Powerbeats Pro vs Galaxy Buds Plus: Review and Analyze Comparison

Because of their elegant appearance, snug fit, and strong sound, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus immediately became our top-rated remote earbuds when they were introduced in mid-2019. The Galaxy Buds 2 are the successors to the original Galaxy Buds, and they were announced with the Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone range. They’ve kept many of the same principles as its archetype, but they’ve improved a few things along the road.

Since the introduction of the Powerbeats Pro, Apple has extended their yield to include AirPods Pro, which have greater battery life and iOS performance but are presently being phased out of manufacturing in favor of the Beats Powerbeats Pro.

How do two of the most recent genuine remote models perform in a no-holds-barred battle? Continue reading to learn more about our favorite pair.

Comparison chart: Powerbeats Pro vs Galaxy Buds Plus

  Powerbeats pro Galaxy buds plus
Type In-ear In-ear
Enclosure Closed-Back Closed-Back
Wireless Truly Wireless Truly Wireless
Talk-Through No On/Off
Battery Life 9 hours single charge, 24 total 11 hours single charge, 22 total
Quick Charge 5 minutes = 1.5 hours 3 minutes = 1 hour
Frequency Range 20-20000Hz 20-20000Hz
Water Resistance IPX4 IPX2
Controls Physical buttons Personalized tap gestures
Noise-canceling Passive noise canceling Passive noise-canceling & ambient listening mode
Wireless range 50 feet 33 feet
Fit Customizable round ear tips & ear hooks Round ear tips and wings
Charging Port   Lightning USB-C
Weight 0.05 lbs 0.03 lbs
Color ivory, navy, moss, and black Black, yellow, gray, and white

Galaxy Buds Plus Quick Review


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Scalable Samsung codec and AAC
  • Strong battery life.
  • Qi Wireless charging
  • Compact build
  • Improved call quality thanks to a third microphone.


  • Lacks aptX
  • No auto-resume playback
  • Lacks multipoint functionality

Powerbeats Pro Quick Review


  • Bluetooth 5.0, Class 1
  • The H1 chip from Apple gives even more versatility
  • Strong battery life.
  • Powerful audio performance with intense bass depth and bright highs.
  • Secure fit


  • De-emphasized mids
  • Isolation not great
  • Expensive

Design and fit: Powerbeats Pro vs Galaxy Buds Plus

The Galaxy buds Plus are smooth, smaller in-ears that are scarcely bigger than the wired earbuds you grew up connecting to your iPod, while the Powerbeats Pro is huge, hook-style earphones similar to what you may have been stuffing in your duffel bag.

Regarding looks, the Powerbeats Pro and Galaxy Buds couldn’t be more different.

The Galaxy Buds’ oval-molded convey case looks as smooth as could be expected. Also, the attractive hook works effectively in keeping the case shut while conveying them in your pack or pocket. It is marginally more modest than the Powerbeats Pro case, and the situating of the earbuds inside them can be confounding from the outset. The charging instance of the Powerbeats Pro is somewhat square molded and somewhat heavier containing bunches of room.

Ear-tips are a significant piece of each really remote headphones. They come in various shapes and sizes in any case, some really remote earbuds don’t accompany silicone ear-tips. In any case, both of the earphones have silicone ear-tips to shut out the sound, however, we favor the way that the Galaxy Buds look and feel in our ears, generally because of exactly how light they are. This is one segment in which there is a reasonable victor: The Galaxy Buds are unmistakably more sharp and lightweight.

The Galaxy Buds earbuds come in various shading decisions: Black, yellow, dark, and white, with red and pink the latest to be delivered. At the hour of composing, the Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro is accessible in exemplary Apple ivory, matte dark, naval force blue, or khaki.

Winner: Galaxy buds plus

Durability: Powerbeats Pro vs Galaxy Buds Plus

The Galaxy Buds Plus has plastic interior with glossy finish whereas the Powerbeats Pro has vulnerable plastic frame with a hook.

Does Powerbeats Pro crack easily? No, at least not quickly. There are large quantities of glue that tie everything together as are most Apple items today. So, it is not absolutely difficult but if you want to open up your Powerbeats Pro without damaging it, you will need a lot of luck on your hand. There is no particular justification anyway for opening them.

In comparison, Samsung headphones have a long operating cycle. If you treat them correctly, it will last more than 2 years.

Winner: Galaxy buds plus

Features and controls: Powerbeats Pro vs Galaxy Buds Plus

Notwithstanding their fairly sensational design differences, the Galaxy Buds and Powerbeats Pro share a ton practically speaking with regards to features.

The Powerbeats Pro’s functionality, to a great extent, bases on Apple’s new H1 chip, which allows you to address Siri to pick music, change volume, and even take care of undertakings like set alarms and check the weather without pressing a button. They, likewise, have an implicit sensor to auto-stop music when you eliminate the earphones from your ears and highlight IPX4 sweat sealing to get you through exercises and blustery days.

Not at all like the Galaxy Buds, which depend altogether on touch controls, has the Powerbeats Pro had actual buttons outwardly of every headphone that let you play and interrupt music and change the volume?

The touchpads outwardly of every one of the Galaxy Buds, that gets single, twofold, triple, and long presses, can be arranged inside the Samsung Wear application to control everything from playing and stopping the music to get to your voice associate, so it is anything but a colossal arrangement that you can’t simply address your voice right hand to get to it.

In addition to an IPX2 sweatproof rating and a similar auto-stop highlight gloated by the Powerbeats, the Galaxy Buds are entirely adjustable regarding sound. That implies they’re generally fine for exercises, however won’t be the sort of thing you’d need to take with you to the pool or sea shore, where they could without much of a stretch get harmed.

Inside the Samsung Wear application, you can decide to pipe in sound from the rest of the world during your drive, change balance settings, and even oversee what warnings the earphones will outline for you and what they won’t — which proves to be useful.

The capacity to hear outside sound when out in occupied public spaces is critical to our choice in this classification on the grounds that the Powerbeats Pro — apparently planned as a couple of exercise buds — don’t do it. That settles on this a simpler decision than we at first suspected on the grounds that it makes the Galaxy Buds essentially more secure.

Winner: Galaxy buds plus

Battery life: Powerbeats Pro vs Galaxy Buds Plus

Powerbeats Pro is one of the best Bluetooth earpieces with the best battery life and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is close to second.

Powerbeats Pro earbuds each give as long as 9 hours of playback. With the charging case, you can get over 24 hours of playback. What’s more, with Fast Fuel, you can get up to 1.5 long periods of playback after you charge for 5 minutes. At the point when the case battery is under 40% charged, the LED on the front transforms into the red.

All things considered, the Galaxy Buds Plus takes battery life from six hours up to a staggering 11 hours, which is far longer than some other remote earbud available today. The remote charging case furnishes an additional 11 hours and with just three minutes of charging you can get one hour of recess.

Winner: Galaxy buds plus

Microphone quality: Powerbeats Pro vs Galaxy Buds Plus

Samsung equipped the Galaxy Buds Plus with three-microphones but each Powerbeats Pro earbud has a microphone for making calls and using Siri.

Samsung prepared the Galaxy Buds Plus with a three-amplifier exhibit: two external and one inward receiver which works pair for more clear voice transmission than previously. The two external microphones focus your voice while at the same time battling encompassing commotion, like what’s utilized by the Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro and clearly in Powerbeats Pro.

The mouthpiece of the Beats Powerbeats Pro is shockingly useful for a bunch of genuinely remote headphones, and keeping in mind that it doesn’t quantify consummately: the imperfections won’t demolish your voice. With a descending confronting receiver in either earbud, wind clamor is by all accounts weakened genuinely well.

Winner: Powerbeats Pro

Connectivity: Powerbeats Pro vs Galaxy Buds Plus

Unlike Powerbeats Pro, which only benefits iPhone users, Galaxy Buds Plus are great for all kinds of smartphone users.

Genuine remote headphones are in a peculiar manner right now, as their sound quality is regularly reliant on what telephone you use. Beats will work with Apple gadgets far superior to they will with Android handsets, basically due to the Bluetooth codecs utilized, and the H1 chip covered up inside. Without the said chip, your telephone will probably show issues with idleness, and amazingly minor noise.

It’s simply an unavoidable truth that Android simply doesn’t deal with AAC, the boss codec utilized by the Beats Powerbeats Pro, just as it ought to. Nonetheless, except if you’re amazingly youthful: you likely won’t see an enormous contrast.

The Powerbeats Pro flaunts Apple’s earnest attempts at the genuine remote networks, permitting each earbud to be combined freely of one another, which means your iPhone can essentially interface with each bud as opposed to associating just to either. Furthermore, the Bluetooth 5 association offers a greatly improved association with battery life, pressure points of interest.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone that is running Android 7.1.1 or later and has the SmartThings application installed, you will see a pop-up window when initially pairing the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. Alternatively, you may combine the earbuds by removing them from the case, opening the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone, and selecting “Galaxy Buds+.”

The headphones use Bluetooth 5.0 firmware and award audience members a 10-meter remote reach. I was expecting to see aptX uphold with the second-age Galaxy Buds, however, the equivalent codecs are upheld by these headphones as the original model: SBC, AAC, and the adaptable Samsung codec. Despite the fact that Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo Plus isn’t upheld, association strength is solid inside the recorded range. On the off chance that you have an iPhone or Samsung gadget, latency is a non-issue.

Winner: Galaxy buds plus

Sound quality: Powerbeats Pro vs Galaxy Buds Plus

It shouldn’t be astonishing that the Powerbeats Pro, which costs more than double the Galaxy Buds, has the high ground with regards to fidelity and clarity.

With an extremely itemized midrange, legitimate bass, and a vaporous top of the line, the Powerbeats Pro conveys devotion that is on the upper finish of the remote earbud range.

Bass has a lovely perceptible knock as is significant for a Beats item, and highs and high mids have supported a piece to help instruments stand apart from a tad from the packed racket of an uproarious melody. While it may not fulfill the pickiest audience members out there a reaction like this loans itself well to most current music.

Nonetheless, that plunge in the low-mids is a smidgen of an issue, as it implies that the most elevated portion of a piano, most wind and stringed instruments, and a few vocals will sound about 3/4 to one half as noisy as the bass notes or highs. In blends in with heaps of instrumentation, vocals—particularly more shrill voices—can now and again stable a little calm in contrast with the remainder of the track.

Then again, the Galaxy Buds are an incredible buy. This is incredible for audience members who appreciate well-known classifications of music like pop, hip-jump, etc. as it adds a more prominent feeling of contact with each kick drum. Highs and mids barely get any enhancement, which implies instrumentally bustling tunes may appear as though they’re deficient with regards to detail. That is not the shortcoming of the sound document, rather of how stronger bass notes will undoubtedly cover calmer, piercing notes.

Isolation is quite acceptable, because of the extra ear and wing tips given by Samsung. On the off chance that you can hear what’s happening around you with the default ear tips, require a couple of moments to trade them out for the little or huge size: finding the correct fit will enormously improve lucidity and sound quality.

The lightweight earbuds have a somewhat hotter, less open-finished sound than the Beats model, however, they are still enjoyable to tune in to, effectively fueling you through intense exercises and walks around town. Nonetheless, the general sound nature of the Powerbeats expert takes after preeminent and energetic sound.

Winner: Powerbeats Pro

Who are both of these for

  • Training and fitness junkies who want to get a huge battery life and comfortable fit.
  • Many who want a range of genuine wireless earbuds to address travel, the workplace, and vacation time.
  • Others who require a pair of wireless earbuds that would not destroy the wallet.

Overview: Powerbeats Pro vs Galaxy Buds Plus

Feature Powerbeats pro Galaxy buds plus
Type In-ear In-ear
Product Description The true wireless Powerbeats Pro a major advance up for the Apple-possessed earphone brand. Customizable, secure-fit ear snares stay set up with different ear tip alternatives and are made to move with you. A fortified plan for sweat and water opposition encourages you to endure the day. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is the update the organization’s actual remote earbuds frantically required: they offer better battery life, improved call sound gratitude to a third inside amplifier, and another dual-driver design that utilizes two incredible drivers for better, clearer sound.
Colors ivory, navy, moss, and black Black, yellow, gray, and white
Weight 0.05 lbs 0.03 lbs.
  • Bluetooth 5.0, Class 1
  • Apple’s H1 chip allows for much greater flexibility
  • Strong battery life.
  • Powerful audio performance with intense bass depth and bright highs.
  • Secure fit
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Scalable Samsung codec and AAC
  • Strong battery life.
  • Qi Wireless charging
  • Compact build
  • Improved call quality thanks to a third microphone.
  • De-emphasized mids
  • Isolation not great
  • Expensive.
  • Lacks aptX
  • No auto-resume playback
  • Lacks multipoint functionality

The Best Alternatives: Powerbeats Pro vs Galaxy Buds Plus

  Jaybird Vista JLab Epic Air Sport Jabra Elite 75t
Why you should buy them Lightweight, comfortable and decent sound; an overall improvement from the earlier versions of the brand. They already have most of the Powerbeats Pro and Galaxy Buds Plus features we love, for far less cash. Jabra Elite 75t have a perfect mix of battery life, quality of voice, convenience, and longevity.
  • Secure fit.
  • The sound is quite good.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Earbuds can be used independently.
  • Compact case.
  • Standard USB-C port for the charging case.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Best battery set up ever seen in earbuds.
  • Great sound.
  • Study and durable.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IP66 sweatproof rating.
  • Comfortable and stylish.
  • Smaller more compact design
  • IP57 water-/sweat-/dust-proof design
  • HearThrough transparency mode (lets ambient noise in)
  • Solid construction
  • Better battery life: 7.5 hours of use between charges
  • Autopause/play
  • Expensive.
  • Plasticky exterior.
  • Low overall volume.
  • Weak noise cancellation
  • Controls are easy to misfire
  • Hardwired, short charging cable
  • Lack of active noise canceling
  • No wireless charging
  • Button actions can’t be customized (Yet – promised feature via update) 

Overall: Powerbeats Pro vs Galaxy Buds Plus

The Powerbeats Pro is – as we would see it – Apple’s best workout earbuds to date because of little increments like the ear snares, pressure-reducing micro-laser barometric venting hole, their long battery life, and predominant sound quality.

With that in mind, purchase these earbuds in case you’re an Apple-cherishing rec center goer who can value better-sounding music and highlights like hands-free Hey Siri, and wouldn’t fret paying a touch more for those things.

Toward the day’s end, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus presents a decent incentive for people who simply need genuine remote earbuds they don’t have to charge each day. They aren’t the best-sounding, however, the double driver configuration is a major advance up for Samsung and is adequate for watching recordings and tuning in to bass-light music.

With a little and comfortable design, astounding connectivity, and a sticker price that is less than 50% of the Powerbeats Pro, we believe that the Samsung Galaxy Buds are the better of these two sets of remote earbuds.

In case you’re attempting to pick between the two, we believe it’s an easy decision — at any rate until Beats adds some sort of encompassing sound mindfulness highlight or fixes the availability troubles the consumers have experienced.

Winner: Galaxy buds plus


This FAQ is here to solve your problems with these question and answer. Let’s find out more about these best soundbar for Powerbeats Pro vs Galaxy Buds Plus.

Can you use Beats Powerbeats pro to take calls?

Each Powerbeats Pro earbud comes with a headset, so you can make phone calls and use Siri.

Are you able to turn off Powerbeats Pro?

Powerbeats Pro earphones do not have power keys, much as AirPods. When you withdraw them from the charging frame, Powerbeats Pro turns on and when they return to the case, Powerbeats Pro turns off. However, when their sensors decide that they are inactive, Powerbeats Pro can retain the battery using sleep mode.

May I start charging my beats overnight?

A current Li-ion cell is battery in the Beats Studio headphones. For long periods of time, leaving it plugged into the charger would not harm the battery. Overnight, you will plug them in and be fine. For long periods of time, leaving it plugged into the charger would not harm the battery.

Can Galaxy buds link simultaneously to two devices?

Using Bluetooth 5.0, Galaxy Buds+ will connect to two Galaxy devices at once. This way, on your Samsung phone or tablet, you can open the media screen, touch the Galaxy Buds+ and listen to your songs.

How to turn off the buds of the galaxy?

Place the earbuds in the charging box when we finish using the Samsung galaxy buds, the indicator light will light up to indicate that the charge is being charged, the charging box will be closed, and the galaxy buds will immediately enter and turn off the shutdown mode.

How can I fix my Samsung Galaxy buds+ manually?

Tap About Earbuds for the Galaxy Buds. Tap Reset earbuds and then tap ResettoConfirm.

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