Sivga SV007 Review

Sivga Electronic Technology is a Chinese company that expertise in manufacturing headphones and earphones. Sivga SV007 is the upgraded model in the SV series headphones. The previous models are SV004, SV005, and SV006. In this article, I will provide an unbiased Sivga SV007 review shedding light on its positive and negative aspects.

The SV 007 will be compared to other models to see the main differences and decide which one is better. You can easily use the SV 007 for music, movies, or as a headphone for games. It has a better frequency response and higher sensitivity which will assure the deep bass at the low-end of frequency and loudness of the music.

The aesthetics are another attractive side of these headphones. The wooden texture gives a classy look when compared to others. The product is sturdy and long-lasting and has multiple wires and adapters that are compatible with different devices. If you want balanced, neutral, and undistorted sound then under $100, the Sivga SV 007 is the best choice.

Sivga Company Profile:

The Sivga has a wide variety of products like wooden headphones, sports, and planar magnet headphones. They use their patented products and technology and the result is, they have some of the best affordable products in the market.

With the motto of ‘returning original sound to ears,’ their products go through excessive trials and errors and strict professional tests to provide well-tuned products. They have around 10 years of expertise so you can easily trust or rely on them.

Their main purpose is to make their products tune accurately and sound natural. Along with the sound, the wooden exterior enhances the design and build quality.

Sivga SV007 vs SV006  vs SV005: Differences

SV 007SV 006SV 005
Size of transducer50mm50mm50mm
Frequency response20Hz – 20KHz20Hz – 20KHz20Hz – 20KHz
Sensitivity110dB at 1KHz, 1mW105dB at 1KHz, 1mW105dB at 1KHz, 1mW
Connections3.5mm gold plated3.5mm gold plated3.5mm gold plated

From the table above we see the differences between the three models of headphones of Sivga in different factors. The SV 006 and SV005 has all the features similar except the weight. However, the main difference between the SV 005 vs SV 006 lies in their design type. The SV005 has a rounded open-back design silver grille whereas the SV006 are rectangular closed headphones.

With closed headphones, they can eliminate any noise from the surrounding, sit firmly on your ear, and provide isolation. Similar to SV 005, the SV 007 has a rounded open-back design but the black grille pops out than the SV 005. Open-backs are supposed to deliver better soundstage and avoid the risk of ear damage.

In terms of sound, you will hear the SV 005 has sudden peaks in the sub-bass and mid-bass range but you can enjoy music or games with it easily. For the SV 006, the sound is detailed and loud but the bass was weak. If you love deep bass, then you will not like these but other than that they are quite powerful.

The SV 007 is more professional than the SV 005 and SV007 with better audio that is balanced and natural sounding. Comparing the SV 005 and SV 006 with SV 007, the SV 007 has more sensitivity but other things remain the same. None of these models have Bluetooth options so you can’t go wireless.

Sivga SV 007 In-detailed review:

Design and build quality

In the audio world, looks matter. And Sivga headphones are an example of that. It comes with a magnetically closing hard-exterior box inside which you will find another headphone casing that keeps it safe. The Sivga SV007 has a classy and stylish look that mostly comes from the wooden exterior.

It is made of metal, premium leather, and wood. The headphone has metal inside it and wrapped with premium leather which is soft and will not cause you any discomfort. You can also stretch it to make it short or long based on your head size and it adjusts with a ‘click’ sound. The ear cups are fenestrated faux leather. The open-back side is made from a rosewood wood finish and in the middle there is a black grille.

Sound performance

The quality of the headphone is sturdy, but along with that, the audio performance plays a huge role. Upon testing music, movies, and games, it can be said that the audio quality is decent with some minor issues. The treble is bright, the mids and vocals are pronounced. It has a 50mm transducer and a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz.

The bass isn’t that shaking-punchy but will hit you when the low-frequency part comes. It is also designed to be noise-canceling and deliver a wider soundstage with details. The sensitivity is 110dB which means they can get pretty loud.

If you listen to these for long hours you will not have any ear-fatigue. Overall the performance is not what you will get from high-end headphones, but it is balanced and detailed. With that in mind, you can enjoy movies, music, and games.


The SV 007 comes with an airplane adapter and a 6mm plug. It also has two cables. One of the wires is made of braided fabric material that has 3.5mm jacks along with a 6.5mm adapter and it is around 5ft long.

Another cable is also strong and made of braided fabric that has in-line controls including a mic for calls and volume up and down buttons.


The SV 007 is soft and goes easy on your head and ears. The soft protein leather ear pads sit firmly on your ear and the premium leather headband is comfy to put on. The mic and remote options provide flexibility and make it easy to answer a call with a mic.

However, since the ear pads rotate 180-degree but are not fenestrated inside, it might not work as ventilation to release the air and allow cooling. So you can try the Brainwavez memory foam with these headphones. Although they will be a little loose with these if you sit on your desk and use it you will be completely fine.

What is it best for?

If you are a bass head and shaking-bass is your primary concern, this headphone is not for you. On the other hand, if you want a better soundstage, bright but not overkill treble, and deep but not muddy bass, these headphones will satisfy your ears.

Taking these headphones out in the public like in a park, bus ride, or long flights is not an ideal choice. These headphones are quite heavy so after using them for 2 to 3 hours, you will start feeling the weight.

Also, the ear pads will slowly become warmer as you listen to it so you may feel uncomfortable. The headphone will work great if you love gaming because it is compatible with the V-Moda BoomPro so you can enjoy your games with immersive audio.


This article is about the Sivga SV 007 review where we have disclosed the drawbacks along with its best features. This headphone is basically for music-lovers who love using them mostly at home. For outdoor purposes, it is not an ideal choice. It will also not completely cancel or eliminate outside noise like traffics or a busy cafeteria.

For indoor uses, this headphone will give you the optimum experience. The sound is loud and clear with smooth treble and better mids. The audio is not too harsh and the bass is quite deep and tight. Along with audio, the headphone has soft leather in both headband and ear cups which makes it really soft and comfortable to wear.

As for the negative sides, at this price range, it can be easily overlooked. The SV007 is the best sounding at the given price range with better soundstage, details, and dynamics. This is a budget-friendly headphone that will deliver loud, clear, and detailed sound.

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This FAQ section is all about solving problems that you might encounter while walking on the pavement of these types of headphones.

Which one is better open-back or closed-back?

Sivga makes both open-back and closed-back headphones. The closed-back headphone will act as noise-canceling headphones and isolation pads by canceling any outside noise that might affect the music. They can only cancel noises up to some extent but not entirely. They also prevent music leakage.

Open-back headphones produce a broader soundstage and don’t affect the ear. With these headphones, you will experience some music leakage and are best if you use them outdoors so that you will remain alert of the surrounding.

What factors to consider before buying headphones?

Some of the factors while choosing headphones are described here. Technical specs like the frequency response and sensitivity should be as per your likings. If you like deep bass then you may choose a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz. The sensitivity for decent loud music should be more than 85dB.

The type of headphone also plays a significant role.  Over-head headphones are more comfortable than in-ear or on-ear headphones. But they are also quite heavy so you can’t use them on-the-go or during workouts.

Another thing to consider is the Bluetooth feature. Some users don’t like the hassle of wires so they prefer Bluetooth wireless headphones. Finally, the build quality is as important as sound performance, the material should be sturdy and long-lasting.

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