Sennheiser HD 598 vs 599: Which one is Better?

In today’s tale of Sennheiser, it is all about the HD 598 and HD 599. The Sennheiser HD598 vs HD599 are excellent open-back headphones coupled with Sennheiser’s exclusive E.A.R technology. Although quite similar in nature, there are differences that make one more favorable over the other.

Whilst the 598 is a pretty good option, it is no doubt that the 599 can offer better audio performance. This article will help you choose the right audiophile headphone for you among the two Sennheiser brothers so that you can enjoy the perfect and most comfortable musical experience.

Differences: Sennheiser HD 598 vs 599

If we look at the specifications in the table below, it is safe to say that the Sennheiser HD 598 and 599 are like two brothers that have a lot in common. Nevertheless, each stands out in its own way and we are going to show you how.

Comparison Table: Sennheiser HD 598 vs 599

FeaturesSennheiser HD 598Sennheiser HD 599
Type of HeadphoneOver-earOver-ear
ColorBrown, blackBrown
Weight0.55 lbs0.6 lbs
Clamping force0.68 lbs0.71 lbs
Magnet materialNeodymium magnetNeodymium magnet
Frequency range12 Hz to 38500 Hz12 Hz to 38500 Hz
Sound pressure/ Sensitivity112 dB106 dB
Impedance50 Ohms50 Ohms
Connectivity3.5 mm male connector3.5 mm male connector

Sennheiser HD 598

Sennheiser’s HD 598 is an exceptional over-ear stereo headphone that screams pleasure. These cool over-ear headphones are not only a shortcut to impeccable sound quality but a pleasurable ride to relaxing comfort. These open-ear headphones are a treat to their eyes with their bold yet sophisticated brown and cream combination in a sea of plain traditional black designs.

Not only the design, but the build quality is impeccable and something that should be highly praised. The leather covering the headband is of exceptional quality matched with its high-gloss burl wood exterior, and not to forget the extremely cozy and thick velour ear pads which give your ears maximum comfort. Moreover, its special diaphragm geometry makes way for reduced intermodulation distortion.

The area where the Sennheiser HD 598 completely stands out from its competitors is the trademark E.A.R (Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement) technology, which ensures that the audio signals are directly channeled into the ears, giving the audiophile an immersive listening experience. The high-quality components used in the construction of these headphones give it the chance to shine in terms of acoustic audio performance.


  • Sophisticated and bold design with a premium finish
  • Lightweight and comfortable for prolonged usage
  • Especially design Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement Technology for an immersive and impressive audio performance
  • Balanced treble and bass as well as natural tones in the sound


  • No wireless option: audio cable is long and unwieldy
  • Poor sound isolation
  • Price may be out of budget for some

Sennheiser HD 599

If you are a passionate audiophile who is searching for a refined and sophisticated home audio listening, then the Sennheiser HD 599 should be your go to over-ear headphone. These dynamic audiophile headphones are a better version of their predecessor HD 598. It won’t be a surprise if you mistake the HD 599 for the HD 598 for their uncanny resemblance in terms of design, but if you look in a little deeper- you will notice the HD 599 to be a much-improved version.

These headphones are extremely lightweight and easy on the ears with their large ear-cups, soft and replaceable ear pads for enhanced and prolonged comfort. The headphone has been built build with dedicated craftsmanship which is reflected in the materials that have been used in the making.

Sennheiser made a continuation of its trademark EAR technology for these headphones as well, with an addition of a proprietary transducer technology for a fully captivating audio experience. The HD 599 has a 38 mm 50 Ohm transducer. With their high-frequency range, the headphones offer uncompromising sound. Thanks to its open-back design, the headphones deliver natural spatial performance. Overall, with the HD 599 hugging your ears, you’re in for a joyous musical experience.

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What’s inside the packaging?

The difference between the packaging is that the HD 599 includes an extra detachable cable compared to its brother, the 598.

What do we see when we unbox the headphones?

Firstly, the packaging for the Sennheiser HD 598 and HD 599 is quite straightforward and simple. The headphones come inside a simple rectangular box that is quite intact and has a transparent front, which has just the perfect size to fit the large audiophile headphones.

The Sennheiser HD 598 has an “altar” packaging type, which is a carton box with the blistered product on display inside with dimensions of 205 x 100 x 240 mm. Besides the beautiful brown headphone, the contents of the box include a detachable 3 m detachable 4-strand single-stranded OFC copper cable and a gold plated 6.3 mm stereo jack with a 3.5 mm adapter.

The HD 599 comes inside a closed carton box packaging with dimensions of 205 x 99.5 x 260 mm. It includes two cables, one 3 meter and one 1.2 m detachable cable. Similar to the HD 599, this packaging also includes a 6.3 mm stereo jack with a 3.5 mm adapter- both gold plated.

Sennheiser HD 598 vs 599: How do the headphones look in terms of design?

Despite the fact that the HD 599 has more silver metal around the earcup, it is almost identical to the HD 598 at first glance.

Both the Sennheiser HD 598 and 599 are over-ear, open-back stereo headphones that are essentially used for listening to music. The design of these headphones, however, differs to some extent.

With so many black headphones saturating the market, the HD 598 is quite new and refreshing to look at. The cream and brown color scheme is a breath of fresh air, and the headphones stand out from the rest with their appealing design. The silver accents around the large and oval open-back headphones add a hint of style to its design. The earpad material is suede, which is not only fashionable but comfortable as well. The headphones come in both black and brown colors, but for some, the brown seems to be more appealing and I completely agree!

When we look at the Sennheiser HD 599, we don’t see much of a difference from its predecessor- it’s almost like they’re identical twins! Although it may seem that there is no change in design, there are some subtle differences. Firstly, the headband of these over-ear headphones has been improved to give a more premium appearance and feeling with much better padding in the HD 599. The earcups in the Sennheiser 599 have more metal added around the cups. However, one drawback is that the plastic grill used feels much cheaper than that of the HD 598.

Sennheiser HD 598 vs 599: Which one is more durable?

The HD 599 has weak swivel hinges whereas the HD 599 has vulnerable metal frame.

The body of the Sennheiser HD 598 is made mostly out of plastic, with the headband composed of foam and leather and the earcups from fleece. Around the metal grilles and the leather of the headband are the glossy burl wood veneers. The headband is thick with real leather which gives the entire headphone a premium look. Although the HD 598 has a build quality that is quite above average, its joints are weak. The metal frame which supports the headband is strong enough to withstand a large amount of force, but the swivel hinges are weak and vulnerable to damage.

Whilst the built quality of the Sennheiser HD 599 is quite similar to that of its predecessor, there have been minor changes made on the headband. The headband is made up of much better quality leather with more metal around the ear cups. The frame of the over-ear headphones is a little weak at the hinges though.

Sennheiser HD 598 vs 599: Which Feels More Comfortable to Wear?

Both the Sennheiser HD 598 and HD 599 are extremely comfortable headphones which can be used for prolonged listening sessions.

The HD 598 is lightweight- weighing only 0.55 lbs. and with its circumaural design, generously padded leather headband, and exceptional velour ear cups, are extremely comfortable. The velour padding on the ear cups is soft to the touch and is enclosed in a material that feels like suede and is extremely comfortable. The headphones hug the head quite nicely, they easily fit around most ears. However, the ear cups may seem quite large for some heads, but nevertheless, it is a comfortable experience. As seen from the clamping force which is 0.68 lbs, they do apply some pressure around the head, especially on the sides. However, they can be worn for long periods of time and your musical experience will be nothing short of effortless and comfortable.

Just like the HD 598, the Sennheiser HD 599 are extremely comfortable stereo headphones that can be used for long musical sessions. As we have already seen, these headphones have a similar design to that of their predecessor, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the material with which they are building is the same too. The earcups have very comfortable padding which is surrounded by a microfiber fabric that feels cozy to the skin. The headband is also heavily padded and does not feel tough around the skull. The clamping force, however, it felt a little more strongly with these headphones.

However, both the headphones are not ideal for high-intensity activity- such as vigorous exercise and active sports since the ear cups will sway a lot and slip off the ears during running or jumping.

Sennheiser HD 598 vs 599: Which headphone sounds better?

Both the Sennheiser HD 599 and HD 598 incorporates Sennheiser’s exclusive E.A.R or Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement technology for exceptional sound quality.

The EAR technology allows the dynamic transducers inside the earcups to be positioned especially to channel audio signals directly to the ears. This effect reproduces sound that is spatial and realistic, making the audio experience immersive.

Both stereo over-ear headphones cover a frequency range of 12 Hz to 38500 Hz, which is a commendable range. Whilst the HD 599 has a sensitivity of 106 dB, the 598 has a higher rating of 112 dB, making it the louder one. Each audiophile open-back headphone performs differently in the lows, mids, and highs.

Lows/ Bass and sub-bass

For an open-back headphone, the Sennheiser HD 598 has quite a deep sub-bass and punchy mid-bass. Moreover, the bass is well balanced and not out of control. The sub-bass depth and mid-bass punch are more prominent with an EQ.

Similarly, the HD 599 has a solid low end. With a clean and precise bass impact, these headphones are pleasurable to the ears. However, the low end is too strong and overwhelms the mids sometimes.

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Mids and vocals

The HD 598 has warm mids with smooth vocals. Although the mid-bass might make the lower mids congested, it is not that obvious. The upper mids are clear and the lower midrange is not as harsh. For a crispier higher mid, an EQ can be added.

The midrange on Sennheiser’s HD 599 is decent, although there seems to be some compression observed in the upper mids.

Highs/ Treble

The highs on the Sennheiser HD 598 is sparkly and bright, with just the right amount of detail. The highs are certainly non-aggressive and smooth, and absolutely perfect for anyone who loves a bit of treble in their sound.

Similarly, the highs on the HD 599 are piercing yet with so many details.

An overview of Sennheiser’s 500 series

Sennheiser’s line of HD 5 series has been widely praised for its high performance and maximum comfort. Each of the over-ear audiophile headphones uses Sennheiser’s exclusive Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement or E.A.R technology to channel the audio directly through the ears for an immersive listening experience. These headphones may look quite identical, but their specifications and sound performance set them apart.

There are two categories of headphones in the Sennheiser HD 5 series: open-back and closed-back. Whilst the open-back headphones are typically suitable for listening to music at home, the closed-back can be used in an open environment for their wonderful noise-canceling properties.

Each headphone has its own special features, pros, and cons. If you still feel that the HD 598 and 599 are not the right choice for you, Sennheiser has a lot of different options to offer.

FeatureHD 518HD 559HD 569HD 579
Product DescriptionEquipped with Sennheiser’s innovative E.A.R technology and Duofol diaphragm design, the HD 518 is the perfect example of highly affordable headphones in premium quality.The HD 559 features proprietary transducer technology and awes all with its ergonomic as well as appealing contemporary design.With effective noise isolation and immersive soundstage, the HD 569 is a true companion as headphone, making listening to music a whole new experience.If you want to submerge yourself in music at the comfort of your home, the HD 579 are just the right headphones for you with their comfortable over ear and dynamic design.
Headphone typeOpen-back, over-earOpen-back, over-earClosed-back, over-earOpen-back, over-ear
Weight0.56 lbs1.5 lbs1.6 lbs1.65 lbs
Frequency Range14 – 26,000 Hz14 – 26,000 Hz10 – 28,000 Hz10 – 28,000 Hz
Sensitivity108 dB108 dB115 dB106 dB
Impedance50 Ohm50 Ohm23 Ohm50 Ohm
Connectivity3 meter detachable cable3 meter detachable cable3 meter and 1.2 meter detachable cable with 1 button remote3 meter detachable cable
Pros• Excellent sound reproduction with rich bass
• Lightweight aluminum voice coils for high efficiency and dynamic response
• Soft headband cushion and earpads for maximum comfort
• Impressively detailed and clear sound
• Super comfortable to the ears
• Ideal for movies, music and gaming
• Two detachable cables
• Crisp and clear sound
• Comfortable for long listening sessions
• Dynamic audio and spacious soundstage
• Delicate and comfortable to the ears
• Great build quality
Cons• Boomy bass• Long cord which is difficult to handle
• No noise isolation
• Insufficient bass• Inconsistent mid-range
• Leakage of sound

Product Differentiators: Sennheiser HD 598 vs 599

Coupled with Sennheiser’s dynamic Ergonic Acoustic Refinement technology which it is so well known for, these headphones leave quite an impression on first listen.

The Sennheiser HD598 offers fabulous neutral listening. It’s comfortable and you can keep them wrapped around your head for hours and not feel a thing. The bass is well balanced, along with the articulate mids and treble response. Thanks to its open-back design, the headphone offers a spacious and enjoyable soundstage.

The Sennheiser HD599 has dynamic 50 ohms 38 mm transducers which make the sound response even better. In comparison to the 598, the 599 sounds cleaner and more refined. If you are someone who enjoys waltzing to jazz and classical music, then the 598 is a better option. The HD 599 is more for those who like to shake it to pop music. The HD 599 is more impactful and exciting and offers more focused sound. Needless to say, both headphones have got a lot to offer, the choice is simply yours to make.

Alternative Products

Sony WH-1000XM3

Sony, the name always stands by their products. You will be amazed to see their next level noise-canceling process. And when it comes to the comfort zone, the coziness will win your heart.


  • Extraordinary noise canceling
  • Very comfort
  • Generous battery life (30 hours)
  • Lots of personalization options via the app
  • Hands-free operations.
  • Bluetooth and NFC compatible.
  • Android and iOS are compatible.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.


  • Irritating LED status light flashing on the left ear cup
  • A Google Assistant premium price is not very beneficial,
  • The app will create some misunderstanding in the selected mode.

Sennheiser HD 650

If you are a gamer and value the audio performance that is anchored to gaming, the Sennheiser HD 650 is your headset to go for. This may not have the ideal bass level that is needed to listen to music or watch movies, it is just right that it does not fall short or overload the user with bass.


  • Gives the optimum sound
  • No trouble of mixing sounds.
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable open-back design
  • Gives amazing bass when paired with most amps.
  • Mid-range sounds are smooth and are not distorted very often.


  • Neutral bass

The Final Verdict

When we look at the comparison made between the HD 599 and the HD 598, we see that is quite tricky to pick out the differences between the two Sennheiser headphones. At first sight, you can barely tell them apart. It is only when you get closer, you will notice the metal grilles on the HD599 to be thicker than that of the HD598. Other than that, these headphones have pretty much similar looking exterior. They even have the same headband material and open-back pattern.

However, with proper testing, you will realize that the audio performance differs between these two brothers.

The HD 599 is better overall. I highly recommend this amazing headphone for regular use.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this part of the article, you will be notified of some of the basic problems and their solving throughout the most asked questions over the internet regarding this matter.

What can the Sennheiser HD 598 be used for?

The HD598 are versatile headphones that can be mainly used for listening to music in genres such as classical, rock, hip-hop, and EDM. These over-ear headphones shine in the acoustic area because of their classic Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement technology. You can also watch movies and play games with the HD 598.

What amplifiers can I use for my Sennheiser headphones?

The Sennheiser HDVD 800 and HDVA 600 amplifiers are the most suitable amplifiers for Sennheiser headphones since they have been built keeping in mind the many technicalities and specifications of the brand’s headphones.

Is there a shorter cable available for the HD 5 series?

Yes, a shorter cable that is around 4 feet long can be used with a 3.5 mm connector for Sennheiser’s HD 5 series.

What is the difference between Sennheiser HD 598 CS and SR?

The Sennheiser HD 598 CS is a closed-back headphone whereas the HD 598 SR is an open-back headphone.

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