Best Audio Technica turntable: Detailed Overview

Audio-Technica was established in 1962 in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, by Hideo Matsushita as a phonograph cartridge manufacturer. The business grew quickly, and the best audio Technica turntable spread into new fields. In 1965, the company’s headquarters and factory relocated to their new location in Naruse, Machida, Tokyo.  In 1969, the company introduced the first microcassette recorders and started distributing phono cartridges around the world.

This company has been making quality audio components for a few years now. Well, to be honest, everything audio Technica makes is of premium quality. Headphones, microphones, speakers, cassette players, turntables, etc are very premium products of this reputed audio brand. There are turntables for every category and price range. You can find beginner-level tables and professional DJ sets too. There are a few turntables from Audio Technica and we will discuss the best among them.

Audio Technica LP60

It is an entry-level best audio Technica turntable from Audio Technica. People have been using it with great satisfaction for a few years. It costs just about 100$. The amount of quality you get for this money is absolutely amazing. The AT-LP60 can be wired directly to your monitor, home stereo, powered speakers, and other components that don’t have a dedicated turntable input thanks to its built-in switchable phono preamp. An Audio-Technica Dual Magnet phono cartridge with the replaceable stylus is included with the turntable.

LP60 turntable features-

  1. Fully automatic belt-drive turntable operation with two speeds.
  2. Anti resonance, die-cast aluminum platter.
  3. Integral dual magnet phono cartridge with a replaceable diamond stylus.
  4.  Built-in switchable phono pre-amplifier with RCA output cables to connect to audio systems and powered speakers. 
  5. Comes with Two output adapter cables.

AT LP60 specification

  • Turntable type- Belt drive, fully automatic 
  • Motor- DC servo controlled 
  • Speeds- 33-⅓ RPM, 45 RPM
  • Turntable platter – Aluminium 
  • Low and flutter- Less than 0.25% and at 3KHZ 
  • Power supply requirements- 120 V AC, 60 HZ, 3W
  • Weight- 2.98kg
  • Signal to noise ratio- >50db

Pros of Audio technica 60

  • Very good quality according to price 
  • Built in phono preamp
  • Fully automatic 
  • Plays 7 and 12-inch records
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Belt driven and vibration dampening platform
  • No problems with skipping songs

Cons of Audio technica 60

  • Built in photo cartridge is fixed
  • Doesn’t have a counterweight
  • Doesn’t have bluetooth
  • Cant play 78 speed


The AT-LP60XBT incorporates all of the great features of the revamped AT-LP60X fully automatic belt-drive stereo turntable with Bluetooth® wireless connectivity for added convenience. Speakers, headphones, and other portable devices may be used with the turntable. The turntable’s CSR BT chipset allows it to connect to devices that support the aptX codec, which provides significantly better sound quality than the standard SBC codec.

Of course, the AT-LP60XBT can be used as a standard turntable with a wired link. You get outstanding audio in either wired or wireless mode, with the convenience of automatic operation powered by front-panel start, stop, and tonearm lift buttons. For more than 50 years, Audio-Technica has been a pioneer in phono cartridge design, and the AT-Dual LP60XBT’s MagnetTM cartridge with replaceable stylus represents that expertise. The cartridge is built into the headshell for dependable output and setup.

The AT-LP60XBT plays both 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records and includes a 45 RPM converter, a detachable dual RCA output cable (for wired connection), and a hinged dust cover that can be removed. The turntable comes in three colors: black (AT-LP60XBT-BK), white/black (AT-LP60XBT-WH), and red/black (AT-LP60XBT-RK) (AT-LP60XBT-RD).

LP60XBT turntable features-

  1. High fidelity audio with wireless technology
  2. Compatible with aptX codec
  3. Fully automatic operation with two speeds 33-⅓ and 45 rpm
  4. Anti- resonance, die cast aluminium platter
  5. Redesigned tonearm base and headshell for improved tracking and reduced resonance
  6. Integral dual moving magnet phono cartridge with replaceable diamond stylus 
  7.  AC adapter controls AC/DC conversion outside of the chassis reducing noise in the signal chain
  8. Built in switchable phono pre-amplifier for phono or line level output

Audio technica AT-LP60XBT specifications

  • Turntable type- Belt drive turntable, fully automatic
  • Motor- DC servo controlled
  • Drive method- Belt drive
  • Speeds- 33-⅓ rpm, 45 rpm
  • Turntable platter- Aluminium
  • Weight- 2.6 kg
  • Signal to noise ratio- >50 DB

Pros of Audio technica LP60XBT

  • aptX bluetooth streaming
  • Integrated phono stage
  • Gets the audio just right
  • Aluminium platter for stiff chassis 
  • Automatic start/stop

Cons of Audio Technica LP60XBT

  • Playing it safe in terms of sound
  • Feels insubstantial

In this Audio Technica LP60XBT review, we talked about all the important things. Both these models don’t come with built-in speakers so for the budget record player setup you need speakers. You can look for the best small speakers for record players as they will compliment it perfectly. It is one of the best record players with Bluetooth. 

Audio Technica LP120USB

This professional stereo turntable comes with a high-torque direct-drive motor for quick start-ups and a USB output for direct connection to your computer. Forward and reverse play capability also comes in handy. A selectable internal stereo phono pre-amplifier allows the turntable to plug directly into components. This is basically a more advanced device than audio LP 60 or LP60XBT

The turntable can be connected directly to components without a dedicated turntable input thanks to a selectable internal stereo phono pre-amplifier. To digitize your LPs, a USB cable and adapter cables are included, as well as Mac and PC-compatible Audacity applications.

AT-LP120USB features-

  1. Make a digital audio file out of your vinyl albums.
  2. MAC and pc compatible software digitizes your records
  3. Direct drive, high torque motor
  4. Selectable 33/45/78 speed
  5. Balanced s-shaped tone arm with hydraulically damped lift control and lockable rest
  6. forward/reverse option and variable pitch control 
  7. pop up stylus light for cueing in low light 
  8. Stroboscopic platter with speed indicator

AT-LP120USB specifications

  • Turntable type- 3 speed, fully manual operation
  • Motor- DC motor
  • Drive method- Direct drive
  • Speeds- 33-⅓, 45, 78 rpm
  • Turntable platter- Die cast aluminum 
  • Signal to noise ratio- >50DB
  • Weight- 10.7kg

Pros of Audio Technica AT-LP120USB

  • Built in preamp lets you connect with a wide range of equipment, with a bypass switch if you already have a favorite phono preamp 
  • Compatible with 38,45,78 rpm records 
  • USB ports make it easy to digitize any types of vinyl using any computer
  • DJ and pro friendly features

 Cons of Audio Technica AT-LP120USB

  • Hardwired RCA output cables
  • The direct-drive motor can transfer vibration to the platter

The Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB is a fine turntable for the beginner vinyl collector who wants a good-sounding, flexible, and hassle-free player. The kit is rounded out by a built-in phono preamp and USB output. The Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB needs a close look if you’re trying to play records or digitize them.

Audio Technica AT-LP120XUSB

The AT-LP120-USB turntable has been updated to include a new DC servo direct-drive motor, as well as dynamic anti-skate control and a selectable phono preamplifier. The fully manual turntable plays 33-1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records and comes with a USB output for direct computer connection. Simply download the free Audacity recording program (or other software of your choice) for Mac and PC and begin converting your records to digital audio files.

However, in addition to the USB output, the turntable features a detachable dual RCA output cable and a built-in selectable phono preamp, allowing you to link directly to your home stereo, whether or not it has a dedicated phono input. An S-shaped tonearm with adjustable tracking force and an AT-HS6 universal 12″-mount headshell with an AT-VM95E Dual Magnet phono cartridge is included with the turntable.

AT-LP120XUSB features-

  1. Experience high fidelity audio of vinyl
  2. Direct drive, DC servo motor
  3. Adjustable dynamic anti-skate motor
  4. Professional grade anti-resonance, die cast aluminum platter with felt mat
  5. Built-in the switchable phono preamplifier
  6. Damped base construction for reduced low-frequency feedback coloration 

LP120XUSB specifications

  • Turntable type- 3 speed, fully manual operation
  • Motor- DC servo motor 
  • Drive method- Direct drive
  • Turntable platter- Die-cast aluminum
  • Braking system- Electronic brake
  • Weight- 8kg
  • Tonearm type- Balances s-shape arm with detachable headshells

Pros of Audio Technica LP120XUSB

  • Compact, durable construction
  • Classic look
  • Accessories included
  • 3-speed turntable

Cons of Audio Technica LP120XUSB

  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Not on the cheap side

Best audio Technica turntable Audio Technica AT-LP5

The AT-LP5 direct-drive turntable combines cutting-edge technology with sleek, modern styling for a look that’s as good as it sounds. The AT-LP5 features a J-shaped tonearm that is influenced by classic A-T models from the 1960s and 1970s and is a product of Audio-rich Technica’s analog heritage.

To reduce tracking errors, the tonearm has a metallic gimbal suspension system and precision bearings, as well as an adjustable counterweight and anti-skate control. It comes with an AT-HS10 headshell that weighs just 10 grams and a high-performance AT95EX Dual Moving Magnet stereo cartridge that was designed especially for this turntable.

The AT-LP5 turntable is a class leader in reducing low-frequency acoustical feedback, thanks to its anti-vibration damping materials and heavy-mass metal chassis inserts. A direct-drive, high-torque motor powers the precision-machined, die-cast aluminum platter, ensuring steady, on-axis rotation at 33-1/3 or 45 RPM. A 5 mm thick rubber damping mat is placed on top of the platter to enhance low-frequency reproduction.

AT-LP5 features-

  1. Direct drive, high torque motor
  2. Fully manual operation with 2 speeds 33 ⅓ and 45
  3. Exclusive AT95Ex Dual Moving Magnet stereo cartridge with replaceable stylus
  4. Lightweight AT-HS10 headshell
  5. J-shaped tonearm, modeled after original Audio-Technica designs from the 1960s and ’70s, are engineered to minimize tracking errors
  6. Switchable built-in preamplifier enables connection to components with or without a dedicated phono input
  7. Anti-resonance, die-cast aluminum platter
  8. Sleek, matte black finish

AT-LP5 specifications

  • Turntable type- 2-speed, fully manual operation
  • Motor- DC motor
  • Drive method- Direct drive
  • Speed- 33 ⅓, 45 rpm
  • Turntable platter- Die-cast aluminum

Pros of audio Technica AT-LP5

  • The device goes with PC- and Mac-compatible Audacity software in order to make it more digitized.
  • The model boasts a near-identical low-frequency reproduction.
  • The turntable’s direct-drive is very accurate, smooth, and quiet.
  • Included dust cover and mounting hardware
  • Heavy rubber damping mat for improved low-frequency reproduction

Cons of audio Technica AT-LP5

  • The model is very sensitive to vibrations from the platform it is sitting on.
  • The setup process may be hard to perform for novice users.

Audio Technica AT-LP7

In 1962, Audio-Technica started as a designer and manufacturer of high-end phonograph cartridges, introducing the revolutionary Dual Moving Magnet stereo cartridge to the audio world, which featured excellent channel separation, extended frequency response, and superb tracking. The AT-LP7 continues this tradition.

The AT-LP7 comes with a VM520EB Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge with a 10 g AT-HS10 headshell and 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical bonded stylus. To reduce tracking errors, the tonearm has a metallic gimbal suspension system and precision bearings, as well as an adjustable counterweight and anti-skate control. To fit a wide range of cartridges, the tone arm’s height can be changed from 0 to 6 mm.

The turntable frame is made of 40 mm thick MDF (medium-density fiberboard), a good anti-vibration material that reduces low-frequency acoustic feedback. The anti-resonance platter is made of 20 mm thick polyoxymethylene and is driven by a sensor-monitored motor that holds the platter spinning at 33-1/3 or 45 RPM. The AT-LP7 also includes a built-in switchable phono/line preamp for connection to components with or without a dedicated phono input, and a selector switch to designate operation with a moving magnet or moving coil cartridge.

AT-LP7 features-

  1. Fully manual, belt-drive operation with two speeds: 33-1/3 and 45 RPM
  2. Motor features a speed-sensor system to maintain accurate platter rotation speed
  3. VM520EB Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge provides outstanding channel separation and extended frequency response, and allows for easy replacement with any VM stylus
  4. Built-in switchable phono pre-amplifier with selectable modes for moving magnet or moving coil cartridges
  5. 20 mm-thick, anti-resonance, polyoxymethylene platter
  6. 40 mm-thick MDF (medium density fiberboard) chassis
  7. Lightweight AT-HS10 headshell

AT-LP7 specifications

  • Turntable type- 2 speed, fully manual
  • Motor- DC motor
  • Drive method- Belt
  • Turntable platter- Polyoxymethylene
  • Weight – 8.3kg
  • Signal to noise ratio- >60 DB

Pros of Audio Technica LP7

  • The model’s motor boasts a speed-sensor system, which is meant to allow users to easily maintain accurate platter rotation speed.
  • The turntable has a switchable pre-amplifier to help users quickly select either “PHONO” or “LINE” mode.
  • The device has stable and accurate speed and features a super quiet running table.
  • Removable headshells allow quick changes

Cons of Audio Technica LP7

  • Dust cover is not hinged so that you must take it completely off and put it somewhere every time you are going to use the device.
  • The device has poorly set bearings.

Good vinyl speakers are a must for these two premium turntables. You can also look for the best wireless speakers for record player.

Difference between Audio Technica LP5 and LP7

Direct comparison: premium, mid-range, and budget

In this article, we have seen both budget and premium categories of turntables. Audio Technica has done a wonderful job with its diversity of record players. For easier understanding, we will compare the products according to their category. 

Budget section: LP60 vs LP60XBT

These two are both entry-level turntables from Audio Technica. They are perfect for beginners.


The Audio Technica AT-LP60 turntable is one of the most simple we’ve seen. It’s a fully automatic belt-driven turntable that does nothing but plays records. But no other device in this price range does it as well as this one. Audio Technica has omitted virtually all unnecessary features in order to achieve such high performance from such a low-cost player.

This is not the turntable for you if you need to play CDs, tapes, radio, or MP3s. If you want a self-contained device that doesn’t need any external components, this isn’t the one. External speakers of some sort must be connected to the AT-LP60.If you don’t need any additional features, the Audio Technica AT-LP60 is the only choice for anyone looking for the best sound quality at the lowest price (apart from USB, which is available for a few dollars more).

In order to get the same quality level of the AT-LP60 in a player with more features, you will have to spend two or three times as much. That’s why this is one of the best sounding budget turntable, period


On the other hand,LP60XBT is unquestionably low-cost. The AT-LP60XBT, which costs £179 ($149), includes a built-in, switchable phono stage as well as wireless connectivity, and can do pretty much anything for you at the touch of a button.It’s almost as if you’re listening to a CD. With the record set’s size and rotation speed, all you have to do is put it on the platter and push the start button.

The AT-LP60XBT could be a great first turntable for any budding vinyl enthusiast, thanks to its low price, quick assembly, and wireless playback. It is a good cheap record player.Although the plinth is rather insubstantial, and the sound may not be detailed enough for others, the AT-fantastic LP60XBT’s price more than compensates – and the addition of Bluetooth compatibility makes the AT-LP60XBT feel like excellent value for money.

The AT-LP60XBT is a wonderful choice for many enthusiasts. It won’t break your bank but give you overall satisfactory performance. This is a good affordable record player which you can enjoy with your Bluetooth device as well. 

Midrange section: AT-LP120 vs AT-LP120XUSB

In this midrange category, we will talk about two very potent and all-rounder turntables.


To enjoy the warm, intimate sound of vinyl records, you’ll need a good turntable. But albums and 45s aren’t ideal travel buddies, so what’s a music lover on the go to do? You can listen to your records at home and digitize them for playback on your mobile or portable digital audio player while you’re on the go with Audio-AT-LP120-USB Technica’s turntable.

A heavy cast-aluminum record platter and a cloth slip mat are included with the AT-LP120-USB. Its feet can be adjusted to level the turntable, which is important for getting the best output out of it. This turntable can play 33-1/3 and 45 rpm records without needing anything extra. The dots on the outer edge of the platter shows how fast the platter is spinning


This is abest audio technica turntable and budget turntable. You can call it a budget audiophile turntable. Audio Technica LP120 specs are impressive but this USB-enabled model tops it. The Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB is a fine turntable for the novice vinyl collector who wants a good-sounding, flexible, and hassle-free player. The kit is balanced out by a built-in phono preamp and USB output. The Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB needs a close look if you’re trying to play records or digitize them.

The Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB was one of the best models we reviewed, providing the most convenient and enjoyable overall experience. If you’re willing to pay a little more money for slightly better sound quality, the AT-LP120XUSB is the best turntable under $500. Its sound quality is impressive and clear. 

Pitch modulation, speed settings for 33s, 45s, and 78s, and an automatic speed change feature that detects what type of record you’re playing and changes speed accordingly are all included in the AT-LP120XUSB. All of this adjustability is handled through a simple and user-friendly interface.

The AT-LP120XUSB Turntable from Audio-Technica attempts to combine modern and vintage features into a single, easy-to-use kit. Even better, it tries to do all of this while appearing to be worth a million dollars. With a built-in dust cover and a low profile, it’s difficult to imagine this 3-speed turntable not fitting in. Just add some good speakers for the record players and you will be good to go.

Premium section: AT-LP5 vs ATLP7

This is the ultimate list of turntables. These two are the best vinyl record players from Audio Technica. If you want a turntable you can plug it straight into your amp and play, with the added bonus of USB output, there is nothing better at this price.


The AT-LP5 sounds fantastic. It is one of the best audiophile turntables of 2020.

It’s because, in addition to providing you with additional equipment that will be immensely useful to many people, Audio-Technica has nailed what matters: this is a turntable that is both fun to use and listen to. The only way to build on such a robust package, in our view, is to increase your budget dramatically. This is the best option in my opinion for the below 500$ category.

When compared to the success of the existing dominant brands, Audio Technica has carefully and deliberately designed a turntable that has almost nothing in common with the competition. Just pair it with the best-powered speakers for vinyl and you are ready to enjoy some quality music.


The AT-LP7 is very likely the best turntable any manufacturer has ever built that sells at the price Audio-Technica are currently asking for it. It is slightly more expensive than the LP5. As indicated earlier in this review, the Audio-Technica AT-LP7 has a built-in phono pre-amplifier whose use means you can connect directly to any integrated amplifier.

The build quality is excellent on this device. You can feel the warm bass and richness of the vocals in each song. The instruments can be properly identified. The thing which impressed me the most was the lack of flaws. This is a near-perfect device. You should pair it with the best speaker for vinyl players. This is the best audiophile turntable for under 1000$

The AT-LP7 is described as “the best turntable we’ve ever built” by Audio-Technica. I completely agree, but I would add that the AT-LP7 is most likely the best turntable any manufacturer has ever produced for the price Audio-Technica is currently asking. The LP7 checks off all the boxes when it comes to the premium turntable category

Conclusion: Best Audio Technica turntable

What we learned from this detailed review is that you can’t really go wrong with an Audio Technica Turntable. It is one of the best brands out there you can find. No matter what you choose from this Best Audio Technica turntable list you won’t be disappointed. The audio Technica products are categorized into 3 main targets. For people who are new to vinyl, people who are stepping up their game, and true audiophiles.  

If your purse permits you then you should go for the premium AT-LP5 and ATLP7 models. For the new starters and budget, listeners look into the LP60XBT and LP120XUSB models. Hopefully, this will help you make your important decision and satisfy your audio needs. Personally, I would love to have the best audio Technica products in my house and experience true love with vinyl.


What does my Audio-Technica turntable require?

You must have:

  • Turntable with dust cover and cartridge and stylus already attached.
  • The driving belt is connected to the bottom ring of the die-cast aluminum platter.
  • The user manual, an Audio-Technica slip pad, a 45 RPM converter, and two stereo audio adapter wires

Are speakers required for Audio Technica turntables?

Because this turntable lacks a built-in speaker, the answer is yes. It does, however, feature its own built-in amplifier. As a result, you won’t require an individual amplifier or an amplifier/receiver. However, you will need a speaker with its own power supply, such as a computer speaker or one of the bigger portable stereo speakers currently available.

Is it necessary to use a preamp with my Audio Technica turntable?

A stereo receiver’s PHONO input includes its own RIAA preamp, so the turntable doesn’t need to provide one. The PHONO/LINE button on the back of the turntable allows the user to engage or disengage the inbuilt RIAA preamp, which is found on all of Audio-current Technica’s turntables.