How to Connect JBL Speakers to iphone

Not just as a portable phone, but also as a personal organizer, camera, and music system, the iPhone is a miracle of miniaturization. It’s feasible to turn your iPhone into the brain of your home audio system, keeping all of your music on it. Sound may be introduced into a room in a variety of ways.

Getting yourself some JBL Bluetooth speaker models is a wonderful way to start. If you have an iPhone and JBL speakers, you may connect them to receive better sound from the JBL speakers rather than the iPhone’s factory speakers. Connecting any JBL speaker to an iPhone is essentially same, whether you’re using a JBL Charge, or JBL Boombox.

In this article, we will guide you How to Connect JBL Speakers to Iphone.

Steps to connect any of the JBL speakers to iPhone

Here are detailed instructions for connecting your JBL speakers to your iPhone. Follow these instructions to link your speaker right now.

Step: 1 Initiating

To begin, turn on your Bluetooth speaker and switch on pairing mode. If your speaker was recently connected to another device, it will connect to that device automatically whenever you switch it on. To enter pairing mode in this instance, press and hold the Bluetooth button for at least 3 seconds.

When you switch on your speaker for the first time, it will automatically go into pairing mode if it hasn’t been previously linked to anything. A flickering light indicates pairing mode.

Step: 2 Find the device

Go to your iPhone’s settings in the following step. Now go to Bluetooth settings and find it. And then Go to other devices and turn on Bluetooth. To connect, look for your JBL speaker in the list and hit it. Your iPhone will be connected to the JBL speaker once you click.

Circled in red is the button that turns Bluetooth on and off on your iPhone.

Step: 3 Making sure

Finally make sure if your iPhone is connected to the JBL speaker. Play anything from your iPhone and if the sound comes from JBL speaker, then your connection is completed. Enjoy.

If you are unable to connect after doing all these steps, there may be some problems with your JBL speaker and you may need to reset it. You can also connect multiple JBL speakers with each other.

Get Your AirPlay

Your iPhone is connected to AirPlay-enabled speakers via Apple’s proprietary AirPlay wireless communication technology. AirPlay is compatible with other Apple devices as well as a wide range of audio equipment from companies like JBL, which we are talking about today.

You can also connect other Bluetooth speakers using iPhone.

Wrapping up

That was everything you needed to know about How to Connect JBL Speakers to Iphone. Now you can easily make a playlist on your iPhone and make noise with those JBL speakers. Bluetooth speakers are way more convinient than wired speakers. And it’s also easy to connect with iPhone as you don’t need to plug it on or something!

Hope you’ve learned something out of this article. Cheers!


If you still have some questions unanswered about How to Connect JBL Speakers to Iphone, check out this section.

Why does my iPhone’s device list not include a JBL speaker?

This is due to the fact that your JBL speaker has not yet entered pairing mode. To begin, verify that it is in pairing mode, which is indicated by a flashing light. To fix the pairing issue, you can reset the JBL speaker. Turn your iPhone Bluetooth on and off to see if that helps.

Is it possible to connect several JBL speakers to the same iPhone?

You can link all of your JBL speakers together and play audio from a single source, your iPhone, if they all have the “JBL Connect” function.

Why isn’t my Bluetooth speaker connecting?

If your Bluetooth devices won’t pair, it’s probably because they’re out of range or not in pairing mode. Try rebooting your devices or having your phone or tablet “forget” the connection if you’re encountering persistent Bluetooth connection issues.