Astro A40 vs A50: Review and Comparison

Y’all must be wondering what makes gaming headsets different from the regular ones? The gamers know the answer to it. Gaming headsets are specialized headsets built for gaming that includes microphones. The features that set the gaming headphones apart from the regular ones are comfort, sound quality, and microphone. Gaming headsets are designed for acute multiplayer gaming sessions. Comparing Astro a40 vs a50, you’ll be able to know which headset is the right match for you.

When you’re using a gaming headset it provides you a 3D experience of virtual surround sound. While you are buying gaming headsets it’s very necessary for you to know that the gaming headsets are usually costly. While we do an analysis of Astro a40 vs a50 gaming headsets you’ll get to know the compatibility, sound details, and other information you’ve been looking for.

Quick Review of  Astro a40 vs a50:

Astro A40 review:


  • Comfortable fit.
  • Great acoustics
  • Balanced gaming audio
  • Detachable Mic
  • Nice build quality
  • Astro customized signature


  • Expensive
  • Ear cups warm
  • Battery life not good
  • No Extra Ear Pads provided

Astro A50 review:


  • Nice Aesthetic Design
  • Audiophile Grade Headset
  • Balanced Sound Quality
  • 3 EQ Modes
  • Comfortable Earcups


  • Tight fit
  • Expensive
  • Sometimes connection issues with the base station

Headset Compatibility:

The compatibility of any headset should be considered before buying a headset. Compatibility of headsets refers to if you can use your headsets with your desired device, for instance, Xbox, Playstation4, Windows, MAC, etc.

Astro gaming a40 TR is compatible with Playstation4/Xbox one, PC-MAC, and Xbox series X. Then there’s Astro gaming a50 which is compatible with PS4/Xbox one, Xbox series X, PC, Mac.

Astro a40 headphones have no specific headphones in terms of compatibility they come in the same color but different compatibility. But the case is not the same for Astro a50, Astro gaming a50’s compatibility depends on its color as in there are different colors for PS4 and Xbox but both are compatible with PC-Mac which is their common ground.

Comparison Chart of Astro A40 vs A50

SpecificationsAstro A40 TRAstro A50
Frequency Response20Hz-20kHz20Hz-24kHz
DriverNeodymium 40mmNeodymium 40mm
MicYes, Unidirectional, Voice-isolating, flip-to-mute 6mm, RemovableYes, Unidirectional, Voice-isolating, flip-to-mute 6mm, Non-removable
Additional ButtonsPresets+Surround SOundPreset
SoftwareAstro Command Center (Requires Mixamp Pro TR)Astro Command Center
ConnectivityWired, 3.55mmWireless, Base station
CompatibilityPc, Mac, PS4/Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, Nintendo SwitchPc, Mac, PS4/Xbox One, and Xbox series X, Nintendo Switch
Battery lifeNoneOver 15 hours
Weight0.7 lbs0.8 lbs
Noise Cancelling MicrophonesYesYes
Positional AudioWindows Sonic Spatial Audio, Dolby Atmos for HeadphonesWindows Sonic Spatial Audio, Dolby Atmos for Headphones
ColorsBlack-grey, Black-goldBlack/Silver
Black/Blue- For PS4 and PC
Black/Green- For Xbox One and PC
Surround SoundStereo
Dolby Headphone (With MixAmp Pro)
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer battery required1 Lithium Polymer battery required (included)
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

7 steps to choosing gaming headsets:

Sound quality analysis:

A gaming headset holds a lot of weight in the case of sound reproduction because it is an integral part.

Sound Reproduction: The frequency response that Astro A40 TR provides is 20Hz- 20kHz. Whereas, Astro A50 provides a 20Hz-24kHz frequency response. Since the higher the high frequency of a headset the crisper sound it produces.

In that sense, the sound produced by Astro a50 is crispier and clearer. These headsets were manufactured emphasizing bass and truly for gaming. But with both Astro gaming a40 and a50, you will get solid lows and hear every detail with much clarity.

For those who love bass, the bass production of Astro A40 and A50 gaming headsets is pretty strong. Astro a50 and Astro a40 both have stereo speakers, which allows them to produce sound from independent channels on both left and right sides of the headsets.

Astro A40 gives Dolby headphone feature only when it is connected with a Mixamp. The soundstage these gaming headsets provide is wholesome. With Astro a50  you can experience Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound powered by KleerNet’s 5.8Ghz solution.

Another sound feature is that be it either a40 or a50 they both have neodymium magnets which are lighter and more powerful than ferrite magnets.

Noise Isolation vs Active Noise Cancellation:

The first and foremost thing is that Astro a40 gaming and Astro a50 gaming gen 2 headsets have a noise-canceling ear cushion which helps to filter out the noises that come from the background.

This feature is very useful when you are residing or located in a noisy environment. These also have noise isolation features. With this feature on while you are playing any games using Astro a40 or Astro a50, you can hear what your teammates or opponents are saying also hear game sounds but slightly less.

So there won’t be any problem and you won’t confuse the game sounds with your opponents’ shouting.

Scope for sound improvement:

Any sound device can be upgraded mainly by adding an extra DAC receiver or amplifier to it. This gives more power to the headset. Astro provides MixAmp with  a40 TR gaming headset. But the MixAmps are sold separately.

It is better to use the amp provided by the manufacturer but if you want an alternative you can use some other amp or DAC. The MixAmp that Astro provides for Astro a40 TR is MixAmp Pro TR. Astro a50 has the MixAmp built-in within the headset so you don’t need to have an extra amp with it.

As Astro a50 is wireless and has its own base station it cannot be paired with any Amp/DAC. If you stream your game while you are playing MixAmp is apt for you.

Type of gaming headset:

In-Ear/On-Ear/Over-Ear Headset: Astro gaming headset a40 and a50 are both over-ear headphones. The common feature of over-ear is that they are bigger and have thick headbands. Also, they have large earcups that will cover all of your ears and have high comfortability.

Since Astro a40 and a50 are gaming headsets over-ear fit just perfectly with these headsets.

  • Comfort Great
  • Portability Poor
  • Noise Isolation Good

Over-ear headsets are by far the most comfortable design. These are easy to wear and gives you coverage.

Wireless/Wired: Here is one of the main differences between Astro a40 and a50 and that is in their respective wires. Astro a40 is a wired gaming headset whereas Astro a50 is a wireless headset.

So, you need to connect your a40 directly with the console or the system. But with a50 comes a base station and you need to connect these headsets via USB. The 3.55mm jack of Astro a40 is compatible with gaming devices.

The length of the cable of the Astro gaming a40 headset is 7inches. The range of wireless Astro a50 is up to 30 feet. Wireless headsets are more suitable because the range is more and again you can move freely without any strings attached.

Some alternative headsets you might look up to


Headband/Ear cup design: The Astro a40 TR is a lightweight headset and the ear cushions feature maximum comfort. The ear cushions are backed with synthetic leather that helps in producing the best acoustics.

The headband is padded. For Astro a50 synthetic leather headband and ear cushion upgraded for noise isolation and comes in a mood kit.

Open Back/Closed Back: There lies another difference between Astro headsets a40 and a50. Open back headsets are open than means it’s airier. So the sound that flows through Astro A40 which is an open-back headset, is lighter and natural.

On the other hand, Astro a50 gen 4 is a closed-back headset. Closed-back headsets enclose the ears and prevent any kind of sound to enter your ears except for the gaming sound. Gamers usually prefer open-back headsets since it is better for long-term use since air can pass through it.

But if you are in a preferably noisy place that close back headsets are optimal. Also, Astro a50 being a closed-back headset prevents leakage and has a better bass response. This feature gives the gamers a real-time experience of the game they are playing. The ear breathability of Astro a40 is more than Astro a50.

The material of the Headset: Astro a40 is mainly made up of plastic and its build quality is strong. It is made up of robust materials. Despite that it is weightless. Astro a50 gen 4 is also made up of plastic. Both these headsets have the same build quality.

Astro a40 being open-back headsets has no possibility of sweat accumulation. But there will be sweat build-up for Astro a50 headsets since they are closed-back.

Comparison of Mic:

Another difference in Astro a40 vs a50 headsets is their mics. Astro a40 has a detachable mic. But the mic that comes with Astro a50 is an attached mic. Both the mics of the a40 and a50 has noise-canceling property, so any unwanted sounds won’t interrupt your gaming.

There’s another feature of the unidirectional mic of Astro a50 is that it has flip-to-mute functionality. It will help you with clearer and accurate communication during gaming. The mic of Astro a40 can be set on either side of the headphone as it’s detachable.

Battery charge and longevity:

Astro a50 has a rechargeable battery and Astro a4o headsets don’t have any battery. So Astro a40 needs no charge. So about the charging of Astro a50 gen 2 or a50 gen 3, you’ll have a battery. And there will be an indicator that will show how much battery is used.

Also due to its supercharge feature while recharging the headsets it will balance the voltage of the headset in case you’re using it. The battery life of Astro a50 is very long it will take over 15 hours of usage before you need to recharge it.

Do these headsets satisfy your budget?

Gaming headphones are generally quite expensive. Astro gaming headsets be it a40 or a50 is a tad bit expensive than other ones. Among a40 and a50, Astro a40 is less expensive than Astro a50 gaming headsets.

But the qualities of these headsets are incredible and lively. If you are willing to spend a bit more I’d say Astro A50 is a great choice. Nevertheless, Astro a40 is no less.

Considering Facts:

Drive: The drive material of both the same and made of neodymium magnet. Astro a40 is optimized for pro gaming and audio engineers to be specific. On the other hand, Astro a50 has a professionally audiophile tuned drive and comes with 3 EQ modes.

Impedance: Impedance of headsets refers to how loud a pair of the headset will play the sound at given power input and resist the electric signals flowing through the headset. The impedance from 33-100 ohm is considered to be delivering enough volume to your headsets.

The impedance of both Astro A40 and a50 is 48ohm i.e. they are decent sounding. Anything above 100ohm needs an amplifier. So, it is clear that no extra amp is needed for this. But still, Astro is providing these headphones with amps as per users’ requirements.

Base station: Only Astro a50 has a base station as it’s wireless. The major factor between Astro a40 and a50 is this thing. The Base station allows your headsets to charge wirelessly. Also, it does the secondary duty of being a wireless transmitter.

Key Features:

  • Power Supply USB Micro-B
  • Wireless Up to 30ft.
  • Inputs and Outputs Optical pass though, USB Power and Soundcard, USB Charging port, AUX In/ Mic Out
  • Output 5V, 180 mA
  • Requirements Windows, Mac

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Are you confused or having some trouble with your issues? no worries, this FAQ is gonna solve those hectic.

Is Astro A40 Noise Cancelling?

No, Astro A40 Headsets have Noise-canceling features since they are open-back headsets. But one can make it noise canceling with sealed speaker tags, synthetic leather ear cups, and headband.

Do I need MixAmp for Astro A50?

No, MixAmp is already built-in in Astro a50 gaming headsets.

Is Astro A40 TR 3.5 mm?

Yes Astro A40 TR has a 3.5mm jack.

Does Astro A40 have a Mix Amp?

Yes, MixAmp Pro TR and MixAmp M80 are compatible with Astro A40 TR gaming headsets.

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