How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to iPhone: For Any Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth connection and smart gadgets have become more common in most households. On the other hand, the iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. While a Bluetooth speaker connected to your iPhone will never provide surround sound, there are methods to improve the system. More applications and iOS upgrades are being created to enable the device’s ability to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers with a single device.

Two Bluetooth speakers may be connected to later model iPhones or an app can be used to allow the speakers to piggyback off of each other. However, if you have an earlier model, you won’t be able to do it.

Simply said, some iPhone models, particularly newer ones like the iPhone Pro Max 12, allow you to connect several Bluetooth speakers. Additionally, you may use the connect function, albeit it is not compatible with all mobile devices.

When Can You Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to an iPhone?

If you are running one of the latest iPhone models, Bluetooth 5 will probably make it easy to plug two speakers together with a projector. This covers iPhones running iOS 11.4 and subsequent versions of the operating system, as well as S8 devices (such as the Samsung Galaxy). However, if your mobile device only supports Bluetooth 4.2, you’ll only have a 10 to 30 meter audio range.

You can only connect one speaker to your phone at a time. If you don’t have the sort of mobile phone or Bluetooth speaker required to do this task, there are other solutions. An extra speaker can be connected with an application, for example Bose Connect, AmpMe, or Ultimate Ears.

How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to Iphone

As I said before, there are still ways you can add another speaker when your mobile phone doesn’t have Bluetooth 5’s simple connectivity. Apps need to be downloaded and some set-up procedures followed. Bear in mind, however, that all of them are not equal, so the best choice is generally based on the model of iPhone you use.

AmpMe App

For several Bluetooth speaker hookups, AmpMe is the first and the primary choice for our specialists. Because it is not a brand-specific app, it is compatible with a wider range of items than other choices.

You may sync AmpMe together and play audio from multiple music streaming programmes, such as Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. on two devices such as your Android and iOS smartphones with your Bluetooth speaker.

One of the nicest advantages about AmpMe is that it is not limited to your phone’s number of devices. It also allows you to join or create your own parties on various music applications.

AmpMe is incredibly simple to use, and all it needs is a Facebook or Google connection. You may also allow guest djs to add tracks and invite others to participate in the party after you connect to and make the playlist.

How to Set-Up AmpMe

After you’ve installed the app, you’ll only need to follow four simple steps to start a party.

  • Select the Plus (+) symbol.
  • Chose the music provider you wish to utilize, such as YouTube or Spotify, and then connect.
  • Obtain access to your music library.
  • Create a playlist or choose one that has already been created.

Bose Connect and Ultimate Ears

Bose Connect and Ultimate Ears are examples among these applications. You may connect your phone to a dual audio speaker or pick Last Ears in order to set up two speakers.

Of course, Bose works exclusively with Bose speakers and Bose headphones, with Boom and MegaBoom speakers work for Ultimate Ears.

The compatibility factor is the difficulty with our specialists using brand-specific gear. You know not if your apps function with your headphones and phones, but you have a list of compatible devices in the app storage facility to save your problem.

Samsung Dual Audio Feature

In the Samsung Galaxy S8 and beyond models, Samsung also has a dual audio feature. It is a Bluetooth connection which uses Bluetooth Dual audio Feature from Samsung, which works in conjunction with most Bluetooth speakers and headphones on the market.

It is straightforward to do, and can be accessed immediately on your Samsung phones. To activate the functionality, touch Bluetooth and then click on Settings. The feature can be activated in Android Pie through the advanced choices.

To Enable This Feature:

  1. Go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth.
  2. Tap Advanced in Android Pie. Tap the menu icon (3 vertical dots) in the upper-right corner of previous Android versions.
  3. Toggle the Dual Audio switch on.
  4. Pair the phone with two speakers, two headphones, or one of each to use Dual Audio, and audio will be streamed to both.
  5. The first paired device will be turned off if you add a third.

HomePod Stereo Pair

Apple offers a function called HomePod Stereo Link that allows customers to pair two HomePod speakers with an iPhone or Mac.

When you connect two HomePods in the same room, you’ll have the option to utilize them as a stereo pair. On an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, you may use the Home app to set up this function. Both HomePods must be in the same room to pair in any instance.

How to Enable This Feature:

  1. Double-click or press and hold HomePod in the Home app, then click or tap Settings.
  2. Create a stereo pair by clicking or tapping Create Stereo Pair.
  3. Select a second HomePod from the list.
  4. In the app, there are two HomePod icons. To assign a HomePod to the correct channel, tap or click it (right and left).
  5. Click or tap Back, then Done.

Your HomePod speakers are now synchronized with your iPhone.

FAQs: How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to iPhone

This FAQ is here to solve your problems that might be weening in your head for a long time. let’s find out more!

Why Isn’t My Bluetooth Speaker Working?

To reset Wi-Fi, mobile, and Bluetooth on an Android phone, go to Settings > System > Advanced> Reset Options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile, and Bluetooth. To unpair all of your devices on iOS and iPadOS, go to Setting > Bluetooth, tap the info icon, then Select Forget This Device for each device, then restart your phone or tablet.

If I Don’t Have a HomePod, Can I Connect My iPhone to Other Bluetooth Speakers?

Yes, with the assistance of apps from third parties. Search the App Store for applications that link iPhones to a variety of Bluetooth devices; read reviews and select a high-quality product that meets your needs. AirPlay-enabled speakers are another possibility.

What Is The Procedure for Connecting Google Home to Bluetooth speakers?

To connect, you’ll need the Google Home app. Google Home may be connected to Bluetooth speakers. Go to Settings > Default music speaker on your smartphone. Follow the steps to pair your Bluetooth speaker.


You need several audio channels and the optimum configuration to produce a superb surround system. Bluetooth speakers have notably improved connectivity and updates, and they appear to have taken control of the music business.

This way, multiple Bluetooth speakers may be connected to your iPhone, however there are certain limitations and restrictions. Unless you use AmpMe, the devices and components must be compatible with each other and the app. Check the model of your iPhone before downloading an app or going out to buy more speakers so you know precisely what you’re up against.