How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to Subwoofer Without Remote

Suppose you have a fantastic Samsung Soundbar and want to improve the bass of your music system by adding a subwoofer. Unfortunately, you lost your remote control and have yet to find it. What’s the point of watching if you don’t have the remote? How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to Subwoofer Without Remote? This article will teach you how to manually install a digital remote control and pair your devices.

Soundbars may or may not have a built-in subwoofer, depending on the product. Because the transmission is wireless, pairing does not generally need the use of connecting cords for those who have them. A remote control is often required to connect them. If you’re unfamiliar with how these works, you can find a basic explanation here.

Samsung soundbar system

Samsung  seem to be persistent in their quest to distinguish themselves in the competitive tech industry. Their soundbar system types clearly show how different they are from the competition. Samsung is the company that makes a whopping ten distinct soundbars.

The soundbars are the only ones with these characteristics. They have a sturdy build, good audio quality, and are simple to connect. The soundbar from Samsung is built to last. It’s also aesthetically pleasing, so it’ll improve the look of whatever space it’s in. Each design has been thoroughly researched and tested to ensure it is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound. As a result, even little drops or collisions won’t have a significant effect.

It has a sophisticated and full tone. Talk about a well-rounded approach to the manufacturing process. You’ll like the kaleidoscope of sounds and voices emanating from your television set. With the wireless subwoofer connected to it, the bass output is amplified even more.

Let’s say you want to temporarily convert your house into a movie theater. How would you do that? Each scene is brought to life with stunning fidelity thanks to the Samsung soundbar. Everything in front of you is audible, palpable, and interactive.

The ports behind it make it simple to connect. You won’t have any problems hooking up a wireless device or plugging in your gadgets to the full HDMI In. It provides you with a number of alternatives so that you are not left in the dark.

How the soundbar works

A subwoofer is frequently used in combination with a soundbar to ensure that the whole sound spectrum included in your movie or game is reproduced effectively. The subwoofer connects wirelessly, however your TV or game device will need either a cable or Bluetooth to connect. The kind of connection you make has an impact on the quality of your audio.

HDMI, Aux cable, TOSLINK, and Bluetooth are all accessible on most Samsung soundbars. There are two methods to connect an HDMI device. HDMI or HDMI ARC are also acceptable options. HDMI requires a cable connection between your TV’s HDMI input and the HDMI Out port on your soundbar. Connect the HDMI Out of any other device (such as a game console) to the HDMI In of your sound bar.

The HDMI Out (ARC) on your soundbar should be hooked up to the TV’s HDMI In (ARC). Prepare yourself for an amazing audio experience.

Optical cable is an alternative (TOSLINK). Your soundbar’s DIGITAL AUDIO IN port (OPTICAL) must be linked to the port on your TV that is OPTICAL Out. Then use the soundbar’s D.IN function to have it play via the soundbar. Find out Best Wireless Soundbar For Samsung TV.

In addition to Bluetooth and an Aux wire, there are two other alternatives available. The only time you should utilize these methods is if you don’t have access to an HDMI or optical connection. In terms of sound, they’re the worst. The reason for this is because the first two are linked digitally. Every sound that passes through the wire is audible to them. An analog system’s Aux cable, on the other hand, is impervious to variations in the environment, while Bluetooth is. Find out these Best Soundbar With Multiple HDMI Inputs

Why Add a Subwoofer to A Soundbar?

Soundbars come in a range of configurations, including those with merely built-in speakers, those with external speakers, and those with built-in or external subwoofers.

Additionally, some soundbars are rudimentary, while others are capable of producing excellent sound without the need of external speakers. An improved listening experience is provided by a subwoofer when used with a soundbar. If you’re debating whether or not to hire a supplemental employee, take a look at the information provided below.

Other speakers are unable to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies, whereas the subwoofer does. The front-heavy sound is provided by the majority of soundbars. This is logical, given their position at the front of the classroom. To add insult to injury, they lack a robust bass system. A subwoofer is a must-have if you want deeper bass. You can create a more realistic surround sound experience in your TV room by strategically arranging your soundbar and subwoofer.

How To Sync Samsung Subwoofer to Soundbar Without Remote

Because most soundbars come with built-in subwoofers, connecting them might be a little challenging. Although many manufacturers allow you to upgrade your soundbar with additional subwoofers by recommending them, this is rare.

The subwoofer must be compatible with the soundbar in order for the two to work together seamlessly. For a greater surround sound experience, many soundbars come with a subwoofer or additional speakers.

There is a jerry-rigged way for syncing a subwoofer with a soundbar that differs from the traditional methods of connecting soundbars and subwoofers made by the same manufacturer. It is necessary to have a receiver and a stereo small mixer to use this approach effectively.

Next, hook up your receiver and mini-mixer by first plugging in your soundbar to both of them. To use the subwoofer, connect it to the receiver using the mini-mixer.

How To Automatically Connect Soundbar with Subwoofer?

Some subwoofers can connect automatically, especially if the Bluetooth of the subwoofer and soundbar is already turned on.

You should be able to check when the subwoofer is completely connected. That should happen when the blue LED indicator on the sub stops blinking and instead glows continuously. If this does not happen, then the connection has failed and you will need to troubleshoot by restarting the soundbar.

As you can notice, this process does not involve a remote at all! However, before doing the connection, always ensure that:

  • Bluetooth is not enabled on either device
  • There’s power in the socket.
  • You correctly plug in the power cords
  • The power cords are firmly attached.

Using Soundbar App

You must first download the Samsung soundbar app on your phone to connect your soundbar to a subwoofer. Because of this, there is no way to connect the soundbar to the subwoofer without the use of a remote control.

In order to let you operate your soundbar even when you don’t have the hardware remote, Samsung developed a digital remote that can be accessed via their mobile app. The best way to connect your Samsung soundbar to your phone is via the Samsung app.

To use your soundbar without the included factory remote, you must first connect your phone to the soundbar over Bluetooth.

Here’s a step-by-by-step guide on how to pair:

  1. You can get it by searching for Samsung Soundbar app on your phone’s app store.
  2. Download the app from the first result you find.
  3. Allow a few minutes for the Samsung app to download and install completely before using it.
  4. Navigate to the Options menu in the app by starting it up.
  5. Scroll down the list of choices until you locate the “digital” or “wireless” remote option.
  6. By pressing this button, your device will begin searching for a soundbar with which it can connect.

How Do I Turn My Bluetooth Soundbar On?

If you’re unsure if your Samsung soundbar’s Bluetooth is switched on, keep pushing the device’s source button until you hear a beep. Click to know if you Can Connect Any Wireless Subwoofer to a Soundbar

  • Keep pushing the button until the soundbar’s display reads BT > WAIT > BT PAIRING and the button is lit up with a blue light.
  • The soundbar’s display must then read BT Ready once these messages have been sent.
  • Your Samsung soundbar is now discoverable and available for connection by other compatible devices nearby.

How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to Subwoofer Without Remote Manually

It’s time to connect your soundbar with your subwoofer now that your soundbar is set up.

For the procedure to be successful, the Audio remote must be set up and ready to go, as previously described. This will prevent you from configuring the soundbar to work with the subwoofer in your setup if you don’t have the digital remote.

  1. To manually establish this connection, follow the procedures listed below:
  2. These easy-to-follow instructions will let you connect your Samsung soundbar to your subwoofer without a remote.
  3. Make sure your soundbar is turned on and that Bluetooth is turned on as well to complete Step 1.
  4. To use the digital remote, open the Samsung soundbar app on your phone.
  5. The third step is to wait for the soundbar and your phone to connect if you haven’t already.
  6. For a few seconds, press and hold the ID set button on the subwoofer linked to your setup. Your subwoofer’s blue LED should begin flashing, indicating that it is ready to connect with a soundbar.

Release the ID button pressure and press the Upward button on the digital remote app on your device for 5 seconds while holding it down.

ID SET will show on the soundbar’s screen as soon as you release the upward button on your digital remote. When you see the subwoofer’s ID on your soundbar’s screen, you know it’s been correctly connected.

Using An Optical Cable

When you plug the soundbar into a power outlet, it will start looking for a subwoofer that is part of the same setup. When you turn on the TV, Auto Power Link will turn on your soundbar, saving you time and effort.

The remote will be unnecessary if it locates a compatible device on its own. Connect the soundbar and subwoofer to the back of each other, and then put the power adapter into a standard wall socket to use them. The pairing procedure should begin as soon as both devices are turned on.

How can I make my Samsung Soundbar’s subwoofer louder?

Subwoofers play an important role in producing low-frequency tones. Amplification of front/right speaker sound. There are two ways to increase the bass output of your subwoofer:

Model Type 1

  • On the soundbar remote, choose S/W LEVEL by pressing the S/W LEVEL button. The soundbar’s front display will show SW 00.
  • S/W volume is increased by pressing the + button on the soundbar remote above the S/W level button. The range is SW 001 to SW 206. The bass is amplified to a greater degree as the number increases.
  • To lower the S/W volume, use the S/W – button.
  • To put your skills to the test, turn on some music or an action film.

Model Type 2

  • Use the soundbar remote to control the woofer by pressing the woofer button. The soundbar’s front display shows SW 0.
  • To boost the subwoofer volume, use the skip ahead button on the soundbar remote located above the Audio sync button. SW +1 to Sw +6 can be used, with more being louder and deeper bass.
  • Reduce the subwoofer volume by pressing the Sound Effect button.
  • To see whether it works, put on some music or watch an action movie.

Samsung sound bar and subwoofer not connecting

If you can’t get your Samsung soundbar and subwoofer to work together, try the procedures listed below.

  • Press the ID Set button on the subwoofer’s rear with a tiny item.
  • Once “ID Set” appears, hold down the Mute button on the soundbar.
  • Using the same method explained above, connect the soundbar to the subwoofer.
  • Place the gadgets in close proximity and make sure they are on. If this doesn’t work, you might need to get the machine to a professional help.

Samsung Subwoofer Keeps Disconnecting from Soundbar

Disconnect the subwoofer and soundbar for at least five minutes and reconnect if you’re having trouble getting them to work with your system. Move the devices closer together before attempting to reconnect if wireless interference caused disconnect.


While a Samsung soundbar can function without a subwoofer, the bass it produces isn’t all that fantastic. You can enhance your sound system’s depth by connecting a subwoofer to a soundbar. You should be able to use the manual and automated methods to connect your Samsung soundbar to your subwoofer now that you know how to do it without a remote.

No matter how difficult the process seems, a Samsung professional is always there to provide assistance if needed. These recommendations, on the other hand, come in handy if you’ve misplaced your Samsung’s remote. Also learn How to turn on Samsung tv without remote.


How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to Subwoofer Without Remote? Here’s where you’ll discover the answers. Take a look at the following inquiries.

Without the remote, how can I reset my Samsung soundbar?

Reset the soundbar by turning it off and then pushing and holding the Play/Pause button until you see ‘INIT OK’ on the screen. After that, turn on the soundbar and attempt pairing it with your TV again.

Can I use my phone to operate my soundbar?

Infrared is an excellent option. The majority of Android smartphones have infrared emitters. Infrared is the most convenient way to control your home theater from your mobile device. You’ll need an adapter like the Android if you have an older Android smartphone that doesn’t have an inbuilt IR transmitter.

Is there a soundbar app from Samsung?

The Samsung audio remote app for Android allows you to operate your soundbar from your Android smartphone or tablet. Simply connect over Bluetooth to manage all of your sound bar’s functionalities and listen to your favorite music playlists on your mobile device using a single app.