Best high impedance headphones: the best headphones to choose

Are you looking for a decent pair of headphones with the best durability and sound quality for daily use? You could buy a somewhat stylish pair for a few hundred bucks or less. But if you’re one of them who don’t like to compromise sound quality and don’t really care about price, you should keep an eye on the best high impedance headphones in 2020.

Sometimes, you do need to go with all to get the best one and today, my recommendation surely won’t disappoint you. I’m going to show the absolute options of the best high-impedance headphones for you to purchase, whether your budget is $5,000 or $500.

Most headphone buyers are unaware of the impedance specifications, but it may be one of the most crucial requirements before buying. You won’t get some drastic impact from a headphone with too high or too low impedance for your music player and home amplifier. Yet, it may not guarantee you have the finest audio quality which should always be the highest priority.

What is the impedance of the headphones?

Impedance is a very complicated measurement which without calculations and mathematical terms is impossible to describe. I will summarize and decompose it in terms of low and high impedance headphones. Even low impedance headphones (less than approximately 25 Ohm) require low audio efficiency. E.g., for equipment that has a low impedance headphone, such as handheld media players, phones, and other portable devices, it works well. High-impedance headphones need more power for high audio frequencies. They are therefore shielded from overload-related damages.

Low-impedance headphones (under 50 ohms) can operate well in your house with the receiver and the mobile, so the vast majority of in, on, or out-of-the-ear headphones are low-impedance devices. Nevertheless, these headphones are more vulnerable to blow-outs if more efficient amplifiers are used. You would actually blast it out. So high-impedance headphones are considered more durable.

Note: You should do further homework on the devices that you are using if you purchase very high impedance headphones (e.g. the 250 ohms).

Here, I present to you the best high-impedance headphones that are currently available in the market.

Sennheiser Drop HD58X Jubilee

The headphones’ scene was rattled when Sennheiser and Drop’s partnership was announced. However, the fact is, you can now get about half the initial price of Sennheiser’s finest goods which is nuts. The Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee is the new embodiment of the 6XX line of Drop, and maybe the best pair you can buy at this price point. It is considered one of the best budget high-impedance headphones in the market.


This model has an impedance of 150 ohms. The latest HD 660s are close. In fact, the new power specifications mean that less powerful machines like smartphones, DAPs, and computers will now run on the HD58X. Because of its 150 ohms, the extra power from higher-end sources also scales well. The HD58X has the finest Sennheiser HD6 headphone bass extension. The HD58X is very difficult to beat at this cost. The lower headphones are now available as well as the HD6XX which sounds smoother. In reality, the bass is clearer than the HD6XX!


These headphones will not be available directly from the usual manufacturing company of Sennheiser or from Sennheiser and will only be available by ‘Drop’ in small quantity.

Sennheiser Drop HD6XX

The Sennheiser HD58X Jubilee is a logical update to the HD58X as it is technically superior. The HD600 is a more rational option when you deem the HD650 to be “dark.” Each person praised Drop when this first emerged because it took such a famous headphone to a new price point. This has improved because fans at the entry-level now have the opportunity to experience the pair of headphones popular on open-around headphones in the last 20 years.


All of the iconic construction standards of the Sennheiser have not changed to the sound characteristic. For half the expense of the original iteration, you get a great offering as the nominal impedance is 300 ohms. The most obvious contrast between the HD6XX and the HD58X Jubilee is the 58X midbass. This makes the HD6XX the most reliable and benchmark model of both. The Sennheiser HD6XX has an impedance of 300 ohms, as opposed to the Sennheiser HD 58X. It must be paired with a DAC / Amp hybrid or headphone amplifier.


One drawback of the HD6XX is that the sound signature faults have not been solved which was present in HD650.

Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro

Beyerdynamic DT 880 semi-open headphones attenuate but do not fully rule out ambient noise and thereby deliver a harmonious listening environment. This DT 880 Pro is not the same as the DT 990 Pro or DT 770 Pro. That’s how it’s sandwiched between the two models. It still has no higher-end counterpart. The DT 880 Pro quite is a special couple that some people would consider a high-end headphone rival such as the Sennheiser HD 800S. It is a built-in plastic and metal frame, much like the DT 770 Pro and DT 990 Pro, with 250 ohms impedance.


The DT 880 Pro relies on a more analytical tone, this is much the same in the case of M50X and M40X of Audio Technica, where a more balanced sound couple is the lower location type. The Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro is well above its price point with excellent mids and treble that are only found in higher-end headphones. In contrast to the more prominent DT 990 Pro, it has a more balanced appearance. It has pretty good sensitivity for such impedance and also extended bass is quite detailed and groovy.


The DT880 Pro seems to have no interchangeable cable and has a range of features that are not as fantastic for build quality as the superior ones.

Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro

The DT 1990 Pro is the best deal of Beyerdynamic besides the flagship series. This pair is one of the top three midrange pairs of Beyerdynamic with an impedance of 250ohms (the HD660s of Sennheiser and the Hifiman Sundara are two others). The rivalry is very tight and there is no definite winner. It all depends on your desires. However, the best developed of the three is, of course, the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro. Again, it has the outstanding construction efficiency of Beyerdynamic. The primarily used metal construction in the DT 1990 Pro reflects the price.


The DT 1990 Pro is really the complete midrange bundle. You not only get a lot of gadgets, but you also get a comparison sound that drags the music in every aspect. This is a luxury pair built to satisfy the needs of the commercial climate. About any aspect of the headphone can be substituted, including the products of Sennheiser. The DT1990 Pro is fitted with many mats, wires, and even a pocket. The accessories included allow you to module your headphone for no extra cost. The DT 1990 Pro from Beyerdynamic has a more accurate, high-end reproduction.


It’s not quite perfect in all sectors. Earpads are difficult to move. The best sound performance requires an amplifier. Some people may find the DT 1990 Pro too comprehensive. Over time, the treble pit will prove drained.

Sennheiser HD660s

The HD660s of Sennheiser resembles the famous Sennheiser HD650. Instead of the 300-ohm driver, used in the rest of the HD6X X series, the key distinction being that current drivers decrease the impedance to 150 ohms. The Sennheiser HD6XX concept remains true to its construction efficiency. Apart from the all-black paint job and current Sennheiser logo position on the headband there are no significant changes. The pads are said to be a new concept as well, but perhaps a limited revision is underway for all the latest items from the Sennheiser HD6XX series.


A neutral sound with light trebles, low bass, making listening enticing, this headphone with its 150 Ohm nominal impedance is very impressive. This   Sennheiser HD660s has the best qualities of the original Sennheiser HD600 and its twin, the HD650 as a sound signature. It also provides the operation of this unit with adjustable ear pads and a hard case in the box. The wide-open sound stage of the open back of the ear cups is phenomenal.


Lack of fold capability and sound isolation for use out and in noisy environments can create a bit of a problem. Some also believe that the amount of improvements it provides is too expensive.

Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro

The demand for high-impedance headphones is dominated by open-back headphones. We add a closed-back pair to this list for the further variance for the intention of modifying items. The Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro is nothing more than this model. The DT 1770 Pro is the successor of the conventional DT 770 Pro. It now has a cable and all-metal structure that is detachable much like the DT 1990 Pro. The lower-level DT 770 Pro is also streamlined and developed in every way. With 250ohms impedance, this headphone is one of the best deals in the market.


The DT 1770 Pro’s bass reproduction is the most excellent standard. This pair was dubbed as the reproducing king of the sub-bass. The bass strikes hard and remains consistent and does not scatter over the mid frequencies.  The sound stage is another impressive aspect of the DT 1770 Pro. The sound stage is larger than other in-closed solutions. The picture is also stored at the stage of DT 1990 Pro and is presumably identical. Strong imaging and soundstage make this an outstanding combination for orchestral music and also for gaming.


You can see in several ways that this edition of the DT 1990 Pro is closed down. Naturally, it is less precise than the DT 1990 Pro thanks to the closed-back style. The rear architecture results in reflections that impact the overall sound.

Sennheiser HD800s

The iconic Sennheiser HD800s are kicking off the high-end segment. This model is one of the most popular headphones for the high-end.  Whether or not this headphone would suit you, we would debate whether it’s a technologically skillful headphone (which would definitely reflect its price). The Sennheiser HD800s have a high impedance of 300 ohms and boasts a modern look and increases tuning so that bugs with the original iteration can be corrected.


Compared with the Sennheiser HD6XX series, the HD800 bass performance is both consistency and quantity greater. The basic version of the Sennheiser HD800s is Sennheiser’s finest bid. It is the world’s best versatile headphone driver with unprecedented comfort and detachable cable, earpads, and headband.


The Sennheiser HD800s can be exhausting for its treble peaks. Moreover, for enhanced efficiency, it requires an amplifier.

Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Generation

In the world of audio and electronics, several companies can be counted as heavyweight, and Beyerdynamic is certainly one of them. The Beyerdynamic T1 is a real practical alternative to the very popular Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro, unlike in the case of Sennheiser. It incorporates much of the concept features and strengthens the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro sound signature. Compared to its intermediate scale, the T1 is more reliable and descriptive.


The Beyerdynamic standard of construction is iconic. The metal construction ensures a robust construction that should last very long. There is moderate sound quality as it is boasting with 600ohms high impedance, and the pair is very comfortable to wear.


The Beyerdynamic T1 does not have any downsides such as the treble peaks. It must also be correctly amplified to shine.

Audeze LCD 4

Don’t worry before buying these amazing high impedance headphones although I am mentioning it in the end. This headphone is a contestant in every list for the number one spot. After all, the LCD 4 is the flagship pair of Audeze. And the high-end audio world is now being taken over by Audeze. In contrast with the products of Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic, the Audeze LCD 4 is a headphone that has an entirely different purpose. In order to do so, the Audeze LCD 4 has the exclusive sound performance as a part of the high-end headphones community. It’s certainly up there when it comes to technicalities, and its approach to sound is distinct with 200 ohms nominal impedance.


As far as its sound signature is involved, the LCD 4 is a refreshing change of pace. It does not have higher detection values than are available with the other high-end headphones. This means that the extended listening sessions will not hurt your ears. Despite this, the heights remain clear and clean. The midrange is brilliantly replicated without becoming so unnatural. The purpose of the Audeze LCD 4 is to produce a pleasurable and soothing sound that is refined across the spectrum.


It has treble problems that trigger unnatural sounds, particularly with voices, even with excellent equipment. Imaging and soundstage, bass, mids, these sectors are needed to get improved.


Most of these high-impedance headphones are cost-effective and have stellar sound quality. The high impedance headphones make of thinner voice coils with lower weight than the 32-ohm and lower versions. The lower volume of this headphone is the main reason for the better sound in high impedance headphones. If it is a strictly stay-at-home headset, the abovementioned Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, and other brands should be taken into account or if you’re looking for the high impedance versions.