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Sonos Arc vs Samsung HW Q90R: Review and Comparison -

Sonos Arc vs Samsung HW Q90R: Review and Comparison

If you need a quality soundbar like Sonos Arc vs Samsung HW Q90R, you need to do some research before getting one. There are a lot of soundbars in the market and choosing one is not a cup of tea. Unless you have a clear idea about what are you getting, you will probably end up buying one that does not meet your needs.

Therefore it’s better to know about the product you are buying. It is not possible to test every single product for consumers before buying. Not to worry, because this guide will provide you a clear view of the products and most importantly, a decision before buying.

Samsung is well known for its electronics all over the world. Sonos is great for audio products and well known since 2002. They have a bunch of soundbars in the market worth getting.

Here, Sonos Arc vs Samsung HW Q90R both are worthy soundbars in the current market. Both are equally competitive in their price range. The question is, which one is better? In this article, we will do a comparison, Sonos Arc vs Samsung Q90R, and find out which one is worth buying.

Similarities and Differences between Sonos Arc vs Samsung HW Q90R

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Sonos Arc Quick Review


  • Room correction
  • Nice Design
  • NFC Support
  • Digital Assistant Support


  • Low bass
  • No Bluetooth
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Samsung HW-Q90R Quick Review


  • High performance
  • Bluetooth support
  • High-end setup
  • Multiple connectivities


  • No room correction
  • Small screen
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Design and fit

The Samsung Q90R Has a Significantly Better Design than Sonos Arc.

The Sonos Arc has a plastic build soundbar and is a long design. It’s simple and has nothing more or less than it should.  Full plastic build and a small opening in the back for inputs and power.

The Samsung Q90R has a lot of stuff along with the soundbar. It has a subwoofer, satellites, and obviously the soundbar. The bar is covered with metal grilles and a back made of plastic. The subwoofer is made of wood and covered with a round fabric. The satellites have metal grilles on the top and in front of the speakers, although sides are built using plastic.

The bar feels very premium but is a bit taller and won’t fit in a 55” TV Stand. The Subwoofer gets dirty easily because of the fabric cover. It’s also prone to damage. The port of the subwoofer is on the back. The satellite speakers are large and you should think if you can manage enough space for them.

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The subwoofer

The subwoofer is large enough to like a desktop pc. It’s well built and you probably won’t have issues managing space for it.

Packaging of the Samsung Q90R has wall mounting brackets included, unlike the Sonos Arc. Therefore you don’t have to spend a few bucks more just to mount the product.

The bar and satellites of the Samsung Q90R have universal holes for mounting. You don’t really need to worry much about positioning the Samsung HW-Q90R.

For the Sonos Arc, you need to buy wall mounting brackets, satellites, and a subwoofer if you want to use them. However, there are holes for mounting the soundbar on the wall. Now if you want subwoofer and satellite speakers, it’s up to you to spend more after buying a soundbar for your TV.

Winner: Samsung HW-Q90R.

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The Samsung HW-Q90R has a metal touch in the build instead of full plastic, making it more durable than the Sonos Arc.

As discussed in the design part, the Samsung HW-Q90R soundbar is covered with metal grills. Metal is better than plastic and lasts longer. The full plastic build of Sonos Arc is not bad, but worse than the metal build. However, the Samsung HW-Q90R is also made of plastic except for the grills, so that should be kept in mind too.

The subwoofer of the Samsung HW-Q90R is wood-made. The fabric cover on top of it is not so durable. It takes damage and dirt very easily so keeping it uncovered might not be a good idea.

While the Samsung HW-Q90R’s subwoofer lacks durability, Sonos Arc does not have a subwoofer. As the Sonos Arc lacks the component, it’s not comparable to the Samsung HW-Q90R. The same goes for the satellites provided with Samsung HW-Q90R, Sonos Arc did not include them with their package.

But the build quality of the satellite speakers from Samsung is quite impressive. We are seeing metal grilles again just as the soundbars and plastic on the side. Overall, the Samsung HW-Q90R feels just more durable than the Sonos Arc.

Sonos Arc’s plastic build is not something you would take as a no-go. It is not that bad, but the price must be considered here.  The Sonos Arc has a high price range in the UK. For the price, it should provide better than what it did.

Winner: Samsung HW-Q90R

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Features and Control

Samsung HW-Q90R has Bluetooth and more ports, providing versatility for the users.

For a premium product like an expensive soundbar, you obviously want better control over your product and as many connectivity options as possible. When the controls are easier and you have full control of your device, it’s better. Let’s check the features and connectivity options in the Samsung HW-Q90R and the Sonos Arc.

The Sonos Arc can be controlled using the Sonos S2 app provided by the company. The soundbar has a touch-sensitive control to play, pause, raise or lower volume and even turn the microphone off. It does not have a display, but it’s not mandatory for all soundbars around there.

On the other hand, the Samsung HW-Q90R features a remote, a mini display, button controls, and even provide controls using a TV remote. Similar to the Sonos Arc, the Samsung HW-Q90R can also be controlled using a dedicated app, namely Samsung SmartThings.

The Sonos Arc supports apple airplay and full control using the smartphone app.  If you want full control using your smartphone and own an iPhone, Sonos Arc is a better option for you.

However, the Sonos Arc does not provide Bluetooth support which is almost mandatory for sound systems. Moreover, there is no power-saving auto-off feature included, unlike the Samsung HW-Q90R.

The Samsung HW-Q90R has separate input ports for the subwoofer and satellites. However, the Sonos Arc does not include them, so we can’t really talk about them.

Winner: Samsung HW-Q90R

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Sound Quality

The Samsung HW-Q90R provides detailed sound and premium music quality while the Sonos Arc is best for watching movies.

TV’s are meant to watch shows right? Yes and No. There are people who watch Netflix shows, movies, documentaries but there are also people who watch music videos and love to enjoy music on their smart TVs.

The Sonos Arc provides the immersive experience you want for watching movies. If you are able to position it in a suitable place in your room, it will provide a quality audio experience for you. If you have an iPhone, you can experience the TrueAudio feature with this soundbar, which is awesome.

What we have already talked about is Samsung’s premium quality. The Samsung HW-Q90R is just another example of that. Do you care for listening to quality music albums? Then the Samsung HW-Q90R is made for you.

These soundbars from Samsung sound awesome for almost any kind of music. The songs in films sound clearer than ever. Impressive bass and lower compression at the high range are provided by the Samsung HW-Q90R, unlike the Sonos Arc.

Both of these are good at sound quality. It’s not easy to select a winner because people’s choices are different. In the case of sound, every person has a different taste. But when you are buying a soundbar for your TV, generally you would think about TV programs, right? If that’s your choice then Sonos Arc is going to be the one for you.

Winner: Sonos Arc

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When we are on a high budget, we are looking for a premium product. Especially for products like soundbars, premium quality should be taken into account before buying. Come on, you already have built-in speakers with your 55” smart TV, then why are you going for another one?

Well, that’s because you love music and audio quality. Only an extra soundbar will be able to provide that, unlike those cheap kinds of stuff provided with the TV. While it comes to excellence, Samsung HW-Q90R is definitely providing a premium look and build quality.

Some consider Samsung as a status symbol, but beyond that Samsung makes good products. The Sonos Arc costs much but its looks and quality are not top-notch, something you will expect when buying a product like this.

Winner: Samsung HW-Q90R

Who are both of these Sonos Arc vs Samsung HW Q90R for?

  • Anyone with a TV that provides poor quality audio
  • Music-loving people when the default TV speaker is not enough
  • Whoever needs the best experience for watching movies and listening to music


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The Best Alternatives for Sonos Arc vs Samsung HW Q90R

Why you should buy it: Bose Soundbar 700

A bit better product than the Sonos Arc. It has Bluetooth and provides more balanced sound than the Sonos Arc.


  • Quality Sound
  • Can be upgraded easily
  • Has Bluetooth support


  • Low bass
  • No HDMI
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Why you should buy it: Samsung HW-Q950T

5.1 setup for multiple usage, such as watching TV shows and listening to music.


  • Quality Sound
  • Can be upgraded easily
  • Has Bluetooth support


  • Lacks room correction
[amazon box=”B08CR2J9RB” title=”SAMSUNG HW-Q950T 9.1.4ch Soundbar with Dolby Atmos”] [/amazon]

Why you should buy it:  JBL Bar 9.1

The JBL Bar 9.1 can be considered as a direct competitor with the Samsung HW-Q90R. It provides decent stereo sound with its 5.1.4 setup and wireless playback.


  • Ethernet port
  • Wireless playback
  • Balanced Stereo sound


  • Limited EQ Presets
  • No graphical EQ
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After researching and looking at every single detail of these two soundbars, it is not hard to take a decision. In almost every aspects, the Samsung HW-Q90R got an extra point over Sonos Arc. Premium build, enhanced connectivity, better quality, all of these made the Samsung SW-Q90R a clear winner.

If we take the audio quality in mind, there is a question to the user, what do you want to do with these soundbars? Watch movies and enjoy shows or listen to your favorite music album? If you want to listen to music, take Samsung HW-Q90R. But watching movies is your first priority, then think again about the Sonos Arc.

However, if you are not sure and want the best for the price you paid, the Samsung HW-Q90R is the best choice for you.

Winner: Samsung HW-Q90R

FAQs of Sonos Arc vs Samsung HW Q90R

I have a 55” TV. Which one will fit best with it?

Sonos Arc will definitely fit better than the Samsung HW-Q90R.

Which one suits me better for the money I want to spend on this?

Tough question. Sonos Arc is definitely overpriced against its specifications. Take a look at the Samsung HW-Q90R.

I want to control my device using the digital assistant. Thoughts?

If that’s the only priority of yours, you have no other option than Sonos Arc.

Which one should be better for the 7.1 sound system?

Sonos Arc does not have 7.1 sound system support. So go for Samsung HW-Q90R.