QHD VS 4K Comparison Between Two High Quality Display Resolution

Today while using smartphones, TV, monitors, etc. everyone came to see the terms such as QHD, UHD, QLED, WQHD or 4K, and many more. Day by day these screen resolutions are upgrading and thus giving eyes a treat for years. 

QHD VS 4K are such two high-quality display resolution brings life-like picture on the screen. Resolution quality mostly counts with pixel; the more the pixel the finest image on the screen. 

But what do these terms QHD VS 4K means? Those who actually don’t have a piece of good knowledge about them fall into a problem while buying monitors or other things. 

So, to settle down with this problem in this article you are gonna see all kinds of differences between them with monitor model by model comparison. Which will help you to understand the difference as well to get a suitable monitor for you. 

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QHD VS 4K: Comparison Chart
QHD VS 4K: What They Actually Mean?
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b. 4K Resolution
QHD VS 4K: Which Is Better Explained With Real Monitor Example
a. 4K Monitors Review
b. QHD Monitors Review
QHD VS 4K: Product Comparison
QHD VS 4K: Which Is Better?
QHD VS 4K: Which Can Work Best For What Purpose?
QHD VS 4K VS Other Display
Final Verdict
Frequently Asked Question

QHD VS 4K: Comparison Chart

Resolution2560 x 14403840 x 2160
Pixel count3.7 million8 million
Pixel per inch10880
Aspect ratio16:916:9
PerformanceLifelike image on the screen.Crisp and detailed image.
PriceBit pricyExpensive

QHD VS 4K: What They Actually Mean? 

QHD VS 4K two display resolution like other resolution HD, UHD or others. But these two terms are more defined and updated than traditional screen resolution, which makes them far better. 

QHD Resolution 

QHD or in full meaning “Quad High Definition” gives four \times more pixels than HD tv or monitor resolution. They are being used in a wider way for mobile phones or laptops. 

Normally standard HD screens have 1280 x 760 pixels, whether QHD offers four more times that is 2560 x 1440 pixels. Can you imagine what you were seeing on your screen if you ever had a QHD monitor? 

Or, those who are going to have a new monitor of QHD resolution be ready to treat your eyes in a whole new way. Your screen will have more than 3 million pixels and a density of on average 108 pixels. 

On a 6-inch screen, the pixel density is almost 490, and on larger screens like 24’’ or more the density is measured per square is 122 pixels. The larger screen is widely used for TVs, monitors, or laptops. 

Comparing to HD monitors this is much more. A detailed, mesmerizing and lifelike image on the screen all because of QHD resolution.

4K Resolution 

4K has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is said to be four times more than a full HD TV. It brings a true life on the screen to give the best watching experience ever. 

Whatever you are doing; playing video games or watching any movies on 4K TV everything you can do with a 4K resolution is realistic and fun. 

Over 8 million pixels in total on the screen works and reflect great visual quality. For six’’ small screens the pixel density is 734’’ and for a 24’’ big monitor the density becomes close to 184 pixels per square inch. 

4K is often referred to as UHD but a slight difference is seen between them. 

QHD VS 4K: Which Is Better Explained With Real Monitor Example 

After knowing about QHD and 4K resolution now it’s time to see some real-life examples. There are a lot of monitors in the marketplace featured with several high-end resolutions. 

To know more in detail or if you are about to buy a new monitor for yourself but are confused about which to buy then this section will provide the top-notch QHD VS 4K monitors.

QHD Monitor

LG 34GP83A-B 34 Inch Curved QHD (3440 x 1440)

Product Differentiator:

QHD resolution, better grey uniformity, decent viewing angle, G-SYNC compatibility, and less flicker make it best suited as a gaming monitor.


LG 34GP83A-B is an amazing monitor with QHD resolution on the screen. It has 3440×1440 pixel resolution which provides an immersive viewing experience for multiple purposes. Whether you are playing games or watching movies, for office work or other this monitor display incredible image on the screen. 

Because of the QHD resolution, you can see more natural and bright colors on the display screen. This has a curved screen and best works in bright rooms but doesn’t suitable for dark rooms. 

Also, there is no color bleed and the backlit is free from flicker helps to minimize image duplication. The contrast ratio is sub-per of 1000:1 makes the black color close to greyish.  

But grey uniformity is surprisingly excellent and the dirty screen effect is not visualized. With this, the viewing angle is quite decent along with the QHD tech it looks from the side quite well but can not be said to be the best. 

Besides, the good news is that peak brightness is amazing in SDR and gets fantastically bright. There is also sRGB and Adobe RGB coverage. 

Though this monitor is abounding with multiple impressive features the QHD resolution makes it best for video games and other purposes. This is one of the popular choices among gamers.

AORUS FI27Q-X 27″ 240Hz 1440P HBR3, NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible, HDR

Product Differentiator: 

2560×1440 pixel resolution, 0.3 response time, balanced peak brightness, and grey uniformity make this monitor is an amazing choice.


AORUS FI27Q-X is another monitor with QHD resolution that is best suited for gaming and office works. The higher resolution ensures a detailed picture so every text or every scene in games is visible. 

This monitor also used an IPS panel instead of a VA panel that works efficiently with 1440 resolution. The picture in every scene looks sharp, crisp clear, and smooth. 

Other features like a mediocre native contrast ratio of 1000:1, impressive grey uniformity, and highest peak brightness work conveniently with QHD resolution.  

The grey uniformity is superb and produces perfect greyish color, but it is not well suited for dark rooms as the black uniformity is bad with the monitor. But the great SDR peak brightness is next to it to combat the glare, so for bright rooms you still get the perfect image. 

With HDR peak brightness it works decent but not so much well, also changing picture settings in HDR mode is not allowed. 

Next, the viewing angle is fantastic with a great gradient handling ability. From the side, you still can see the clear image in full resolution. 

With all the high-defined display this is a perfect monitor for several purposes but mostly works best for gaming. With a 240Hz refresh rate, every image seems smooth buttery and has lower input lag. 

In one word, QHD resolution is mostly responsible for giving the most pleasant visual experience through this monitor.

Lenovo L27q-30 27-inch QHD Monitor, 65FCGCC1US

Product Differentiator: 

Amazing QHD resolution works with LCD IPS panel and LED-backlit. Reflect lights and get precisely bright can go with movie or gaming experience quite well in this price range.


Lenovo L27q is designed with a QHD resolution display thus gives precise, premium quality image on the screen. With a 27’’ screen this monitor fully entertains both movies and gaming, even working for an office is also possible with great clarity. 

Like another high-end monitor, this also has a contrast ratio of 1000:1, along with it supports backlit. The aspect ratio is 16:9 which is good with a wider color gamut. 99% sRGB color gamut is present for giving lifelike pictures. About 1.07 billion color-range featured in this monitor to bring you a realistic picture on the screen. 

Moreover, the IPS panel, with a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees lets everyone see the monitor with a clear picture even from the corner. 

The bright or dark colors seem detailed in this monitor. Even the shadow appears sharp which makes this monitor well worth it as it is QHD featured.

4K Monitor 

ASUS ROG Strix 27″ 4K HDR (XG27UQ)

Product Description:  

First, 4K resolution produces stunning pictures on the screen and other display features make it one of the best monitors ever. 


4K resolution display always has made people surprised with the stunning picture quality and high clarity in the image. Our first choice as a 4K monitor is Asus ROG Strix is another incredible creation. 

Though this monitor is for gaming, you can have a great journey for movies or office usage, or other work. 4K resolution just made every single scene in the monitor screen so real. Every pixel reflects realistic colors since produces a subtle image on the screen. 

If you haven’t used any 4K monitor, then be ready for getting the biggest surprise in your life. Never you had enjoyed such a natural picture on the screen which I am damn sure. 

Talking more about the display to make the picture quality more diligent more and more features have been integrated. It has remarkable SDR and HDR peak brightness.  

Both SDR, HDR wide color gamut with color volume is just excellent. See a piece of single detailed color with every content. Moreover, it can get much bright and eradicate glare which makes it better to work in bright rooms instead of dark rooms. 

The grey uniformity seems well but at the same time, black uniformity couldn’t work what we expected. Also, the contrast ratio with local dimming is not good at all. 

After all, when I told you it can work for offices also you may have doubted a bit. But as this monitor have a wider viewing angle, IPS panel, Black frame insertion feature, and most importantly 4K resolution; you really shouldn’t doubt it.

LG 27UK850-W 27″ 4K UHD IPS Monitor

Product Differentiator: 

Supports HDR10, 62ms lag time, 60 Hz refresh rate best for gamers, 27’’ screen great with office work or home usage. Being a 4K monitor this is close to perfect overall. 


Whenever 4K resolution is used there is the highest chance that the monitor display is also high quality. Here with LG 27UK850, which is our second choice, there is nothing different 

Like the previous monitor Asus ROG, this LG monitor also has the almost same feature, but some people may prefer LG over other brands and this model is for them. 

First, there is nothing new to describe 4K resolution. This monitor offers the same premium quality pixel, which turns every scene so beautiful. And combining with other features picture quality thus becomes incredible. 

It has excellent color accuracy. Every color it reflects or produces is so accurate that you can have a feeling that you are watching something live on the screen.  

Here, again we can see the IPS panel and impressive viewing angle. When 4K resolution amazing pixel density gets to mix with these great features, the display completely changes into premium quality. 

However, 27UK850 works best with black and white uniformity, black looks darker and deeper, white get much bright. So, in both bright and dark rooms, this monitor can bring a pleasing picture. 

Again, this monitor is amazing with SDR peak brightness. SDR wide color gamut and color volume are praiseworthy, as well HDR10 compatibility makes it more worthy. 

Overall, as a 4K monitor, this works best as a gaming monitor, office use, or movies, I guess.

Acer Predator XB273K Gpbmiipprzx 27″ UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS 

Product Differentiator: 

VESA display HDR10 certification, UHD 4K resolution, the crisp clean picture makes it a perfect deal in gaming or other several tasks. 


Around $500 if you are looking for a monitor then this Acer Predator XB273K can end your searching. This has all the identical features like the previous two monitors, LG and Asus, but it offers a bit more what makes it worthy of the price range. 

Starter, 4k resolution, HDR10 compatibility, 144 Hz refresh rate makes it all in one package for gaming. Additionally, it supports Nvidia G-SYNC, which is a big piece of good news for gamers. 

Besides, all the gaming features or others that make it most pleasing are the picture quality. When you will start playing video games and see every detail in your game whether it is a darker scene or sunrises bright scene. 

This monitor featured with full-array local dimming, wide color gamut; helps to get accurate color. Delivers 1000 nits or more, 400 nits’ peak white brightness, good contrast ratio of 1000:1 or at 200 nits contrast ratio 2000:1.  

With these, recently it got the VES display HDR 400 Certification, by which even in 400 nits it supports HDR10. 

After all, this, if you have still some doubts about the quality of the picture, then let me tell you this have the IPS panel, UHD 4K resolution, and of course support SDR. Extend color gamut and color volume in SDR is works decently. 

One more thing is by default the DCI-P3 color is produced, but you can change it with SDR Colors sRGB. 

Dell S2721D 27 Inch 1440p QHD VS Dell S2721Q 27 Inch 4K UHD 

Dell S2721D QHD VS Dell S2721Q 4K two almost the same feature monitors with two different resolutions. Overall, both perform so well but there are some visible differences between them which makes the 4K resolution monitor better here. 

  • Dell S2721D is moderately good for gaming and the screen size with QHD resolution makes it better for office usage also. But for other purposes like movies or HDR gaming, this is not a good choice. 

The SDR peak brightness is OK but it doesn’t support any HDR content. Also, the lower contrast ratio doesn’t let it work in dark rooms. The black appears greyish thus it works well in the lit room. This monitor can also become much bright to remove the glare and produce a clearer image on the screen. 

The IPS panel used in this monitor makes sure a decent viewing angle but of course the purest black you won’t be able to see. Besides this, the grey uniformity is appreciable with no dirty effect. 

The SDR color volume and color gamut are excellent. It supports full coverage of sRGB and Adobe RGB color space. 

The text clarity also doesn’t seem much detailed. In a word with QHD resolution this monitor’s picture quality is average not high as expected. 

  • Another hand, Dell S2721Q with 4K resolution offers this monitor for multiple usages. You can have an amazing gaming experience, use it in the office for HDR gaming or other purposes. 

The 4K resolution firstly makes the image come on the screen looks so much crisp, clear, detailed, and great accurate in the color. You can see the exception in the picture yourself. 

However, not only the 4K did the best work also the other criteria here are better than S2721D. It supports HDR; though the HDR peak brightness is good and HDR color gamut and color volume are also okay but not so great. 

But SDR peak brightness is excellent. The wider color gamut helps to get full coverage over sRGB and Adobe RGB. 

The viewing angle is spacious so you can see from the corner with the same details in the picture. Picture retention is tiny, reflection handling capacity is praiseworthy, gradient seems quite nice. 

Overall, for gaming or other usages, an incredible picture is waiting for you.

QHD VS 4K: Which Is Better? 

QHD VS 4K which is better? For me, this is not an appropriate question. Because if you ever want to compare the two best things there is no result to come. 

QHD and 4K both are high-end resolutions gaining popularity for their impressive performance. Before people didn’t expect to enjoy the lifelike thing on the screen. 

But after the revolution in resolution, everyone is getting the real thing on-screen within their touch. Both the resolution is incredible gifting us the beautiful, defined, dazzling picture quality. 

The premium quality tv, monitors, laptop from renowned brands are using these resolution displays. With a balanced refresh rate, response time, viewing angle, and perfect screen size they work marvelously. 

So, we actually cannot compare them. With the monitor’s real-life review, it is only possible to know one’s requirements. If your requirements meet with QHD or 4K monitor, then must go with that without having tension if the other one is better. 

Both of them are worthy to get a place in your life. But if you want to get my personal opinion, then I would say 4K is a little bit good than QHD, since it offers more pixels. But this is not a proper excuse to make. 

Summing up, I would again say that don’t worry and don’t argue which is better just go for the one which meets your need and enjoy the best picture on screen ever. 

QHD VS 4K: Which Can Work Best For What Purpose? 

The difference in usage varies the quality

Earlier I have told that the difference between QHD and 4K is not so noticeable. This is true and it also depends on the usage. 

Well, let me clear myself, if you are concerned about a phone screen if that is QHD or 4K then this is a total wastage. Because in small screen the difference is not visible at all. 

Both resolutions seem the same on small screens like phones, 4 or more inches. Also looking from a distance doesn’t show effect much on the quality. For a human eye, you won’t be able to catch the difference in the picture quality. 

But when you are about to go with a bigger screen like a monitor or TV, here the resolution becomes a concern. For 27’’ or less screen size QHD is best. But above this size, nothing can be better than a 4K resolution. 

Again, the price is also another important fact to think about. If you have a tight budget, then going with a QHD resolution display can make you the winner. 

In the opposite case, with a good budget, you shouldn’t go for the other resolution than 4K, as it can bring the most lifelike movie experience at home.

For Gaming

Now when you know that QHD resolution is best for a 27’’ or less screen size display and 4K is best for a bigger size. This would help you while choosing a gaming monitor or gaming TV also. 

First of all, let see some criteria work differently for QHD VS 4K. 

In QHD, it requires less energy than 4K as I have a bit less pixel. Next, the graphics card can run smoothly and a 144Hz refresh is seen in most monitors that help to get an incredible gaming experience. 

Detailed in the text as well in the picture is seems clear, crispiness is there. Most importantly the price is comparatively less. 

In contrast, a 4K resolution display needs more energy, a 144Hz refresh rate is quite common and the graphics card works efficiently without any lag. More pixel brings the text clarity, every detail in the picture is visible. 

As, the gaming performance is almost the same so, if you planning for an average size screen then QHD else, 4K resolution is perfect.

QHD VS 4K VS Other Display 

Now you know about QHD and 4K resolution quite well and have seen a brief description about several monitors. To know more about this resolution and if they are better than other display resolutions or not here you will see other resolutions and comparisons among them. 

This will help you to choose the right one for you in case you are going to have a monitor or even sometimes phones or laptops. 


HD stands for High Definition which was used commonly in several displays, from phone to computer monitor, etc. As resolution counts with pixel, for HD it has 1280x720p. This means HD displays have 1280 horizontally and 720 pixels vertically. 

So, you can see a huge difference between QHD VS 4K VS HD resolution. And so, it is obvious why QHD or 4K resolution are getting huge popularity over other displays. 


The difference between Full HD and HD is not so much. Full HD contains a little bit extra pixels than HD, that is 1920x1880p. Sometimes it is also known as 1880p display resolution.  

I have already mentioned,4K resolution is four times more than traditional full HD. So better clarity and the color image are seen with QHD and 4K. Though still in a spacious range full HD and HD resolutions are being used in many equipment’s. 


There is a difference between WQHD and 4K but technically both QHD and WQHD are the same. WQHD has the same pixel alike QHD that is 2560x1440p. The only difference we can say is that WQHD is used for wider screens mostly, otherwise in performance or in pixel they are the same. 

Final Verdict

Choosing between the two best things has always been a tough task. QHD VS 4K are such two high-end resolutions that put everyone in a dilemma which they should choose. 

In this article, you have seen every possible difference between these two resolutions with some best monitors. Also, the easiest way to choose the right one. 

Look if you have a small or average budget then spending on QHD won’t make you regret it as it is almost the same as 4K. Contrary, since 4K provides a better picture, it will be perfect for those who can spend quite a big amount. 

So, know what you need then choose wisely.

Frequently Asked Question

This FAQ section is all about finding the solution about some of your problems, that may arise while walking in the quest of finding the best ips tv. let’s find out more!

Is QHD worthy? 

QHD is among high resolution and the performance is amazing in monitors, TVs, or others. It never disappoints its consumer as the price is also not so high.