Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $5000

Looking for the right floor standing speakers can be a tiring task, especially when you are on budget. Most of the high end speakers end up being too costly. However, it’s not true that only the expensive speakers would perform exceptionally. Infact, it is possible that most well performing speakers can be purchased at an affordable rate. This article is for audiophiles in a budget looking for the best flood standing speakers under 5000 dollars. So if you are one of them, keep reading for incredible surprises.

How to choose best floor standing speakers under $5000

How do you select the right floor standing speakers for yourself? Here are some useful tips to get you started.

What should be the size of the speaker?

It is necessary to choose a floor standing speaker that will fit in the place you are hoping to put it in. Hence, the speaker size is an important factor to consider. Usually, bigger speakers will produce louder audio response. Hence a big room with a lot of space will require larger speakers compared to a smaller room. It is advised that you take measurements of your room, especially the place that you are going to position the floor standing speaker in so that it is easier to choose the right speakers.

What type of driver is included in the loudspeaker?

The drivers are an important part of speakers that help to convert electrical audio signal to sound waves. Different floor standing speakers have different types of drivers. To be precise, there are four different types of drivers, each of which works in a specific frequency range. These drivers are as follows:

  • Tweeter drivers: These are small in size and they emit frequency in the range of 2000 Hertz to 30000 Hertz.
  • Midrange drivers: These drivers are medium in size and they emit frequency in a range of 500 Hertz to 2000 Hertz.
  • Woofer drivers: These drivers are particularly design for low frequencies. They emit audio in the frequency range of 40 Hertz to 1000 Hertz.
  • Subwoofer drivers: These drivers can be paired up with woofers to produce an even lower frequency and emphasize the bass response. These emit frequency in the range of 20 Hertz to 200 Hertz.

Before getting a floor standing speaker, you should look at the driver specifications. If you are someone who listens to music with a lot of bass, then your speakers should include woofer and subwoofer drivers. However, most speakers contain both woofer and tweeter drivers.

How is the cabinet construction?

The configuration and construction of the cabinet is an important feature to keep in mind whilst getting the floor standing speaker. There are different cabinet configurations but 2-way, 3-way and 4-way cabinets are more common ones.

  • Two-way speakers: These speakers include both a tweeter and a woofer. These speakers can offer mid-range audio and usually when paired up with subwoofers, they perform quite well.
  • Three-way speakers: These speakers consist of one midrange, one tweeter and one woofer. Each of these components works great on their own and can deliver an accurate audio response.
  • Four-way speakers: Like three-way speakers, these include a tweeter, midrange and a woofer but the only difference is that these speakers have a super tweeter. These super tweeters allow the audio to have intricate details in the upper range.

The cabinet construction is also an essential factor to be regarded. The cabinet should be built of a material that helps to reduce resonance and keeps the other components enclosed inside. Usually a speaker uses an MDF cabinet to ensure that there is no unwanted vibration from the drivers that distort the sound. The texture, smoothness and aesthetics of the cabinet should also be considered. Some cabinets have scratch resistant properties for longer durability.

Speaker specifications

Checking speaker specifications before getting them is an essential step to understand what kind of speaker will suit your sound system. Usually, the more important specifications that should be checked include frequency response, impedance and sensitivity.

  • Frequency response: The frequency response in hertz is a measure of how well the audio device is able to play the low, medium and high tones correctly. Floor standing speakers use multiple drivers to produce a wide frequency range.
  • Impedance: The impedance rating measure indicates how difficult it is for the speaker to be powered. The lower the impedance rating, the more efficient is the audio response. Usually the standard impedance rating is of 4,8 and 16 ohms.
  • Sensitivity: Sensitivity rating, measured in decibels, is a measure of how loud the speaker is going to sound. The higher the sensitivity, the louder the speaker.

Wire terminal configuration

The next important factor to consider before buying a floor standing speaker is the kind of wire terminal it uses. There are usually two types of wire terminals: building posts and spring clips.

  • Building posts: These terminals are sturdy and they offer versatility in wire connections,
  • Spring clips: These are commonly found in most speakers and they work with pin and bare wire type connections.

Different terminals require different configurations. The most common is a single set of terminal, where speakers have a single connection with a crossover determining which part of the signer goes to which driver. In two sets of terminals, one is dedicated for low frequency drivers whilst the other for high frequency drivers. Having different terminals would allow each frequency range to receive a dedicated channel.

The best floor standing speakers under $5000

Without further ado, here are our five picks of the best floor standing speakers under 5000 dollars.

Acoustic Energy AE309

These classic 2.5 way speakers stand out with their beautiful wood veneer finishing and sturdy design. They offer a high resolution presentation with an overall exceptional audio quality to soothe your audiophilic ears.

Table: Specifications of Acoustic Energy AE309
Speaker type2.5-way
ColorPiano Gloss White, Piano Gloss Black and Real Walnut wood veneer
Dimensions90 cm x 17.5 cm x 28cm
Frequency range38Hz – 30kHz
Impedance6 ohms

Driver and Cabinet Construction

The AE309 speakers stand tall with their slim and premium build. These speakers have a column type structure with compact dimensions. They are available in many different colors including piano gloss white, piano gloss black and real walnut wood veneer. The textured wood exterior of these loudspeakers give it an elegant look and the high quality build just adds to the greatness.

The AE309 are 2.5 way loudspeakers that weight 22 kg and have dimensions of 90 cm x 17.5 cm x 28 cm. It consists of a 28 mm aluminum tweeter and two 130 mm mid bass drive units. Aluminum has been used in the construction of the tweeter because of its lightweight and rigid properties. The tweeter incorporates a wide dispersion technology which helps the drivers to match the dispersion to the woofers, offering a wider soundstage. The 130 mm is sandwiched between two layers of ceramic and has powerful long-throw motor system and a rear-firing slot-shaped reflex port. This ceramic aluminum sandwich cone helps to improve dispersion and power handling.

The cabinet of the speakers are composed of 18 mm MDF high density MDF which uses a proprietary reinforcement technology. It also houses a lot-shaped bass reflex port on the top rear of the speaker which helps to increase bass output and reduce air turbulence.

Audio Specifications and Performance

As seen from the specifications listed in the table above, the Acoustic Energy AE309 floor standing speakers have a frequency range of 38 Hertz to 30000 Hertz. Although this range may seem optimistic for a floor standing speaker, the performance speaks for itself.

The bass is rich and consistent, taut and tight. The smooth, nuanced bass flows up effortlessly to the midrange the transition from bass to midrange is consistent and smooth. The midrange is expansive and detailed, resulting in a sound that is far wider and deeper than one might expect from a little speaker. The treble is also smooth- it is clean and has a realistic touch which makes the music even exciting.

The AE309 also have enough dynamic range to handle a full orchestra. They have a power rating of 175 watts and sensitivity of 89 dB. To top it all off, the impedance rating is also quite low at 6 Ohms. Although the speakers do not provide the most spacious soundstage, it allows room for the music to “breathe” and ensures that every detail being emitted from the audio is distinct to the listener’s ears.

Additional Features

  • Wide Dispersion Technology: The AE309 floor standing speakers offer tweeters which incorporate wide dispersion technology waveguides which helps to shape the acoustic output of the tweeter to match the woofer to maximize the audio response and offer a wide soundstage.
  • High density MDF cabinet: The speakers have a high density MDF cabinet which uses a proprietary bracing technology that helps to reduce cabinet coloration and allow clean and undistorted bass performance.
  • Ceramic aluminum sandwich cone: The AE309 is equipped with a ceramic aluminum sandwich cone and an ultra-shallow profile and ultra-high force, long throw motor system which has the function of improving dispersion and offering enhanced bass.

Advantages of the speaker

  • The speakers have a compact and sleek design which not only looks good but is also durable thanks to the proprietary bracing technology incorporated in the MDF cabinet.
  • The speakers offer great audio timing and dynamics.
  • The bass response is tight and accurate.

Disadvantages of the speaker

  • The soundstage could have been wider.

SVS Ultra Tower Flagship 3-Way Loudspeaker

Although SVS is known for making spectacular subwoofers, they did really surprise us with the Ultra Tower Flagship loudspeaker. With its highly precise and innovative design, these speakers offer a bass response that is going to fulfill every audiophile’s music cravings.

Table: Specifications of SVS Ultra Tower Flagship 3-Way Loudspeaker
Speaker type3.5 way
ColorPiano gloss black, Black oak veneer
Weight75.4 pounds
Dimensions45.6 inch x 13.8 inch x 16.8 inch
Frequency range700 Hz-2000 Hz
Sensitivity88 dB
Power300 Watts
Impedance8 Ohms

Driver and Cabinet Construction

The SVS Ultra Tower Flagship loudspeakers are surely going to catch your eye at first glance. With their futuristic and sleek design, these speakers are in a league of their own. Their design is so much distinguishable from the typical boring traditional speakers. Available in the colors piano gloss black and black oak veneer, these speakers scream drama with their geometric, flared out construction.

The towered speakers weigh 75.4 pounds and have dimensions of 45.6-inch x 13.8-inch x 16.8 inch. They are three way speakers, which means that they are equipped with a 25mm aluminum dome tweeter, dual 16.5cm glass-fibre mid-range drivers and dual horizontally opposed 20cm woofers. The aluminum dome tweeter is transparent, light and rigid. It reduces distortion and ensure accurate audio response. The composite glass fiber cones in the midrange drivers have rigidity and increase sensitivity for a louder and better stereo sound. The midrange is pitch perfect due to the composition of these drivers. Lastly, the woofers are designed with a proprietary SVS ForceFactor technology which offers an immersive low frequency experience.

SVS created the Ultra Tower Flagship with delicacy and meticulous craftsmanship, keeping its sonic abilities prioritized. Thanks to the geometric shape of these tower speakers that the woofers are positioned to fire off in different directions resulting in an enhanced bass response and wider soundstage. The cabinet front baffle includes chamfers, which are tapered edges, works in the minimization of diffraction and offers precise soundstage. Each cabinet includes two separate sealed midrange enclosures for optimum audio performance.

Audio Specifications and Performance

The specifications show that these three way loudspeakers can offer a bass response with a rating as low as 700 Hertz to as high as 2000 Hertz. Moreover, the strange but innovative design of these speakers contribute to the enhancement of the bass response.

The SVS Ultra Tower Flagship deliver full, deep and powerful bass that fills up the audio with a thunderous echo. Despite the heaviness of the bass, it remains responsive. Thanks to the incredible low range of the frequency response, you might not require a subwoofer for these loudspeakers afterall. Mid frequencies sound clear and accurate, especially when music that involves a female vocal is played. However, the treble could use some improvement as it sounds a bit harsh and edgy during the listening tests.

Nevertheless, the speakers show impeccable response in terms of soundstage. With a hefty power rating of 300 watts and sensitivity of 88 dB, the SVS ultra tower flagship are speakers that are not afraid of being loud and powerful. These speakers ensure a spacious and open soundstage with substantial depth in stereo imaging.

Additional Features

  • Innovative geometric design and performance driven cabinet: The chamfers on the edge of the towered speakers minimize diffraction and the non-parallel panels allow optimum placement of woofers for maximum bass response. The 3.5 way SoundMatch crossover design is resistant to ceiling and floor boundary reflections.
  • FEA-optimized diffuser: The FEA-optimized diffuser helps to increase the soundstage by allowing broader dispersion with perfect on- and off-axis frequency response, resulting in precise and clear sound imaging.

Advantages of the speaker

  • The SVS Ultra has a unique and geometric design which is not only aesthetic but also contributes to the improvement of audio response.
  • The speakers have a wide frequency range and they can be very loud.
  • The bass response of these speakers are tight and impactful.

Disadvantages of the speaker

  • The treble can be overwhelmed by the power of the bass.

Klipsch RP-8060 FA Dolby Atmos

Klipsch is always known for their top notch audio devices and the Klipsch RP-8060 FA Dolby Atmos speaker speaks for the quality of the brand itself. With Klispch’s proprietary technology, Dolby Atmos and exceptional audio engineering, these speakers shine out with their three dimensional audio experience. If you are looking for an immersive audio experience, you should definitely consider getting the RP-8060 FA.

Table: Specifications of Klipsch RP-8060 FA Dolby Atmos
Speaker type2 way
ColorPiano black, Ebony, Walnut
Weight71 lbs
Dimensions43.12 x 10.90 x 19.80 inches
Frequency range32 Hertz to 25000 Hertz
Sensitivity98 dB
Power600 W
Impedance8 Ohms

Driver and Cabinet Construction

The Klipsch RP-8060 FA Dolby Atmos has a design that is quite easy on the eyes. Available in the colors piano balck, ebony and walnut, these big powerful speakers weigh around 71 lbs. The speakers have a classy exterior with sleek metallic rings, aluminum plated spikers and the baffles brushed with a neat satin finish. The sturdy metallic grille can easily be removed if required and the spikers keep the speakers from touching the feet for added protection and reduced resonance.

The speaker is a two-way system which incorporates a horn loaded tweeter and a woofer. The tweeter is composed of a titanium diaphragm. It has a vented ceramic magnetic housing which helps to reduce standing waves and results in detailed and clear high frequency audio output. The tweeter also includes 90 x 90 silicone hybrid tractrix horn for efficient transfer of high frequency response. The hybrid tractrix technology utilizes horn loaded tweeters to enhance stereo imaging and sound dynamics. Moreover, the use of Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) technology leverages a piston motion of the diaphragm and ensures enhanced audio with detailed response. The Rp 8060 FA also makes use of dual 8 inch cerametallic woofers. Since cerametallic has light and rigid properties, this material is useful in optimizing the audio response and maximizes efficiency.

The speakers feature a scratch resistant MDF cabinet with an enclosure designed to reduce vibrations and improve audio accuracy. The enclosure also has a satin painted baffle with scratch resistant properties.

Audio Specifications and Performance

The speakers have a wide frequency response, ranging from 32 hertz to 25000 hertz. Judging from the specifications, these speakers, with a power rating of 600 watts and a sensitivity of 98 dB, there’s no doubt that these speakers can go quite loud.

The bass quality is outstanding. The midrange is also well balanced. The treble is detailed and crystal clear. The built-in Dolby Atmos is just the cherry on top- it offers an overall enhanced and immersive soundstage.

Additional Features

  • Dolby Atmos Heights Effect: The RP8060FA floorstanding speaker is equipped with an overhead built-in elevation channel driver system and it not only delivers stereo sound to the listener, but also reflects sound from the ceiling for an impressive Dolby Atmos® sound presentation.
  • Built-In Up-Firing Elevation Speaker for Dolby Atmos: the RP-8060FA features a high performance up-firing Dolby Atmos speaker integrated in the top for an immersive and three dimensional soundstage.
  • Tractrix ports: These klipsche speakers are equipped with Tractrix ports which have custom-made internal flares that help reduce air turbulence in the port. Less turbulent air helps reduce resonance and provides transparent, more dynamic bass.
  • Bi-amping options: The speakers have dual terminals which allow bi-amping. Bi-amping separates high and low frequency current into separate speaker cables. This helps to reduce distortion and improves midrange accuracy.
  • Cast aluminum feet: The 8060 FA have cast aluminum feet which are designed to minimize surface are with the floor and allow efficiency in frequency.

Advantages of the speaker

  • The RP 8060 FA speakers offer excellent three dimensional effects with Dolby Atmos Heights
  • The speakers offer accurate bass, midrange and treble audio response.
  • The exterior of these speakers gives off a high quality outlook.

Disadvantages of the speaker

  • The speakers are a bit heavy and big.

Definitive Technology D17 Demand Series 3-Way Tower Speaker

The Definitive Technology D17 are dynamic loudspeakers in a budget which offer full range and room filling music experience. These minimalist yet stylish tower speakers incorporate 6.5 inch carbon drivers which help it to deliver a seamless and immersive audio experience.

Table: Specifications of Definitive Technology D17 Demand Series 3-Way Tower Speaker
Speaker type3 way
ColorPiano black, gloss white
Weight64 lbs
Dimensions43.25 x 10.17 x 14.72 inches
Frequency range22 hertz – 42000 hertz
Sensitivity87 dB
Power300 watts
Impedance8 Ohms

Driver and Cabinet Construction

The Definitive Technology D17 speaker are available in two colors- piano black and gloss white. These speakers weight around 64 lbs. They have a clean and simple design which would blend in with any exterior quite easily. Overall, the use of innovative technology and dedicated craftsmanship brings out the best in the speaker’s design.

The speakers are three-way system, meaning that they include a tweeter, a midrange driver and dual woofers. The one-inch dome tweeter is composed of aluminum, a lightweight and rigid material. The aluminum tweeter is annealed to shape and soften the material so that excess vibration can be reduced. The 20/20 alignment lens incorporated in the tweeter offsets it by five degrees to minimize wave cancellations and result in a better stereo imaging. Moreover, the pairing of Linear Response Waveguide improves dispersion and offers a natural tone and precise imaging. The 6.5-inch midrange driver is composed of polypropylene. It is incorporated with the Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) technology which supports the cone at two points for better stability, linear excursion and improved damping. Lastly, the model includes dual 6.5-inch carbon fiber woofers. Carbon fiber helps to prevent distortion and offers deep, clean and accurate frequency response.

The cabinet of the speaker is made up of MDF and it includes an extruded natural bead-blasted aluminum front baffle. This cabinet has been made by meticulous craftsmanship. It is hand crafted and painted with five layers of gloss paint. To make the speaker look more premium, the gloss painting is coated with a mirror finishing. The speakers also include an acoustically transparent magnetic grille that is easily removable and provides natural audio response when placed on the speaker.

Audio Specifications and Performance

The Definitive Technology D17 is a high performing speaker. Its specifications boast a wide frequency range of 22 hertz to 42000 hertz. With a peak power of 300 watts and a sensitivity rating of 87 dB, these speakers are nothing but dynamic.

The bass response is deep and accurate thanks to the carbon fiber woofers which allow higher excursion without deforming and provides deeper and cleaner low frequency response. Next, the midrange is very detailed and punchier compared to that provided by other drivers of similar size. The treble is also decorated with the right touch of details and it offers crystal clear listening experience.

Lastly, the soundstage is quite immersive and wide. Overall, the Definitive Technology D17 speakers offer full-range, room-filling sound with precise imaging.

Additional Features

  • Dual Passive Bass Radiators: The speaker includes two opposing side-firing 10″ passive bass radiators which help to produce greater low end extension for a deeper and more impactful bass response.
  • Premium Hi-Fi Crossover: The crossover includes Polypropylene metal-film capacitors and air-core inductors which provides low distortion and high quality midrange response.
  • Gold-Plated, Dual Binding Posts: The speakers have two sets of gold-plated, 5-way binding posts connected by jumper-straps. The dual binding posts can be used to bi-wire or bi-amp the speakers.
  • Cast aluminum base: The D17 is supported by case aluminum base which gives the speakers stability and increases the surface area, keeping the speakers firmly attached with the floor.

Advantages of the speaker

  • The speakers have a minimalist design with a sturdy and robust build which is protected with detachable grilles.
  • The D17 has an impressive audio performance with balanced low and high frequencies.
  • The incorporation of technologies like Linear Response Waveguide helps the speakers to deliver a wide soundstage with accurate stereo imaging.

Disadvantages of the speaker

  • The bass response could have been improved.

Polk Audio LSiM 707 Ultimate

Polk is well reputed for its impeccable audio equipment and the LSiM 707 Ultimate is no different. With a unique and classy design and impressive audio response, these loudspeakers are one of the best that you will ever find in such a reasonable price.

Table: Specifications of Polk Audio LSiM 707 Ultimate
Speaker type4-way
ColorMidnight Mahogany, Vernon Cherry
Weight99.2 lbs
Dimensions50.81 x 9.5 x 99.2 inches
Frequency range20Hz – 40000 Hz
Sensitivity88 dB
Power300 watts
Impedance8 ohms

Driver and Cabinet Construction

The Polk Audio LSiM 707 Ultimate are huge towers standing at a height of 50 inches and will surely catch your eye at first glance. These speakers are available in two different classy colors- midnight mahogany and Vernon cherry. The curved housing and glossy texture on the surface of these speakers give them a shine and makes them look premium. The bottom of the speakers consists of legs for support and a funnel like adjustment which allows air-flow. Overall, these speakers give off an old and classic vibe.

The LSiM 707 ultimate is a four-way speaker. The speakers include a Dynamic sonic engine which houses the midrange driver and ring radiator tweeter. The precise alignment of the drivers allows them to perform efficient in a wide frequency range. The 3 1/4th inch extended linear motion mid-range driver has an improved mass to magnet ratio which helps the speakers to deliver a transient response. The one-inch ring radiator tweeter is also designed for optimum audio response. The ring radiator tweeter has been shaped and designed to provide higher power handling, extended dynamic range, improved dispersion and extended top-end response. The cassini oval subwoofer drivers offer deep and impactful bass.

All LSiM cabinets are constructed of 1″ MDF on the sides, 3/4″ MDF on the backs and bottoms, and 1 1/4″ MDF wide-radius baffles. Internal bracing is extensive, with each driver having its own non-parallel chamber. This improves efficiency and eliminates internal resonances and standing waves, resulting in exceptional power handling and amazing smoothness. Wide-radius baffles and zero-diffraction magnetic grilles provide imaging stabilization for a wide, well-defined soundstage.

Audio Specifications and Performance

The audio specifications of the Polk Audio speakers suggest that they function in a frequency range of 20 hertz to 40000 hertz. These speakers have a power rating of 300 watts and a sensitivity rating of 88 dB, meaning that they can go quite loud.

The small driver offers impressive depth thanks to the unique technology that has been incorporated in its shape.  The midrange and highs are crisp and clear. However, with the increasing volume, the highs lose a bit of their clarity. The clarity of the midrange adds a lot of nuances and combines well with the highs, resulting in natural and clear vocals.

Overall, the speakers offer amazing stereo imaging and a great performance at such an affordable price.

Additional Features

  • Super Cell Aerated Polypropylene Cone Material: The Super Cell APP Cone Material is lightweight and has enough internal damping to prevent any unwanted turbulence.
  • Butyl Rubber Surrounds: The butyl surround is impervious to UV, resistant to humidity and can withstand unwanted force to reduce resonance.
  • Extended Linear Motion Voice Coils: These voice coils are designed to allow the drivers to extend their higher-frequency response with much less impedance.
  • Orth Crossovers: The orth crossovers include Mylar and Polypropylene Capacitors for enhanced high range audio and Air Core Inductors for transparent audio response

Advantages of the speaker

  • The speakers have a well thought design integrated with creative technology for optimum performance.
  • The Polk speaker offer crisp and clear bass response.
  • The LSiM 707 speakers offer great midrange and treble response.

Disadvantages of the speaker

  • The speakers are quite heavy.
  • The speakers require a lot of power to function better.


Well, take this FAQ section as a parting gift from us. this part is going to answer you some question regarding Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $5000. let’s find out more!

What does two-way and three-way mean in relation to floor-standing speakers?

This is the configuration number for the floor standing speakers. It basically represents the number of drivers that are included in the speakers. For instance, two way would mean that there are two drivers and three way means that there are three drivers in the speaker.

Are floor standing speakers better than bookshelf speakers?

Floor standing speakers are usually a better choice compared to bookshelf speakers in terms of bass response, sensitivity and frequency range. Since bookshelf speakers are smaller, they are limited in terms of driver configuration.

Can I use floor standing speakers as surround sound speakers?

Yes, floor standing speakers can be used as surround sound speakers because of the wide range of frequency that they have to offer. Their height also makes them suitable to be paired up with other speakers for surround sound effect.

Where should I place my tower standing speakers?

It is wise to know which position you want the speakers to be placed first. Then you should place the speakers to form an equilateral triangle with the listening position and angle them inward. The speakers should be placed at least 8 feet from one another.

Do I need a subwoofer with floor standing speakers?

Usually, a subwoofer is not required since floor standing speakers have a great bass performance on their own. However, if you want to upgrade your audio system and you are craving an immersive and dynamic audio response, you can always pair it up with a subwoofer.

Concluding remarks

When you are on a budget, choosing the right floor standing speaker for yourself can be tricky. Nevertheless, the speakers mentioned in the article are some of the best ones in the market right now. If you are still unsure about which one to go for, it’s time for you to go ahead and take a look for yourself. The speaker that speaks out to you would be the right choice.