AKG K712 vs K7XX: Gaming Headphone for You

Whether you play music or simply talking with your mate, headphones are absolutely necessary for everyday matters. So why don’t you get the best one for yourself and just enjoy it? If you’re searching for easy, long-lasting, and completely amazing accessories with stellar sound quality from your headphones, you should check out these stunning AKG K712 and AKG K7XX headphones.

If you are going to be at the core of your favorite songs, you should absolutely try both of these headphones. They consist of components expertly tuned by industry giants, AKG, and their all-around audio performance is excellent.

AKG has a long tradition of headphones manufacturing and offers a number of high-specification headphones. The K7 series was in possession of numerous industry celebrities, including the K702. But the AKG headphone line-up is now the K812 flagship series.

Trusted by professionals as well as normal users, AKG headphones will provide you the perfect audio performance in mids, bass, and treble with compatibility and the latest features available in the market.

AKG 712

For effective perception, mixing, and mastering the K712 are referenced, open, over-ear headphones for all kinds of uses. The over-ear architecture ensures optimum wear convenience when mixing and mastering fatigued without sacrificing spacious and airy sound.

For critical listening, AKG K712 offers fantastic audio. It is super supportive headphones with many extra attachments than the K701 or the K702. Its upgraded version AKG K712 Pro has almost the same facilities with a more exclusive design and stereo speakers.


Precise audio and comfort are the secrets to reference headphones and in these two fields, the reference headphones AKG K7XX have genuinely succeeded. They’re easy to recommend to the artists, but it is nice to seek out those who only want to listen to music with a balanced tone.

For several years, the K7XX has been around and has appeared several times on Drop. Both large and wide, the K7XX offers a lot of space inside the mix. While they are not flawless across the soundstage, in many ways they have exceeded their expectations.

AKG K712 vs AKG K7XX: Side by side comparison

TypeStereo plug – 3.5mm (1/8-inch) with 6.3 mm (1/4”) screw-on adapterStereo plug – 3.5mm (1/8-inch) with 6.3 mm (1/4”) screw-on adapter
Sensitivity (dB SPL/V @ 1 kHz)105105
Nominal impedance (Ω)6262
Frequency response (Hz)10 to 39,80010 to 39,800
Maximum input power (mW)200200
Weight8.3 oz. (235 g)8.3 oz. (235 g)
Detachable CableYesYes
Replaceable EarpadsYesYes
Acoustic DesignOpenClose
Color of productBlack, Black-OrangeBlack, Black-Red
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon


Sensitivity is basically a measure of just how loud a pair of headphones perform at a certain power level. This scale is per mill watt or dB SPL / mW in decibel sound pressure ratios. On average the sensitivity of earphones and headphones is 100dB.

The higher the sensitivity of a headphone, the louder it can produce sound. But if your headphones can emit a total of 85 to 110 decibels, it can lead to loss of hearing. However, both of these headphones have the same sensitivity, 105dB.

Nominal impedance

Impedance is an incredibly complex variable that cannot be defined without measurements and mathematical terminology. Low impedance headset fits best with products that don’t need much power, such as digital video players, tablets, and other portable devices.

For high audio frequencies, high-impedance headphones may need more power. Consequently, the damages are secured from overload issues. However, these low impedance headphones are more vulnerable to blow-outs if more powerful amplifiers are used.

On the other hand, high-impedance headphones are known to be more reliable. Both of these headphones are low-impedance headphones and have equal 62ohms nominal impedance.

Frequency Response

Technically, the headphone frequency response can be defined as the vibratory speed of physical materials and measured as Hertz (Hz). It is the most efficient range through which the user can provide a consistent and uniform tone.

When it comes to the frequency response spectrum, as long as a pair of headphones is capable of reproducing sound within the 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz audible spectrum, it is considered fine.

Having this spectrum ensures that it can generate all frequencies within the detectable range of human ears. These AKG’s headphones’ frequency range is between 10 to 39800Hz which is quite impressive.

Detachable Cable

You may use substitute cables with a detachable cable, which can pop out, rather than split, if the cord is removed. Both of these headphones have detachable cables, which, I think, is a necessary accessory.

Build and Design

The K7XX and K712 are headphones that are open-back, and they also aimed primarily at people who make music or listen objectively instead of normal users. The open-air design allows for an experiment with what the studio monitor’s speakers deliver, giving you the feeling of a big yet virtually zero-isolation stereo picture.

It allows air to flow into the speaker portion through their ear cups and for that reason, the pressure is unable to build up and impact the tone.

In most respects, they feel the same but in terms of earpads, K712 pads are thicker, much firmer, and deep memory foam pads, in general, can be the main preference for some cases. So, the point goes to K712 for comfort in this aspect.

People sometimes have a problem with the shallow (but so soft) pads on the ear which K7XX provides. In the sound quality and soundstage listed below, the pads themselves seem to make much of the difference in terms of comfort and usability.

The light-weight, adjustable headband design is comfortable; the leather strap travels up and down so that the headphones can be adjusted automatically to the height and form of the person’s head. They are both only 235 g which is quite cozy for professional headphones.

Like other headphones, earpads should be capable of 2 to 3 years to retain the same sound level, until they get too deformed. It is not really a hassle to switch them out since they can be quickly accessed and extracted without equipment. The cable can also be removed quickly.

However, they both have a plastic build which will kind of give you a cheap vibe. Moreover, for some audiences, they can be too wide and heavy and stick out for their proportions rather than their patterns in a crowd.

Sound Quality

Let’s first talk about the sound quality of the AKG K712. The mid-band frequency range is between 80Hz to 1100Hz which is comparatively neutral, as for most open-back headphones. This is vital since most music in all categories has core instrumental tones.

So, if the mids aren’t perfect, there might be some problems with K712. If things avoid being idyllic, upper mids display two dips at 1.3 kHz and 3 kHz, which affect many instruments most noticeably.

Therefore the overtones are too prevalent after the dip highs, beginning from 5 kHz. This makes the K712 look more comprehensive for professional use. Sub-bass has characteristics of a typical open-back headphone. However, the treble is very harsh on some tracks and even the vocals in patches which is sometimes disturbing.

On the contrary, The K7XX are big and wide, offering a good mixture of space and a quite excellent soundstage. While you lose some visibility at the high end of the frequency spectrum, the image you would anticipate from the reference headphones is still reliable.

The K7XX midrange is expertly engineered, and the benefits of the flat frequency response have been similarly demonstrated by electric guitars, lead synths, and your brass instrument.

The K712s are lighter and more noticeable, especially with slightly sharper mids. The K7XX has a raise of ~3dB there which wasn’t in their original headphones and seems to have been a clever decision offered to the public. The treble is also enhanced after its implementation.

The soundstage of K7XX is so large that instruments are hard clamped to one side and appear to play off the outer edges of the ear. This was an experience that was so intimidating that users had expressed several complaints.

This concern was fixed with K712. The soundstage isn’t expanding as K7XX is already big maybe because of the firm and deeper patches. This is a substantial improvement when it comes to sound quality for K712.

This means K7XX is more for relaxation and domestic use for normal users. But, K712 is the favorite one for critical music listeners and professionals who need natural clarity to decide music quality.

AKG K712

Who should love these?

  • If you work with audio professionally, it is worth looking at, since it provides you with a detailed description of the audio with which you can work more effectively.
  • If you love flat responses from your headphones, these are the ones for you. They are clearly not flawless but the effort is done in order to listen smoothly to the music that is engineered and mixed.

Why these are better than average

  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Reasonably comfortable
  • Total accessory kit
  • Neutral mids
  • Has a direct plug
  • Has an open-back design

Problems you might face using them

  • Rolled off sub-bass
  • Upper mids have an unavoidable dip
  • Treble is harsh
  • Expensive


Who are these for?

  • People who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a high-quality pair of headphones should absolutely love these.
  • For comfort and relaxation, these headphones are perfect.

Why people love these headphones

  • Broad sound stage
  • Natural tonality
  • Rich mids
  • Vast bottom end
  • About as comfortable as a pair of headphones can get
  • Cost-effective
  • Detailed bass

Difficulties that you may encounter

  • Can remove some power from vocals
  • High-end could be more impressive
  • A wide soundstage can cause disturbance

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Both of these are excellent in their respective sectors and quite comfortable to use in both professional and home-based experiences. But, just to not leave you hanging, I am going with AKG K7XX. K712 offers a decent sound quality, no doubt about that.

However, if you listen to the K7XX for normal pleasure and euphony, it’s fabulous, it’s simple, warmer, and something you can live with for hours. The K7XX are headphones that you wouldn’t hesitate to think to buy if you consider yourself a versatile music lover.

Although I expect the majority of people would like these for professional use in the studio, I will rather encourage them to listen to this pair at home. I think K712 is more suitable for studio mixing and also, the external build quality is a little better than K7XX.

Nevertheless, price-wise, K7XX is superior and more versatile without a doubt. Moreover, for longer listening sessions, K7XX should be your ultimate headphone.

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Well, already you might have some confusion regarding this matter. this section is going to solve those with FAQs and their Solutions.

Do you need an amp using K7XX and K712?

Both of them will work fine without an amplifier. In general, though, an amplifier offers clean power and modulation of the performance of the headphone drivers. It will sound outstanding than the one packed on your mobile or some other fundamental unit.

Where are these manufactured?

The entire 700 series is manufactured in China, including the K7XX and K712. It is incorrect information that AKG is producing their headphones from Austria. There is also a misconception that Austrian made 700-series are still available in the market.

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