, or other controls on your phone all can work with a single command.

At the same Siri Eyes Free and Google Assistant also serve in the same way. Control the system with your voice and get to hear music, pick or make calls or send a message.

Integrated HD Radio

With a pre-built HD radio, 2500NEX offers 18 FM and 6 AM preset channels. There is a tuner, and in settings, EQ button to change the equalizer setting. Like other compatible features, this also allows you to make calls quickly.

Enjoy 100% subscription along with super clear audio in the lowest distortion.

Pandora And Spotify: New Musical Journey In Your Car

Both Pandora and Spotify are compatible with iPhone or Android, all you need to do is connecting your iPhone with a USB port else pair the Android device through Bluetooth.

These two-music app helps to explore a new musical journey as there is a lot of collection from which you can find your favorite so easily. Take your long-drive music experience to the next level with incredible audio quality.


In your Pioneer AVH-2500NEX receiver you will find a port for connecting to SiriusXM. Here you get the biggest advantage when you will get access to over 140 channels.

Enjoy sports or live programs, news, get entertain with comedy or even advertise free music all in this one particular feature. Have SiriusXM subscription, additionally get TuneMix, Traffic or Weather Now, SportsFlash,

Great Sound Quality with Decent Video Compatibility

  • Audio/ Video Features:
  • CD/CD-R/RW, VCD, Digital media files, DVD/DVD-R/RW Playback via USB and Bluetooth
  • AAC/FLAC/MP3/ MP4/ WMA/ WAV Playback
  • AVI/DivX/ MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4, Decoder/ Video Playback on any digital file
  • AM/FM Tuner, Radio Data System (RDS) Playback
  • The graphic equalizer of 13-band with 7 preset EQ selectable curves
  • 96 kHz/24-bit D/A Decoder

Pioneer 2500NEX is an amazing receiver that offers not only many features but also good sound quality. Whenever you will listen to any music you can hear with no distortion and clear sound. However, if you want to enhance the whole audio system then go for a subwoofer or even a car speaker.

Behind the good quality sound, several reasons are present, like Auto EQ, selectable 7 preset, high or low pass crossover, 13-band graphic equalizer. Moreover, 96 kHz/24-bit digital to analog decoder gives high-resolution audio.

Listening experience can go to the next level with your Pioneer receiver. Just install, play and enjoy all this you have to do for exciting music or video experience in your car.

Things We Didn’t Like

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX abounds with surprising features and the performance is amazing to let everyone be astonished. But it has a couple of drawbacks which can be ignored but before buying anything you should know about it fully.

There is no wireless option for iPhone or Apple CarPlay. This may seem annoying to some. Or sometimes you may face some difficulties installing it. Lastly, no remote control is found in the box.

Who Is Pioneer AVH-2500NEX For?

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX can work for anyone who wants access over the phone even in driving. But for those who drive quite often or go for long drives then this receiver is absolutely perfect for them.

This receiver helps to control in the safest way, listening to music or search for a particular song you want to hear without using your hands. Pick up calls and talk, focusing on the road.

Also, send a message, use several apps, or Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, etc. The sound quality is also decent, there is too much low distortion so you can hear the clearest sound.

Some claim that when they install this receiver it feels like they are riding on a luxurious car. Only after you buy it and place it in your car then you will be able to feel the real thrill.

How Pioneer AVH-2500NEX Is Better From Others?

In the marketplace, there are a thousand DVD receivers for cars. People most often get confused about which to choose or what works best for them.

For a whole entertainment in the car, Pioneer AVH-2500NEX is one of the best receivers. And there is always a certain answer is it best for others?

That’s why I have compared it with its predecessor and updated version, so to give you an evident vision over this receiver.

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX VS Pioneer AVH-2550NEX

When I came to review the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX to compare it with its 2500NEX, I was quite surprised. Because as the latest version it should have a couple of advanced features and other benefits.

But it is like the identical brother of 2500NEX. All the features, compatibility apps, audio or video features, display screen even the size all are the same as the 2500NEX.

Only a few options are available in 2550NEX, for me that is not worth spending the extra money on. You will find a remote control, parking assistant guideline, dual backup camera.

These things are not mandatory at all. 2500NEX works like a pro so I would recommend choosing wisely while buying any receivers.

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX VS Pioneer AVH-2400NEX

Pioneer did two significant differences between Pioneer AVH-2500NEX VS AVH-2400NEX. In 2400NEX the display was motorized and the size was 7-inch.

But what we see in 2500NEX the display is now fixed and the size is reduced and becomes 6.8’’. Some said this is a huge change but others didn’t notice that much.

Another little difference is that no HD Radio in 2400NEX. That’s all differences is noticeable the rest of the features are alike.

Great Alternative DVD Receivers

Kenwood DMX7706S 6.95″ Double DIN Receiver

Kenwood DMX7706S is a great car DVD receiver that provides all kinds of required features to have a safe journey but is full of fun. Use Apple CarPlay, Alexa, Siri, Android Auto, or others.

What it offers extra apart from 2500NEX are the dual backup camera and high-resolution audio quality. The audio is super crisp and clear, you can hear every lyric and enjoy favorite music with voice control only.

Sony XAVAX1000 6.2″ Apple CarPlay with Bluetooth

This Sony XAVAX1000 receiver is super easy to install, ready for providing dedicated performance. Besides the traditional receiver features it give a rear camera for safe parking.

Furthermore, this receiver gives delicate, warm sound works with an impressive amplification system. This is just a small brief about it provide much more benefits in this price range.

Kenwood Excelon DDX9907XR 6.8″ with Bluetooth & HD Radio

Latest, Kenwood Excelon DDX9907XR stuffed with full of enormous features like another high-end DVD receiver. Safest feature Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and etc. it supports.

But the most attractive part is the 4 inputs for the camera which you barely see in other receivers. With this the display is also high quality, LCD is used as the display. Along with the audio is dedicated and hear incredibly well.

Final Verdict

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX is a great choice for a car DVD receiver. It has some improvement from its previous version as well very little difference from its updated version.

Overall, this is worth getting a place in cars. From a safe journey with having access to all the controls to listening to songs and using numerous apps, it offers all the things.

So, with very few drawbacks this Pioneer AVH-2500NEX is worthy in all aspects.

Frequently Asked Question

This FAQ section is going to help you to solve some o your queries. let’s hop right into it!

Is the built-in Bluetooth good?

The built-in Bluetooth works really well. It offers some fantastic options like HFP, AVRCP, and others. So, your when android device pairs with it and you can use all kinds of options easily.

Does this Pioneer receiver work with Android?

Pioneer 2500NEX works with both Android Auto and iPhone. But the lucky are those who have iPhones because with the Android some limitations are there to use some features.