Best Lithium Battery For Car Audio 

For the audiophilic great sound quality and uninterrupted power supply, most people nowadays choose lithium batteries for car audio.  

Lithium batteries are most probably the greatest among all other car batteries. Because of its light-weight, longer life. Though it is a bit expensive still it is worth the expenses.  

Here you will explore the 5 different Lithium Battery For Car Audio along with all other necessary info from setting up a battery to how to choose. Let’s deep dug into the article.  

5 Best Lithium Battery For Car Audio: Quick Summary  

ExpertPower12V 100Ah, Lithium LiFePO4, 7000 Cycle Rechargeable Battery

Deep cycle ranging from 3000 to 7000 with 100% DOD.  

WeizeLiFePO4 Battery 100ah 12v, Built-in BMS, 7000 Deep Cycle Battery

7000+ deep cycle with 10 years longer life span comparing to lead-acid battery perfect for audio stereo in the car.  

POWER QUEEN 12V 100Ah, Built-in BMS, 4000+ Cycle life

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A longer battery life, with great features, makes the audio system precise. 

12V 100AH Lithium Battery, 2000+ Cycles, Battery Support 1280W Power Output, Built-in 100A BMS

Support solar panel charging, big output power. 

SCREMOWER LiFePO4 Battery, 12v 120Ah Lithium iron phosphate, Built-in BMS High Performance

120-amp hours, the high-quality battery can perform 10 times better than other traditional batteries.

What Is A Lithium Battery? 

A lithium battery is the most expensive battery among other car batteries. Though it is a bit pricy it can store more powers, also rechargeable, which is the big advantage over other batteries.  

This is also known as a lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery. But a slight difference is there between lithium-ion vs lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have only one cell and are not rechargeable, so only one-time use is available.  

Another hand, lithium-ion or li-ion battery is rechargeable, as the second cell is present in the construction, that’s why they are in great demand nowadays.  

Lithium and graphite are used in this battery with positive and negative electrodes. And thus get the name lithium or lithium-ion battery. This kind of battery can work efficiently with electric vehicles, and also as a second battery for car audio. 

How Does a Lithium Car Battery Work?

Before knowing about the lithium battery, many people mind one question may arise how these batteries work. Although this is not mandatory to know.  

A lithium car battery looks like a box containing small battery cells in it. Each cell has three important components. The positive electrode, a negative electrode, and an electrolyte layer.  

The positive electrode also known as cathode made with lithium, negative electrode stands for anode made with graphite. When discharging the lithium ions go from cathode to anode and the opposite thing is happen when charging.  

These ions work as energy. This kind of construction provides a longer life battery life. 

5 Best Lithium Battery For Car Audio: Review 

ExpertPower 12V 100Ah, Lithium LiFePO4, 7000 Cycle Rechargeable Battery  

Sufficient power supply with lithium-iron technology: 

Another incredible lithium battery for car audio makes a place on our list. ExpertPower has been a great company making some exceptional lithium batteries.  

And as the question goes for car audio, it needs enough power to perform efficiently. Further, sometimes a car stereo system may work for a long hour if you go for a long drive or you may wish it would only when needed.  

Lithium-iron chemistry just does the same. Comparing to lead-acid batteries lithium batteries are more convenient. This leads to environmentally friendly usage of batteries that may have people wished for decades.  

Deep life cycles: 

This lithium battery offers the deepest life cycle that you won’t believe until it is serving you for years. With this has a 100% DOD rate can turn any car stereo system or only for car powers powerful.  

From the manufacturer, they said 100% DOD works with around 2500 cycles and it by the time 80% DOD for 3600, 50% DOD for 7000. These kinds of the depth of discharge you hardly find in other traditional batteries.  

This is worth the money and saves a lot as you can use it for a long time.  

Charging or discharging and built-in BMS: 

Built-in BMS is kind of good news for car owners. It reduces maintaining the battery as low as possible. You already know what BMS do, but again let me repeat that it prevents overcharge and short circuit, which is the biggest concern of car audio users.  

Here again, the built-in low temp cut-off works not to make it temperature sensitive. Discharging works from -4°F to 140°F, charging happens from 32°F to 140°F.

Weize LiFePO4 Battery 100ah 12v, Built-in BMS, 7000 Deep Cycle Battery 

7000+ cycle 

Our second choice is the Weize LiFePO4 battery. You might not believe that a battery can have 7000 cycles, but after getting to know about lithium battery this has become evident.  

7000 cycles for one car audio system are outstanding. When reviewing lithium batteries, they all are high-quality with great structure, so it becomes tough to choose.  

But Weize batteries always remain decent, robust performance, strong capacity ensures breathtaking sound system. Moreover, you might not able to calculate when the 7000 cycles will be over.   

It will take years for you to replace this battery with another one. This is not possible with AGM or other batteries. In all aspects, this battery is perfect suited for car audio as well for other users.

Environmentally friendly: 

Lithium-iron-phosphate batteries are too environmentally friendly. So, one side you can enjoy your car experience another hand it does not harm nature at all.  

Last not least, BMS compatibility reduces maintenance. This is a piece of warm news for the lazy people but still love to hear music with full entertainment.  

Whatever speaker or subwoofer from the top brand or high quality you buy can not give you full entertainment until the power supply is good enough. That’s why lithium car batteries are our special choice ours to gift a new stereo experience in the car.  

Why this model of lithium battery takes second place you only get to know once you will have it and will use it for years and years.

POWER QUEEN 12V 100Ah, Built-in BMS, 4000+ Cycle life

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Deep cycle: 

Power Queen lithium battery also gets a place in our choice mostly because of the bigger cycle it offers. If you have used other lead acid or AGM batteries you probably have noticed that after a certain amount of use, they easily get damaged.  

And the cycle doesn’t run for quite a long time. But this doesn’t happen with a lithium battery. It won’t get damage until the 4000+ cycle is completed. And for any audiophilic or if he likes to go drive frequently that is not a problem at all.  

BMS and BSP: 

Our choice considers batteries that must have a BMS feature. As batteries need to maintain otherwise, some dangerous incidents can happen. But when a battery is BMS built-in then you can use it peacefully.  

Any abnormal condition your lithium battery can handle well.  

Talking about BSP, almost all lithium battery contains automatic BSP. This works like BMS. Prevent short circuit, turn off the battery if it goes under 8V or above 15V.  

This makes sure a long-run great performance. And when the battery performs well it also affects the audio quality a lot. A louder, car-shaking music can blow out anyone’s mind with a lithium battery.  

12V 100AH Lithium Battery, 2000+ Cycles, Battery Support 1280W Power Output, Built-in 100A BMS 


Lithium-Iron Technology:

CHINS makes environmental-friendly lithium-ion batteries focusing on all kinds of safety concerns to ensure a good car audio system. This battery contains lithium-iron for making it more convenient.  

Traditional lithium batteries are temperature or overcharging sensitive. But no worries about this battery for the clever technology it has. There is almost no possibility of catching fire or short circuit at all.  

Battery life: 

This battery supports the fastest charging along with solar panel charging. So, much environmental-friendly for the solar panel charging feature.

Built-in battery management system

The built-in BMS feature is safer than any lead-acid battery. This kind of thing makes lithium-ion batteries exceptional in all ways.  

Moreover, BMS tech prevents short-circuit, overcharging, low or over-voltage, reverse polarity, etc. Additionally, there is a built-in high temp that saves this battery from overcharging at high temperatures.  

Also, allow you to connect 4 identical batteries in parallel or series without any extra protection and expand the battery capacity as well.  

Cutting edge specs: 

This LiFePO4 battery provides more exceptional things than your imagination. The most surprising fact is 2000+ cycles compared to other batteries is huge.   

12V, too much lighter body, don’t have any heavy metal in the body construction provide enough power for any kind of car audio system. Once you connect your speaker or another component with it then feel the real joy in music.

SCREMOWER LiFePO4 Battery, 12v 120Ah Lithium iron phosphate, Built-in BMS High Performance


Like the above two powerful lithium batteries, SCREMOWER LiFePO4 Battery is another great invention. All the features and work principles are like the other lithium batteries, ensure to become a long-run companion in-car music system.  

Smart charging tech: 

The BMS feature in it with BPS protect the battery from getting damaged by overheat, overcharge, or over-discharge, reverse polarity any kind of abnormal situation.  

Lithium batteries at first faced these kinds of problems but now it has upgraded a lot. That’s why it now can beat other AGM or lead-acid batteries and getting the place in everyone’s home, cars, or any kind of vehicle.


It is featured with 12V, 120Ah, lithium-iron-phosphate. You may have seen very few of the 120Ah or 120-amp hours. This means it can deliver 1 amp of current of 12 volts for approximately 120 hours. 

Body construction: 

Lithium battery is so much light-weight comparing to other traditional batteries. Sometimes, the weight is one-third of other lead-acid batteries.  

For this reason, they can easily fit into the car and don’t take extra space. Other audio components can add to the car.  

Last of all, though lithium batteries are a bit expensive. But once installed in the car and get connected to the audio system, the real thrilling sound experience you will feel.  

A car vibrating sound is waiting for you with your new lithium battery.  

Lithium Car Audio Battery: Overall Pros and Cons 

After reviewing the 5 Best Lithium Battery For Car Audio, let’s have a look at the overall pros and cons of them. This thing works for all kinds of lithium car batteries.  


  • Longer lifespan.  
  • The lithium-ion battery is rechargeable.  
  • Takes less time to recharge.  
  • Provide more power than other batteries.  
  • Smaller size and lightweight.  
  • 80% DOD rate. 


  • Expensive.  
  • Need a specific charger to charge it.  
  • Temperature-sensitive.  
  • Must be careful about the right voltage and current. 

Upgrading the Existing Battery VS Adding Extra Lithium Battery For Car Audio  

A common question always arose before buying any battery for car audio. Should buying another one would be a good decision or replace the old one is enough?  

From personal opinion and considering other criteria having another individual battery for a car stereo system can work the best. And it is about lithium battery I think no other option can be better than this.   

First of all, for the music lover car audio system need to be precise as many spend quite a lot of money on the best car speakers or car subwoofer. So, the speaker and other components need sufficient power for working precisely.  

If you just have the primary battery, then your car needs to run the whole system along with the stereo system only with one power supply. This sometimes may cause damage to the battery or the speaker can not get enough power.  

For music lovers can not compromise with this kind of thing. Or even for other people having a secondary battery can serve best in all aspects.  

And coming to the battery like lithium battery, they come in a compact size, this ensures another extra speaker to get a place in the car. Even you can getsubwoofers also.  

In one word, having the Best Lithium Battery For Car Audio especially from our list can help you explore your audio worlds more excitedly.

Lithium Battery For Car Audio VS Other Battery: Which Is Better?  

Besides lithium, there are different kinds of car audio batteries are present. For a deeper knowledge about lithium battery, if it is good or not from others, also the difference with other batteries, this section is gonna help you.

Lithium Battery VS AGM Battery

The first difference between lithium and AGM batteries is the cost. AGM batteries are much affordable than any lithium battery. Also, AGM batteries are widely used in everyday life vehicles.  

The next, thing is the DOD sensitivity. AGM batteries are sensitive to DOD rate. DOD stands for depth of discharge. This indicates the battery lifespan also.  

The more the batteries are discharging the fewer cycles would become. But this doesn’t suit a lithium battery. They have a DOD rate of 80% or 90% sometimes. That’s why a longer lifecycle with the expected capacity you can have.  

The weight is also heavier than AGM or lead-acid batteries. But lithium batteries you can find much lighter.  

Though lithium batteries are ruling over people’s cars AGM batteries are serving for approximately 150 years. They can charge in any weather or temperature condition, in contrast, lithium batteries can not do that.

AGM Battery  

Interstate Batteries 12V 110 AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery for Solar (DCM0100)  

Weize 12V 100AH Deep Cycle AGM SLA VRLA Battery, in Series 24V 36V 48V  

Lithium Battery VS Calcium-Calcium Battery 

In a calcium-calcium battery, calcium plates are used. They get charged separately and also minimize the discharging rate by reducing fluid usage. This works as the best alternative to a lithium battery.   

Unlike AGM battery this battery has many advantages like a lithium battery. So, if anyone intends to have a calcium-calcium battery for car audio, this will ensure a great performance overall.  

Lithium Battery VS Wet Cell Battery  

Unlike lithium batteries, wet cell batteries use electrolytes or mostly known as sulfuric acid. There is a minimum of 6 cells contain this battery. This battery is also spill-proof meaning it prevents fluid spilling.  

This battery is also considered as the lowest maintenance, absolutely perfect for lazy music lovers. This is also a huge benefit of lithium batteries. So, if anyone is too lazy to maintain batteries this kind of battery can work best for them.   

Some Safety Concerns About Lithium Batteries 

We can not deny that lithium batteries have a great benefit and are much better than other batteries. But still, some safety concern always remains when it is about lithium or li-ion battery.   

As it is temperature sensitive, this battery needs to stay at room temperature. If the temperature is high then there is a chance of catching fire or explosion. Or, in low temperature, the battery is also affected and thus causes several damages.  

Besides temperature, one of the biggest concerns is overcharging. Overcharging must cause a dangerous explosion or fire. When the battery gets overcharged by electrolyte decomposition some gas production within the battery.  

Because of these concerns lithium batteries need to be maintained properly.  

But today’s latest chemistry batteries have come lithium-iron-phosphate which eradicates all kinds of overcharging, overheating problems. So, the safety is no longer valid now. 

How To Choose a Suitable Battery For My Car Audio System? Buying Guide  

Before buying a battery for car audio whether it is lithium or other some criteria everyone should consider. These points will help you to buy the right one for your car.  

Cranking Amps/ Cold-Cranking Amps   

Cranking Amps or CA is referred to the car battery output power or current. The RMS wattage of the system and the CA rate have to be the same or sometimes a higher CA rate can work. But not less than the RMS power.  

Another hand, CCA or cold-cranking Amps is the same concept as CA. The difference is only in the temperature. CA is measured at 0 degrees Celsius and CCA is measured at –18 degrees Celsius.  

In CCA like the CA, wattage power needs to be compatible. So, before buying a battery look at this factor at first.  

Battery life  

Another important fact is the battery life. Check out the car audio battery what time it takes to charge or discharge. Also, if your battery has already been manufactured for about 6 months or above try to avoid that. Because if batteries remain without charge for a while, it causes some internal damages. 

Battery Size  

Before buying a battery must see the size if it matches your car space or not. The battery size should not be too big that will be a total wastage of money. Moreover, a loose battery sometimes creates vibrations. So, size and fitting matter.  

Final Verdict  

Today people are more concerned about having the best product for their audio system. It can be for home or car everyone wants the best one. Thus, upgrading and getting the full entertainment we present a list of the Best Lithium Battery For Car Audio 

No battery now can compete with a lithium battery for efficient performance, low maintenance. Though these batteries are expensive but with other batteries you need to replace them after a short time.  

But lithium batteries can ensure a long life span. So, without further concern choose one of the batteries from our list, and enjoy the ultimate entertainment in your car.