Micca MB42 vs MB42X: Review with Comparison

You might be here keeping in your mind that, what great difference can be between Micca Mb42 and Mb42x? Well, for starters I can tell you to wait till you read the article. I will help you have a clear perception and by the end of this content, you’ll get the answers to questions that are in your mind.

Bookshelf speakers are always a good alternative if you need a more compact sound system for your home. Bookshelf speakers will give as much bass and treble for booming sound around your room as any other floor-standing speakers. If you are a movie buff or a gamer then also bookshelf speakers are a great option to pick.

Comparing Micca MB42 vs MB42X, to answer all your questions. This query comes in general mind that, why the manufacturers felt the need for an upgrade and which one should an individual choose. Let’s see what we can get out of this content first by comparing the specifications.

Comparison Chart of Micca MB42 vs MB42X

Technical SpecificationsMicca MB42Micca Mb42X
Speaker TypeBookshelfBookshelf
Tweeter0.75 Silk dome0.75 Silk dome
Woofer4-inch Carbon Fiber cone with Rubber Surround4-inch Carbon Fiber, Rubber Surround
Frequency Response60Hz-20kHz60Hz-20kHz
Power Handling75W75W
Enclosure MaterialMDFMDF
EnclosureBlack faux wood grain vinylMatte black vinyl
PortRear ported, Cardboard TubeRear ported, Plastic Tube, External Flare
CrossoverNone, Filtering capacitor on TweeterAdvanced 9-element, 18dB/Octave on woofer and tweeter
Magnetic Grill SystemNoneYes
Protective GrillCloth, Peg MountCloth, Magnetic Mount
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

As we can see from the above chart there isn’t much difference. Yet, some minute details can’t be left unseen.

Similarties: Micca MB42 vs MB42X

The drivers in the MB42 and MB42X are the same: a 4-inch carbon fiber woofer and a 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter. The enclosures are the same size and the tuning frequency is the same for both. It is hard to physically distinguish them a few feet apart with their grills.

Differences: Micca MB42 vs MB42X


Micca Mb42 will give you an amazing sound experience. The well-balanced sound quality and clear vocals of these speakers are remarkable features of these speakers. The drivers have housed a ported enclosure made out of MDF that delivers enhanced bass response with low distortion of sound.

This speaker comes in black faux wooden vinyl color. 5-way binding posts give a full complement of speaker wire connectivity.

Micca Mb42x, the enclosure within which the drivers are housed is just as same as MB42. But the finish of MB42x is matte black vinyl which is new. The material of the enclosure remains the same MDF as well.

According to the manufacturing company Micca Electronics,  MB42x combines the trifecta of solid drivers, boosted crossover, and enhanced enclosure tuning at a comparatively low price.


The major difference between Mb42 and Mb42x lies within their crossover sections. On one hand, Mb42 doesn’t have a crossover. Micca Mb42 has a filtering capacitor on its tweeters. But on the other hand, Mb42x has an enhanced crossover section.

The crossover features advanced 9-element 18dB/octave on woofer and tweeter. Because of the enhanced crossover, the low frequencies are heard better. The crossover acts as a high pass filter which makes the sound coming from Micca Mb42x better.


The price difference is also very notable. The difference in price between Micca Mb42 and Mb42X is round up 30$. This price difference is because of some features that are advanced in Micca Mb42X.

The finishes are different and crossover facilities are different from each other. The question arises, is it worth it to buy the advanced version with the extra money?

Placement of the speakers

The placement of your speaker will make or break the deal for you. Bookshelf speakers generally use the same mid-bass and tweeter as the floor standing speakers even though these speakers are quite flexible.

The compact appearance of the speakers facilitates you to keep it wherever you cannot place a floor-standing speaker. Bookshelf speakers are so flexible that these can be placed on stands, mounted to the wall, or put on a piece of flat top furniture very easily.

Micca Mb42 and Mb42x being bookshelf speakers have a flexibility feature in it. They can be placed on a stand on either corner of the room just a foot apart from the wall behind them.

The tweeters should be placed at ear level for the optimum sound experience. For the best possible outcome use stands. But you can also mount the speakers to the wall on the wall bracket. Click A complete guideline for placement of speakers at home for better understanding.

Requirements: Micca MB42 vs MB42X,


The Micca Mb42 and Mb42x don’t come with an in-built amp/receiver. So you will have to install it separately after you buy them. Micca Mb42 is a passive speaker that means these speakers need additional amp before using as well as Micca Mb42x.

You can use class D or T(highly efficient and compact) amplifiers as they are available all over the internet. These speakers will need an amplifier giving output from 15W-100W per channel. Also click how to choose amplifier for speakers.

A better amp will make your sound system sound better. Since the impedance of the speaker varies with the frequency of it. At it’s minimum Micca Mb42x is 4ohms and at its peak, it goes up to 6-8. The Micca speakers will work fine on 8-ohm receivers.

You can use a Yamaha RX-V377 5.1 Channel A/V home theatre receiver with Micca Mb42x and Onkyo Tx-8020 2channel Stereo Receiver for Micca Mb42 speakers. Checkout these Yamaha Receivers for Better Experience.


If you are a person who has a boomy bass taste to their music then you should go for subwoofers. Micca mb42 and mb42x both will sound better with great subwoofers attached to them. And it is very easy to set up.

You’ll just need some wires to connect your subs with the speakers. Both of the speakers will do without the subwoofers as well. So, if you like your sound aesthetics not too tight then you won’t need a subwoofer.

Expert Review

Micca MB42

Micca Mb42X

Alternative Options

Polk Audio T15

The Polk Audio t15 speakers are perfectly viable as a pair of booakshelf speakers in the best quality on a budget. These excellent audio speakers deliver a substantial audio experience with delicacy and class.


  • Magnetically shielded drivers
  • Wide dispersion over a broad range of area
  • Dynamic Balance features incorporated in the drivers
  • Wide and detailed soundstage
  • Front-mounted bass port


  • Slightly weak sub-bass
  • Might have somewhat cupped sound in some recordings

Edifier R1280t

One of the best speakers under $100 is the Edifier R1280T. In this Edifier R1280T review we will cover unbiased sound testing so that you will really know what you are going to buy. Now, if you are an audiophile and don’t want to compromise music, then this is not for you.


  • There’s no need for an amplifier because it’s active.
  • The sound is rich, well-balanced, and strong.
  • Bass and treble sensors are separated.
  • For the price, the build quality is excellent.
  • It’s easy to set up and comes with a remote control.


  • In terms of clarity, the highs are lacking.
  • In terms of depth, the bass is missing.

Klipsch R-15M

The speakers’ R 15-M model illustrates a long line of professional mounting that creates a different tone that matters. This practical yet minimalist speaker is highly productive and engulfs listeners for hours of listening experience producing their favorite films and songs surprisingly. The sound system is always smashing the beautiful signature appearance like all Klipsch items.


  • Rear-firing port
  • Narrower design than other units to slide into cramped spaces
  • Robust sound not compromised from a lower price tag
  • Dynamic tractrix horn dynamic in producing a natural sound
  • A light carry at 10 pounds
  • A brushed polymer finish blends with home décor and is difficult to significantly damage
  • Comes in two colors
  • Small, compact footprint
  • Creates stunning mids


  • Requires an amplifier
  • No mounting support
  • Not designed for big venues


If you have some curiosity regarding this Micca Mb42 and Micca Mb42x, then you are in the right place. this FAQ is going to solve your questions.

Does the Product come in a PAIR?

Yes, Micca Mb42 and Micca Mb42x come as a pair respectively. These speakers are great without any central speaker or subs. But to improve your home audio system you can buy central speakers that are separately designated for the speakers or add subs.

What is the noticeable difference between MB42 and MB42X?

The noticeable difference is the enhanced crossover. Micca MB 42 lacks a crossover whereas Micca MB42x has enhanced crossover. This enhanced crossovers make the lows of the speaker very clear and thus improves the sound quality. Also, there is a great difference in their prices.

Can I put these speakers up with my Tv?

Yes, you can connect your Micca MB42 and Micca MB42x with your Tv. It will make a nice home stereo speaker system for your home.

How to connect speaker wires with speakers?

You can use banana plugs or bare speaker wires to connect wires with your speakers. The 5-way binding post of these speakers will easily help you to connect wires easily. You can unscrew the terminal to expose the hole and get your way with the speaker wires. You’ll have to tighten the terminal back after connecting wires.

Are the speakers made of neodymium?

These speakers are not made of neodymium magnets. Neodymium is expensive magnets and can do the same job with less weight. But these speakers are way small for having neodymium magnets in them. Also, neodymium would really change a thing for these speakers as they are lightweight as it is.

What are the ohm ratings of these speakers?

The impedance of MB42X varies from4-8-ohm. The amplifiers that you’ll be using must be capable of handling a 4-ohm load. An unsuitable amplifier setup can damage your amplifiers or speakers as well. These speakers can handle amplifiers with outputs from 15W to 100W per channel.

Verdict: Micca MB42 vs MB42X

Micca Mb42 and Mb42x are great bookshelf speakers. Does the question still stand on which one is better? If so, I can tell you that Micca 42x is the better version. Because if Micca Mb42 was enough there wouldn’t be any Micca42x.

Micca 42x has upgraded features. So is it worth extra money? Yes. It is worth every dollar you spend on it. And if you are flexible on your budget always go for Micca MB42x. But if you are tight on budget you can buy Micca Mb42. These speakers will give you an aesthetic sound experience and satisfy your music tastebuds. Take a glance at these Audiophile Speakers also.