The Best Laserdisc Player: A Comparison and Detail Guide

Perhaps you have a collection of discs, DVDs and Blu-ray and want to put them to use for hobby or nostalgia’s sake. Or even just want the convenience of a Laser-Disc player. This guide will cover some of the best ones with pragmatic features over the market.

This body of text will cover details and comparisons of some of the best laser-disc players on the market that you would want to get your hands on. To attain the best a fair amount of research is needed even in the selection of the best of the best.

The laser disc player market is a dying breed and getting your hands on a good system might be a chore as they are soon to discontinue. Thus a shortage might be expected in the official market. The leading brands in the laser disc player market are Pioneer laserdisc players, sony ETC. There are many other brands but the aforementioned brands were and are household names that have claimed their spot in the spotlight in the market and for good reason.

Most of these laserdisc players can be found mainly on Ebay or craigslist.

Pioneer CLD 97

Finding a pioneer CLD 97 for sale is quite the rarity and you should be considered very lucky if you have one or find one in good quality. This device is their flagship product and is manufactured with the highest quality in terms of features.

Especially for an antiquated device it has all the buttons and features you need built into the device. Alongside the additional features you surely have important and fundamental functions such as skip queue and pause/play functions.

One of the best functions is the compatibility for lower end discs that do not have functions to allow proper strobing, freeze frame, multi speed forward and backward playback. These functions being available through your player across most discs you buy allows you to do detailed frame by frame analysis if you’re that kind of movie fanatic.

Overall this retro looking solid block of a device is not at all a questionable add to your set up even in 2021. If you’re able to cop one from Ebay or any sale in good condition it’s well worth a 100 dollars of your budget. It sits great in any home theater and has most compatible ports for you to enjoy both music and movies.

Pioneer HLD-X0

This device is super antiquated but a legend in its rank. It’s a great laserdisc player and is worth hundreds and thousands of dollars if you’re a collector simply because of its timeless design and features.

This player is able to support NTSC laserdisc signals internally and use Y/C with the 1st generation 3D motion Adaptive comb filter. Additionally it has noise reduction.

Feature wise this sound system is jam packed for everything you need however you do not get any of the modern outputs so you will have to adjust accordingly. The remote comes with a physical dial for scrubbing and that is something surely worth mentioning for the device and features.

It is a killer device to pair with your laserdisc collection to walk down memory lane or geek out.

The design is subtle and packs features which are great even for the standard during the 90s. They had stopped manufacturing this line however you are able to find them in Ebay biddings.

Pioneer Laserdisc Player CLD-1070

If you’re looking for a great laserdisc player for your audio, this is great. Video quality if you’re a filmfreak in that case you overlook the CLD – 1070 as it would not satisfy you with the mediocre not so special video quality provided by this.

Visually it looks like the newer versions of the CLD with a boxy form factor which is not unusual. It is packed with your standard buttons and features and then some. The outputs are your antiquated AV outputs with an option for phone out as well.

You can pick it up for just a ballpark around 100 dollars with a little bit of digging online despite them being discontinued back in the 90s. It’s a great purchase if you’re an audiophile and want to get more out of the vintage laserdiscs you have laying around in the highest analogue quality.

Pioneer Elite DVL- 91

This box is a beautiful LD player manufactured by Pioneer. A gorgeous box designed Laserdisc, DVD and CD player. The build materials used in this box are Rosewood and aluminium finish. Making it look timeless and classy in the black finish with the elite branding on the front.

These laserdisc players were made quite ahead of their time. Your collection of laserdiscs would serve the player justice quite well. The output from these devices are immaculate for audiophiles paired with the laserdiscs and the players and the right kind of f speakers.

The DVL-91 has variable noise reduction and dual focus Pickup. For audio it has Virtual Dolby Surround (SRS truSurround) ensuring you have the best possible experience for your audio quality alongside the Video.

For audiophiles the main attraction packed into the device is the 96k/20 Bit audio DAC with High bit conversion which is able to play audio with the crispest quality of audio. Paired with the surround sound they are able to deliver intense immersion.

As for non-geek specs the system has severe specs which are best suited for convenience. Such as heads- up Jog, optimised graphic user interface for ease of use, Both side play for laserdiscs digital memory and the list goes on.

Overall the DVL – 91 is a great pick up if you can get your hands on one for your audio needs with laserdiscs. Video might be a gimmick as there are better ways to enjoy video but it is a surefire with audio.

Pioneer CLD-V860 Laserdisc Player / Karaoke

This is a great addition to your collection for those nights where you just want to relax and have a fun time with your friends. Allowing you to sing along to all those nostalgic tunes through this nostalgic player.

It has two mic inputs allowing two people to connect for those soulful duets whenever you want that spark with CD- G play. You are also given the option of two both side playback allowing you more convenience when you need it.

The karaoke features are great as they have just what you need. They offer echo for the reverb when you need to get super into the performance. Key control and scoring are also available if that’s something you are interested in.

This system is a nice enough machine for your laserdisc needs as it is not bad in terms of features available and it doubles as a karaoke machine so there’s hardly any loss here. Its form factor isn’t as boxy as the other systems of the lift, however not negating any of the weight.

The only drawback is the lack of onboard buttons on the device. So in the event that you are unable to find your remote you have some adjusting to do. Or it’s very likely that you have to arrange another remote and it may be difficult to get considering the availability of the player even.

Great purchase nonetheless if you’re looking for a nice little laserdisc player that also doubles as a karaoke laserdisc player.


Finding a new laserdisc player for sale might be quite difficult in this day of incredibly advanced technology. If you have just entered the scene you are automatically two decades too late and a whole decade late if you’re just a collector because they got out as quick as they came into the market. You are running the risk of being ripped off every time you do look for a brand new laser disc player as they are very valuable collector items. You could find some in garage sales if you’re lucky, however. Finding them in stores is near impossible. This guide however makes it easy for you to find distinctions and discernible features if you were in a place to find these systems. Good luck!