Focal Aria 936 VS 948: Review and full compassion

Every melomaniac craves for a spectacular home theater set up our studio to listen to his desired music. It can enhance one’s mind and also can give full amusement.And when it’s about a loudspeaker, undoubtedly, Focal Aria comes first in anyone’s mind. It does not only give good sound but also increase any rooms decore beauty. This Focal Aria 936 VS 948 will absolutely help you to decide.

You can feel the music through your whole body shivering with full enjoyment. And can lost in another world of music. And the bass will be handled like an overflow of a current of the whole body.

What else an audiophile people need? All their craving comes to an end with a Focal Aria loudspeaker.

But the real problem arose when it’s time to choose between the two best. Focal Aria 936 VS 948 obviously are the two loudspeakers. It is super confusing, which can be best.

Are you also having a tough time what to choose? Then stay with me reading this exclusive content. It will clear all your doubt for sure.

Focal Aria 936 VS 948

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Focal has always produced the best products for their customers. And if you search a little, you can also see a good history of each of their products. And the best choice for anyone would be a focal loudspeaker.

Focal Aria 936 VS 948 are also such two marvelous products. However, their products are a bit costly. But they are entirely focused on the quality.

Focal Aria 936 floor-standing speaker is specially designed for giving super sensational deep bass. It can fill your living room with detailed and melodious or with loud music whatever you want.

On the other side, Focal Aria 948 is such a speaker that can increase your heartbeat with its superior high bass. And also the best for creating a virtual atmosphere in your home.

None of them are less beneficial. And some similarities as well as differences. So, for your better understanding, I will show you both.

Focal Aria 936 VS 948: Similarities

Let’s take a look at a glance through a table.

Focal Aria 936 Focal Aria 948
TweeterInverted Hard DomeInverted Hard Dome
Woofer CompositionFlaxFlax
Woofer SurroundRubberRubber
Connectivity TechnologyWiredWired
Impedance (Ohms)88
Speaker EnclosureClosedClosed

From the above, it is now quite clear that Focal Aria 936 and 948 speakers have a good number of similarities. Most of the features haven’t been changed in the Focal 948 speaker.

Among them, the tweeter is inverted hard dome, and their size is also the same 1 inch. The speakers are a 3-way type speaker.

Both of the speakers contain woofers. The woofer composition and surround have a similar feature.

None of the speakers have built-in powered sub nor Bi-amp inputs. And post connector type. Focal has given them both of their speakers a 5-year warranty.

I have shortly summarized the similarities between Focal Aria 936 VS 948. Now, it’s time to see the comparison.

Focal Aria 936 VS 948 Comparision

It seems Focal Aria 936 and 948 floors stand speakers are similar in many ways. So, you may be thinking I have added extra confusion in your decision making.

But don’t worry. Now I will show you the 5 most crucial comparisons between the speakers. And this you give you full vision of their features.

Focal Aria 936Focal Aria 948
Sensitivity92 dB92.5 dB
Frequency Response39-28k Hz37-28k Hz
Amplifier Power50-300W50-350W
Woofer Size6.5-inch8.25-inch
Weight64 lbs77 lbs
Number of Drivers54
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon


First, have a look at dimensions. This will help you find the perfect speaker for your room.

The Focal Aria 936 height, width, and depth are 45.28, 11.57, and 14.61 inches, respectively.

And the Focal Aria 948 speaker dimension is (HxWxD): 45.28 x 14.61 x 16.54 inch.

Comparing this point, both of the speakers have the same height but different in width and depth. Focal 936 seems thin and slim. In contrast, the Focal 948 speaker is more expansive. Choose one which can fit into your room. They are floor-standing loudspeakers.

Best bass

The Focal Aria 936 speaker enclosure is a 3-way bass-reflex sound. The number of woofer drivers is three, where the bass is 6.5 inches and a midrange speaker of 6.5 inches.

This kind of woofer delivers clear, unique, and distortion-free sound. This can feel pure music has surrounded you. And also give a realistic sound while watching movies.

Focal Aria 948 is also a 3-way reflex bass sound system speaker. But it has two 8.25 inch woofer for bass and one 6.5 midrange speaker. So, you can say bigger woofer can give more high bass.

This kind of powerful bass can give your home a wall-shaking atmosphere. Every corner of your will full fill with incredible sound. Also checkout these subwoofers for better bass performance.


Sensitivity means a measurement by which we can know how loud can our speaker be. The higher the sensitivity level will the speaker will be more loud and loud. And sensitivity over 90 dB is considered as extremely loud.

Both the speaker’s sensitivity rating is over 90. So, you can say both of them can provide such loud music or volume.

Powerful Sound

A powerful sound system mostly depends on the frequency response.

The frequency response of the focal aria 936 speaker is 39k Hz to 28k Hz. Which is quite impressive. And can impress you with an immense type of sound quality. Whether it is lower music or high volume will give you full coverage.

On the other side, the Focal Aria 948 frequency range is 37k to 28k Hz. It can produce rich sound. And the flax fiber cone that the Focal has used gives distortion-free sound quality. In high volume, it doesn’t be badly noisy; instead, it gives you increased output.

Amplifier power and weight

The amplifier power is 50- 300 watt for the Focal Aria 936 loudspeaker. And it is also lightweight than 948 speakers.

The Focal Aria 948 amplifier power is 50 watt to 350 watts and a little more decadent.

If you want to know How to choose amplifier for speakers, click the link.

What to look for into a speaker before buying?

Buying a good speaker can make spend quite a good amount of money. So, one should be careful before buying it. And for buying a full quality speaker, you should consider some features.

Frequency response:

Must see the frequency range. And don’t go for a which don’t have much frequency response. Because it makes sure, your speaker can provide a more powerful sound.


This refers to how our speaker can be loud. For the most audible sound, we need a more sensitivity rate. Over 80 dB is not so bad. It can also be loud.

But if you want the loudest, then you must go for over 90 dB rate sensitivity power. You can have a wall-shaking experience.


It is really, very important. Woofers hold an essential place in the sound quality of a speaker. Try to get big woofers or more powerful woofers.

By this, you can have a full, surrounded musical feel.

Do more watts mean better sound?

It more watts means better and high-quality sound. The more your speaker’s amp can be, the more efficient sound you will get. So, when it time to buy, always see the amplifier power.

In this case, the Focal Aria 936 VS 948 has enough amplifier power for producing fantastic sound.

Can the Focal Aria 948 or 936 fit for my room decor?

Both of the speakers are super stylish for any room decor. You can easily fit it in your room with other audio equipment.

You can get them in dark walnut or gloss black color. So, beautiful and design is also lovely and fragile.

Floor standing speakers can sit beside your tv or monitor or wherever you want in your room. It will increase your room’s beauty. Learn how to find suitable placement for your speakers.

Why go with Focal Aria 948?

For getting the answer to this question, first, see the key features of the Focal Aria 948 speaker.

  • Both flax bass cone and flax midrange cone.
  • TNF urethane tweeter plate.
  • Multiple-port is included.
  • Closed enclosure and the body is leather finished.
  • Highly developed speaker drivers.
  • Color is black, walnut, white.
  • Floor facing outlet.

Things that are wrong

  • Slightly soft low end
  • No space to breath

Can I go for the Focal Aria 936 speaker?

Above I have mentioned all of the features and specifications of the Focal Aria 936. You can have sharp details from that info. Then you can decide if you should buy this speaker or not.

Some other key features I am adding here.

  • Color is gloss black and walnut.
  • TNF tweeter.
  • Floor-standing loudspeaker.
  • High-quality drivers by the Focal.
  • Flax bass cone.
  • Closed enclosure.

Things that are wrong

  • Low end not particularly aggressive
  • No bi-wire or bi-amp capability

Alternative Options

Revel f208

The F208 is a speaker that sounds awesome and performs well in terms of measurements. Expect a captivating sound that draws you into the music and leaves you with nothing to complain about. The F208’s dual 8″ aluminum low-frequency woofers provide a lot of low-end bass while staying clean and established.

Bowers & Wilkins 702

Although the Signature edition of Bowers & Wilkins 702 loudspeakers is more expensive, it does come with improved sound quality, which can breathe new life into your songs, as well as a special Datuk Gloss finish.

KEF R700

The KEF R700 speakers are extremely powerful performers with stunning sound and finish, constrained only by the lack of the deepest bass. Aside from the deepest bass reaches, you get decent sound for half the price with the R700 stereo loudspeakers.

Final Verdict: Focal Aria 936 VS 948

Focal Aria 936 VS 948-floor standing loudspeakers can really complete our home theater. Or it also can be used in studios. But wherever you use it, it will definitely give a sensation of authentic music.

Both of the speakers are quite similar in many aspects. Though they have some dissimilarities. In my opinion, it won’t make you while buying any one of them.

But it needs to add that Focal produces expensive products. And Focal Aria 936 and 948 are also costly. But Focal 936 speaker can save you money a little.

So, take the time to read this content and make your perfect decision about which one to buy.