AirPods Max vs Bose 700: Review and Comparison

Bose 700 vs AirPods Max? You may be wondering how Apple’s first over-ear AirPods compare to the king of ANC, the Bose 700, despite a glaring price gap between the two. For everyone seeking a pair of noise-canceling headphones, Apple and Bose provide great options, but is the AirPods Max worth extra money?

AirPods Max, which contains AirPods standards and the characteristics of more sophisticated AirPods Pro, is the current version of AirPods from Apple. The previous offerings from AirPods were earbuds rather than headphones.

In 2019, Bose launched the Bose Active Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, and Bose offers earbud models like Apple as well. Customers may appreciate the freedom of wireless listening, along with the advantages of noise cancelation technology, including reduction of background noise via either headset or earbuds.

Apple AirPods Max vs Bose 700: Specification

Apple AirPods MaxBose 700
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Active Noise CancellationYesYes
Adaptive EQYesNo
Spatial audioYesYes
Transparency modeYesYes
Bose SimpleSyncNoYes
Rechargeable Batteryrechargeablerechargeable
Run Time (Up To)20 hours20 hour(s)
Charging Time5-minute2.5 hours
Intelligent Assistant CompatibleSiriAlexa, Google Assistant
Bluetooth Connectivity55
Microphone number98
Included AccessoriesSmart Case, Lightning to USB-C cable3.5 mm jack, USB Type-C, audio cable
ColorSky Blue, Space Gray, Silver, Pink, GreenBlack, Luxe Silver, Soapstone, Triple Midnight
Width6.64 inches6.5 in
Profile width3.28 inches2 in
Height7.37 inches8 in
Weight13.6 ounces8.89 oz


The AirPods Max is a fascinating mix of traditional just-Apple style harmonies and strange inconsistencies in terms of design. They’re noble, but they’re strong. The Bose 700s, by comparison, is a different destination for Bose headphone design, and this path can be summed up in one word and that is clean. The most portable headphones we’ve ever seen are these.

The AirPods Max and Bose 700 have entirely different esthetics. The 700s look ultra-sleek, ultra-modern, and the AirPods Max looks like they were inspired several decades earlier. Apple’s headphones are of course, luxurious and tidy, but the rectangular angled cans have become less common than the oval cups commonly used on most popular headphones.

The AirPods Max and Bose 700 are fairly closely balanced when it comes to color choices, but the colors of the AirPods Max are more imaginative (Space Gray, Silver, Sky blue, Green, Pink), while the colors of the 700 are more sophisticated (Black, Luxe Silver, Soapstone and Triple Midnight.)

The headband of the Apple is stainless steel wrapped in white rubber material, with a “breathable mesh knit canopy” over the top; Apple claims that the headphone weight is more uniformly distributed across your head. The headband of the bose is made of durable material, which bisects the core of plastic ear cups. The top and bottom of the band are a soft plastic that incorporates a little patented foam from Bose.

The cool, stainless steel frame on both the AirPods Max and Bose 700s is but on the 700s the stems bisect the plastic earcups while the stems touch the top of the cans of AirPods Max. There are contrasting headbands as well the 700s have a coated layer, and the AirPods Max has a mesh canopy on top.

Furthermore, Bose’s NC 700 headphones are only available with a normal carrying case, unlike the AirPods Max which contains an intelligent case to protect the battery. Both control buttons and a power panel are provided by the Bose 700. There are no touch controls available at AirPods Max, but there’s a noise cancellation button and a digital crown obtained from Apple Watch.

However, Senhiester is a very good company that produces some best quality headphones.

Active noise cancellation

The AirPods Max has, as you would expect, successful noise cancelation. Both ears have three noise detection exterior mics plus there is a soundtracking microphone within the earcup. Once again the machine audio adapts the noise cancelation in real-time according to the headset suit and gesture.

To remove ambient noise, the Bose 700 uses anti-noise. If required, the filters exclude medium and high frequencies, including voices. For air transport, there is also air pressure optimization. It may also be generalized to behaviors such as walking, driving, and waiting.

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Battery Life

The AirPods Max and Bose 700 each have a battery life of 20 hours to read, chat or chill the world around you. We’d hope that AirPods Max might offer more endurance for the price, but we’ll have to see just how long they last with typical consumption.

You can fuel them with a blinking cord when AirPods Max requires a charge. An additional 1.5 hours of listening would give you five minutes fee. Although maybe not as good as the 3, 5 hours you can hear the Bose 700 with a USB-C charge of 15 minutes. Although Apple fans are now used to USB-absence, C’s is a more omnipresent charge choice.

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AirPods Max is powered by a 40mm dynamic driver from Apple, 9 microphones, and the Apple H1 audio computer. These AirPods have Adaptive EQ, a transparency mode, and a Spatial Audio feature, in addition to active noise cancellation.

To listen to stuff around you, you can just push the Noise Reduction button. It is nevertheless odd to uses a few headphones that are not insulated completely. Adaptive EQ is used by AirPods Max to adjust the sound to fit the ear cushions and to stick them together.

Spatial audio can create a surrounding sound experience by using the integrated gyroscope and accelerometer to measure the location of your hearing range. Sensors are used to determine if even headphones are located on the head, if you listen to music and raise a cup from the ears, the music stops when you take a small AirPods. By using iCloud, missing headphones may be found easily.

Meanwhile, 8 integrated microphones are used in the Bose 700s to suppress ambient noise without compromising audio output. You can also hear what is outside of the headphones without disabling it by using transparency mode (Bose name it Chats mode or Speaks mode).

The Bose SimpleSync feature allows you to sync for a personal, cross-device sound experience with the Bose Soundbar 500 or 700.

The Bose Music app has a clean, elegant look, like the hardware in this headphone. You can use the software to change the noise cancelation frequency, select between automated helpers, and select as much of your own speech you can hear on a call.

The AirPods Max and the Bose NC 700 provide a mode that allows the users to switch between modes with a single button to activate surrounding noise. The Bose headphones also support Amazon Alexa and each feature Ear Cup coating to add convenience to attach to Siri. On-head recognition is used by each of them to stop the playback when disabled or to proceed when placed on.

The new AirPods Max includes a total of 9 microphones. Six – three in each ear cup – are outwardly programmed to feel the noise and help detect active noise. In addition, a microphone tracks the user’s ear sounds inside each cup. 8 and 6 active noise cancelation microphones are on Bose NC Headphones. These microphones are also inside and outside the ear cup.

If you can see, the Apple headphones have the smartest features. But it is also a personal issue which features you like and how many of them. Even for Apple users, the AirPods Max applies solely to a small consumer audience.


A breathable mesh canopy was used to distribute weight and reduce head pain. The frame provides a range of head styles, flexibility, and comfort in stainless steel. Telescoping wristbands stretch quickly and stay ready to sustain the exercise required.

None of this sounds very “revolutionary,” when lined up next to other high-end noise-canceling headphones, but the memory foam ear cushions can provide good protection. Stacked next to other high-end headphones withdrawing noise. Also, magnets may be extracted and connected, so hopefully, it is not hard to substitute them.

In the case of Bose 700, the basis for the all stainless steel headband is to shrink to a cylindrical shape that slices across the center of each occupation. You slide the earcups up or down the steel rod. You change the fit. Without any clicks or input, this is a seamless movement. A good coil is attached to the bottom of the headband. The headphone is also lighter than AirPods Max.

Just as comfortable are the ear covers, made of memory foam and covered in black leatherette. The oval form embracing the ears produces a very small shield to avoid unwanted noise. The headband is meant to spread weight equally, which allows it a more secure fit.

But the sweat accumulating around the leather during the sunny summer day is the only fuss around the headphones.

Sound quality

The over-ear headphones from the AirPods Max are used for good play on all other Apple units. It’s quick to adapt to the iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, or iPad and all the wearer behavior management options in AirPods can be automatically merged.

These provide an extremely faithful sound with adaptive ANC and spatial audio plays an essential part in improving performance.

The Bose 700 displays outstanding musicality and precision, sounding explicit, dynamic, and detail. The bass depth and detail provided by the Bose 700 cannot be competed absolutely by anyone. It sounds a little more composed and trustworthy. The timing is indeed brilliant.


It is expensive to Apple AirPods Max. We’re sure that the AirPods Max is capable of giving iPhone owners an incomprehensive competence, in particular from the all-important usability viewpoint. It is worth a little more than a Bose Noise-canceling Headphone 700 (US$399). This is a zone where Apple is sparkling, as we all know.

Obviously, they must still sound fantastic – at least as strong as the competition. On the other hand, Bose canisters tend to dip a bit lower time, so be careful if you have a tight budget. The cost difference, however, is, in my opinion, more attractive for shoppers than ever before for the Bose 700.

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Apple AirPods


• Comfortable Design
• Superb Audio Quality
• Favorable Battery Life
• Ear Detection
• Multiple Color Options


• Expensive
• No 2.5mm Or 3.5mm Analog Audio Input
• No Power Button

Bose 700


• Slick, attractive design
• Excellent noise canceling on calls and music
• Precise, balanced audio
• Intuitive buttons and touch controls


• Bose Music app is in need of fixation
• Common accidental button presses

What is the difference between AirPods Max and Sony WH-1000XM4?

Verdicts on AirPods Max vs Bose 700

AirPods Max can be pricier than the Bose700, but they deliver something other than sophisticated device audio and smooth convergence with the extension of the Apple product community that Bose does not equal.

It is arguably Apple that every corporation is willing to explain this price tag. The company has a record in several types of goods, and its new emphasis on sound quality has achieved some impressive results. Do not only think of the AirPods and AirPods Pro but also of the HomePod and new HomePod mini, both of which have been reviewed by many audiophiles.

The question remains whether the success of Bose is enough. A big price gap for headphones is $170. Maybe Bose would be opposed by a 700s boosted version, but for now, they remain a stronger and better-priced choice for headphones than the AirPods Max.

Nevertheless, both brands have a long tradition of making stellar headphones or earphones with exceptional sound quality, and costs are different for many. But the AirPods Max could be preferable for the trapped Apple fan searching for a streamlined user interface.

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