Ikea Eket vs Kallax Vinyl Storage For Your Collection

Now a time has come peoples are passionately having a collection of vinyl and records. There are tons of collections in everyone’s house; even I love to keep the various vinyl collection. Now you need to have Ikea Eket vs Kallax Vinyl Storage.

So, if you are searching for great textured vinyl storage that also matches your home decor, then Ikea Eket or Kallax Vinyl Storage are the two popular choices. But Ikea Eket and Kallax have different model and size of Ikea Eket vs Kallax Vinyl Storage.

Here, I categorically explained different models and make a comparative review.

Ikea Eket VS Kallax Vinyl Storage Comparison Table

Ikea Eket 
Slightly small cubes.
Weight holding capacity
Can hold only 15 lbs.
Good quality.
Black, white, oak effect.
Place on the floor or wall mount.
Ikea Eket 
Slightly small cubes.
Weight holding capacity
Can hold only 15 lbs.
Good quality.
Black, white, oak effect.
Place on the floor or wall mount.

Why Buy Vinyl Storage Not To Customize My Own?

When we talk about any vinyl storage, many questions arose “why to buy such expensive storage when I can make my own according to my own choice.” 

But whatever you would say, you deep inside know you really want that premium quality storage. They are quality full and stay for a long time. And as there is much variety, you can also choose to match your home decor like the Audio Technica turntable.

Setting a shelf in your living room or your specific record storage room can increase your home beauty significantly. Even your neighbor and your friends will envy seeing you at your creative shelve.

They come in many forms like 2×2 or 2×4 etc., choose what is suitable for your room. Also, the color combinations are great and eye-catchy.

I find most attractive the big storing shelves setting in a room all around that vinyl or records only. This thing drives me crazy. And for your deep satisfaction and to increase your popularity, you should choose to buy vinyl storage.

This can be from Ikea or from others that would be only your personal choice.

Ikea Eket

Ikea Eket is a kind of cabinet that helps to organize the records in a unique way. Never before did your documents look so organized and beautiful. And also, no worries about having more and more collections.

You can choose your favorite color and fit them and ready to set your records. Eket gets its popularity for being so creative you can fit them horizontally or vertically.

Even they give the opportunity to wall mount also. A wall with the premium vibe of Eket furniture is excellent.

Creative Cabinets With Ikea Eket

If you are going to buy Eket furniture to store vinyl, you can choose either 4×4, 2×4, or 1×1, whatever matches your need. For me, the 4×4 is the best store vinyl.

The 4×4 looks like an entire square and sets the vinyl in them, filling every cube of it. When you are done doing this and finally came to see it you won’t believe your eyes it looks so splendid.

While comparing Ikea Eket vs Kallax Vinyl Storage, it can be said that the customers of Eket consume this 4×4 set up mostly. But if you don’t need it, then go for 1×1 or even significant.

Also, the Eket cabinets are deep and long enough to store vinyl horizontally. So, your records won’t be damaged, or you don’t need to push a lot of records in one cube.

Just balance the records in every cube in the same amount will do the best. Here is a little trick for those who love to decorate the house. You can place a couple of showpieces on the top of the shelve would look splendid.

However, there are some vinyl turntables from the Fluance RT series that you can take a look at.

Store Many Vinyl In Every Eket Cube

Based on an estimate, it is seen that one enough giant cube can hold up to 30 records together. And as the Eket cubes are big and deep, you can store 30-40 easily.

Also, if you are tensed about the weight of the records if the shelves hold them or not. Then let me tell you, Eket can carry 15lbs weighs.

So, storing vinyl of 300 or 400 won’t be that troublesome. But you have to buy some more Eket shelf.

Ikea Eket Storage With Four Shelf

I have already told you that the perfect size can be with the four cubes. This looks amazing as well can store much vinyl. So, you decide to have four cubes, then look for these two models of Eket.

Moreover, we are actually doing storage comparison here, yet, if you want to see the Pro-ject and Technica turntable comparison you can take a peek at it.

Ikea Eket Storage Combination with feet White Stained Oak Effect

This is for those who want some oak finish on their shelf. The color is nice and beautiful looks to smooth texture can be suitable for any home decor. Even in the living, this would be a perfect match.

This is designed especially for compact room size, but many types of vinyl can be stored. And assembling it also not too problematic for the pre-drilled holes. For a compact room size, you can buy the best  Technics Turntable.

Also, the adjustable feet help make a little distance from the floor and not damage the downside of the cabinet.

Dimension is height, depth, width 28 3/8 “, 13 3/4 “, 27 1/2 ” respectively, so the vinyl can sit easily.

Ikea Eket Storage With One Cube

If you are not willing to have or don’t need the four-shelf, you can have only one cube. Many think that what can only one cube store! But this is a misunderstanding.

For the newbies or those who don’t want to have an extensive collection but to have some specific vinyl collection, this one cube is absolutely perfect.

  1. IKEA Eket Cabinet White 703.321.24
  2. IKEA Eket Cabinet White Stained Oak Effect 804.288.52

If anyone asks me how I would like to place the one cube, then I must say on the wall. If you hang it on the wall, surely you will like it most.

But you can also place them beside your sofa set or your bed wherever you would be nice.

The white color cabinet can be great on some colorful walls. Or in some dark room. The dimension is said to be 13 3/4 “, 9 7/8 “, 13 3/4 ” for height, depth, and width, respectively.

And the Oak is good in the black in my perspective. But this is one’s own choice. All the height, depth, and width is 13¾” can hold 15 lbs.

  1. IKEA Cabinet, Dark Gray 1228.111417.386
  2. IKEA Eket Cabinet Light Gray 103.321.22

Here another two excellent colors of Eket storage are light gray and dark gray. Both of them are unique and fit for anyone.

The dimension is perfect for storing vinyl. And the pre-drilled holes make it easier to set up. Both of them can be wall mounts or place on the floor.

The price of a dark gray shelf is 69$, and the price for light gray is 48.99$. The price range may vary for the color, but the texture and material are almost the same. And here we have compiled some best turntable for your home stereo system that might grab your attention for a bit.


  • Can load only 15 lbs.
  • The single cube height only 12½”.

Ikea Kallax

Kallax is widely known for vinyl or record storing and did a great job. They are big, and variation in color makes them better than others.

Placing a Kallax product in your home will give a different look to the home decor. And as they are so big, you can store vinyl or books also and what you like according to wish.

You can also decorate a whole only with Kallax shelves and can impress others with this. When the price is also not too high, you can do this in no time.

Kallax Storage Is Big And Can Hold More Vinyl Than Others

There is no doubt about the Ikea Kallax as it is much better than any other storage. The enormous cube in a small price range is the best option for anyone.

You can store up to 50 records or vinyl in one cube. So 2×2 shelf can hold approximately 200 vinyl. This is huge for a compact size of this type.

From any other brand, you can not expect this storing capability. Many say that it can not hold that much vinyl.

But Ikea says that Kallax can carry more than 50 lbs even more. I just love Kallax because it is the best for my vinyl collection.

Once you set the bolt all together and fit the Kallax boards, then you are ready to go. It is much vital for holding a great weight of vinyl. So, no worries about that at all.

Also, with the aesthetic look, these shelves fill the entire room with an aesthetic vibe all around. The beauty increases of the room and thus gives a nice pleasing feeling when you are there.

It Is Cheap

Storing up to 200 or 250 vinyl in a 2×2 Kallax of max 75$ isn’t great? If you compare with other brands or even with Eket, this amount is considerable.

I don’t think you won’t wish to spend that much money on your loving collection. And if you go for more extensive shelves, the price increase, but for a giant shelf, that range is also ignorable.

The cubes are most of 14” or 15” bigger than Eket and other shelves. This is the most exciting part of Kallax.

Four Shelf Kallax Storage Is Great

The giant cube and the ideal size of 4×4 of Kallax can make you fall for. You can find two colors, black and white.

Both of them look amazing and can store what you may not have imagined before. So, have a look at them.

IKEA Kallax 4 Shelving Unit Black-Brown

The color is gorgeous black brown. This gives a high-quality vibe all around the room. The material is wood, and the shelf type is plastic.

The dimension height, depth, width is 31 1/8 “,15 3/8 ”  ,31 1/8 ” respectively. And Ikea describes the max load it can hold as 29 lbs. So, many vinyl collections in it would look great.

And this is also can be wall-mounted, or you can place it on the floor. How you like to.

The price is 89.95 $ may seem a bit expensive but trust me, this is worth it. Instead of spending money on your customize storage with some plywood, this Eket is excellent.

IKEA KALLAX shelving unit White

This white color gives some please in mind. And storing the favorite vinyl is so mesmerizing.

The dimension is perfect for storing records. Width, depth and height is 30.5 x 15.5 x 30.5 inches. Though the size is big enough, only two or three-person can set this fully.

Also, per your wish, mount it on the wall or place it on the floor both work great. But storing many records can be problematic if the wall is not good enough. So, be careful about it.

Giving a discount, it is now only 75$, so be hurry and have your Kallax storage in your home.

Bigger Ikea Kallax Storage

Kallax only maybe offers more extensive storage in a compact price range than most other brands. This is beautiful also well suited for any room bigger or medium.

  1. IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit, Black-Brown
  2. Ikea KALLAX Shelf, White

I was just impressed with this big shelf which contains a tremendous black-brown color. But the white is also excellent.

As Kallax cubes are more prominent than others, you can store so much vinyl in this 4×4 storage. Approximately 800 vinyl or more vinyl in your collection.

You also do a little trick here. Use it as a room divider in your big room and see the magic. A new look to your whole room so incredible.

Like the question about the color, you choose what you like.

IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit, Walnut Effect Light Gray

This walnut effect giant shelf of only 199$ is more than worth it. This huge shelf can be cover an entire wall and would look so incredible.

Just imagine this giant shelf full of your vinyl collection. How satisfying is that! Every family member or friend will be surprised after seeing this shelf.

This the most extensive 5×5 cube shelf, durable, easier to fit also not that expensive. This means a total jackpot for vinyl collector lovers.


  • There is no noticeable problem.

Ikea Eket VS Kallax Vinyl Storage Which Is The Best?

Eket VS Kallax Vinyl Storage is one of my favorite topics. Because nothing can be more pleasing but to organize your vinyl collection in beautiful stuff.

Here both Eket VS Kallax are the two most popular and high-quality storage. They are good in every aspect and praised by all.

The Eket gives a unique colored shelf with the benefit of storing so much vinyl. Also, that shelf can be wall-mounted or placed on the floor.

Some come with the stand with them. So, it is easy to choose what one needs. Just buy them, and the fitting is not hard. You can set it up by yourself.

The only problem some say that they are expensive also can not hold much weight.

Other hand Kallax is liked by all the people, and there is a very negative review about it. The shelves are so big and beautiful.

The black, brown, white, gray, or walnut color you can choose. The right one for your room decor.

Also, it can hold so much weight, like 50 lbs which is significant than Eket. The shelf is also bigger than 15”.

And the latest 5×5 shelf is giant and can cover a whole wall. This is for those who are passionate about collecting vinyl. The price is also not that much as its offers so much.

So, overall judgment, the Kallax is better than Eket. But that does not mean Eket is not good. Eket is still at premium quality. However, if you are looking for buying some turntable, then our Audio Technica LP60 VS LP120 comparison can come very handy,

How To Choose Perfect Storage And Tips For Storing Vinyl

Check the dimension:

Firstly, you need to check the measurement of each cube of your storage. If they are not big enough and deep, it will be a total waste buying storage.

Usually, a vinyl is 13” you choose the cubes are more than 13” in height. The best will be if you choose 15” or 16 ” cube sizes.

Weight holding capacity:

Weight is another vital thing to notice because when you are placing 30 or 50 vinyl together, your shelf needs to be strong. Otherwise, they can fall or break apart.

And your dream vinyl collection will go into total vain. So, check the capacity that the shelf can hold.

If you have an enormous collection, then buy a shelf that can hold up to 50 lbs.

Placing the vinyl at the proper position:

This thing many do ignore that they do not put the vinyl in a correct position. Mean many places them horizontally which cause some accident like breaking them.

So, the right trick is to place them vertically. This will also save your time for you don’t have to search for them for a long time. With an eye rounding at them, you can find the right one.

The material:

The storage or shelf of a renowned brand always provides good material. But sometimes it may not perfect for you. So, make sure that you select high-quality material always.

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Final Verdict

Ikea Eket vs Kallax Vinyl Storage, two great vinyl or record, is storing shelves. You already know all about them how fantastic they are at every point.

Kallax has more giant cubes, and Eket shelves are excellent and beautifully textured. No one is less comparable. But overall, Kallax is slightly better. So, choose wisely.

There were also many options for you to choose the right one for you. If you go for the 4×4 type, it will do the best. But still, it is only your choice.

FAQs of Ikea Eket vs Kallax Vinyl Storage

This part of the article is going to answer some of the most asked questions collected from all over the internet. You can even get your own solution from this part. what are you waiting for then? let’s hop right into it!

Can I paint my Eket or Kallax furniture?

Both Eket and Kallax provide such beautiful color they look premium. There is no need to paint them. This would do no good for sure.

If you really want to paint it, then you build your customized shelf. But they will be no good as them.

Can I use Kallax’s big shelf for the room divider?

Of course, you can use Kallax as a room divider. The 5×5 or 4×4 is so big can do this easily. But this can not be done with Eket as they are not that big.