Best Bluetooth Soundbar

Are you looking for a Bluetooth soundbar to make your home theater experience more exciting and convenient? Then look no further. This article brings out some of the best Bluetooth soundbars of 2021, each one rocking with new features, impeccable audio response and beautifully crafted designs to make your movie time more aesthetic and pleasing to your ears.

JBL Bar Studio

The JBL Bar Studio offers stellar performance and are a great budget update to your home theater system. Although compact, these sleek and gorgeous speakers roar out loud when it comes to audio performance. These soundbars offer Buletooth 4.2 compatibility so that you can seamlessly stream your favorite music wirelessly. Here are the specifications of the JBL Bar Studio Bluetooth Soundbars:

Specifications of JBL Bar Studio
Soundbar configuration2.0 channel
Weight3.1 lbs
Dimensions24.2" x 2.3" x 3.4"
Frequency response60 Hertz- 20000 Hertz
Maximum power output30 W
Sensitivity90 dB
Audio inputs1 Analog, 1 Optical, Bluetooth, USB
Bluetooth Compatibility4.2

What’s in the box?

Inside the packaging is the JBL Bar Studio, a remote control that can be used for adjustments and an AC power adapter which is required to power the soundbar. It also includes a detachable 5′ AC power cord. Apart from these components, there is also an optical cable and an AUX cable for connectivity. A wall mount bracket is also included for versatile setup options. Instructions and safety manuals are also found inside the box.

Design and Build

The JBL Bar Studio is a small and compact soundbar measuring 24.2 x 2.3 x 3.4 inches. The soundbar has been crafted with aesthetics combined with JBL’s premium quality components. The soundbar will fit quite easily under your television without it looking underwhelming. The slim design makes these soundbar look very aesthetic.

Let’s look a little deeper into the design of these speakers. The soundbar is two channel and it features two drivers: one 1.5″ dome tweeters and two 2″ cone woofers.  At the top surface of the speakers lie controls for power, volume and source selection, with HDMI (ARC) and optical sockets to the rear. Dual front-firing bass ports also help to ensure a greater bass response. There is also a connectivity option for Bluetooth.


The JBL Bar Studio features one optical (Toslink) digital input and one analog stereo mini-jack (3.5mm) input. It also includes HDMI ARC output, which can be used to connect the soundbar to the TV’s HDMI ARC input. Apart from these connectivity options, the JBL Bar studio also includes a USB (type-A) 2.0 port for connection of a USB MSC (mass storage class) device.  The JBL device can also be used to play MP3 music files that are stored in USB MSC device.

The device is also equipped with a built-in Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless connectivity. The Bluetooth wireless range for the system is about 32’. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, the soundbar can be paired up with multiple Bluetooth devices. Nevertheless, only one device can be used for playback at a time.

Audio Performance

According to the audio specifications, the soundbar has a frequency response of 60 hertz to 20000 hertz. It can perform with a maximum power output of 30 watts and a sensitivity of 90 dB. Although the soundbar may look tiny, it is quite bold and loud when it comes to audio performance.

When the soundbar is connected to the TV, the first most striking aspect of its performance would be the bass response. There is a lot of bass and it is dynamic and punchy. You can rest assured that watching movies with these soundbars plugged in on your TV would be entertaining and thunderous.

Whilst the bass continues to shine, the spark is dimmed a little in the transition towards midrange. Nevertheless, there are substantial details in the mid response and it is still satisfactory for the audiophiles. The treble is satisfactory as well and the dialogues are crystal clear.

Overall, we would say that the richness of the bass is what makes these soundbars stand out in terms of audio performance.


  • JBL Surround Technology: The soundbar incorporates JBL’s special surround technology which allows the user to select from a range of six different modes: Standard, Movie, Music, Voice, Sports, and Off (Stereo). An additional mode is also available. This is the Night Mode and it helps to reduce volume differences for a natural audio response.
  • Remote Control: The soundbar also comes with an IR wireless remote control. The remote includes control such as System Standby, One Touch Play, Volume up/down, Mute and so on.
  • Mounting options: The soundbar can be wall mounted and mounting components are included in the packaging to facilitate the setup.
  • Auto On + Standby: This feature allows the device to automatically power on whenever it receives an audio signal from its HDMI, Optical, Aux, or Bluetooth source inputs. Moreover, the JBL Bar Studio automatically goes to standby mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. This helps to save power.

Reasons to buy

  • The soundbar showcases an incredible bass response. The low range is punchy and dynamic.
  • The soundbar includes a lot of additional features that come to use and make the listening experience more convenient.
  • The design of the soundbar is simple and effective- it can blend into any home theater quite easily.

Reasons to avoid

  • The treble requires some improvement. The volume gets harsh at a high range of frequency.
  • The soundbars are great for movies but can be a bit lacking for musical output.

Sony HT-ST5000

Prepare to be pulled into an immersive experience with the Sony HT-ST5000 installed into your home theater. Its unique and timeless design allows it to blend seamlessly with your TV, making room for aesthetics and optimum audio satisfaction. With a number of different and useful features included into an all-in system, the Sony HT-ST5000 are certainly one of the best Bluetooth soundbars that you will find in this year.

Specifications of Sony HT-ST5000
Soundbar configuration7.1.2 channel
Weight19.375 lbs
Dimensions46.5 x 3.2 x 5.6 inches
Frequency response200 Hertz- 10000 Hertz
Maximum power output90 W
Audio inputs1 Optical, 1 Digital, HDMI ARC, HDMI eARC, 3.5mm Stereo Analog Inputs, RCA Stereo Analog Inputs, USB Type-A Input
Bluetooth Compatibility4.1

What’s in the box?

The Sony HT-ST5000 comes in a solid box with great packaging. Opening the box, you will find a number of other different components, along with the 7.1.2 channel soundbar itself. There are some batteries that you can use to charge up the soundbar and keep the music going. An HDMI cable is also available in the packaging to ensure easier connectivity. There are other important details included such as customer registration card, warranty card, instruction manual and setup guide.

Design and Build

The Sony HT-ST5000 is actually a combination of a soundbar and a subwoofer. The soundbar has a stylish design and comes in the standard black color. The soundbar is built with both metal and plastic of premium quality. The Sony soundbar includes a large metal grille that can be detached from it to make the speakers inside visible. Although it looks very heavy and big, it has a stylish design which can placed in front of the Television quite easily without blocking it.

At the front of the Sony HT-ST5000 soundbar are seven 65mm drivers. Three of these drivers, the center, front and left drivers, have tweeters mounted in the middle. There is also a display included in the front of the soundbar. At the top of the soundbar are also two up firing drivers, which means that the soundbar will add substantial depth to the audio performance and allow a spacious soundstage.


The HT-ST5000 includes a number of unique connections. In summary, it includes an optical audio input, analogue audio input, HDMI ARC, HDMI out, USB and Ethernet connections.

The soundbar includes both analog and digital audio inputs that can be used to be connected external audio sources such as DVD and CD player. The analog audio input is a single 3.5 mm minijack whilst the digital audio input is an optical or Toslink input. This optical input supports Dolby Digital, DTS and 2 channel PCM audio signals.  Apart from these, the soundbar also includes a side panel type-A USB port that can be used to play music stored on USB mass storage device. It also includes three HDMI 2.0a inputs and one HDMI 2.0a output to connect Ultra HD Blu-ray player, game console and TV.

The Sony HT- ST5000 soundbar is compatible with Bluetooth 4.1. The Sony HT-ST5000 features a rear-panel Ethernet (RJ-45) port and built-in WiFi. This allows the user to play audio and stream online services via Chromecast built-in and audio stored in PC or other devices.

Audio Performance

According to the specifications, these soundbar can function in the frequency range of 200 hertz to 1000 hertz with a maximum power output of 90 watts.

Overall, the audio performance is nothing sort of extraordinary. Thanks to the twelve different drivers positioned with a lot of thought into the design, these soundbar offer an audio response that is immersive and Dolby compatible.


  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X: The Sony HT-ST5000 soundbar is both Dolby Atmos & DTS:X enabled
  • S-Master HX Digital Amplifier: The soundbar includes Sony’s S-Master HX digital amplifier which reproduces digital audio signals without the multiple analog stages required by traditional amplifiers quite conveniently. It reduces distortion effectively in high frequency range.
  • Magnetic Fluid Speaker Technology: The HT-ST5000 moves away from conventional dampers and towards a more modern and efficient Magnetic Fluid Speaker Technology which helps to improve midrange and treble performance and offer detailed and clear audio response.
  • S-Force PRO Front Surround: The soundbar incorporates Digital Signal Processing and S-Force PRO Front Surround with wavefront technology so that audio being emitted is three dimensional and has a spacious soundstage.
  • Voice, Night, & DRC Modes: The soundbar also includes three modes. Voice mode increases detail of audio. Night mode increases dialogue clarity and DRC mode allows the user to compress the dynamic range of Dolby Digital sound tracks.
  • Versatile color technology: The Sony HT-ST5000 includes Triluminos Color, Deep Color, and x.v.Color technologies for accurate color and smooth gradation.
  • Chromecast Built-in: This feature allows the user to play music from a number of different devices such as their phone, mac computer, windows or Chromebook.

Reasons to buy

  • The soundbar features an outstanding integration of different technologies that make the audio experience memorable for the listeners.
  • Dony HT-ST500 boasts off a detailed audio response.
  • The soundbar are Chromecast compatible.

Reasons to avoid

  • The remote control could be designed to made more functional.

Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar

The Sennheiser Ambeo is a soundbar that offers immersive audio experience to your movie nights more enjoyable. It has an accurate sound profile, and it offers surround sound audio output which is great for movies. Although a little expensive, the Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar is worth every penny you are going to spend on it.

Specifications of Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar
Soundbar configuration5.1.4 channel
Weight40.8 lbs
Dimensions49.8 x 5.3 x 6.7 inches
Frequency response30 Hertz to 20000 Hertz
Maximum power output250 W
Sensitivity94 db
Audio inputs3x HDMI In (v.2.0a), 1x HDMI Out (v.2.1 eARC)
1x Optical In
1x AUX In (Stereo RCA)
1x USB (for Service/Update)
1x Ethernet
Bluetooth compatibility4.2

What’s in the box?

The package includes an active soundbar speaker, pre-installed grille and 6′ AC power cord. Apart from these components, it also includes a remote control which is very useful to make adjustments while using the soundbar. There is also a CR2032 3V battery to power up the soundbar and a calibration microphone. Lastly, the packaging also includes a 5′ HDMI cable and some quick and safety guides to set up the soundbar with your home theater system.

Design and Build

The first thing that stands out for the Sennheiser Ambeo’s design is that the soundbar is very large. With a dimension of 49.8 x 5.3 x 6.7 inches, these soundbars weigh around 40.8 lbs which makes them really heavy. Given its large dimensions, the soundbars are better off being mounted to the wall than placed underneath the television.

The soundbar comes in plain black color, as most soundbars do. The top of the soundbar includes two metal grilles and its body is made mostly of plastic. It is covered with fabric on the front and sides so the speakers in the insides of the soundbar are quite visible. Although this looks nice, it might easily catch dirt and that can be a problem. Nevertheless, this fabric is removable and so it can be cleaned when required.

The 5.14 channel soundbar includes 13 built-in drivers. The two 3-1/2-inch full-range up-firing drivers are angled to reflect sound off the ceiling for three-dimensional soundrange. It also includes five 1-inch aluminum dome tweeters and six 4-inch cellulose long-throw woofers. At the back are connections for digital, analogue, HDMI inputs and so on. Three of the HDMI sockets are standard inputs and one supports eARC. Besides this there is an ethernet socket for Wi-Fi, USB for updates, an optical input and a stereo RCA aux-in. There is also a subwoofer pre-out for enhanced bass response.


As mentioned in the specifications, the soundbar has a number of different connectivity options. Firstly, let’s look at the traditional analog and digital connections.  The soundbar includes an optical toslink digital input which supports Dolby Digital as well as DTS. It also includes an analog auxiliary input that consist of stereo RCA jacks. Apart from these, the Sennheiser AMBEO soundbar also features three HDMI 2.0a inputs and one HDMI 2.1/eARC output.

The soundbar is equipped with an Ethernet (RJ-45) LAN jack for a wired connection to connect with Wi-Fi. It also includes a built-in Chromecast which allows users to stream music seamlessly via the app. Lastly, the device is compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 with support for wireless audio streaming and remote control.

Audio Performance

The Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar audio specifications suggest that it has a frequency range of 30 hertz to 20000 hertz and a sensitivity of 94 db. Much of this is reflected in the audio testing.

The soundbar has a moderately good frequency response without the AMBEO mode enabled. Even though the bass response is significant, it’s audibly lower than the other frequencies at the same volume. The midrange and treble perform better and this is assuming the thirteen drivers that have been optimally positioned for a greater audio response.

The audio response is further enhanced with the AMBEO sound mode. This is a three dimensional virtualization technology that recreates a surround sound effect. The soundbar offers precise and detailed audio response which is great for people who love watching movies. The 360 spatial sound technology also makes these soundbar very suitable for listening to music.


  • AMBEO Virtualization Technology: This is a state-of the-art 3D virtualization technology with 32-bit digital signal processing, which provides a three dimensional sound effect in any room.
  • Auto Room Calibration: This clever technology uses reflections off the walls to virtually position speakers in the room by calibrating its acoustics according to the characteristics of the room.
  • Remote control: The Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar comes with an IR remote for wireless operation of the soundbar speaker.

Reasons to buy

  • The Sennheiser AMBEO offers a three-dimensional audio response with rich, natural sound thanks to the unique AMBEO technology.
  • A variety of different connectivity options allow the users to stream audio with convenience.

Reasons to avoid

  • The soundbar is large and heavy.
  • The Sennheiser AMBEO is a little expensive if you are on budget.
  • The bass response gets weaker at higher volumes.


The LG SP11RA is a 7.1.4 channel soundbar, which looks as good as it sounds. Perfect for action movies, these soundbars offer a dynamic and punchy bass with an immersive soundstage.  The LG SP11RA is a room filling Dolby Atmos system that brings cinema to life. With its calibration system, high resolution audio formats and versatile connectivity options, these Bluetooth soundbar are definitely are great purchase for audiophiles.

Specifications of LG SP11RA
Soundbar configuration7.1.4 channel
Weight7.2 lbs
Dimensions56.8" x 2.5" x 5.8" inches
Frequency response33 Hertz- 20000 Hertz
Maximum power output770W
Sensitivity81.9 dB
Audio inputsTwo HDMI inputs, one HDMI output with eARC, optical digital audio input, USB port, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Buetooth Compatibility5

What’s in the box?

Inside the box is the LG SP11RA soundbar and a manual for setup guidance. The packaging also includes a remote control with batteries (2xAA) to get it powered up. There are three power cables and an optical cable inside the box. Lastly, you will find some mounting brackets which can be used to mount the soundbar to the wall.

Design and Build

The LG SP11RA soundbar has quite a clean and attractive design. Its top edge has a smooth dark gray finishing which complements the textured metal grille it is wrapped up with. Although this soundbar sits wider than most other soundbar, it also sits lower.  The LG SP11RA is made mostly out of plastic and is covered with metal grille on the front and the back. The top of the LG soundbar also includes two round grilles which is used to cover and protect the up-firing drivers. The top of the sounbar also includes touch sensitive buttons for power, volume adjustments and Bluetooth connectivity. The soundbar has overall impressive build quality.

The LG SP11RA is 7.1. channel soundbar that includes front center, left and right, side left/right and two upfiring drivers. At the back of the soundbar are two openings- one is for power and the other is for inputs. There are holes underneath the model so as to put it up and support it whilst it is mounted to the wall. There are a variety of different inputs including two Full HDMI in ports and USB ports.


The SP11RA’s connections include two HDMI inputs, one HDMI output, and an optical digital audio input. The LG SP11RA supports both Dolby Digital and DTS via Optical input. The HDMI ARC is compatible with Dolby Digital and it supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. The full HRMI in also supports these formats.

The soundbar is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0.  All these connectivity options are accessible via remote control, the touch buttons on the surface of the sonudbar as well as the app. The device can connect to Bluetooth with the use of the built-in Chromecast. Different devices can be connected at the same time to stream audio wirelessly without any trouble.

Audio Performance

The audio performance of the LG SP11RA is nothing less of extraordinary. The soundbar offers excellent detailing with a large and powerful soundstage. The SP11RA is meticulously designed to “throw” sound from different directions towards the user so as to create a three dimensional audio space. This results in a wide and spacious soundstage, as those experienced with Dolby Digital and DTS: X. This is possible thanks to the calibration technology that has been integrated into the soundbars design.

The soundbar is a little bass heavy and the audio has an extra punch to it. Nevertheless, it offers a neutral tonality in sound and its suitable for a variety of different audio. The sound can be customized using EQ presets. The stereo dynamics are great and there isn’t much compression when the audio levels are increased. The dialogue reproduction in the midrange is accurate too. Overall, these soundbar are great for movies as well as music.


  • Remote Control:The soundbar’s power, volume, and even sound modes can be controlled with LG TV remote only.
  • LG TV AI Processor: The TV sound mode share uses an LG TV AI processor to ensure that the audio is transparent, clear and consistent.
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X : The LG SP11RA is compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, offering an immersive and expansive soundstage with detailed stereo imaging.
  • Power saving: The LG SP11RA automatically turns off after fifteen minutes without an audio signal.

Reasons to buy

  • The soundbar has a sleek and attractive design.
  • The LG SP11RA powerful and detailed audio with a wide soundstage.

Reasons to avoid

  • The soundbar is a bit expensive.

Samsung HW-Q800A

The Samsung HW-Q800A are powerful 3.1.2 channel soundbars for all the movie lovers. The sleek and stylish soundbar has a number of unique features for versatile use. Besides two HDMI connections (one of which uses eARC) and optical input, it has Bluetooth, which can be connected to WiFi and streamed via Spotify Connect and AirPlay 2. All of this can be controlled via integrated Amazon Alexa voice. assistant.

Specifications of Samsung HW-Q800A
Soundbar configuration3.1.2
Weight7.9 lb
Dimensions38.6 x 2.4 x 4.5 inches
Frequency response28 hertz – 19000 hertz
Maximum power output330 W
Sensitivity95 dB
Audio inputseARC, HDMI, optical
Buetooth Compatibility4.2

What’s in the box?

The packaging includes the Samsung HW-Q800A soundbar and the manual for setup. It also includes a remove with 2 AA batteries, two power cables and an adapter for the power cable. Another cable which is the HDMI cable is also included in the packaging. If you want to wall mount your soundbar, there are equipment such as wall mounting brackets, screws, 4 rubber foot stickers and template for wall mounting brackets also inside the box.

Design and Build

The soundbar has an impressive build quality and it also looks fashionable for your home theater. It is a bit of a weight soundbar, but its dimensions allow it to be placed easily underneath the television without obstructing it. Its width also allows it to be wall mounted. Composed of plastic, the soundbar has a metal grille layer on top of it for added protection.

On top of the soundbar are small buttons for adjustments of volume, power button, etc. The front has a small LED display which you can use to keep track of the adjustments. The back of the soundbar is for the openings- connection ports for optical digital input, eARC and HDMI.


The soundbar features an optical (Toslink) digital input which supports Dolby Digital (5.1ch), DTS (5.1ch), and 2Ch PCM. It is not equipped with an analogue input, however. Moreover, it includes an HDMI 2.1 input and one HDMI 2.1 output both of which are eARC compatible. eARC stands for enhanced Audio Return Channel and supports high-resolution, multichannel sound signals, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

The Samsung HW-Q800A features built-in 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band WiFi. It also has a built-in Bluetooth 4.2. which allows users to wirelessly stream stored music and music apps from your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Audio Performance

The Samsun HW-Q800A soundbar delivers a sound that is way beyond its size. This soundbar is able to perfectly reproduce every tiny detail in the movie that you will watch. The height effect of the channels ensures the sound is dispersed across the entire room, creating a three-dimensional audio space.

The soundbar has a great frequency response. It has a neutral sound profile, which means that it is suitable for a variety of different audio. Its extended bass allows the audiophiles to enjoy the thump and rumble of the action movies. It has great stereo dynamics as well. The soundbar can get quite loud without it distorting the audio response.


  • Dedicated Center & Dolby Atmos Channels: The center channel offers crystal clear audio reproduction and upward firing channels provide immersive effects for Dolby and DTS:X.
  • Acoustic Beam Technology: This technology allows the reproduction of sound via a set of precisely placed openings at the top of the soundbar so as to make it seem that the sound is coming from the screen.
  • Sound Modes: The soundbar offers a variety of sound modes according to different usage. The Adaptive sound mode allows the quietest sounds to be heard. The 3D surround mode as its name suggests offers immersive and spacious soundstage. The Game Pro mode can be used for gaming and Stereo mode is used for listening to music.
  • Sound technologies: The soundbar has different sound technologies for optimum performance. Q-Symphony offers a cinematic sound. SpaceFit Sound uses automatic calibration to ensure a room filling audio response. Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) emphasizes on vocal clarity.
  • Built-In Alexa with Microphone: The soundbar can be controlled via voice command. Alexa can be asked to turn on/off the system, change the input source, select an online music service, set the volume level, mute the volume, and stop playback.
  • Auto Power On/Off: It also has an auto power on or off feature to save power.

Reasons to buy

  • The soundbar has some good range of features.
  • The soundstage is spacious and the overall audio performance is immersive.
  • The Samsung HW-Q800A has an appealing design.

Reasons to avoid

  • The best features of the soundbar can only be used with the new Samsung

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a soundbar better with Bluetooth?

A Bluetooth soundbar is a good option since it lets you to connect to your devices wirelessly and play music of your liking.

How do I connect a Bluetooth device to my soundbar?

To connect a Bluetooth device to your soundbar, follow the steps:

  • Turn on your soundbar.
  • Select Bluetooth as the input source by pressing the (Bluetooth) button on the remote control or the (source) button on the soundbar. The Bluetooth indicator on the soundbar blinks slowly. Navigate to your device’s Bluetooth settings, turn on Bluetooth, then search for available devices.
  • See the instructions that came with your Bluetooth device for more information.

How do I disconnect a Bluetooth device from my soundbar?

To disconnect a Bluetooth device from a soundbar you can either

  1. Turn off Bluetooth on your Bluetooth device.


  1. Select at different input (source) on your soundbar
  2. What should I do if my Bluetooth device keeps disconnecting from my soundbar?
  • Shorten the distance between your soundbar and your Bluetooth device. The maximum distance is 30 feet (10 meters). However, this may be reduced if the signal has to pass through walls or other obstructions.
  • If the battery on your Bluetooth device is low, recharge the battery.


To keep up with the advanced televisions available in the market, soundbars are essential to make movie watching experience more enjoyable. A Bluetooth soundbar is a more upgraded step from an ordinary soundbar since it allows users to wirelessly connect devices such as phones, players etc to the soundbar. This is a very versatile option since it opens a lot of doors for streaming music or movies.

This review covers the best soundbars we have tested and covers all of their price, size, and features. You can find more soundbars and other audio solutions on our website if you are still haven’t found the right one.