Jabra Elite 75t vs 65t: Review and Comparison

There is no audiophile existing these days who doesn’t crave for a wireless earphone. We are clearly done with using wired earphones where the wires are too delicate and make it so tough to carry it around, as the wires always get all spiraled and twisted and makes it hard to get is usable again.

There are many earphone brands in the market that have started producing wireless Bluetooth earphones, Jabra is one of the popular ones among them. And their two of the most esteemed wireless earphone models are the Jabra Elite 75t and Jabra Elite 65t. And today we are going compare the Jabra Elite 75t vs Jabra Elite 65t and find out which one is the best.

Among these two, the Elite 75t one is considered to be an upgraded version of the Elite 65t. Though there are not many differences between Jabra elite 65t vs 75t features and quality-wise, it is still thought-provoking that which one you should choose.

So in this article, we have tried to bring a proper comparison between these two earphones, so you can make a decision and choose between Jabra 65t vs 75t according to your preference easily.

To use earbuds you won’t have to even be near the phone as the earphone gets connected to the phone via Bluetooth; as a result, you can roam around freely with the earphones in your ears without carrying the phone.

This revolutionary technology has made the life of audiophiles way easier, who wants to listen to music and other stuff in an isolated from the outside world manner.

Comparison Charts of Jabra Elite 75t vs Jabra Elite 65t:

In this part, we have created two charts comparing different features and specs between the Jabra Elite 75t and The Jabra Elite 65t, for your further convenience. One of these carts is based on comparisons between their ratings on many things like sound quality, comfort, convenience, feature and specs quality, etc.

Hope these Jabra 75t specs and Jabra 65t specs charts will help you more to understand which one is better for you. The first chart is mentioned below.

Ground of ComparisonJabra Elite 75tJabra Elite 65t
EnclosureClosed BlackClosed Back
Wireless TypeTruly WirelessTruly Wireless
Battery Life (Earbuds)7.5 hours5 hours
Battery Life (Case)20.5 hours10 hours
Battery Level IndicatorYesYes
Wireless ChargingYesNo
Charging ConnectorUSB-CMicro USB
Active Noise CancellationNoNo
Wight0.02 lbso.o3 lbs
Clamping Force0 lbs0 lbs
OS CompatibilityNot OS SpecificNot OS Specific
Using ConvenienceDecentDecent
Music/ Call ControlYesYes
Volume ControlYesYes
Mic ControlNoNo
Channel MixingNoNo
Talk ThroughOn/ OffOn/ Off
Additional ControlsVoice AssistantVoice Assistant
Transmitter RequirementNoNo
Case TypeHard CaseHard Case
Head/ Speaker ModelingNoNo
Virtual SurroundNoNo
Head TrackingNoNo
Charge Time6.8 hours5.2 hours
Audio While ChargingNoNo
Power Saving FeatureAuto-Off TimerAuto-Off Timer
Smartphone SupportAndroid + IOSAndroid + IOS
App NameJabra Sound +Jabra Sound +
Bluetooth Version55
PS4 / Xbox CompatibilityNoNo
Dock ChargingYesYes
Quick Charge Time15 minutes15 minutes
Quick Charge Playtime1 hour1 hour
Mono modus Left EarbudNoNo
Mono modus Right EarbudYesYes
Hear Through (Ambient Sound Mode)YesYes
Water ResistanceYesYes
Waterproof CertificationIP55IP56
Stereo SpeakersYesYes
Weather SealingYesYes
Dust proofingYesYes
Passive Noise ReductionYesYes
Neodymium MagnetNoNo
Frequency Level20 Hz- 20000 Hz20 Hz- 20000 Hz
Microphone Number44
Maximum Bluetooth Range10 meters10 meters
Mute FunctionNoYes
Voice CommandYesYes
Voice PromptsYesYes
PriceCheck price on Amazon Check price on Amazon

In the previous chart, we have compared many features and specs of the Jabra Elite 75t and Jabra Elite 65t wireless headphones. Here their compatibilities and special features were shown and compared.

But in the next chart, we will compare the rating these two wireless headphones got based on their sound quality, features, comfort, and conveniences. The comparison between the ratings of these two headphones is mentioned below.

Ground of Comparison
(Between Ratings)
Jabra Elite 75t (Ratings)Jabra Elite 65t (Ratings)
Neutral Sound7.17
Bass Accuracy7.38.1
Mid Accuracy9.38.7
Frequency Response Consistency9.99.2
Treble Accuracy7.77.9
Peaks / Dips7.58
Passive Soundstage0.90.4
Weighted Harmonic Distortion6.97.9
Noise Isolation6.28.3
Mixed Usage7.37.3
Phone Calls6.56.9
Wireless Gaming5.85.6
Build Quality88
Recording Quality6.46.5
Noise Handling66.2
Active Features6.96.5
App Support7.57.5

Jabra Elite 75t review 


  • Battery life is great
  • Can run for a long time with a single charge
  • Compact case and earbuds
  • EQ can be customized through the app
  • Has the excellent sound quality
  • Uses USB-C port for charging
  • Comfortable to use


  • Only the right earbud has mono modus mode, so only that one works independently, and the left earbud doesn’t work alone
  • The Bass sound is too overwhelming and muddy
  • Dialing in volume is difficult

About Elite 75t

The Jabra Elite 75t is considered to be an upgrade from its predecessor, the Elite 65t, and the Jabra 75t release date was last February 2020. The sound quality of the Elite 75t is really good, as it remains as equal as the elite 65t; and the same thing can be said about the customization features too.

However, in terms of the 75t Jabra, there has been a change in the size of the earphones and their cases, as they got smaller in size. But the revolutionary change has occurred in their battery life as it has been a huge upgrade from the Elite 65t.

Features of Jabra 75t

The smaller design of the Jabra Elite 75t has made the usage of these earphones very convenient, as you can now carry them easily in your pockets. With getting smaller, the cases have become fully magnetic too. The magnetic lid of the Elite 75t’s case is really satisfying to use.

And there’s no risk of the earphones getting rolled out of the case as they are held by the magnet. The battery life has increased impressively as now it has a total of 28 hours of battery life.

For charging it uses a USB-C port instead of a micro USB port, and it helps to have the fast charging feature. With this feature, an hour of playback time can be acquired from just 15 minutes of charging.

Plastic and rubbers are used to entirely make the Elite 75t earphones, which make them grippy and keep them from dropping off accidentally. The earphones also get a utilitarian look.

The earphones have IP55 splash resistance, so they won’t get harmed by sweats or other splash problems, though don’t sink them in water.

With all the latest features match with the Jabra 75t elite price and you won’t regrade buying it.

Sound Quality Jabra 75t earbuds

The overall sound quality of the Jabra Elite 75t test is good but it has an overwhelming amount of bass sound, which is actually fatiguing. It makes the mid-range sound muddy and also sounds lose details. You might get exhausted after listening to music with this earphone after a while.

But thankfully, there is customizable EQ in the Jabra app, with which you can reduce the bass and mid-bass frequencies and the sound gets more neutral and comfortable listen. However, you can’t do this with devices that don’t support the app. There are many other features that you can see from the comparison chart later.

Then and call support quality is also really well with the Jabra Elite 75t earbuds. Even though it doesn’t have an active noise cancellation feature, its passive noise isolation does a good job of blocking most of the outside noises. Overall, it’s a good upgrade from the Elite 65t.

Jabra Elite 65t review


  • Battery life is decent
  • Auto connects to the phone
  • Decent connection strength
  • Good microphone quality
  • Built-in playback controls
  • Not too good, but decent sized charging case
  • Nice and mature design
  • Balanced sound quality
  • Comfortable and pleasing to use


  • Only the right earbud works independently, the left one doesn’t have the mono modus feature
  • Audio and video can often get out of sync
  • Sub-par bass
  • A limited selection of ear tip
  • Cases are not magnetic
  • Slippery earbuds
  • Uses Micro USB charging port
  • Splash resistance is a bit limited

About Elite 65t

Among all the available high quality truly wireless earphones out there, the Jabra 65t elite clearly gets a high position. If you are an audiophile who cares more about gadget convenience than sound quality, this one is perfect for you.

And the sound quality isn’t bad either, in fact, it’s really balanced, but the features top the quality. They are highly-priced like Jabra elite 65t update version Elite 75t, but the price is worth it as the earphones are very reliable. The Elite 65t was released in March 2018.

Design and Features of 

The earbuds have a mature and understated design. The earphones and the case, all are made out of plastic. The earphones are really comfortable to use and give off a premium product feel. Jabra Elite 65t Bluetooth features make this earbud more convenient.

In the earbuds, perforations are used which allows mics to pick up your voice easily while calling, but they also allow outside sounds to get mixed with the music. The Jabra app will help you to customize many of the things of the earphone.

Each earbud has different sets of control systems, as with the buttons on each of them, you can play or pause music, change volume, pick up calls, activate voice assistants, etc many things.

For charging you have to put them back at the Jabra elite 65t charging case and the case uses the micro USB port for charging, for which quick charging isn’t available. The case is compact but it is a bit slippery and not magnetic, so you have to be cautious while putting the earbuds back in them.

Without having the magnetic lid feature like the Elite 75t, it falls behind a bit inconvenient. But there are some pleasing features too like the earbuds automatically turn on when you take them out of the case and also turn off automatically when you put them back in.

This is obviously a huge help for users. The Bluetooth connectivity system is also good. You have to remember that only the right earbud can work independently.

For the color, you can find Jabra elite 65t black, gold, black, titanium black, copper blue, and many more.

Sound Quality of Jabra elite 65 t earbuds

The sound quality is good too, and as said earlier, well balanced. The high-frequency sounds are rolled off and the bass sounds have good impact and extension. There is a good amount of detail in the sound and it doesn’t sound too fatiguing like the default Elite 75t sound.

Active noise cancellation is not in work here, but passive noise isolation does a good job to block out tons of outside noises. And you can use the app to control the amount of surrounding sound you are getting mixed with the audio. The built-in playback controls are also really helpful and the mic quality makes your call way better.

So, despite being slower in charging than the Elite 75t, the Jabra Elite 65t earbuds have made its position among the best quality headphones with its sound quality and huge conveniences. Though it is expensive, it still costs less than the Elite 75t.

Most importantly, the sound system has a more balanced take than the sound system with too much bass of the Elite 75t. So, you will not regret it if you choose the 65t.

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Verdict of Jabra elite 75t vs 65t

Both these earphones have their own advantages and disadvantages. And most importantly, they are almost similar regarding most of the features and specs. The sound quality is also quite similar, except the Elite 75t has an overwhelming bass sound, which makes the midrange too muddy, but it can be controlled.

Again, the 75t has magnetic features in the case, which makes it more convenient to use. And the earbuds have also become more comfortable and less slippery than the Elite 65t earbuds.

But the most notable change has occurred in terms of battery life, as the Elite 75t has a way longer battery life than the Elite 65t, moreover 75t has quick charging.

But the 75t is also more expensive. So, all things considered, both are really good and likable in their own way.

In the end, it’s up to you, which one among these two matches your preference and then you can choose one according to that. And I hope you can all the info need to know by reading Jabra Elite 75t vs 65t. 

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