Audio Technica AD700x vs AD900x | Feature by Feature Comparison

Audio Technica offers affordable over-the-ear headphones which ensure a detailed sound experience for gaming and movie experience. Today we’ll be talking about their two best headphones. Although they are amazing, they have some distinct features. Here, in Audio Technica AD700x vs AD900x, we’ll try to explain that in details.

But what most important things to consider the detailed features like speaker type, bass, impedance, drive size and type, and others. Also price comparison is not a matter of neglect as well. Let us first check the price of ad700x vs ad900x.

Audio Technica AD700x vs AD900x: Differences at a glance

Before you move on to know the open back headphones individually, you would want to get a bigger picture of their similarities and differences. The comparison chart below shows how AD700x is similar to the AD900x and it reflects on the differences between the competitor Technica headphones at a glance:

Manufacturing CompanyAudio Technica CorporationAudio Technica Corporation
Type of HeadphoneOpen BackOpen Back
Design of HeadphoneCircum-aural/ over-earCircum-aural/ over-ear
Weight265 grams265 grams
Speaker typeStereo SpeakersStereo speakers
Cable length9.8 inches9.8 inches
Tangle Free CableAvailableNot available
Driver TypeDynamicDynamic
Driver size2.1 inches2.1 inches
Frequency Response5 Hz-30 kHz5 Hz-35 kHz
Impedance38 Ohms38 Ohms
Maximum Power Handling700 milliwatts1000 milliwatts
Sensitivity100 dB100 dB
Connector size3.5 mm3.5 mm

All you need to know about Audio Technica Corporation

Audio Technica Corporation is a Japanese audio manufacturing company that produces professional audio equipment for music lovers across the globe.

Founded in 1962 by Hideo Matsushita in Tokyo, the company initially began as a cartridge manufacturer. Later onwards, Audio Technica Corporation moved on to the manufacturing of various audio devices.

Some of the products that are made by this well-known company include headphones, microphones, turntables, phonographic cartridges, and wireless microphones. Among these products, their headphones really strike out and leave a trace in the lives of the audiophiles.

Audio Technica Corporation aims to make the listening experience worthwhile through designing critically acclaimed audio devices including music headphones, making these devices accessible to all the music lovers across the world.

Audio Technica AD700x vs AD900x: What are the similarities?

First, let us look at the similarities between these headphones in detail.

Both the headphones are manufactures by the prestigious company, Audio Technica Corporation which has earned fame over the years for their committed craftsmanship. Hence, you can get the assurance that these high-end headphones would offer high-quality performance.

Moving on to the physical features of these top headphones, the first thing that we discuss is the design. Available in the color black, both of these headphones are open back and have a circum-aural exterior. This feature ensures clear and natural sound through the prevention of air pressure building up.

The headphones also weigh the same, at 265 grams and both have dynamic drives with a size of 2.1 inches. They both come with a cable that has a length of 9.8 inches.

These good-quality earphones are both similar in sensitivity and impedance. Both AD700x and AD900x have a sensitivity of 100 dB and impedance of 38 ohms. Both of the headphones have connectors of 2.5 mm.

Audio Technica AD700x vs AD900x: How are high-quality headphones different?

At first glance on the comparison chart, it may seem like there are not many differences between the AD700x headphone and the AD900x headphone. Although the external differences are subtle, when it comes to technicality and performance these over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones have some tough competition!

Both the high-performing headphones come with a 9.8-inch cable, however, it should be pointed out that the cable for ad900x is not tangled-free. Other than this, there are not many significant differences in the physical features of the two popular headphones.

Now the main differences lie in the sound quality, and that is what excites audiophiles with a big appetite for music!

From the comparison chart, we can observe that there is a slight difference in the frequency range of the headphones. Whilst ad700x has a frequency response in the range of 5Hz-30 kHz, ad900x surpasses these numbers with a range of 5 Hz-35 kHz!

When it comes to power, ad900x takes the lead at 1000 milliwatts, leaving ad700x at 700 milliwatts. But does this mean that ad900x is the better competitor?

Let’s dive in deeper, and take a look at the details of these magnificent studio headphones.

Which one is for you? Keep reading to find out!

Audio Technica ATH-AD700X

The Audio Technica ATH-AD700x are budget-friendly over the ear headphones that have been famous in the market for quite a while now. They are designed to not only set out an aesthetic vibe but to provide comfort for their users.

When it comes to sound, their performance is above average and quite satisfactory! Let’s take a quick glance at the specifications of the audiophile open-ear headphones.

Specifications of AD700x

TypeOpen-Air Headphone
Weight265 gram
DesignOver-ear or circum-aural
Earcup styleOpen back
Driver TypeDynamic
Driver size53 mm
Frequency response5 Hz to 30000 Hz
Impedance38 Ohms
Maximum power handling700 milliwatts
Sensitivity100 dB

Now let’s talk a little about the design and the features of these headphones.

Design and features

The stylish over the ear headphones have a timeless design that instantly catches the audiences’ eyes. These wonderful open-back headphones come in the color black, the standard color for headphones.

But aesthetics is not the only thing that’s good about these headphones. These high performing headphones have been built in such a way that it ensures maximum comfort for the headphone users.

The Audio Technica headphones are quite lightweight in construction, weighing about only 265 grams- making the whole listening experience more comfortable for the users.

The exterior is composed of a lightweight aluminum honeycomb casing which not only makes the headphone light in weight but also ensures high-quality sound. So when you are wearing the headphones, they won’t feel that heavy on your head.


That is not all, these open-air audiophile headphones seem to have a unique headband mechanism. These perfect headphones are big enough for any shape of the head. The large circular earcups are made of a soft and cozy cushion padding that is covered with metal grills. The fabric used for the earcups is very flexible and delicate for the skin.

Now from our earlier claim, you might be worried about the headphones falling off, right? But rest assured because these earphones have a feature known as the self-adjusting 3D wing which ensures the perfect fit, hence there’s no fear of the headphones falling down.

Overall, the open-air headphones are built with great craftsmanship, keeping in mind the durability, comfort, and visual appeal of the music enthusiasts.

Audio performance

We have probably mentioned it a lot of times before- The Audio Technica ATH AD700X are open-back headphones. But what do we mean by the term open back?

Open-back headphones are designed in such a way that they allow air to pass through the earcups. What’s the good thing about this you ask? This feature means that pressure cannot build up so that the sound quality is not compromised.

If it weren’t for the open-back design, the sound emitted from the headphones will be distorted because of the echoes.

Because the AD700x are open back, they offer more spacious sound compared to the closed-back competitors.

These best quality headphones are so well-performing because of their newly designed drivers which are 53 mm in size. These drivers function to ensure that the sound being produced has clear treble and midrange.

Apart from the drivers, there are the CCAW voice coils which are wounded with the bobbin. This ensures a high power handling capacity (at around 700 milliwatts).

Thanks to such features the headphones outperform with an exceptional soundstage. There is plenty of details in the sound, it’s surprising how much you can unfold with these stereo headphones.

When music is heard through these open-back headphones, you can easily feel the depth and the distance between each instrument being played. The vocals are quite clear too. The layers of the song do not overpower each other and can easily be distinguished and separated.

The overall sound is very neutral, with natural details. However, if you’re a bass head, you might have to prepare yourself for a little disappointment. With these high functioning quality headphones, the bass is less prominent, so the low ends do not have enough power to fulfill the appetite for bass!

Reasons to pick the AD700x

  • Thanks to the self-adjusting 3D wing technology, the headphones are very flexible to adjust.
  • The open-back feature of these headphones ensures a spacious sound.
  • The exterior which is composed of lightweight aluminum honeycomb coating makes the headphones very comfortable to use.
  • The audio performance of these headphones is quite wonderful- the sound is vivid and extremely detailed.

Reasons not to pick the AD700x

  • Some users may feel that the bass is not powerful or prominent enough.
  • The headphones are not as powerful when compared to its competitors since their maximum power handling capability is at 700 megawatts.
  • The cable that comes with these headphones cannot unfortunately be detached.

Audio Technica ATH-AD900X

The Audio Technica ATH-AD 990X is your best choice if you are looking for dynamic headphones that not only offer high-performance functionality but are also very user friendly.

Not only that- these budget-friendly headphones are very affordable and easy to use. These audiophile open-back headphones can take you to another dimension with their dynamic range and powerful sound.

They’re just right for you if you are looking for the best headsets on the budget. Here’s a quick snapshot of the specifications of ad700x:

Specifications of AD700x

TypeOpen-Air Headphone
Weight265 gram
DesignOver-ear or circum-aural
Earcup styleOpen back
Driver TypeDynamic
Driver size53 mm
Frequency response5 Hz to 35000 Hz
Impedance38 Ohms
Maximum power handling1000 milliwatts
Sensitivity100 dB

Now let’s talk about the design and the features of these headphones in detail.

Design and features

At first glance, the open-air headphones Audio Technica ATH AD900X looks quite mechanical and retro, only with a contemporary twist. These black over the ear headphones are designed with dedicated craftsmanship and details.

The ad900x headphones are built almost entirely of plastic, with the external grills of the headphones being composed of metal. Although the headphone is constructed of plastic, that does not stop it from giving off a premium vibe.

These open-back headphones are also pretty light in weight and easy to use. They weigh about 265 grams, just as the earlier version of the ad series. But the design is not all about these premium headphones, we look for comfort too and with the Audio Technica ad900x, comfort plays a great role.

Now let’s talk about how comfortable these headphones feel when you use them. When you put on the headphone, you will realize that they feel very cozy and warm, and they do not feel irritable to the skin.

Now, just like the ad700x, these high-performing headphones also have Audio Technica’s special feature known as the self-adjusting 3D wing. This unique feature ensures support to your head when the headphone is worn.

Because of this design that includes a vibration-proof mechanism, the user gets to enjoy a comfortable listening experience.

The earpads of these circum-aural headphones are composed of a soft velour material that makes them feel very cozy to the touch. Although the earcups may seem very stiff since they are not rotatable, they are large enough to hug the ears and contain just enough padding to support the ears from the pressure.

This gives off a completely natural sound experience- you feel as if there’s nothing covering your head at all!  However, you have to keep in mind that if you are someone with a small head, these dynamic and big headphones may be a bit difficult to adjust.

It’s quite clear that there aren’t many differences between the ad700x and ad900x in terms of how they look and how they are built.

Audio performance

When we first received the ad900x, we noticed the words AIR written on the packaging. In our opinion, this word pretty much describes the overall audio performance of these high-quality headphones.

First, let’s talk a little about the technicalities. The Audio Technica ad900x consists of large aperture 53 mm drivers and is made up of CCAW voice coils. What is so good about these features is that they allow the sound to be of absolute superior quality.

Open-back headphones are all about soundstage. The soundstage of ad900x certainly exceeds our expectations! With its tremendous deep and wide soundstage, these premium headphones offer exceptional three dimensional sound.

The open-air headphones ensure that every detail and texture of sound is unfolded in your ears, making your sound experience unique and pleasurable. Thanks to the live feeling and cinematic sound that these on the budget headphones offer, they are great for gaming and multimedia.

The tonality of these headphones is remarkable. The ad900x has a bright and clear tone, but it also sounds very warm. These studio headsets however are a bit behind in the bass.

The bass is a little light but we would say it’s ample enough for the audiophile who will be using these headphones regularly to listen to music or play games. At first, the midrange may surprise you, but gradually with time, you will learn to explore and like it more and more.

On the other hand, the highs are extended quite well: the sound produced is delicate and has crisp to it.

Overall, we would say that the sound quality of these headphones is quite satisfactory, but it can be improved in the bass section.

Why you should get the AD900x headphones

  • These headphones are extremely light and very comfortable to use.
  • The path ad900x are high-quality stereo headphones that have a wide soundstage for an excellent audio performance.
  • These dynamic headphones have a maximum power handling of 100 megawatt which suggests that they can work very well without amplification.
  • The 3D wing feature allows the big headphone to be adjusted automatically, fitting right into your head.

Reasons to not buy AD900x

  • If you are a bass head, these headphones may let you down with the limited bass that they have to offer.
  • Sometimes the midrange can sound thin and uneven although it is quite pleasant.
  • The cable that comes with these headphones cannot unfortunately be detached.

Product Differentiators

Audio Technica AD700x and AD900x headphones almost offer the same value but AD700x has 700 milliwatts maximum Power Handling capacity where AD900x can handle 1000 milliwatts power capacity. They have different ‘Frequency Response’ capabilities. But how these impact on ad700x vs ad900x sound quality.

Ath-ad700x headphone is rated 5 Hz-30 kHz (±3dB), the first number, 5 Hz, refers to the deepest bass frequency; the lower the deep bass, the better overall sound quality. And the second part, 30kHz, on the other hand, refers to the highest frequency of this gaming headphone, and as higher the number, the better.

Ath-ad900x offers 5 Hz-35 kHz which means the lower range of frequency response is similar to ad700x but the higher range of the frequency response of ad900x is better. But overall performance depends on how others feature of Ath- ad700x vs ad900x are tuned.

Alternative Products

Sennheiser HD 599 


Lightweight and comfortable design.

Great audio reproduction

Comfortable critical listening experience.


Sensitive to ambient noise

Sennheiser hd 650


  • Optimum sound without the trouble of mixing sounds.
  • Versatile since
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours.
  • Amazing bass when paired with most amps.
  • Smooth Mid-range sounds and are not distorted very often


  • Neutral bass

Final Verdict: Audio Technica AD700x vs AD900x

Now that we have reviewed the two head-to-head competitors, it’s time to pick the final verdict.

Audio Technica has been widely praised for its remarkable audio products and the two competitors ad900x and ad700x seem to leave quite an impression!

Both the open back, affordable headphones are quite identical with similar features but their main difference lies in the sound.

Whilst the ad700x provides clear and a natural sound, the ad900x offers a deeper bass with much more impact. Hence, if you are looking for gaming headphones, the ad700x would be a wise choice. However, if you are a music enthusiast who wants to explore different genres of music, we would suggest you choose the ad900x.


Looking for some answers to your problems? well, worry no more as this section is going to solve some of your problems in Audio Technica AD700x vs AD900x.

Is the AD900x a decent gaming computer?

Because the AD900x is enjoyable to listen, no amplifier or soundcard is required. The Q701 is not one of them. I’d throw in the Sennheiser HD 558 as well. They’re fantastic for gaming, easy to drive, and offer a mellow tone that’s perfect for soothing music like jazz and classical.

Is it true that open-back headphones sound better?

Open-back headphones do not form a seal around your ears. The effect, as you might guess, is that music sounds less “muffled” and more “clear.” Closed-back headphones give a greater feeling of dynamics and stereo image than open-backed headphones.

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