Best Boss Subwoofer For Car

If someone wishes to upgrade the car audio system then nothing would be better than a subwoofer. A subwoofer literally enhances the whole car sound system by improving the sound quality.

But when choosing a perfect subwoofer, it is always a tough task, as there are lots of good manufacturers outside. Such a great brand is Boss makes an incredible subwoofer best suited for car stereo systems.

In this article I am going to review some Best Boss Subwoofer For Car, considering power, budget, and other features, with a buying guide too. So, in the end, you can surely find the right subwoofer for your car to enjoy another sound in your car.

Best 10-inch Boss Subwoofer For Car: Quick Summary

Boss 10 Inch Shallow Slim Car Audio Subwoofer, D10F : Tight and deep bass with long durability.

BOSS Audio Systems Car Subwoofer : Cheap price but huge power and great bass.

Boss Chaos Exxtreme Car Audio Subwoofer (2 Pack) : Can bring a next-level thrill to the trunk.

BOSS Audio Systems P100F Car Subwoofer : 1200-watt peak power with minimal mounting depth.

BOSS Audio Systems CH10DVC 1500 Watt : Lowest distortion in the sound.

Best 12-inch Boss Subwoofer For Car: Quick Summary

Boss Audio DVC, PD12LED : Blue illumination light inside the cone looks different from another sub, give a cool vibe.

BOSS Audio Systems 12 Inch Car Subwoofer (AR120DVC): A great budget 12’’ subwoofer.

Boss Audio DVC Power Sub (2 Pack) | P129DC : 88 dB efficiency with big peak power.

BOSS AUDIO Chaos CX122 12 : Metal frame is different from traditional car sub.

BOSS Audio Systems-P126DVC Phantom 12-Inch : Compatible with radio and SD cards.

What does A Car Subwoofer do?

In a word, a car subwoofer changes the whole car audio system and produces high-quality sound. It mainly produces great low-frequency thus the sound hears more powerful and energetic.

But to understand broadly, I have categorized there section how subwoofer makes the car system better.

First of all, it increases the lifespan of your car stereo system. Nowadays almost everyone not only setting up a home theater but also making the car audio set up great.

So, wherever you are in a long drive or a truck in a hectic schedule you can as well enjoy the sweet music. But not many people want to spend a lot of money on car audio.

This is exactly where the subwoofer plays its crucial part. After setting up a subwoofer with the rest of the equipment’s it expands the life of your whole music system.

No worries for some years to exchange speakers or other things. In a small amount, you can save a huge amount of money.

In a wider sense when the car speakers stay under great pressure for producing low-frequency it snatches always their life period. The result is internal damage. But when the subwoofer comes it share the pressure.

Secondly, it comes in a compact size and some can be placed under the seat. For the small size placing anywhere in the car or another vehicle is so much easy.

But without a subwoofer, you may install big speakers or more speakers or other components which is hard or sometimes for not having enough place one really cannot enjoy the desired music.

So, subwoofers are of huge benefit here too.

Last of all but the most important one is the sound quality that I have mentioned earlier. Putting a lot of pressure on the speaker cause damage to them as well after a certain period distortion appears to hear.

In contrast, a subwoofer helps to get rid of all of these kinds of problems. A dedicated, detailed, and powerful sound is expected from a high-end subwoofer what you are gonna see on our list.

5 Best 10-inch Boss Subwoofer For Car Product Review

Boss 10 Inch Shallow Slim Car Audio Subwoofer, D10F

If you are looking for a 10-inch compact size subwoofer for your car also considering a great peak power, deep bass but on a small budget, then this Boss 800W Shallow Slim Car Audio sub is just for you.

Around $60 this is a decent subwoofer for giving a finishing touch to your car audio system. First, let’s talk about the features it has.

This subwoofer comes with an RMS power of 400 watts but the peak power is 800 watts, which seems quite decent for a 10’’ subwoofer. Though many subwoofers are containing more power in an average budget you really cannot expect more.

The impedance is 4ohm and has a flat voice coil. They are poly-injected in a 2’’ size. The woofers are polymer composite or you can say there is a combination of both polyurethane and mica used in the cone; also have a black metal finish.

This is a 1-way subwoofer with a non-enclosure design. For providing extra durability the butyl rubber is used as the surrounding. As it is non-enclosed you won’t find any extra grill or equipment’s here.

Moreover, the mounting depts are measured 3/8 inch and frequency response 35Hz to 2.2Khz max. For making the bass deeper there is the magnetic structure of 60 oz.

All these amazing features indicate a big package on a small budget. You are getting the rich bass, durable structure quality along best sounding system.

Product Differentiator

Compact size but deep bass and good quality sound for a little price.

BOSS Audio Systems Car Subwoofer (CXX104DVC)

Spending less than $50 still getting some configured subwoofer is no more a stiff task, which this subwoofer from Boss proved in every point.

First of all, the durable body structure that appears in black can be a long-run companion. Like most other subwoofer Boss use the rubber surround in CXX104DVC.

So, the harsh usage won’t hamper the bass quality or overall sound quality a bit. It just works like great protection for the subwoofer.

The cones and voice coils also have decent structure. The durable build quality is not only good for a long life but also responsible for producing an incredible sound.

Cones are made of polypropylene and voice coils are also made with high-quality material that can tolerate high temperatures. For this reason, the lifespan extends a lot.

Last, of all, there is a basket integrated with the subwoofer. This basket has a great mechanism for absorbing heat and energy, and let the subwoofer works efficiently in high temperature.

Coming to features, it is no less than the previous model D10F. But what makes me more surprised is the lowest price range.

The dual voice coils, 4-ohm impedance, 3.4’’ mounting depth, 87 dB sensitivity rate, and balanced frequency response dedicatedly work for producing rich, tight bass with an incredible sound.

The 10’’ small body lets you integrate it into your car anywhere easily. Once you place it in your car then feel the real magic of sound. The punchy bass every time will hit hard in your ear.

The solid sound can go with every genre of music. Moreover, the 1000-watt peak power has exceeded the limitation of this subwoofer in this lower price range. It is a worthy subwoofer.

Product Differentiator

So much cheap but with amazing features.

Boss Chaos Exxtreme Car Audio Subwoofer (2 Pack)

Put a bit more thrill into your car audio system with a premium quality subwoofer! This Boss Chaos Exxtreme 10’’ is exactly what you need. From the durable body to the hardest punchy bass this subwoofer is just a blast.

This subwoofer is featured almost like the CXX104DVC, but the price is a bit high. There is some obvious reason as you will have richer bass than CXX104DVC. But for some spending on it is not worth it.

Well, that is one’s personal choice. But this subwoofer amazingly totally changes the whole sound system precisely.

Let’s see the features first. There are dual voice coils with 4 impedance what you will get to see in the best quality subwoofer. Next, the cone which is a crucial part of subwoofers is made with polypropylene.

The sensitivity is 87 dB can bring the loudest sound in your trunk with a 36 Hz frequency. Also, the peak power is 1000 watts and the RMS power handling capacity is 1000 watts. Lastly, the mounting depth is 4.56-inch.

You can use it in two ways sealed or ported how you like your bass to produce. And there is separate air space set up for specific set up whether ported or sealed.

At a glance, the build quality is decent for a harsh usage for quite a long time. Rubber surrounds the body with a Boss logo on it. And you will get two subs in one package.

Summing up, this car power sub is capable of producing deep bass and detailed sound. No matter what type of speaker set up you had this long. Once you are sure about having this sub and placed with the speaker system get ready to get the immersive sound in your car ever.

Product Differentiator

Almost the same as CXX104DVC but with more dedicated bass.

BOSS Audio Systems P100F Car Subwoofer

Though the fourth sub from our list has only one voice coil it is still capable of producing incredibly low frequency for gifting a pleasant bass all over the car.

Boss Audio system P100F comes with a big RMS and Max power that is 600 watt and 1200 watt respectively. This is the main reason this car power club is able to give tight bass that enhances the whole sound quality.

This 10’’; sealed enclosure, is a fantastic sub for the price. The price is as usual considerable like another budget-friendly sub in our list. So, you won’t need to bother about that; just see the performance and get ready to install it in your car.

If you are having a bad speaker system or average one in your car and hadn’t enjoyed the real music for years, this subwoofer with the single voice coil of 4-ohm impedance, 85 dB sensitivity rate, and 48 Hz resonance frequency produce low frequency efficiently.

The sound becomes smooth and delicate, tight bass matches with any kind of music. The extra spice into the sound adds the 1200-watt max power.

Though it has a single voice coil, it is also beneficial in some aspects. A single voice coil can match with power amps or other single voice coil subwoofers.

Then the mounting depth is also minimized for settling down it to any place inside the vehicle. But that does not mean it has compromised with the sound quality.

Next, if you are concern about the structure quality then again leave the tension. Here the polypropylene cones and butyl rubber surrounding is used.

And in the design, you will notice the Boss logo is upgraded with a new design that looks quite cool.

Product Differentiator

Single 4-ohm voice coil with 1200-watt peak power.

BOSS Audio Systems CH10DVC 1500 Watt

Have you ever thought of going on a long drive listening to your favorite music with an amazing sound system filled the whole car around you? Even the distortion is minimized which presents you with the most dedicated sound inside the car. This is exactly what CH10DVC is offering.

If you are considering a subwoofer to integrate into your car then for sure nothing can be better than this model from Boss. This is mesmerizing in all aspects rich with amazing features and promise and an awesome music journey for your trunk.

Starter, with the decent build quality with high material which makes the sound more beautiful. Cones are black injection molded and the material is polypropylene. As usual for better durability foam surrounding is used.

Other than that, 25-250 Hz frequency response, 38 Hz resonance frequency, dual 4-ohm impedance voice coil, and mounting depth 4.6’’ this sub is featured with.

Also, this sub has the highest RMS power handling capacity on our list. With 750-watt RMS, 1500-watt peak power you literally can have blast in your vehicle.

Go for a long drive and hear the loudest and distortion-free music because this sub can absorb distortion. Also, it can bear high temperatures and short circuits which extend the life more.

Product Differentiator

Distortion-free sound, good quality material makes it durable and overall, a praiseworthy subwoofer.

5 Best 12-inch Boss Subwoofer For Car Product Review

After reviewing the 10’’ sub now it’s time to see some premium quality 12’’ subwoofer. All the 10’’ car power sub was quite budget-friendly but when you are gonna have some bigger woofer then you must count more on that. The reason is obvious because in our list you will come to see some surprising features in the 12’’ sub.

Boss Audio DVC, PD12LED

PD12LED has become one of our best choices for its outstanding sound quality with some cool vibe.

At first, what will snatch away your eyesight is the blue illumination LED light coming from the cone. This seems cool to me because you are setting up something funky sub to your car audio you can enjoy the beautiful music, tight bass with a cool vibe.

Especially the rock or jazz type music in louder music can give some live concert feeling in the car. Though it hears quite funny this kind of sub adds an extra thrill to the whole environment.

Coming to other features like 85 dB sensitivity, 35 Hz resonance frequency, 3.75’’ mounting depth, 4-ohm impedance, and dual voice coil. All these are featured like another high-quality sub.

Dual voice coil ensures to become compatible with another sub so to work with optimize amps. It also can cope with medium to high-grade amps effectively.

Then the sensitivity rate and balanced frequency make the lyrics and tones become louder but detailed.

Here the greatest benefit is the mounting depth. Since a 12’’ sub can be big for some cars but the small mounting depth can easily eradicate that problem. You can place it at an ease.

Last of all the 1600-watt max power is huge. For those who didn’t like the average power 10’’ sub, this model is for them. More power bigger sound in your car can take you to the next level of enjoyment.

This is a piece of great sub for providing fantastic bass with lower distortion.

Product Differentiator

LED illumination light reflects from inside the cone. Also, the sound is bigger than the 10’’ sub.

BOSS Audio Systems 12 Inch Car Subwoofer (AR120DVC)

Boss PD12LED is a bit expensive sub but surely a great one. But not everyone wants to spend that on a subwoofer. Most music lovers want a sub under $100 or less. For them, the perfect sub can be this Boss AR120DVC.

Like other Boss good quality car power subwoofer, you will get all the impressive features in this sub with some extra punch in the sound system. There is also a traditional saying big woofer means a bigger sound; though this is just a saying AR120DVC proves that significantly.

You may have some speakers set up in your car this far. Most of the time this happens the speaker cannot provide the louder music or the defined one. Unless they are premium quality.

But once you attached this sub to your existing speaker set up you can see the real difference. For the 85 dB sensitivity rate, it can become louder not the loudest one though, but what this sub produce can give you a car-shaking bass performance.

If you are going on a long drive want to create a romantic atmosphere by playing some sweet songs that also can work best for you. Again, the rock or jazz types of music play well.

When you will be on-road playing music, your car shaking music can attract others for sure.

So, what are the criterion behind this kind of amazing music system? 28 Hz resonant frequency, 4-ohm impedance suitable rate for car power subwoofers, dual voice coil that helps to give more wiring configuration.

The structure is finely designed with rubber surrounding and stamped basket. This offers the cleanest bass ever.

The cheaper price yet the mind-blowing performance Boss AR120DVC just nailed it.

Product Differentiator

Cheapest 12’’ subwoofer.

Boss Audio DVC Power Sub (2 Pack) | P129DC

2600-watt peak power for a car power sub is like blowing a mind that can bring a powerful car shaking sound around you when you are driving. Boss introduced such a subwoofer p129DC packed with powerful bass within it.

You can have 2 packs or 4 packs how you like. But for a small vehicle, only 2 packs is more than enough.

In the design, there is the beautiful Boss logo in red color and the sub comes in a black finish. This pair can be used in both sealed or ported ways. But there is the recommendation 0.65 cubic feet is appropriate for a sealed enclosure and 1.5 cubic feet is good for a ported enclosure.

Following this guidance, you can have the exact sound system that Boss intends to provide with their subwoofer.

Its body is made of good material cones are polypropylene and paper with a rubber surrounding all over the body. Rubber surrounding is always best for car power sub as they can seal the sound and thus gives the original louder sound.

With much lower distortion. That’s why before having any sub-one should consider the material also which most people often ignore.

However, what I like most about this sub is the sensitivity rate of 88 dB. This is rare among Boss sub as there are only 85 dB in most subwoofers. The more sensitivity rate ensures the loudest music.

Again, the enormous power 2600-watt when combine with the other feature it is kind of breathtaking bass and sound all around.

If you are willing to spend a bit more have this 4-pack sub that will serve you for years without damaging the sound a little bit for sure.

Product Differentiator

2600-watt peak power and 88 dB sensitivity rate that is rare in another car subwoofer, also rich bass.

BOSS AUDIO Chaos CX122 12″

Almost all the Boss subwoofers have the rubber surround body but this Audio Chaos CX122 is designed differently than others with the metal frame.

Rubber surrounding no doubt makes the sound better but to bring some changes in the structure Boss tried this new heavy steel frame which works perfectly. The look of this pair of car power sub is changed with a silver finish.

But they couldn’t minimize the mounting depth this seem problematic to me. The mounting depth is a bit more than 4’’.

The cones are custom tooled injected and single voice coil 4-ohm impedance. Dual voice coils are beneficial for more wiring config but single voice coils work also efficiently.

Most importantly when the power is this much huge 700 watt per sub that is a total 1400-watt RMS power for both subwoofers, you don’t need other features to bloom more.

And the maximum power is 2800-watt. I always prefer more power because it just hit the ear so hard with the most powerful bass. The bass lovers can catch the difference with their existing speaker and after setting up sub.

The users have claimed it as a fantastic bass producer when they are really fed up with their cheap speakers. This sub is worth the money.

Excellent features surely will force you to say this is the best pair that you should have had long before.

Product Differentiator

Heavy steel metal frame, robust bass, and sound.

BOSS Audio Systems-P126DVC Phantom 12-Inch

Boss Audio Phantom series car power subwoofers offer the highest RMS power among other subwoofers. If you want this massive in your car you can choose both 10’’ or 12’’ what you want.

P126DVC and P106DVC have the same features with one difference in size. The price range varies with the size too.

Beginning with the special feature it has that is it can work with radio and SD cards. This is too rare in another subwoofer from other brands but you are getting this special treat if you are willing to have this pair.

Take more and more lifelike music but in the loudest form from your car with Phantom P126DVC. Go to work or go on a long drive doesn’t matter at all. You can enjoy it whenever you want or whatever type of music want.

The bass is robust, strong hit deep inside the ear. The heart-pumping sound creates a surround sound around you and you really won’t feel to get out of your car.

One thing that is really a big issue that is the mounting depth. The boss should have noticed this feature. Because if the mounting depth were a little bit more congested then there would be hardly any pair that can compete with this Phantom car sub.

There is the copper voice coil 4 impedance, poly injected cone, and rubber surrounding. The 84 dB efficiency is enough with a 31 Hz resonance frequency.

I don’t think one music lover needs more specifications in his subwoofer. This is more than enough for the price.

Product Differentiator

The massive peak power.

A Buying Guide for How to Choose the Perfect Car Subwoofer?

Here are some key factors that will definitely help you to choose the suitable sub for your car. The experts won’t face any problem while the average person often faces this problem.

So, no worries at all because after seeing this simple but effective buying guide you will never need anyone else to help.


The first factor is power. In the list of 10’’ or 12’’ there are different power range subwoofers. They obviously don’t sound the same.

If you wish to have a boom in your car, go for the big RMS power. Normally peak power is measured double with the RMS power. But one should consider the RMS power.

Phantom 126DVC has the highest power range the above. This can be the ultimate choice if you are concern about power more.

Enclosure type

In simple words, sealed enclosures are the best for the deepest bass. A ported enclosure is good but not like the sealed one. Try to go with sealer enclosure type sub.

Frequency range and sensitivity

Decent frequency range is a prerequisite for the detailed sound system. At the same time sensitivity rate is also important. The more sensitivity rate becomes the lesser power you sub consume.

Several voice coils

There are very few cars sub comes with a single voice coil. The dual voice coil is most popular since they give a wider wired config. But the whole performance also depends on other features.

Final Verdict

Finding out Best Boss Subwoofer for Car is not easy work at all. Boss a famous brand always tries to give the consumers the best products. And here in this article, you will find the top car sub with impressive features.

There is variety in the power and other features also. So, first, see the buying guide and decide what you want or need. Then go to choose the suitable sub to upgrade your car sound system with a premium quality one.