Power Amplifier vs Integrated Amplifier: Which is The Best?

Nowadays, the demand for the setting of the sound system is increasing. People do not only want sound systems in the studio but also in their homes. And setting up home audio or studio amplifier is a must.

In fact, there is no substitute for an amplifier. And considering people’s need, amplifiers now comes in different types. Power amplifiers and integrated amplifiers are two types of them.

And both of the amplifiers are so good that it often makes people confused about what to buy.

Here to make your work easier, we will show about Power Amplifier vs Integrated Amplifier, which is good. Their advantages and disadvantages and the differences.

A quick comparison between Power Amplifier vs Integrated Amplifier

Power Amplifier Integrated Amplifier
Built-inA single power ampIntegrated with a power amp and preamp.
PowerPowerful, Over 1000 wattsNot as powerful as the power amp
Volume controlNOYES
Bass controlNOYES

Power Amplifier vs Integrated Amplifier

Firstly, we should know what an amplifier for a clear vision is, before choosing one.

An amplifier is an electrical device used chiefly in sound reproduction. Its main work is to increase the amplitude of electrical signals.

Power amplifiers and integrated amplifiers are two categories of an amplifier. Their works are almost the same except for some features.

Let’s briefly talk about the power amplifier VS integrated amplifier.

Power Amplifier

A power amplifier is an electronics device. It is used to amplify the signals and then reproduce the signal into the speaker. It mainly increases the magnitude of power/ voltage. This means taking weak signals, then increase the amplitude of them is its primary work.

And for a power amplifier, we get high sound quality in speakers. Several power amplifiers have power from 2-1000 watts or more. For this, it can provide us the best sound quality and more bass.

It is the only choice of professionals and audio engineers. And now, audiophiles also prefer taking power amplifier. This power amplifier is beneficial in many ways. It comes separately, which can help you upgrading parts and add your desired one.

Or you also can more powerful amplifiers as you needed. Or you can use one amplifier. Because it is built with good qualities, no compromise with the sound quality. It is best to get a significant impact on your audio system.


  • It has high fidelity.
  • Simple design.
  • It helps to mix up manufacturers.
  • Provides unique tuning ability.
  • Provides high-frequency response and excellent sound quality.
  • Two or more power amplifiers can add to the sound system.
  • They have power from 2 watts to 1000 watts and more. So, easy to find the desired one.


  • A bit expensive
  • A large power supply can produce heat sometimes.

Recommended two power amplifier

Crown XLi800

Crown XLi800 is a versatile and powerful amplifier that everyone looks for. The most satisfying thing is that it is budget-friendly.

Crown knows people need and so they are providing such power amplifiers. It is suitable for home theater or studio wherever you want.

Moreover, It is a two-channel amplifier with a power switch feature, six LEDs, and a power LED. It reproduces an output of 300 watts at 4 ohms.


QSC GX7 provides you your desired sound quality. This a powerful amp and amazingly can reproduce sound quality. Because its output power is 1000 watts.

I can highlight some features: the front panel LEDs monitor power, subwoofers, and is dual channel power amp.

You also can get superb bass from this power amp.

Integrated Amplifier

An integrated amp is also an electronic device with a pre-amp and a power amp in a single unit.

It means a pre-amp and power amplifier stays integrated. The preamplifier takes all the input signals, and the power amplifier then amplifies it.

The modern integrated amplifier also contains tuners, switchers, and more. It is like an all in one package.

It is also affordable than a power amplifier. You don’t need to spend money on buying a pre-amp and a power amp. And again, don’t need extra space for setting up.

And people prefer integrated amplifiers more and more. Because all you need to is buy and plug. Then you can feel your desirable music.

As it is integrated, you can already imagine how beneficial it can be. If you don’t want to spend much money but also want the pre-amp and power amp. Then it would be best if you look for an integrated amplifier.


  • Most importantly, built-in with pre-amp and power amp
  • Compatible
  • Fewer interconnections
  • It can fit in the small rooms or limited space
  • High-end and good fidelity audio.


  • Limited wattage power
  • Is not as powerful as a power amp
  • Can not customize.

Recommended two integrated amplifier

Marantz PM6006

This Marantz PM6006 provides a smooth, clear, and high-quality sound. It has come into the market with some upgrades. But the company never compromised with the sound quality.

It can effectively control the speaker, and the power amplifier can reproduce enough sound. You can not accept more power from a 45-watt power amp that it contains.

TV, DVD, or gaming console can add with this.

Dared I30 HIFI

It is the latest integrated amplifier designed for a classic french style. It can enhance your home decor and can give your room a stylish look.

You also can enjoy music connecting a headphone. In a word, it is a versatile integrated amplifier.

Class A amp added into this amp, which helps to prevent distortion and noises. Produce smooth, loud, and great music. You can also check out Cambridge Audio CXA81 and CXA61, some of the best integrated amplifiers in the market.

Comparison: Power Amplifier VS Integrated Amplifier

  • The highlighted difference is that the power amplifier all alone provides high performance with power over 100 watts. The other contrast integrated amplifier contains a power amp and pre-amp but can’t produce high power like the power amp.
  • An integrated amp can reproduce sound and also can control volume. But a power amp can’t do that.
  • A power amp amplifies the weak signals. But as an integrated amp contains a pre-amp, it can control the bass and can make the signal noise-free and remove distortion.
  • You can add an extra power amp or can remove it as your need. But you have to add what you get in an integrated amp. You can’t remove or add pre-amp or power amp in it.
  • A power amplifier is much more robust than an integrated amplifier.
  • An integrated amp is budget-friendly. But a power amp is costly.

Sound quality

Let’s find the best category in consideration, the sound qualtiy. However, I would prefer a power amplifier than an integrated.

Because most of us don’t know that integrated amp has limited power. But a power amp has a power range of 2-1000 watts. That means a power amp is much more potent than an integrated amp.

So, seeing this point, you can say the power amplifier has the best sound quality.

After that, it does not mean an integrated amplifier doesn’t provide good sound quality. It also does the same. When you don’t want much volume or sound, you can buy it.

Final thoughts:Power amplifier vs Integrated amplifier

Power amplifier vs Integrated amplifier is two electronics device that serves us as per our need. Both of them are useful and provides a lot of features. Help us to get the most amazing audio stereo. Make our musical enjoyment more beautiful.

Audiophile people always crave the best instruments for the best musical performance. And both the amplifier exactly do the same. But we have to choose one. First, you need to understand the working principles of the amplifiers. The second thing you need to know your requirements.

Then you can buy it. There is no need to compare two of them. Because they are right in their ways. Just go through the whole article for gathering all kinds of info about the power amplifier VS integrated amplifier. And the rest of your confusion will be evident in the FAQ section.


This Faq section is going to solve some of your basic problems regarding this matter. let’s jump right into it.

Can an integrated amp be used as a power amp?

Yes, you can use an integrated amplifier as a power amplifier.

Because of an integrated amplifier built-in with prem-amp and power amp. And I think you can ignore pre-amp. Let the pre-amp do its work, and then you have your power amplifier.

But along this question, a new question arose that can I use a power amp as an integrated amp?

And the answer is merely easy that you can’t do that. Because a power amplifier doesn’t contain a pre-amp. But if you want to add switcher, pre-amp it your power amp. Then this can work as an integrated one.

Can I use a power amp without a pre-amp?

A pre-amp is a must feature. You can not ignore it. And of course, you can not use a power amp without a pre-amp.

A pre-amp boosts the weak signals and removes distortion and vibration. It takes the signal to do it’s work then deliver it to the power amp. Then a power amp increases the signal to the level line.

So, you can’t use a power amp without a pre-amp.

Do power amplifiers affect tone?

No, the power amplifier effects only on sound. It does not affect tone.

Power amplifier VS Integrated amplifier, which is good?

I don’t think I need to answer this question. If you have read the whole article then surely you now know the answer.

It actually depends on your need. Suppose you need a limited sound and volume range and have limited space. Then go for an integrated amplifier. It is also budget-friendly. And enough good for home theater.

But if you want for professional use or want high performance in your home audio. Then it would be best if you went for a power amplifier. Though it is costly. But nothing is comparable with its performance.

In the end, the decision is yours. And if you are willing to know more then visit what is the Bookshelf Speakers suitable Amp.

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