Beats Solo 3 vs AirPods: with which you will go for and why

Who doesn’t love to enjoy certain music or movies with their pair of headphones or AirPods on? Will you want to have the ultimate experience while relaxing in your bedroom? You can check out these amazing products, Beats Solo 3 and AirPods, for your personal use. Try to find the right substances and match certain factors to get what you want. This proprietary sound equipment quality will definitely improve the overall music experience. But if you’re kind of having a hard time choosing between these stunning items, this comparison guide is absolutely for you.

Beats Solo 3

Despite being comparatively new, Beats is one of the most recognized labels in the world. The business was founded by Dr. Dre and Dr. Jimmy Iovine, music producer and rapper. However, Apple has owned the brand for a fair few years now, and his parent company has had a tremendous effect both on manufacturing and the newest designs for the headphones. Among the wide range of headphones Beats Solo 3 obviously has established its place in the market by rich noise canceled sound and long-lasting battery technology.


Apple Inc. is a U.S. technology company that designs, produces, and markets consumer hardware and internet services. Apart from the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch 2, Apple launched the 1st generation AirPods in 2016. AirPods can perform all-day audio on the run without any effort. It’s so light, and cozy, that you can even forget it’s between your ears. This convenient wireless sound equipment is a new phenomenon and widely renowned around the world.

A side-by-side comparison between Beats Solo 3 and AirPods

Beats Solo 3AirPods
TypeWireless HeadphonesWireless Headphones
Sound Output ModeStereoStereo
Color CategoryBlackWhite
Audio Controlsanswer/end, next/previous track, play/pause, volumeanswer/end, next/previous track, play/pause, volume
Battery Run Time (Up To)40hrs5hrs
Connector Typemini-phone stereo 3.5 mm 4-polemini-phone stereo 3.5 mm 4-pole
Sweat ResistanceNoYes
Passive noise reductionYesNo
Voice CommandsNoYes
L-shaped PlugYesNo
Detachable CableYesNo
Voice promptsNoYes
Wireless ChargingNoYes
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

You should look into these speculations before buying your favorite one.

W1 chip

It is a good idea to know about the W1 chip used in both headsets before we get through the distinction of Beats Solo 3 and AirPods. The W1 chip is manufactured by Apple to allow fast connectivity with Apple devices for different wireless headsets in the industry. The W1 chip is a patented Apple-designed Bluetooth chip, which enhances the wireless functionality of your headsets. You just need to allow a headphone near the iPhone when you want to couple your Beats Solo 3 or AirPods with your iPhone for the first time. The system immediately senses the headset and an app asks you to connect the headset. This is a very quick, consistent, and effective method.

There’s more to it, though. The Headset is immediately matched with the other Apple devices that have signed into your iCloud account when you signed up by your iPhone. Furthermore, the headset can have a considerably better battery life because the W1 chip is very efficient.


Beats Solo 3 has a play/pause and a volume switch on the right ear cup. In the stated ear cup, there is also an integrated microphone. The 3.5 mm audio interface is also on the left ear cup for wired listening. On the left ear cup for skipping tracks and adjusting volume, touch-sensitive controls are available. You can listen to music without batteries using an audio cable.

There is a very long wireless spectrum of Beats Solo 3. It can be attached even when you are separated by 328 feet from your iPhone. This is surely a remarkable achievement since you’ll be completely free to walk around and don’t have to think about losing the area.

On the other hand, AirPods comparatively have over-all better and modern features. When you have the AirPods on your ears, your phone will know and the music will begin. It immediately stops the music as you remove one of the AirPods. For having an accelerometer, they can use for track movements of the device and sense orientation. In this scenario, you can leave one AirPods and the system routes all of the music through the earpiece you carry. There seems to be a decent wireless spectrum. With the W1 slot, it can be quickly and conveniently attached to your Apple devices from a distance of 180 feet. You can still use AirPods on Android, and still enjoy a good link and battery life, but can never use the rapid pairing or Siri integration process.

AirPods can also function with Siri, for control. Siri will pop up when you press the key and then you will be able to monitor the volume settings with voice commands, skip tracks, or chat with your phone. Sadly, it isn’t easy to use voice commands to change volume and avoid the songs. It’s much easier to use real keys.


Let’s begin with the design of Beats Solo 3. The first distinction, of course, is that Beats Solo 3 is an on-earing headphone set. It is a well-designed headset that seems quite sophisticated, trendy, and elegant. Despite the plastic construction, the build-up quality is excellent. In reality, the plastic contains a metallic inner frame. It’s all fairly stable and strong, and very lightweight. The headphone may be folded in order to conveniently store and hold. A patch made of spongy rubber is included on the headband. Beats Solo 3 will ensure a more comfortable fit with the use of this substance instead of foam. The item is found in a stunning black finish with a gorgeous well-planned model.

In contrast, AirPods isn’t the coolest thing really on the market when it comes to style. It is almost like a couple of earphones which was mistakenly cut their cable off, leaving just their earbuds. Moreover, the lengths had to be marginally longer for the built-in microphones to fit. These AirPods are commonly available in white colors.


Whatever the movements, the headband will sit at the top of the head. The earpads are smooth and relaxing. It is absolutely user-friendly in general as it won’t press your ears tightly. In addition, the ear cups are also breathable so that your ears don’t get too hot too soon. However, because of the tight-fitting, after an hour or two, you have to detach the headphone for a while.

The AirPods are also pretty tiny and easy to conceal. Most of people prefer lower weights as smaller items are easier to handle. The earbuds are pretty handy. These items are always sweat-resistant or sweatproof and specially designed for heavy workouts. It’s very lightweight and can be used easily without any extra precautions or interference.

Sound Quality

As a headphone for Beats, it is normal for Beats Solo 3 to come with a lot of detailed basses. It also includes Passive Noise Reduction. But Beats Solo 3 cannot suppress all background noise entirely since it has no Active Noise Cancellation. The ear cups don’t cover the ears entirely, hence, they won’t offer a full seal. The noise of motor or machinery sounds would not be reduced in the low frequencies. However, the headphone is still functioning well to minimize low-volume noise as the external conversations and exterior traffic noises won’t trouble you at all.

Solo 3 offers lots of basses but is not too exotic or heavy. The bass is versatile enough to be deep and effortlessly stable. The midrange and the treble are generally smooth and go well with strong bass. Thus, while vocals and lead techniques are unique, the focus remains on the bass.

However, if we come to judge the sound quality of AirPods, they have many deficiencies. The vocals and instruments are simply inadequate in clarification. The music is not loud enough and presumably not a hi-fi product for audiophiles. Nevertheless, the AirPods can provide some bass. The bass doesn’t exaggerate the other frequencies and might be, that’s the only good thing they can provide. Music with a sophisticated sound can be found and electronic Beats can sometimes be enjoyed excellently. But at high volume, these beneficial effects vanish.

No surprise, there’s no Sound Cancellation that is effective in this item. Environmental sounds can reach your ear without any obstacles. And if you insert the earbuds far into your ears, you’ll still hear people making conversations.


The superbly effective power consumption is just another feature of the W1 chip. Headphones with Bluetooth have typically a very short battery life. Yet, Beats Solo 3 can be 40 hours per charge and AirPods’ battery life is a comparatively long one than any other earphones. Moreover, the recharge process is also very fast with the W1 chip.

To sum up, Beats Solo 3 has a relatively better battery life than AirPods. However, AirPods manufacturer sells a customized wireless recharge package which is quite impressive. You can simply position it on its charging base to charge the battery wirelessly. This outstanding feature is absent in Solo 3.


The only concern about the Beats Solo3 wireless headphones was their price. When it hit its $300 selling price in 2016, its sound quality was not as fine as other headphones that cost as much. But at the latest selling price of $130 for Amazon and Best Buy is the lowest we’ve ever seen for it; now Beats Solo3 is considered as a bargain. AirPods cost more than $150, but their sound quality, while far from unreasonable, is definitely not in the “audiophile” grade. Since the latest price decline, AirPods are now available for $129.98, but this does not in any way equal the cost-decrease of Beats Solo 3.

Why you should go for AirPods:

  • Sweat resistance for intensive training
  • 4 microphones
  • Voice commands for easy use
  • Lightweight
  • Earbud form for comfort
  • Voice prompts as a part of modern features
  • Can be charged wirelessly
  • Accelerometer for tracking

The problems of using AirPods:

  • The use of the Apple AirPods raises the EMF sensitivity significantly, as the Apple air buds continuously omit high EMF levels.
  • One-handed processing is unlikely
  • Difficult to manage by Siri
  • Very weak sound quality considering the cost
  • Shorter battery life

Why you just love Beats Solo 3:

  • Stellar sound quality
  • Comfortable and surprisingly light
  • Passive Noise Reduction for moderate noise minimization
  • Battery level indicator which shows when the device has a low battery life
  • The control panel is installed on the device
  • Detachable cord for using alternative cables
  • In-line control panel to easily operate the device without having to interact with it
  • Has an L-shaped plug that is less likely to break when the device is in your pocket.
  • It can be folded which makes it easier to transport and takes up less storage space.

The issues you might need to face using Beats Solo 3:

  • Dominant bass
  • Mid-range clogging
  • The headband may become unpleasant during the prolonged listening conference

Conclusion: What you should choose

For me, Beats Solo 3 is the clear winner between both of the aforementioned products. In terms of design, price, and also, the main factor, sound quality, Solo 3 is way over the line against AirPods. I fondly think, with deep vibrant bass and rich as well as accurate midrange and treble, Beats Solo 3 will offer you the stunning sound experience, which you won’t see in the AirPods. However, if you want something for regular use and just don’t want to carry extra weight on your head, I suggest you invest in AirPods.

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Well, this FAQ section is going to solve some of your problems regarding this comparison between Beats Solo and Airpods.

Is Solo 3 suitable when you just want a jog?

Yeah, in them you can sprint or walk around whenever you like. Nowadays, they sell alternative ear cups for $10-15 on amazon.

Can you use Beats Solo 3’s cable to listen, if you want?

Solo 3 Remote Talk Control Cable with 3.5 mm wireless adapter can be used or attached to Bluetooth headphones.

Is Solo 3 going to work on Android?

Despite what others have said, it will sound much as it does on an Apple device.

Do I have to let my AirPods die before I charge?

Apple claims that a pair of AirPods can last about five hours if you play music, or about two hours of talk time until they need to be recharged. The charging case should be valid for about 24 or 11 hours.

Why does my left AirPod die more quickly?

If you use one more time, more cycles will occur and the battery will deteriorate more rapidly. Unfortunately, after around 1 and 1/2 years the batteries on AirPods have started to fail and practically the batteries are not replaceable.

May I leave my AirPods overnight to charge?

Yeah, AirPods will leave charge for one week or more, over a month, overnight. If maximum capacity is achieved, the case goes into a trickle charging mode, which minimizes the amount of charging cycles required while retaining battery life.

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