Best soundbar for ps4

Are you a gamer and your basic sound system, isn’t satisfying you enough? Well, it’s quite normal. Gamers usually have quality sound requirements and basic sound coming out of their TV cannot meet their needs. Maybe you are tired of your headset and now you want a room-shaking experience while you play your game on your ps4. Either way, this article got your back!

In this article, we will be discussing some chosen soundbars that are best for ps4. This is a guide for making your decision easy. Soundbars are a great alternative to headsets. Soundbars act a great stereo system and will give you a full experience of your game. So, let’s see how we can make our gaming adventure a lot more fun and distinct.

How soundbars are suitable for ps4?

A soundbar is a type of compact speaker which is known for its clear and precise delivery. It’s a great alternative to headsets. These have very few disadvantages in comparison to speakers. If you are opting for a soundbar for your ps4 an expensive one would be more suitable because of its sound delivery.

Besides that, since you have a ps4 and a LED there is a lot of chance that the bulky speakers won’t mix with your home décor. In that case, there are both wired and wireless soundbars out there and you can connect your ps4 to it through HDMI, Bluetooth, USB. We are going to jump into the next segment where you can see the specifications and uses of some soundbars and that will guide you to your desired soundbar.

In this article, there will be the top 3 soundbars discussed with its features burst open in front of you. The speakers that are today’s highlight are- Bomaker 2.1 Soundbars, Sonos Arc, Vizio SB4051-D5channel speaker. Stay tuned until the end of the article to know about the honorable mentions as well.

Bomaker 2.1 Speaker:

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This speaker is compatible with ps4 users for several reasons. Soundbars can be ridiculously expensive sometimes. The expensive ones tend to give better performance than the inexpensive ones. But the Bomaker speakers we are talking about is different. Despite being affordable it gives excellent performances. Let’s have a further look at its specifications.


  1. Audio configuration:1 channel
  2. Total Harmonic Distortion:5%
  3. Maximum Volume:120dB
  4. Speaker size: 34 inches.
  5. Subwoofer: Wireless
  6. Subwoofer Power:25”-90W
  7. Peak power- 150W
  8. Soundbar Dimension:65”x 2.56”x2.56”
  9. Subwoofer Dimension:54”x 8.27”x 15.75”
  10. Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, RCA, Auxiliary
  11. Frequency: 60Hz- 20kHz
  12. Surround Sound: Hi-Fi 3D
  13. Remote Control: Yes
  14. Bass Ports: 2
  15. Color:

Bomaker 2.1 speakers are great in delivering crisp and loud sound. It has High-Fidelity 3D features which will give the gamers a real-time experience while playing games. Bomaker 2.1 speakers are drove by 4 full-range speakers and 2 bass ports that deliver premium audio quality. The subwoofer that comes with it is wireless that adds a punch to your sound system.

The soundbar could be mounted to the wall to project the sound throughout the room. Supplied RCA and optical cables help to set the soundbar up easily. Besides that, the soundbar also has four EQ modes, namely- Bss, Trebel, Voice, and General.

The thing you are here for is the most prominent feature of this soundbar. It facilitates you with a 3D booming gaming experience. Built-in DSP and wireless subwoofer for the deep bass sound that transfers you to the gaming land. Improved speaker driver with a level base shape, less bass loss, and lower recurrence.

The shots, blasts, and different sounds in the game are significantly more stunning. The ps4 soundbars will make you vivid while playing games. The remote control is wireless through which you can easily fix treble and bass. AUX, Coaxial, and Bluetooth 5.0 options of connectivity make this ps4 soundbar more easily adaptable.

This ps4 soundbar is quite affordable and stylish. It will serve your gaming purpose as well as your home décor purpose. Who doesn’t love a sound system which servers multiple purposes anyway!

Sonos Arc:

Sonos Arc delivers impressive sound. It is a self-sufficient soundbar itself. It has some amazing features to start with. The quality of sound it promises is mesmerizing. It is a stand-alone sound system. If you are willing to more money for a decent soundbar then this is it. It will fill your room with a booming sound. For those who want Sonos arc as their ps4 soundbar here are the specs.


  1. Frequency Response: 51.1Hz to 19.6 kHz
  2. Dimension:4”x45”x4.5”
  3. Weight:78 pounds
  4. Color: Black and white
  5. Power supply: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz universal input
  6. Memory: 1GB SDRAM
  7. Connectivity: Ethernet, HDMI, ARC/eARC, optical
  8. Surround format support: Dolby Atmos, Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital+, Dolby Digital
  9. Voice control: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  10. Drive Number: 11 custom driver, 8 elliptical woofers, 3 tweeter
  11. Drive material: 3 Silk dome tweeters (one center and two side-firing)
  12. Amplifier Class- Class D
  13. Wi-Fi- Yes
  14. Bluetooth- No
  15. Channels:0
  16. Multi-room- Yes

The Sonos arc is one of the best soundbars manufactured by Sonos. If you are a fan of Sonos you’ll most definitely like it. It delivers promised high-performance sound through its Dolby Atmos feature. The Arc performs well and delivers a surprising amount of power.

Its true play tuning technology optimizes the sound and ensures precise delivery. The C shaped 270-degree metal grills that protect the soundbar overall. It also has touch controls and it’s the most compatible speaker for your TV. For a one-piece soundbar, Sonos Arc is incredible.

Combing Dolby atmos compatible audio and directional tweeters this soundbar will give you a 3D experience. As I have been saying it’s a single unit the reason behind that is it doesn’t come with a subwoofer. If you want stronger bass than it already provides you can add a subwoofer to your soundbar (which is optional).

The arc offers enough firepower to surround you with powerful sounds while you’re playing games on ps4. The Sonos Arc is the superior soundbar of all the soundbars Sonos has manufactured. So, if you are willing to pay some more for a better sound system this is your catch.

Vizio SB4051-D5:

Vizio SB4051-d5 is a complete package for the customers which is quite easy to install. That means you’ll be able to set it up with your ps4 without needing many wires. Every detail of sound can be precisely heard with amazing clarity in it. With its amazing connectivity, solid build quality, and sleek design it is bound to impress you.

The dedicated surround speakers in the soundbar project sound throughout the room with the same persistence. So, if you are willing to replace your sound system with this one right here we’ll have to look at its specs. Let’s get at it.


  1. Soundbar Size: 40”
  2. Frequency Response: 150 Hz- 170 Hz
  3. Subwoofer Size:5”
  4. Subwoofer Frequency Response– 35Hz- 170 Hz
  5. Satellite Speaker: 2×4”
  6. Satellite Frequency: 150-20kHz
  7. Overall System Frequency: 35Hz- 20kHz
  8. Bluetooth: Yes, 4.0
  9. Sound Pressure Level: 101 dB
  10. Audio Input:5 mm stereo jack, RCA (Coaxial/SPDIF), USB, HDMI, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  11. Dimension- 40”x2”x2”
  12. Weight:42 pounds
  13. Channel: 5
  14. Total harmonic Distortion: <1%
  15. Remote Control- yes
  16. Amplification Type: Active

From the three soundbars, I’ve mentioned today this soundbar has all of the features in it. It comes with a subwoofer and additional speakers. This soundbar is a mid-price range ps4 soundbar that will satisfy your needs. It comes with a wireless subwoofer. The speakers are instructed to mount to the wall to have the full audio experience.

Vizio SB4051-d5 delivers deep bass and defined acoustics perfect for your taste in audio quality. It also comes with a lot of cables for its versatile connectivity options. It also comes with remote control of its own. It is like it has everything you could ever want in your gaming soundbar.

The connections of your ps4 with the soundbar will result in a perfect melody of sound. You can easily connect your ps4 with your soundbar. Vizio SB4051-D5 also supports standard Dolby Digital and DTS sound decoding and Bluetooth streaming as well. The Night mode and the TruVolume modes are lifesavers.

With the surrounding satellite and three-channel soundbar unit working as a team, the SB4051 creates an immersive ambiance and fully doing justice to the game atmosphere. This soundbar is the perfect match for you and will give you realtime experience while you are playing games.

How do I connect my Ps4 to my soundbar?

Soundbars have connections like HDMI, ARC built-in and because of this, you can easily connect your ps4 with your soundbars. It is not a complicated process at all. You’ll need an audio cable if the situation is adverse.

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Final Thought

The soundbars that I’ve mentioned today are the best according to my research. And the sound quality of these soundbars will not disappoint you for sure. We’ve got soundbars of very range and you are the decider. If you are thinking of replacing your sound system and upgrade it one of these three soundbars could be what you have been looking for!

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