Smart TV vs Android TV: Compare and Contrast with Example

The debate between Smart TV VS Android TV is not a new one, still, it is a hot topic. People are just becoming skeptical day by day which to choose, as both have some similarities and both offer excellent features.

But they have their own advantages over each other. Smart TVs are simple contain built-in apps. Another hand, Android TVs lets download apps from Google Play Store. Besides, both need an internet connection to have access to apps and to stream.

To end up your doubt and to provide you a suitable TV between Smart TV VS Android TV, in this article you are gonna explore every difference between them along with the best TVs. In the end, I am pretty sure you will find your perfect TV to place in your home.

What Is Actually A Smart TV? And What Makes Them Smart?

A Smart TV simply contains built-in several apps like your smartphone or computer. This is far different from your regular TV. Through internet access with or without cable, you can see or stream many contents.

Apps like YouTube, Netflix, games, music many more a Smart TV offers. Most of the Smart TV use specific OS such as Tizen, WebOS, or others. These operating systems have their own pre-installed or downloaded apps in their store.

Nowadays, renowned TV brands like LG, Sony, Samsung are making smart TVs in spite of having their own OS. Just because the advantages of Smart TVs are many.

No there is no more time when TVs only show a couple of programs or advertise. Smart TVs break that briquet as it has accessed with the internet. What you can enjoy on your phone is several apps, you can see on a bigger screen.

As these TVs need an internet connection and offer several built-in apps like YouTube, Facebook, or others, this makes these kinds of TVs smart tv.

What Is Android TV? And Why They Are Called Android TV?

Android TV can be said as the same as Smart TV with a small difference. Android TV has the specific OS from Google, which just widen the interface of thousand content or many apps.

Other than that, these TVs also need an internet connection and serve with pre-installed apps but additionally, you can download apps from the Google Play store. This is the biggest advantage over Smart TV.

Smart TVs have some apps built-in and there is no change to install extra apps. But Android TV makes sure this facility thus makes it user-friendly. Those who are android phone users mostly prefer to have an Android TV.

Like the Android phones, Android TVs also update from time to time. You can have updates and browse different apps with the updated form. Whatever, new comes you can just have access with a couple of few steps.

Moreover, Google Assistant compatibility makes this TV to control in an easier way. With a built-in mic in your remote utilize Google Assistant a way better hand-free control over the TV.

Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, games, videos, music what you want, or even more with Google Play store. But not all brands make Android TV, only Sony, Samsung, Philips, Nvidia makes Android TV. This sometimes reduces a wide variety in choosing TV but still, this has a huge benefit in a cheaper rate.

Best Smart TV VS Android TV Review Under $2000

SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class Neo QLED QN90A Series, Alexa Built-in (QN50QN90AAFXZA, 2021 Model)

Product Differentiator:

Solar-chargeable remote, QLED impressive picture quality, good gaming feature, and most importantly excellent Smart Features.

Product Description:

Samsung Neo QLED QN90A is our first choice as it is an incredible Smart TV packed with clever smart features. Being a Smart TV, it also did amazing work by providing high-quality features and decently work for gaming purposes also.

First of all, talking about smart features, Samsung used Tizen as the OS which is really reliable as well allows to consumer enjoy some variety of apps or streaming content.

On the screen in the bottom part, all the apps come in a row. They are well-organized and can be customized with one’s favorite content. Moreover, there is a facility for browsing other apps or content while watching something on TV.

Other than that, there is a decent option for several apps like YouTube, Netflix like other smart TV, but what can surprise you is that without any Apple TV 4K box you can still enjoy some Apple TV app.

All just enjoy your voice command if you want with Alexa or Google Assistant. But remember you can use both at a time.

Besides these smart features, this TV has some outstanding features. All of these great options come in a sleeker design yet attractive body. Perfect for any room décor.

The picture quality is amazing as it has Neo Quantum Processor 4K, QLED resolution. Both in lit or dark room it surely will blow your mind with much clearer and realistic picture quality.

LG OLED48C1PUB, C1 Series 4K Smart TV (2021)

Product Differentiator:

Impressive black uniformity, perfect picture quality, can perform decently for gaming or HDR gaming, and lastly thousands of apps in LG store.

Product Description:

LG C1 OLED is another superb high-end TV got a place in our list is one of the best TV among others. All kinds of the superb feature this TV contain with great design, built-quality is enough to make anyone astonished.

As it is a smart TV, it has webOS built-in which is the biggest news for Smart TV lovers. LG WebOS store comes with a bounty of smart features that you may not believe until you use it.

Unlike another traditional Smart tv, this one doesn’t limit its app’s features. On the screen, several apps display in a good manner so you can choose or play what you like. Just download and enjoy.

Moreover, if you are a gamer then you don’t need to find another TV or monitor for gaming. There is a 120 Hz refresh rate and lower input lag. HDR compatibility makes it best suited for HDR Gaming, video games, etc.

For OLED resolution and α9 Gen 4 AI Processor 4K, this TV can work on every pixel. The result is perfect grey uniformity, near to close perfect black, outstanding peak brightness.

Wider viewing angle ensures everyone in the room can enjoy TV with the same viewing sight. So, much detail in the picture with accurate color.

Your living room can turn into a theater with the thrill since this TV is great for all entertainment purposes.

Sony A80J BRAVIA XR OLED 4K Smart Google TV XR65A80J- (2021)

Product Differentiator:

Tons of smart features pre-installed or need to download. Other pictures and audio quality make a perfect combination precisely.

Product Description:

Sony A80J is an upgraded Android TV, which get a huge response from consumers. Though the updated version A90J is already in market place still A80J is in great demand.

For those who always get confused between Google TV and Android TV, both almost stand in the same term. Android belongs to Google and uses the Android OS. So, having a Google TV means almost the same.

Apart from this, let’s know about these amazing TV features. At first, when you turn on the TV you will see plenty of options on the screen of different apps and others.

Movies, shows, games whatever you want you can just scroll down or even search. The search bar is useful and doesn’t need much effort to search. Google Play store is always stuffed with thousand and tons of features.

Maybe you are already use an Android phone then you know what you can get with this TV. If not then you can explore a new world with your Sony Google TV.

If you want more then stream with your Android phone or Apple device as it supports Airplay, Chromecast. I know this TV is offering much more which makes it perfectly worthy.

With all these smart features Sony did a little bit cleverly thing with the audio quality. The whole screen works itself as a speaker that is rare to see. Even the sound quality is pleasing and most people like it very much.

Lastly, about the picture quality, there are not many complaints about it. The 4K UHD OLED display can’t let the viewers complain. High resolution, good color contrast, pleasing black, and white uniformity bring life to the screen.

It supports HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG other criteria behind best image quality. This makes it suitable for gaming also.

Hisense Class H9 Quantum Series Android 4K ULED Smart TV 55H9G (2020 Model)

Product Differentiator:

On a lower budget, this is one of the best Android TV.

Product Description:

Hisense H9G is the cheapest Android TV on our list under $2000 but stuffed with all kinds of amazing features. This TV is not only good as an Android TV but also offers breathtaking picture quality and other things.

Like all other Android TV, this model also allows the consumer to download and enjoy tons of applications from the Google Play store. From those plenties of the option, you can search for your desired one and enjoy it all day long. No additional subscription fees.

You can download the games, video games, music or shows or stream them with your Android phone. Moreover, you can search and play only with your voice. A hand-free Google Assistant feature lets you enjoy just sit and not using your hand at all.

Whenever you are going to see any movies or shows you can enjoy with full HD quality. The ULED 4K resolution ensures the best picture with accurate color on the screen.

Enjoy every show as the original content. The contrast ratio is great and amazing black uniformity allows one to see movies or other shows in a dark room with full details. Even in the lightroom, it gets enough bright to reduce the glare.

It even supports HDR content that means HDR movies or gaming is no longer an issue at all. But the problem has seemed with the viewing angle. You have to sit directly in front of the tv.

Overall, this is an incredible piece, stand out all expectation as an Android TV.

SAMSUNG 50-Inch UHD AU8000 Series, UN50AU8000FXZA (2021 Model)

Product Differentiator:

At a cheaper price, this Smart TV from Samsung performs really amazing with plenty of smart features and apps.

Product Description:

Samsung AU8000 is a great budget-friendly Smart TV around $500. If you are searching for a cheap but Smart TV then this can work best for you.

Though it is cheap, it contains all the smart features like other smart TV. Hence got a place on our list. You can stream tv shows or movies and the apps that are stored in the storage.

Normally YouTube, Facebook, Netflix is available. They appear well organized like a row on the bottom of the screen. From there you can search and find what you like to see or listen to. And in this price range, you really cannot expect tons of apps.

But to stream or to find the apps and control the tv without a hand there is built-in Alexa. This is amazing because most smart TVs don’t have a voice control system.

Coping with the smart features this tv provides excellent picture quality. Due to the great contrast ratio, the black appears deeper. So, in the darkroom for a whole movie night, you are gonna surely have great fun.

In the lit room, the picture quality seems decent. It tries to reduce glare hard. The color accuracy is good. The 4K UHD is well known for best resolution. Since this tv contains this resolution, you will get a high-quality picture in your home for sure.

Best Smart TV VS Android TV Review Under $500

TCL 43-inch Smart TV – 43S435 (2021 Model)

Product Differentiator:

One of the cheapest Smart TV.

Product Description:

TCL is one of those brands that consider their consumer’s needs and make the cheapest TV. So, everyone can get an affordable TV whether Smart or Android in their home.

Such a decent TV is TCL 43S435, at the cheapest rate among other TV on this list. You can get this Smart TV for under $500. Still featured with smart features that are no less than other smart TVs.

TCL mostly uses ROKU TV as the OS, and this is an interesting thing. Roku tv offers thousands of apps or other content like Android TV. So, if you are not into some Android TV, yet want plenty of apps or other smart functions, then what can be better than a TCL TV.

HBO, Netflix, Apple tv, Hulu, Apple TV, and many more. For kids, there are kids’ channels, even sports channels with tons of different streaming content. Apps come on the screen, you can choose from them or can search. As there as so many apps you surely can find your favorite one.

Besides, these options TCL also have good picture quality with another factor. That makes the video content appear clear and crisp on the screen.

It has a VA panel with, great contrast ratio that can display 4K content precisely. For a great contrast ratio, the black seems richer and deeper, makes it perfect for a dark room.

But it is recommended to not use it in much bright room since this tv can not combat glare efficiently. Ignoring this is a perfect Smart TV at the cheapest rate.

Hisense 55A6G 55-Inch Android Smart TV (2021 Model)

Product Differentiator:

Too many movies, shows, apps options. Have gaming mode. Also, very cheap price.

Product Description:

Another well-known brand Hisense makes cheaper TV, fulfilling consumers’ needs for the year on a small budget. For Android users who want an Android TV also in their home, Hisense A6G is suitable for them.

This comes in a different size but now only 55’’ is available. This is good for placing in large or average size rooms.

Well, as an Android TV you already can guess what you can get from this box. More and more options for different movies, content, sports, or apps. Download what you want if not installed on your TV.

This just doesn’t take any time or money at all. Get day-to-day updates without worrying. This also helps not to change your TV if new updates come which is not possible with a Smart TV.

On the screen, all came in row by row. You can cue the show where you left or go to another new one. Or customize with your favorite content on the screen so you don’t need to search.

The Google Assistant just reduces the effort a lot. Give command with your voice then enjoy a piece of peaceful music, movie, or shows.

After knowing all the smart options now time to know about the performance. The performance we can not say is mind-blowing, but I guess the quality it offers for picture or gaming, etc. is pretty decent.

It supports Dolby Vision, HDR10. This brings more details to the picture quality. The IPS panel is good for a nice viewing angle but not good for a great contrast ratio.

If you want to play some games by downloading or in another way that is also possible for the gaming mode. Gaming mode turns the whole interface working so smooth.

TCL Class 4-Series Smart Android TV, 43S434 (2021 Model)

Product Differentiator:

Built-in Chromecast, 4K UHD content.

Product Description:

Android TVs always come with a wider range of apps movie or show. This TCL 43S434 Smart tv is no different than that. You can choose from 700,000 shows or movies.

And there is the Google Play store with other built-in apps. Just download giving voice command with Google Assistant or simply use the remote control and there you are. I personally always prefer Android for the free service of apps.

Because if you have another kind of tv then you know the real effort with the waste of money. You must have to buy other devices for getting these smart services. But with Android TV you need to spend on one.

Moreover, if your Android TV becomes the cheaper one then the jackpot is for you. This TCL model just offers the same.

After streaming the contents now it’s time to know if it is capable of showing the content on screen dedicatedly. Nothing to worry about this matter. This is featured with a 4K UHD resolution.

Four times the better resolution you can see on your screen than normal LED TVs. Every color is produced with accuracy and detail so the lifelike picture is seen. Even 4k content this tv delivers accurately.

The compatibility of HDR ensures it can show HDR content.

For the VA panel, it is obvious the black uniformity would be great. So, be ready to enjoy a whole movie night full of thrills.

But as traditionally VA panels are not that good for viewing angle you need to compromise with that a bit. The rest of the features and the whole performance is worthy of this price range.

Smart TV VS Android TV: Comparison In Details

This far you have known about Smart TV and Android also see some best TV from them. And already you may have chosen one for you. To know a little further and to understand the difference between Smart TV VS Android which actually makes sense to the consumer this section will help you broadly.

I am not saying one is better than the other; all I am wanting to highlight some point. So, if you have chosen one for you that won’t make you regret it later.

Starter, with the OS; Android TV use Google OS and Smart TV use Tizen or webOS. For the Android OS, it just widens the app’s library than any other TV. All thanks to them for the Play store.

If you are an Android user then you already know how vast the Play store app library is! All you just need to install or download hundreds or thousands of app.

Besides, YouTube, Netflix you are getting a broad user-friendly interface. You just don’t need to stay within a limited boundary for streaming apps or games, music. One problem here some can face is that he or she needs to know how the Android download or installing process works.

In contrast, with Tizen or webOS Smart TV comes with some limited but popular apps like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, etc. You cannot install or download other apps if you wish to. All you can use is what is pre-installed.

But using them or streaming content won’t be problematic like Android TV.

Another important point is the regular update. With a Smart TV, you won’t get regular apps to get updated. But Android TV offers this advantage. Whenever there would be any app update or newer apps you can have access with the Play store.

This way the platform for streaming content becomes wider.

After seeing all these differences, you might be thinking smart TV is not worth it. But I didn’t intend to say this. Smart TVs are really simple and this is what most people become attracted to.

Also, nowadays you will see Android Smart TV mean two in one.

Smart TV VS Android TV: Pros / Cons

Pros- Smart Tv

  • User-friendly, easy-to-use apps.
  • Have many manufacturers.
  • Very simple.

Pros-Android TV

  • Voice command with Google Assistant.
  • Wider app library with Google Play Store.
  • Regular app and firmware update.
  • Cheaper.

Cons-Smart TV

  • Limited apps.
  • Firmware updates are not frequent.
  • A bit pricy than Android tv.

Cons-Android TV

  • Not many manufacturers.
  • Can be a bit complicated for users who are not familiar with Android OS.

Final Verdict

Choosing between Smart TV VS Android TV is not that easy. Both have their own merits and demerits, also both of them are getting much popular over years.

Smart TVs are simply featured with built-in apps, but you can choose from different brands as many manufacturers launch them. Another hand, Android TV has plenty of smart options, a vast app library, and is cheaper.

But which other is consuming more that is not the fact. As TVs play the biggest role for our day-to-day life entertainment one should consider their budget and need before buying.

So, in this article, I have shown all possible differences between Smart TV VS Android TV also provide the best TV list. I am sure this far you have decided already what you want to have.

Frequently Asked Question

Do Android TVs need monthly fees for the subscription of different apps?

Of course not. Android TV offer absolutely free service for all kind of apps, streaming contents or games.

Do Smart TV update regularly?

No, smart TVs don’t get updated regularly. If anything, update or new comes you just need to change the whole TV and buy a new one.