Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero: Review And Comparison

A gamer knows how important it is to have a quality headphone during a paying game. Furthermore, with the best gaming headphone, you can feel the game and enjoy playing. You can find so many brands that manufacture the best quality headphones and Sennheiser is one of them. And today we are going to discuss Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero and help you to choose the best one for you.

In this article, we try to collect all the details about Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero and analyze everything. By reading this article you can find all the specifications and features of these two popular gaming headphones. So, stay with us and I hope you can make your decision by reading the end of this article.

Sennheiser Game One: Quick Review


  • A crisp and well-rounded bass
  • A detachable cord can be replaced if it gets damaged
  • Prevents high temper and ear fatigue by allowing air circulation
  • Balanced Soundstage


  • Earcups might get damaged for long use
  • Mics might make a weird sound while using

Sennheiser Game Zero: Quick Review


  • Games sound more realistic with wide stereo sound
  • The frequency range can be customized extensively
  • Volume knobs provide easier control
  • Provides more flexibility


  • Bass sound not well emphasized
  • Communication can get hampered

Comparison Chart Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero

Ground of ComparisonSennheiser Game OneSennheiser Game Zero
ColorBlack or WhiteBlack or White
Wearing StyleHeadbandHeadband
Microphone TypeNoise CancellingNoise Cancelling
Audio ChannelsStereoStereo
Ear CouplingAround the earAround the ear
Acoustic DesignOpen AcousticsClosed Acoustics
Weight272 g300 g
Connectors2 x 2.5 mm/ 1 x 3.5 mm2 x 3.5 mm
Impedance50 ohms50 ohms
Microphone MuteAutomatic by raising the boom armAutomatic by raising the boom arm
Frequency Response15- 28000 Hz15- 28000 Hz
Adjustable HeadbandYesYes
Sensitivity116 dB108 dB
Headphone Driver50 mm40mm
Mic Frequency Response50- 16000 Hz50- 16000 Hz
Mic Output Sensitivity-38 dB-38 dB
Control OptionsHeadphones+ Microphone Volume ControlHeadphones Volume Control
Connector Size3.53.5
Cord Length10 feet1o feet
Harmonic Distortion<0.1 %0 %
Passive Noise ReductionNoYes
Compatible PlatformsPC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Mobile devices, VR SystemsPC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Mobile devices, VR Systems
Warranty2 Years2 Years
PriceCheck price on Amazon Check price on Amazon

Compatibility Analysis of Both Sennheiser Game One & Game Zero

So before choosing a gaming headphone you will have to make sure that the headphone is perfectly compatible with the device you are using for gaming. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the headphone with your device. And all gaming headphones are not supported by all gaming devices. So you need to be careful about that.

The Sennheiser Game One is compatible with so many devices. It can perfectly be paired with PlayStation, Xbox, Mac, Mobile devices, laptops and not to mention, gaming PCS. It is also compatible with VR systems, which is a great addition.

The Sennheiser Game Zero is similar to Game One regarding this. Even though it goes best with gaming PCS, it also works with PlayStation, Xbox, Mac, and mobile devices. VR systems can also be paired with it. So none of these two headphones have compatibility lacking.

How can you choose a gaming headphone in 7 steps?

There are several things to look into while you are choosing a gaming headphone. You can look into all these things step by step and then finally come to a decision about which headphone goes the best with your preference. So let’s look into all these steps and see how well the Sennheiser Game One and Sennheiser Game Zero work with these steps. The steps are analyzed below.

Gaming Headphone Type

There are primarily three types of headphones in general. These three types are In-Ear headphones, On-Ear headphones, Over Ears Phones. These three different types of headphones have different features and each kind of headphone is good for different sets of tasks. So at first let’s see what these three types offer to a user.

In-Ear Headphones: The most common type of headphones are the in-ear headphones or in short, ‘earbuds’. However, they are widely used for their very conveniently small size and huge portability. But they can’t cover every aspect of sound and audio device should have. They are the prime type of headphones to use with mobile devices.

On-Ear Headphones: These kinds of headphones are worn on the ears and they weigh less. So it’s comfortable to use them. However, in order to have comfort, you will have to compromise with the sound quality and features like active noise cancellation.

For being small in size, they are easy to carry and use. The bass sound also remains good in these headphones. Their compact design is a good advantage.

Over-Ear Headphones: For audiophiles, over-ear headphones are the most favorite of the three. They are big in size and not really good portability wise. Even though they are heavy in size, they are really comfortable to use as oversized comfortable earcups with comfortable pads cover the ears entirely.

Their sound-producing quality is also top-notch for having the largest drivers among the three. They can easily produce a wide range of frequencies. So these types of headphones are best if you are looking for home usage such as gaming or watching movies.

Now let’s get back to the two products we were talking about. And both Sennheiser Game One and Sennheiser Game Zero are over-ear headphones. The Sennheiser Game One has large-sized earcups that use very comfortable pads which can provide the needed comfort to your ear.

The design helps the headphone to deliver an incredible range of sound. And its being over-ear type has made it a great option for gaming.

The Sennheiser Zero is similarly an over-ear headphone and is a great option for gaming. It has tailored XXL size earcups which are perfectly adjusted from triple-layered memory foam and thick leatherette to provide great comfort to the ear. And also for being large in size, it has a larger driver which can provide a great range f sound.

  • There are two kinds of headphones. They are wired and wireless. It depends on whether the headphone is using wear to get connected to the device or not. Wireless headphones use a Bluetooth or GHz band connection to get connected with the device. It can also use a base charging station to get connected. It provides the freedom to get away a bit from the device while wearing the headset and using it and roam around freely.

However, the wired headphones that get connected with the device with a wire, don’t provide this kind of freedom. You have to stay near the device to use it as you can’t get it far for the wire. But the wired ones provide way better sound quality than the wireless ones.

Moreover, the wireless ones might face connection problems while using. So for gaming, wired headphones might be a way better fit for you. And both Sennheiser Game One and Game Zero use wires for the connection with devices. Both of them use a 10 feet cable for connections.

Design and Materials

Regarding the design of a gaming headphone, the first thing that concerns us is the earcup design. There are two kinds of earcup designs, they are open back and closed back. Let’s look deep into these two kinds of designs first.

Open Back Design: The ear is not completely closed in an open back design. This works better when you are using the headphone in warmer weather. And acoustics get improved to in some open back cases. Also, it keeps the air flowing.

Some sounds seem more natural when you’re listening with an open back headphone. But it has some problems too, like ear shells leaking some of the sound, which can disturb the surroundings a bit. Sennheiser Game One has the open back design and all the open back features.

Closed Back Design: Closed-back headphones have a closed soundbox as the name suggests. You get closed from the outside world while using these, and the bass sound becomes very dominant. The passive noise canceling works better in these headphones and helps you to get immersed in the sound properly.

And you can concentrate more too. But during intense play sessions or hot weather, the headset might feel clammy. Sennheiser Game Zero has the closed-back design and all the closed-back features.

Both the closed back and open back headphones have their own advantages and disadvantages. It can’t be determined which one is better, it actually depends on the preference of the user.

Now let’s get to the designs of these two headphones. The exterior design of these headphones might look quite similar at first glance. They have some kind of meshed microphone design, same ear cup shape, and identical red and black color palette.

They even come in the same black or white-colored finish. However, they still have some important differences in their design.

Game One

A firm foam wrapped in a fabric mesh is used to pad the Sennheiser Game One earcup. In its headband padding, the same material is used. This kind of padding is beneficial as the mesh refrains the headset from sticking to the ears and so it can be used for extended periods if wanted. But the firmness of the foam can be the cause of discomfort if the headphone is used for long sessions.

The headband of the Game One is connected with a plastic slider to the earcups, which can be adjusted by a fair margin. The earcups can be tilt up or down for easy comfort adjustments, but for compact storage, they can’t be fully rotated or flattened. It has no metal parts, as it is completely made of plastic. But it is still very solid. Overall, it is not much flexible but the design of this headphone is sleek and simplistic.

Game Zero

The Sennheiser Game Zero is equipped with some special design features that are absent in the Game One. The headset of this headphone is padded with double-layered memory foam which is wrapped in soft leatherette. This makes the headphone very comfortable to use as it puts no strain on the ears of the user.

The rotating mechanism of the Game Zero’s design that connects the ear cups to the headband is also different from Game One. This headphone allows the earcups to rotate 180 degrees as it has compact and easy storage in the included carry case.

And this has made the headphone way more flexible than Game One. Apart from plastic, metal has also been used in Game Zero’s making. Its metal part s are limited to the hinge, which helps the earcups to rotate, and also in the joint that holds the earcups and headbands together. So overall the design is quite charming and flexible.

So both of these headphones have nice and sleek designs. Both of them have a volume wheel on the right earcup and also detachable wires. None of these have water resistance features. But they provide a good amount of comfort as over-ear headphones should provide.

Comparison of Microphone

The microphone is one of the most important parts of a gaming headphone. While playing an online multiplayer game, a gamer has to constantly communicate with their fellow players and the microphone plays the most vital role in the communication, as you will have to both listen and talk through the microphone with others.

If the mic isn’t of good quality you will have to face problems while talking as the others won’t be able to listen to you properly. So a good mic is equally important as the sound system for a gaming headphone. Let’s see what is provided by these two headphones regarding the microphone.

Game One

The Sennheiser Game One has the microphone on its larger side but you can fully retract it when you are not using the mic. The microphone type is completely noise canceling, which means it will exclude all the external sounds apart from what you’re saying on the mic.

It can be easily muted or turned on or off by lowering or raising the non-detachable boom. As the noise-canceling features work very well, the other side will have a clear sound. The mic kind of sounds like a cardioids mic.

The frequency response of the mic is 50- 16000 Hz and the mic output sensitivity is -38 dB. So, overall the microphone system of the Game One is really good.

Game Zero

The microphone system of the Sennheiser Game Zero is quite similar to Game One. The mic of this headphone can’t be removed but can be retracted. For increased durability, the mic is encased in a flexible rubber shell and is topped with an aluminum mesh colored in metallic red.

Like Game One, the mic is noise-canceling and has all the features of noise-canceling microphones. This mic can also be easily turned on or off or muted just by raising or lowering the non-detachable boom.

It also sounds like a cardioids mic. The Game Zero mic also has a frequency response of  50- 16000 Hz and an output sensitivity of -38 dB. So it can be said that its mic is just as good as the Game One mic.

So as we can see, having the noise canceling system and other important features which will come in very handy while communicating with your team or fellow players during an online multiplayer game.

Sound Quality Analysis of Both Headphones

Now let’s move on to the most important part of any audio device, the sound-producing quality. And especially for gaming headphones, the sound quality has to be top-notch to properly enjoy games.

Good sound quality can help you to completely immerse yourself in the games and other things like music. There is three kinds of sound systems or audio channels used by gaming headphones or all the headsets in general.

These three types are Stereo, Virtual Surround Sound, and Dimensional Sound. Let’s see what these three types are about.

Stereo: These kinds of headphones are suitable for all kinds of platforms and consoles for their 3.5 mm connection, which is present in almost all the stereo headphones. A stereo headphone simply distributes sound over just the 2 audio channels. But while gaming the subtle sounds might be a bit unclear.

Virtual Surround Sound: The gaming headsets that have 7.1 virtual surround sound use algorithms and software to simulate 7 sound channels. As a result, you can listen to the subtle sounds more precisely and you get a better sense of gaming.

You can also change audio settings for each game. However, it isn’t compatible with every console as it requires special software and a USB connection.

Dimensional Sound: This kind of sound is way advanced than stereo and virtual surround sound. Dolby Atmos uses this kind of technology and every sound becomes way more precise. However, most games and consoles don’t yet support this technology.

So, if we look at all three types, we will see all of them have to offer many important things while lacking in some aspects. But compatibility wise the stereo system should be the perfect choice as it goes well with everything, so you won’t have to be bothered about devices.

And it also provides a decent sound, if not as good as virtual surround sound. And both Sennheiser Game One and Game Zero have a stereo sound system, so they go well with every device and provide decent sound.

Game One

As Sennheiser is the manufacturer of both these headphones, you can expect a premium audio quality from them. Game one is not overly bassy or overly bright while producing sound. In a sound signature, it is fairly neutral.

A very palatable and clean listening experience is provided by the headphone and the sound is not fatiguing on-ear. And the headphone sounds great when it is paired with a soundcard and an amplifier.

As Game One has open back design t allows air and ventilation, along with the ambient sound. This over-ear headphone has noise cancellation for the microphone, but for the sound system passive noise canceling is not supported by it.

However, allowing or canceling ambient sound is a matter of preference, so we can’t label it as an advantage or disadvantage.

This headset has a well-maintained balance in the low, mid, and high frequencies, which makes it a great package for usage. With a good range of soundcards, it works amazingly for the users who want to further customize the headphone, as the soundcards provide the option to adjust the audio in sync with the game you are playing. Overall, the sound quality is really standard and well balanced.

Game Zero

Despite having a really fantastic sound quality, the Sennheiser Game Zero’s sound isn’t as balanced as Game One. The headphone has bright mid sounds, but the bass sound isn’t as good.

But you can EQ the levels of the frequencies according to your liking with the help of a sound card. The main difference this headphone has from Game One is the closed-back design.

The closed-back design has provided the headphone with a noise-canceling feature. With this feature, you can fully immerse yourself into the game you’re playing or the movie or show you are watching.

But you might face some problems too with this. While using voice comms, as you won’t hear your own voice, which can be disturbing for some users. Overall, even though the sound system of Game Zero is incredible, it can be a little problematic for multiplayer online games as constant communication is required.

Whereas the open-backed design of the Game One provides a great deal of comfort for communications.

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Weight and Comfort

While choosing a gaming headphone it is really important to look into the comfort features of the headphone. We have discussed the materials and the earcup elements of both headphones earlier and they both provide a great deal of comfort. Their comforts depend on their respective weights too. The lighter the headphone, the comfortable it is to wear for longer sessions.

The Game One is lighter than the Game Zero as the Game One’s weight is 272 grams, whereas the weight of Game Zero is 300 grams. So between these two, Game One is more comfortable to wear, though the Game Zero has more flexibility.

Different Specs and Facts to Consider

Now let’s compare some specs of the Sennheiser Game One and Game Zero.

The respective driver sizes of The Game One and Game Zero are50 mm and 40 mm. By having a larger driver, Game One can produce more sound. Both these headphones have the same frequency response, which is 15 to 28000 Hz.

They also have the same impedance rate of 50 ohms. However, they have differences in the sensitivity rate. Game one has a sensitivity rate of 116 dB and Game Zero has a rate of 108 dB.

Are Both the Headphones Budget-Friendly?

Individually both these headphones are budget-friendly considering the quality they provide. The price of Game One is 123 USD, whereas Game Zero has a price of 135 USD. We can see Game One costs less than Game Zero, but it’s because of the build quality. Nevertheless, both these headphones are budget-friendly no doubt.

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From the discussion, we have seen all the aspects of the two headphones. They both are remarkable as gaming headphones in their own ways. They have their similarities and differences, but none completely tops the other. It finally depends on you, which one goes well with your taste and which to buy. Either of them will be really great and meet your gaming needs.

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