AudioSense T800 Review: Does it Worth The Value?

Audiosense is not your regular brand and is probably not as common in the West. Audiosense is a Chinese brand that specializes in HiFi In-ear style monitors that look, feel, and sound absolutely stunning. And Audiosense T800 is one of the best and comes with the latest features.

AudioSense is amazing and all. Their products are splendid and performance-wise, all of them pack a punch. However, one of their product shines the brightest and that is the AudioSense T800.

These are an awesome pair of wireless earbuds that are great in every aspect. To learn more about the AudioSense T800, keep on reading, and by the end of this article, you may probably want to get one for yourself.

About Audiosense

Audiosense is not very popular but those who know them have definitely used a product of theirs. You can check all the forums on the internet and almost all of their customers have never been unsatisfied with their purchase.

Audiosense practices making high end truly excellent in-ear earbuds that will capture your attention by the looks and performance itself.

Aside from the looks and performance, their products are subtle and the signature transparent body of the monitors gives you more of a mecha feel. You can clearly see the inside works of the earbuds and if you are an enthusiast in mechanical parts and the sound industry, AudioSense HiFi earbuds are for you.

The sound and performance are great for each of their products. This is because of their high-frequency response. These small monitors can produce sound at such high quality is something to appreciate.

All of AudioSense’s products may have a little too big of a price tag but it is worth a try if you are looking for a truly excellent pair of earbuds that are not necessarily from Apple or Samsung.

About the AudioSense T800: The good, the bad, and everything

The AudioSense T800 is a flagship earbud of AudioSense which is manufactured in close collaboration with Knowles. These earbuds are made perfectly with Knowles’s balanced armatures that give the T800 its flagship title and a mindblowing performance that will blow you through the roof.

AudioSense believes, they are not perfect and that is a good philosophy to follow through.

If they believe they are not perfect, then that means they will always work harder towards a new goal with every product. That is exactly what they are doing with the T800 as well. The unboxing experience of these earbuds is a charm in itself.

They come in a large box which is big enough for a small on-ear headphone. Yup! It is that premium and of course, it should be, you are paying a lot for it.

However, if you want to differentiate Sennheiser Momentum 2 and 3, then you can take a look at these features.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Out of the box, you are getting some paperwork that has all the specifications of the T800. The box itself is minimalistic, subtle. The AudioSense logo on the top is not too loud and the Knowles branding does not cover up the premium look.

The top of the box also has the shape of the earbud and that is it. There is nothing more on the box giving it a mysterious outlook and again of course, minimalistic.

Inside the box, you are getting your paperwork along with a transparent case that is big enough to not be overlooked and sized just right that you can fit them in your pocket, assuming you have a completely empty pocket.

Additionally, the box is waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant which makes it the perfect container to host your purchase for safekeeping.

Now coming to the container, the box is sturdy and durable which is perfectly safe for your earbuds. Within the box, you are getting a couple of different sized ear tips that are not the best looking visually but they have foam tips that are comfortable in the ears.

Along with that, you are also getting a handy cleaning brush. An uncommon thing right? That’s what makes AudioSense so special.

Having a cleaning brush is extremely useful and it might be overlooked by many other brands because no one thinks it is necessary. Well, AudioSense took that into account and did the opposite.

Every one wants to clear the ear tips after elongated use and cleaning those small holes is nothing but stressful. A cleaning brush, on the other hand, will do the job easily and efficiently.

Aside from the ear tips and the cleaning brush, you are getting the earbuds themselves with their transparent mecha look. You can see the drivers inside and how they are connected.

Also, along with the earbuds you are getting a long connecter cable braided perfectly so it does not entangle. These cables have two connectors that attach to the earbuds and another L-shaped headphone jack.

All of the above accessories come safely in the box placed in styrofoam and you can carry it anywhere. The whole setup of AudioSense was anchored towards portability and premium looks.

These are like those not so good-looking yet excellent performing headphones, that have a wooden finish and you would not buy them at first look but they are worth the price on the tag.

Product Specifications Table: The AudioSense T800

Driver8 Balanced armature
Sensitivity90 dB
CableDetachable Copper MMCS cable
Frequency Response Range5 Hz to 22 kHz
DC Impedance9.2 Ohms
Cable Length50 inches or 125 cm
Insulation30 dB
Wearing StyleOver the ear or In-ear
Single Earbuds Weight6.3 grams
Product Dimensions9.45 x 6.30 x 2.76 inches
Product Weight1.23 lbs

Features of the AudioSense T800

In terms of specifications, the AudioSense T800 is an absolute powerhouse. These are not as heavy and you can wear them however you want. The earbuds have a peculiar shape that is surprisingly comfortable to wear and the Knowles collaborated driver optimizations are a God sent. They boost the performance to the next level which is a rare sight to see in standard earphones.

The AudioSense T800 is an astounding earphone with a lot of prowess. The features packed into this small form factor are what make it special. The following sections describe some of the features of the AudioSense T800 in detail.


When it comes to earbuds, comfort is the only thing that you look for. Why? Because the earbuds are the first thing that gets inside your ears. You have to fit in to get the best experience.

Unlike regular earphones which have the standard shape which you kind of need to jam inside to cover up the ear canal. It is unsafe and sometimes may damage your ears causing discomfort and leaving marks.

Taking the above into account, AudioSense focused on a more free body style. What AudioSense did with the T800 is gave it a particular shape which is unconventional in the earphone world.

The shape resembles the human ear and is meant to fit perfectly inside without having to struggle to get them in so they do not fall off.

The fit is perfect and the ear tips have foam in them so the speaker grills that go inside your ears are soft and cushion your ears providing great passive noise canceling.

What more can you ask for? The passive noise canceling itself enhances half of the performance. The body fits the cartilage perfectly and you can keep them on for long hours without having to take them off.

It is of course advised keeping away from earphones after prolonged usage, however, if you are in a long meeting, the T800 is perfect for you. Moreover, you can barely hear what is happening outside when you have the earbuds on and that too without featuring any sort of noise canceling.

The performance is great in itself but comfort comes first and Audiosense T800 satisfies that category tenfold.


The impedance value on the AudioSense T800 is 9 Ohms which is comparatively low and makes it easy to drive. Having a low impedance means your device does not require much power to run.

To know more about low impedance headphones and earphones, the advantages and disadvantages of low impedance in sound systems. Coming to the power, it was seen that these work great with a high powered device like the iPad or an amplifier or DAC.

You will get the true performance of these earbuds if they have enough power to drive the monitors.

To some of you or you might have heard from someone about the T800 being muddy or having a harsh treble. This is mainly because of the device it was plugged into. For instance, plugging the device into the OnePlus 6 device will sound bad and the treble gets harsh.

However, if you plug the earbuds into an LG phone which supports Quad DACs, your earphones will sound perfect.

Audio Quality

The sound quality of the AudioSense T800 is as you have already known by now, extraordinary. They sound great and have great control over the quality. The drivers work efficiently even them being low impedance. In addition to that, the T800 also features Knowles’s 8 armatures or drivers.

Now having 8 drivers inside a tiny earpiece does not make sense and even if one does have them, maintaining the stability and sound quality while powering them all at the same time is a difficult task for any standard earphone but not for the AudioSense T800.

These drivers make the audio quality excellent with Knowles’s optimizations and capabilities.

It does not interfere with the quality but rather enhances it. Having a lot of drivers can often cause complications in the sound which is not in this case. You are getting pristine and crystal clear audio which is worth every penny you spend.

Furthermore, the AudioSense T800 has a U shaped sound signature which means, there is a dip in the mid ranges. You will know more about it in the following sections.

For now, the U shaped sound signature is what makes them so special. You will now be able to listen to classical songs with great clarity and they will be even more engaging for this. Also, metal and rock songs will have increased depth.


The bass of the AudioSense T800 is one of the best parts. Unlike standard earphones that use dynamic drivers, these do not. They have Knowles’s 8 balanced armatures that control the bass so well, it might be on par with many other headphones in the market. When using them, the thumps are impactful and you can actually feel them clearly in your ears.

Due to the U shaped sound signature of the T800, the bass is boosted as well. With the enhanced drivers and the boosted sound quality, the results are astonishing. These are not too overwhelming for anyone or underwhelming, making it the perfect combination and in balance with the other aspects like the mids and highs.

Governing low frequencies smoothly is a challenging task and the T800 does that job pretty good. The bass is good enough to make any neutral listener like a little bass in whatever song they are listening to and added with that the passive noise canceling or isolation due to the frame, the whole experience is something to remember.

Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks to this bass even if it as amazing as it sounds.

The bass may be on point but when it is put in comparison with the mids and high frequencies, they are not as good. In fact, the bass sounds a little tighter to some users.

Moreover, the decay is quick so there is no lasting effect of the bass comparatively. It is still enjoyable but if you compare them with the mids and highs in a balanced perspective, the bass is out of balance.


The mid frequencies are great, to put it simply. Their quality control is exquisite and the delivery is accurate. There are no sound distortions even when reproducing a high pitch but rather the sound comes clean and you can hear the vocals perfectly clear.

When listening to music, you might actually be able to tell the shifts in the artist’s vocals.

The T800 being great at controlling the mids makes it also suitable for use when watching movies. Most of the time you are frustrated because of the movies producing the bass too strongly which muddles the voices.

But, with the T800, you are getting a clear mid-range where the voices and dialogues can be heard clearly and it is perfect when you are commuting as well as catching up on your favorite TV show.


Last but not least, comes the high range frequencies. Now, this is the best part about the T800 which makes it so unique. The level of detail you will be able to hear just from those small speaker grills in the earbuds is surprising and the passive noise canceling just adds to the effect.

With these, you will be able to hear the vocals so clearly without dampening the instrumentals.

The music will be enjoyable and the vocals will be clearer which is hard for any other earphones to reproduce. For the AudioSense T800, the treble is boosted due to its sound signature which does not make the quality bad.

Having a great treble is good for those who listen to rock metal music with distorted guitars. These may be annoying to many and just listening to it may make your ears bleed.

However, with the AudioSense T800’s powerful engineering, you will feel that the frequencies are reaching the highs and are about to get distorted but they do not.

In fact, the highs become more comfortable to listen to, making you like rock metal maybe? It is a surprising fact, one that lifts the T800 to the top with all the other HiFi earphones.

The soundstage is great as well with the T800; the imaging and positioning are accurate so you can get a kind of surround sound feel from these earbuds. They will work great with any kind of music be it detailed or high pitched.

The best way to know if your earbuds are great with details is to play one of those 8D audio songs from YouTube. You will hear the prowess of AudioSense and Knowle at works.

Points for Praise on the AudioSense T800

  • The device comes with a lot of accessories which is useful for most people even though at first glance it does not look like it is needed.
  • The earbuds are shaped to fit any ear perfectly and cover up any openings to create isolation and passive noise canceling.
  • These are designed for any ear and do not fall off that easily as it sticks to the ears.
  • Has a U-shaped sound signature which is great for the highs, mids, and lows.
  • The details are accurate and the reproduction of the vocals are crystal clear.

Points for Improvement on the AudioSense T800:

  • The cable inside the box is average. The quality is not great for the price you pay for them.
  • The bass may be lacking for some people. It is tighter and comparatively not that great against the highs and mids.
  • These lack the aesthetics of premium earbuds.
  • If you have small ears, the fit may be a little too tight.
  • No wireless capability even though the earbuds are detachable

Alternative Products

Moondrop Blessing 2


  • Listening is simple.
  • Affordable
  • Great Technicality
  • It may be used for both monitoring and mixing.
  • Even with a smartphone, it sounds nice.
  • HD600 IEM Version with a Better Sound


  • CNC Faceplate milling quality
  • QC including accessories

Fiio Fh7


  • Deep and impactful bass
  • Extremely detailed
  • One of the widest soundstages
  • Customizable sound
  • Superb and beautiful construction
  • Many tips and accessories included
  • Great value


  • Heavy build
  • Make take some time to tune to your preference

Why should you buy it?

The AudioSense T800 is a perfect pair of in-ear monitors if you are an audiophile. The details these provide are something only an audiophile or a sound engineer can distinguish. To a regular user, the quality difference may not be too huge and most would often refrain from getting a pair for the ridiculously high price tag.

Now, the price tag is justified in terms of technology which you know by now. These are the only pair of earphones amongst the very few that are comfortable to the ears, sound perfect and you can use them for long hours. So paying a premium of about $300 dollars is fair for the quality and experience you are getting.

Moreover, the accessories that you get included inside the box is enough to make you want to buy these. You get a cleaning brush for the earphones and ear tips. How many manufacturers do you know that does this?

In addition to that, you are getting a carrying case that fits into your pocket, and also it is waterproof, shock resistant, and dustproof. What more can you ask for?

Even the Apple Airpods Pro does not feature a waterproof case (sorry Apple!). AudioSense is a Chinese company indeed but all great products also come from China, so you cannot base the product’s performance based on the country it is made.

The AudioSense T800 costs a lot but the experience is of a lifetime. It will be a long time before you will need to upgrade. You get what you are paying and more. Plus, customer service is great so there is no opportunity of getting a faulty product or bad customer service.

Final Verdict

In the end, the AudioSense T800 is a great earbud and a unique one at that both visually and internally. They cost a lot and it is an investment whether you want to spend that amount of money on a pair of earbuds.

But, no matter what you think, if you choose to get this product, you will definitely not regret the decision but rather be glad you read this article beforehand.

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