JBL vs Beats Headphone: Model by Model Case Study

The marketplace has made incredible strides in the headphone department over the past decade. People have been conditioned to be more comfortable in wearing on-ear headphones in more spaces than just being confined to your own home.

A Lot of these influences from on-ear headphones making a breakthrough in the audiophile scene. Where you are able to simply enjoy music from your on-ear headphones on a whole new level with audiophile specifications with no compromises whatsoever.

What features should you expect from flagship headphones?

Over the course of the last decade some features on headphones have established themselves as flagship features. Without these features some might even say the headphones are not worthy of claiming their spot in the competing market without compensating heavily on other departments.

This guide will be covering some of the most popular brands and their features. So you are able to identify distinctions like a pro. We will be talking individually about each of the features that make and break some of the best headphones.

By the end of this guide you will be able to distinctly identify key features and price points for the preferred devices and items. Most of that you would eventually have to do research in.

JBL vs Beats Headphone

By now JBL and beats both alike, have made their presence known to the entire world. By creating exceptional devices for the consumers to use for their audio experience. JBL being the more budget version between the two. Beats, however expensive out of the two, does indeed try to give you the best and most premium quality.

That isn’t always the case. Prices might prove how a product performs because of the effort being put into manufacturing but there have been several cases lately where lower price range or midrange items in the market are taking a stand in the spotlight.

Athletics mostly go for Beats headphones for their durability and premium build quality but JBL is surely catching up to the trend. Claiming a spot in the highest tiers in the marketplace.

Is JBL better than Beats?

As of recent events JBL is on the rise to being on of the most reliable and best audio device manufacturers on the market. Beats have been just as great since the start due to their expert advertising.

Beats  do provide great features and premium build quality but at a significantly higher budget. They are packed with great features and overall build quality to the point where it might even be considered a novelty.

Whether JBL is better than Beats or not is a question that can be answered without considering the preference of everyone. However, this JBL vs Beats Headphone will help you to decide which one to buy.

Beats Powerbeats Pro vs JBL Endurance Peak II

JBL Endurance Peak II

This is a true wireless option for consumers. It’s designed to look sporty with over the ear hooks which allow it to hold the ear pieces in place. These are super bass heavy and drive it directly through the drivers into the ear canal. Making sure you have a superior bass experience.

They are clearly catered to a specific consumer base or otherwise. Because they don’t just do justice in one department but many. They are designed great for athletes as they fit well in the ear and give the extra bass boost to those who like pushing their limits.

Offering 30 hours in charge. They offer 6 hours from the device and the rest through the portable charging case which is decent for one go. While also offering touch controls and sweat resistance and IPX7 rating ensuring one more extra step, they are great for athletes.

For their price they are not the most expensive and come in at less than $100. With the features, look, battery usage they come with. This is a great buy for anyone who is looking for a great audio experience while retaining an almost premium feel.

It’s a very smart choice because you’re not sacrificing a lot of features or build quality. This is almost a steal and will give a massive run for your money regardless of who you are and why you enjoy music.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

This is a great installment of beats in ear earphones. They offer the same sporty look as the manufacturers are trying to select a target of consumers that look for convenience and sturdiness during movement. Which is aided by the way the ear hooks are built.

They do not boast any bass boost options. However, inherently they are beats and they have a reputation of being bass heavy while at the same time offering great audio quality. Ideally they are great for any consumer looking for quality audio and quality build.

They offer a charging case meaning you can charge these and carry them on the go without hassle. Out of the pouch they are able to hold a charge upto 9 hours. And with the case they claim to offer over 24 hours of usage.

They have a feature called fast fuel. It claims to offer 1.5 hours of playback with just 5 minutes of charge when battery is low. Making them very convenient on the go.

Build-wise they are on the more premium side. The pricing and features offered are great however for the price they are on the more premium side. The Powerbeats Pro can be a great purchase for those who like going the extra mile with the build quality and budget.

They are great for those who love everything premium on their on the go gadgets. Great pairing with apple products, great audio quality. They are however priced at over $150 dollars which is almost double the price of the other item in comparison.


Between the two, both of them have great build quality and great audio quality. If evaluated side by side, the JBL loses only a couple of points in terms of efficiency and features, which is almost minimal. Unlike the budget they are quite similar. Essentially for beats you are paying for the premium brand name and support and aesthetics even. The JBL is quite a tough competition for the beats powerbeats pro.

Beats Studio3 Wireless vs JBL Live 650BTN

Beats Studio3 Wireless

This product is an over the ear headphone. Beats originally had claimed their spot in the market with over the ear headphones. The studio line is the flagship line of over the ear headphones in their brand alongside the solo. These are premium grade studio headphones.

They come with top of the line features in the market. Additionally they come with great sounds and bass quality. Given their status they are quite good in the mid range and the high range of decibels and don’t just excel in the low frequency range.

They feature excellent noise cancellation and comfortable ear cushions for heavy use without putting any strain or irritation on the ear when used for a long period of time. The noise cancellation is called pure ANC which is pure adaptive noise cancellation.

They additionally have fast fuel for the headphones which offer a quick charge up when you’re caught in a pinch or hurry to gain up to 3 hours of play with only a few minutes of charging. A full charge lasts about 22 hours ensuring you have enough battery for the whole day without interrupting your listening session. 40 hours without ANC feature enabled.

The pairing function on these devices are quite seamless with class 1 Bluetooth. This feature offers the flexibility of being connected, covering a distance of more than the average cover range. Studio 3 works great with apple products. Ensuring one click pairs with the available apple products with the W1 chip.

Overall this product is great if you’re looking for premium sounding over the ear headphones. Not on a budget however. Their premium sound, build quality and aesthetics come with a price, a high one at that. Nevertheless this product is great and is worth your money if you have the extra to spare in the  long run.

JBL Live 650BTNC

No products found.

These are over the ear headphones like the beats studio. But on a budget. The budget being low by no means comprises any sort of quality in terms of build and sound. They offer comfortable cushions around the ear and cover most of it allowing a nice and snug fit around the ears.

They are equipped with 40mm drivers that claim to deliver JBL signature sounds that can be heard in most famous venues around the world directly in your ears. Which leads us to believe these drivers provide solid mid and low range for your audio experience.

They also have active noise cancelling which is an important feature if you’re planning on using them in otherwise generally noisy areas. This has most likely become a flagship feature as they are required in most circumstances especially if you’re spending money to get the best out of a pair of on ear headphones.

These headphones feature easy access to Amazon Alexa with just a tap on the side of the device. This feature is handy as you are able to gain the convenience of many commands supported with alexa. The JBL app assists you in using this feature with much ease in terms of setting up.

Additionally they provide hands free calling with exceptional audio quality. Making sure you are able to keep in touch and chat while on the go enjoying all features of the headphones without any hassle. Offers upto 30 hours of playback without noise cancelling and 20 hours with. All things considered, the battery consumption is efficient and great.

Considering the price. They are a great purchase if you have a flexible budget. You are not really compromising in terms of build quality and sound quality. Overall a pretty average and run of the mill pair of headphones for the budget. They aren’t crazy special but just get the job done for the price.


In the final evaluation of the two products the JBL headphones are on a budget but the beats offer service that is tenfold better, granted they are more expensive so they are able to afford to provide that service. Both are equal in terms of quality; however, the JBLs  take the lead in terms of features with all that they have. A tough competition between the two but budget wise the JBL is a far better option in terms of features and pricing so you can avail great-sounding audio experience.

Beats Solo 3 Wireless vs JBL Tune 500BT

Beats Solo 3 Wireless

The beats solo are the more budget friendly and cheaper version of the studios. This line is a lot more pocket friendly than the other line of headphones in the Beats brand. They are not all that special but do pack a nice hefty punch for being over the ear headphones despite the smaller form factor.

These headphones claim to provide their signature premium award winning sound quality. They do indeed provide premium sounds with increased clarity that are fine tuned to provide crisper sounding audio. They are wireless and do not have as many features as their more expensive counterparts such as noise cancelling.

Despite having ANC on their device. Their devices are built with a premium form factor and comfortable ear cushions that emulate closing off all sounds from outside such as very passive noise. However, the snug fit ensures a vacuum which can be preferred since ANC is unavailable. That feature is reserved for the solo pro if that requirement is a must.

They return with the fast fuel charge where you can get at least a couple of hours of playback with only a few minutes worth of charge. Great feature to have if you tend to forget to charge your headphones. On a full charge the solos are able to give at least 40 hours of charge.

Additionally they are equipped with the Apple W1 chip which allows seamless pairing with apple products. You can also receive calls and speak with much clarity and navigate with the on ear controls of the beats solo. You are able to access Siri through the device itself.

The cushion cups, along with being really comfortable, are able to be adjusted with decent angles making it a really convenient fit on your ears and head. They are great to carry around with the pouch given so plus points for that.

Overall the beats solo 3’s aren’t bad for what you are paying for. If compared with other headphones in this price range they will be way more priced and you most likely will be getting a lot more bang for the buck if you expend your expenses elsewhere. But if you want the royalty and novelty of owning a product like the beats solo you are not really missing out on much else. They just are very barebones at a price point like this.

JBL Tune 500BT

The JBL tune line are the budget options of wireless over the ear headphones. They are really great if you are looking to dip your toes into the wireless over ear headphone market. Especially without even making a dent in your bank account.

They are simple and to the point for what they have to offer for the headphones. They are lightweight with decent and all round padding on the headband and the ear cushions. Making them really comfortable to wear however they do not feel as premium as the other headphones in question.

They claim that the headphones are equipped with top of the line bass from JBL pure bass sound that are found in famous venues all around the world. Ensuring you are able to get supreme quality from just your headphones.

Equipped with the tune 500BT are speed charge capabilities which allow you to get at least an hour of playback with just a few minutes of recharging if you are caught in a pinch. On a full battery you are offered with at least 16 hours of playback from the headphones.

You are given the functionality to take calls with decent and above average quality through the headphones with the one button controller with microphone. They also have feature buttons on the headphones themselves which give you extra control over your playback experience.

Additionally the headphones are equipped with multipoint wireless Bluetooth connections. Which allow you to switch between Bluetooth devices with ease and save you the hassle of setup with cords. Eliminating the cords is a big part of the convenience of Bluetooth headphones.

Overall the tune 500BT aren’t that bad of a grab if you’re looking to just get a casual pair of wireless headphones from a reputable brand that would more often than not, not do you wrong. You can easily without a shadow of a doubt choose these as they are cheap and great to use. They aren’t priced much and are great contenders for headphones in their same weight and price.


The JBLs aren’t bad but are significantly cheaper. In terms of price and sound quality your JBLs are the best run of the mill options when placed next to their really expensive contender. When paying for beats you are not only paying for their quality but their top of the line compatibility and royalties such as the appearance of the device themselves. Much like most novelty-branded expensive products from beats.

The beats are easily able to claim their spot with superior marketing and aesthetics. Whereas the JBLs actually have to deliver in terms of performance to claim their spot in the market.

Overall Summary

In the end your ears will pick whatever is best for your audio experience. Whether you want the extra features and whether they matter to you or not is subjective. It’s best to evaluate what features you need through the product descriptions and briefings provided on this guide. Hopefully this guide serves well in pointing out which you should be going for and for which budget as they have covered and compared some of the most prevalent headphones and audio drivers in the market. Happy Listening!


This FAQ section is here to solve your problems that may arise while waling in the pavement of buying the JBL vs Beats Headphone. Let’s find out more!

Are JBL headphones comparable to Bose?

The Bose Wireless 2016 headphones are superior than the JBL Wireless in terms of noise cancellation. The Bose has a better over-ear fit and isolates a lot better in loud environments than the JBL. As a result, the JBL is a little more adaptable than the Bose.

Is JBL a reputable headphone company?

JBL is an excellent alternative for another outstanding headphone manufacturer. JBL’s products are great for individuals who are highly active as well as those who want enhanced bass since they are very inexpensive, durable, and comfy.