Bose SoundTrue Ultra vs SoundSport: Review with Comparison

Whether it is a question of making the best earbuds, headphones, or other accessories, Bose has always been renowned. And SoundTrue Ultra and SoundSport is one of the most amazing two products of their. We are going to compare between SoundTrue Ultra vs SoundSport to see which one is the best.

Both of them are in-ear headphones and significant in their ways differently. But also have many similar features.

Like both of the earphone type is in-ear, speaker type is stereo, transducer type is dynamic, both of them have passive noise reducer and they are sweet and water resistance.

SoundTrue Ultra is best for providing versatile sound with remote control and casual use. Another hand, SoundSport is designed especially for physical activities.

And if you look at the difference you can see that SoundTrue Ultra is closed-back earphone and SoundSport earphone is open-back. You will see to much difference in price if you compare SoundTrue Ultra vs SoundSport.

SoundTrue Ultra vs SoundSport Comparison Table

FeaturesSoundTrue UltraSoundSport
Stereo SpeakersYesYes
Call/Music ControlYesYes
Passive Noise ReductionYesYes

SoundTrue Ultra

The Sound True Ultra is the updated version of SoundTrue. Bose put some extra effort into it and makes it more comfortable comparing to the other ear tips.

Also, a simple design and a tremendous audio system make it suitable for everyone. For movie, music, whatever you want you can use it, and it won’t disappoint you for sure.

What’s In The Box:

You will find the primary element in the box. The in-ear headphones as per your chosen color. A compact carrying case also clothing clips.

There are also 3 pairs of StayHear Ultra tips in 3 different sizes. Small, medium, and large. So, you can choose the right one that can fit your ear.

  1. SoundTrue® Ultra in-ear headphones: 48-inch Length, 0.63 lbs Weight
  2. Stay Hear Ultra tips
  3. Carrying Case
  4. Clothing clip

Bose SoundSport Fit For Workouts

These ear tips are for those who do heavy workouts, or any kind of exercise also wants to enjoy some music. This has designed this type that won’t fall from your ear during heavy activities.

This is a different thing that Bose has added and also a piece of good news. Because who doesn’t want to enjoy some music during exercise. This also brings a thrill to the body.

Along with this, this also delivers good audio. So, for regular use, this can be used.

What’s In The Box:

When you open the box, you will find the desired pair of in-ear headphones with the carrying case. 3 couple of StayHear tips in 3 different sizes small, medium, and large.

There is also an inline remote and microphone. The remote helps to controls, and the inline microphone is also good.

  1. SoundSport in-ear headphones: 42″ Length, 0.64 ounces Weight
  2. StayHear tips
  3. Carrying Case
  4. Clothing clip

SoundTrue Ultra vs SoundSport Details Analysis

SoundSport Looks More Attractive

Firstly a simple thing should be noted about the design of these headphones the shark fin-shaped lumps. The protrusion attached to the StayHear tips looks like a shark fin.

Many don’t notice this thing, but it is a crucial feature that helps a lot. When walking or jogging or unwanted movement, these small lumps prevent.

They stuck in the ear and not uncomfortable at all. They are much comfortable and goes well with the design. Very few earbuds have this little discovery, and very useful. Bose did a great job putting these lumps.

Coming to the design of SoundTure Ultra headphone, they are very simple as typical earbuds. The StayHear tips Bose has used in them also. Giving them a relaxed look, they didn’t use many things designing them.

The simple design makes them light-weight, and in color, there is variation. In my personal choice, I like the grey color most. But you can choose any available color.

So, whenever you carry them, you will feel something confident as they look quite expensive also. Besides a soft carrying, you will find it in the box. The shape is square doesn’t seem bad.

In the design, there is also a remote that is near to the ear. This thing I think helps for controlling in the right way. And the junctions have a T shape, and where the cables split.

All over, the build quality has always been good with the Bose product and nothing different from the SoundTure Ultra.

The SoundSport headphones have a variety of colors, and each of them looks stylish. Each of the pigment there is a bright one and a deep one. This makes it look funky, and the teenagers like it most.

According to your taste, you can pick any available color. I like the green most that look too bright and stylish. And the rest of the design is like the regular earbuds.

But Bose makes them a little small, so they don’t stick in your ears. They will sit loose, and nothing is worrying about falling. Because the StayHear places them in the right position, and so they don’t move.

Many people don’t like to feel something tightly in their ears. For them, these can be great.

The remote is located near the ear. The carrying case has a circular shape, and the material is soft.

And now about the cables, they have a Y-shaped junction—That’s all about the design very simple but stylish.

Lastly, comparing the design, I don’t see much difference. Almost similar design and the shape of the junction don’t affect much on the plan. One thing is the SoundSport has more variation in color than the SoundTrue Ultra.

The SoundTrue Ultra Is More Comfortable

The SoundTrue Ultra has small soft earbuds that can comfortably fit into the ears. And since there are three different sizes, anyone can choose according to the need.

The earbuds don’t fully enter inside the ear canal. So, this gives much comfort even if you wear them for quite a long time. This also removes pain and swelling.

They sit in the ear gently, and the StayHear tips help them stay in the right place. This type of comfort ensures the best listening experience.

But sometimes, they may displace, but it doesn’t occur frequently. In a word, they have much more comfort than the typical earphones.

The SoundSport is especially for workouts or gym. So, you may think they are big and tight. But I have already mentioned that they are small in size and thus make it super comfortable.

They fit in the ear, not tightly but loosely. So, you won’t feel any pressure inside your ear. Instead, you can wear them for a long time, also no pain or fatigue.

The headphone is so light-weight that you won’t feel when you wear them. This is amazing and super good. Because I don’t like a burden in my ear and feel uncomfortable.

And many don’t like it also. So, seeing this side, they are really smooth and nicely fitted earbuds for the ear.

Both the SoundTrue Ultra vs SoundSport are so comfortable. Bose didn’t make any compromise while making them and put such unique features.

But if you want to know which is better, I think the SoundSport. Because the SoundTrue Ultra sometimes displace, but nothing happens with the SoundSport. But this doesn’t always happen.

That’s why if you intend to buy the SoundTrue, they also will provide you full comfort.


It’s essential to note down, but many people just ignore it. But breathability should be good in the headphones; otherwise, you won’t be able to have an experience with your headphone.

The SoundTrue Ultra headphones are breathable. They don’t trap heat much in your ear. As a result, the ear feels comfortable and now sweaty at all.

The earbuds just trap little heat inside as they stuck with the ear. But the superior design makes them not trap much heat; instead, much air can flow into the ear.

The SoundSport is also very breathable. They are a little bit better than the SoundTrue Ultra because they are smaller and don’t tightly fit. But this little bit of difference is ignorable.

Both of the best at this point.

SoundTrue Ultra vs SoundSport Which Has Better Audio Quality?

The SoundTrue Ultra produces neutral sound and has a versatile sound system. Most of the listeners will like the sound quality as they give balanced audio.

The excellent frequency range helps it sound better than most of the earphones. The bass in it is deep, rich even sometimes punchy in some rock music. The bass lover can also love the bass.

But they don’t produce heavy bass. May the bass not too loud, but I think for a headphone, the bass is enough. Because of the technology used in headphones, we can not expect more than that.

In a word, decent bass and mids are highs also pretty well for a long time listening. Since they are too comfortable, hours of listening won’t bore anyone.

Moreover, for the sealed design more clean and friendly sound you can hear. Design much affects the audio quality, and there are no flaws with the design. So, it much helps for getting the clarity in the sound.

You will immerse in the music because of the lifelike vocals and explicit lyrics. Every detail can be heard so fine and when gaming, even the smallest details.

This is a headphone perfect for nice, smooth, or bassy audio. It can go along for a long time. But if you are searching for something like big bass that unfortunately, this is not for you.

But besides, this is a fantastic headphone.

Though the SoundSport is specially designed for exercise and other heavy activity, it can amazingly produce robust and punchy bass. Some powerful bass can feel through the ear like a hard punch and most people like this post.

Nothing stops here. It also can give real lows and clear highs. This type of bass, lows, and highs combined make the sound more beautiful, fine-tuning and can provide the loveliest music experience.

Whether you are listening to something romantic or jazz, rock type, the sound will change according to need. The strong bass or subtle sound can enhance anyone easily.

The design also one of the reasons behind the sound-sounding system. The open back enclosure ensures a good sounding.

But if you are an audiophile, then you may see some flaws in the sound. But as a sports model, the sound it gives is enough.

Every step of your morning walk or jogging will fill with the music. Even when doing exercise, you will lose into some thrilling exercise combine with music experience.

Better Noise Isolation Feature With the SoundTrue Ultra

Noise isolation is significant for headphones. Because one use headphone maybe for spending some personal time or relaxing.

While traveling or having an evening walk and other things. And the outside noise can irritate a lot. And when listening to music, no one likes the noises.

The noise can reduce or remove using active noise isolation or passive. Passive noise isolation features noise removal, and nothing hear unwanted. This is very warming for hearing the favorite song or something without disturbance.

And passive noise isolation just reduces the noise. But they can’t totally remove it. It helps in a significant way, but still some noise you will hear. Most often, the design provides such benefits.

For giving an almost noise-free listening experience, Bose added the feature into their headphones. The SoundTrue Ultra also has noise eradicating features. But it does it passively.

The sealed design blocks the noise and thus reduces the noise. They can reduce quite a good amount of noise though it is passive.

In a noisy environment, it can help a lot. Even the noise so loud or some disturbance sound, the earbuds will block them. And you will hear the very little amount of noise and the music that also won’t feel too much.

Even if you hear louder music, it won’t disturb others because this doesn’t leak much sound. So, we can say this a good headphone for using while traveling or during office hours.

The SoundSport is also good at reducing noise. But since they are sports models, the engineer needs to keep in mind that they can’t reduce noise too much. Because you may need to hear the instruction when doing exercise.

So, you still can hear other people communicate with you. This thing is both good and bad. Because of this, the noise can’t reduce much hence can irritate you.

When comparing the SoundTrue Ultra vs SoundSport, it is clear that the SoudnTrue Ultra is better.

SoundTrue Ultra vs SoundSport Set Up And Controls

Both the headphones have an inline remote and microphone. This makes it easy, switching between music or calls.

The remote helps to control, and the mic helps to communicate with others. Also, maintaining other functions and the audio quality for calls finely works.

The final words about the headphones have similar controls and set up, and they are really two fantastic in-ear headphones.

Some Other Features

SoundTrue Ultra headphones are super comfortable and also useful for sports. They can fit in the ear and don’t fall easily, so doing exercise, or other activities will be suitable.

They also have strong noise isolation. So, in the gym, unwanted sounds can easily be reduced. Just put on the headphone in your ear and play your favorite music will peace your mind.

These headphones are also sweated resistance. So, if you workout for a long time, the sweaty body won’t put you in any problem.

SoundSport in-ear headphones are called sport headphones. So, you can already imagine how they can benefit you.

Any kind of workout light or sober you can do wearing these headphones. Or if you’re having a morning walk or jogging, they are also comfortable.

They won’t come from your ear. So, heavy physical activity can quickly be done with them. Even if you are traveling by car, bus, train or other transports they also work well.

Apart from this, they are also sweating and water-resistant. This is most important for physical works. Doing some exercise, it is obvious your ear will be sweaty too.

Suppose your headphone is not water resistance than you won’t be able to wear them. So, no worry with this in-ear headphone.

SoundTrue Ultra vs SoundSport | Cons

SoundTrue Ultra

  • Sound quality can be better
  • The design is average


  • Poor noise isolation
  • Sometimes bass lacks

SoundTrue Ultra vs SoundSport Wireless

The updated version of SoundSport is the SoundSport Wireless. These headphones also have a competition with the SoundTrue Ultra. So many people want to know which is better.

Firstly comparing the wireless and wired headphones, the wired ones always won. Many criteria work behind this. The sound quality has always been better with wired headphones.

  • And nothing changes here too. The SoundTrue Ultrasound quality is so defined and profitable than the wireless Soundsport. Yet many likes to buy it as the wireless headphone also has its benefits.

Suppose you have the SoundSport wireless than the disturbance created for the cables you won’t see anymore. Most of us took feels that the wires make some issue like a mess.

Next, they are comfortable, feel soft in the ear, light-weight. So, wearing them for hours won’t be problematic.

They also have the same feature as the SoundSport wired. They are perfect for workouts, gym, walking, and so many things. Fit in the ear so well that no chance of falling.

The sweat-proof feature makes it more worth it. Long time gym also can’t make it uncomfortable for use.

And most interestingly, it supports Bluetooth pairing with other devices. You can pair it with your device like a phone and can listen to your favorite music.

The sound quality also hears much clear and pleasant. Not too bassy or noisy, the sound hears.

  • Lastly, as it is wireless, it needs to charge. With one single charge, it can work up to 6 hours.

This thing doesn’t happen with wired headphones. And charging again is irritating.

The noise isolation is low, so outside noise is heard. This can distract easily. Some people also say the design is bulky.

Also, it is a bit more pricy than the SoundTrue Ultra. In the end, the SoundTrue Ultra wins by comparing sides. But the SoundSport Wireless is also not too bad.

SoundTrue Ultra vs SoundSport Which Is The Best?

The most challenging work is to find the best one between two excellent headphones. Both of them are the best.

I have highlighted all the sides about SoundTrue Ultra vs SoundSport in-ear headphones. They have different uses. Let’s see a brief.

The SoundTrue Ultra is suitable for noise isolation, first of all. This is uncomparable because the SoundSport can’t do that much. So, this battle wins the SoundTrue Ultra.

Next, the sound or audio quality is better with the SoundSport. The lovely, warming, fantastic sound with powerful bass this can produce and can quickly satisfy anyone.

And the other features are mostly the same. There the comparison doesn’t work correctly.

The SoundSport cost much than the SoundTrue Ultra. So, seeing all the facts, I think SoundSport is better. But the best one is tough to find because the SoundTrue also serves in a generous amount.

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Final Verdict

SoundTrue Ultra vs SoundSport two headphones are made for two different purposes. But also have many similarities. And works incredibly well from their position.

The SoundTrue Ultra is super comfortable and best for noise isolation if we compare it with the SoundSport. Also, the other features are good enough that makes it worth buying it.

But with the sound quality, many may not like, but for day to day use, they are best. At such a price, they really work decently.

The SoundSport earphone is the sport model and gives excellent audio. Any people can be impressed with the working principles. Also, many exciting features there to attract you.

Ultimately it your choice which one you want to buy. Both of them drastically good also have some cons. But try to find out which can meet up your need then go for the suitable one.

Some enjoyable headphone experience is waiting for no matter which one you buy. You won’t regret it for sure and Bose company make a promise to that.

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Frequently Asked Question

This FAQ section is here to help you to find out more about these matter.

Is SoundSport wireless is better than SoundSport wired?

The wired headphones are always better than the wireless. Because they need to charge again and can not serve accurately. And in a single charge, they can not last for a long hour.

Also, the sound quality is much better with the wired. They don’t do any compromise making them wireless as a result, the sound hears so fine.

These things also happen with the SoundSport wireless vs SoundSport wired. Of course, the SoundSport wired is the best.

Who is the SoundTrue for?

This is for those who want an affordable in-ear headphone. Also, have a powerful noise isolation feature that is most attractive. And full comfort with a light-weight design.

Who is the SoundSport for?

It is for those who want to listen to music during workouts. Even in heavy exercise, it won’t fall and also sweat resistance. The sound quality is excellent with a superior design.

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