Best radio CD player : Antique, not yet

The first thing you think of when you hear about a CD player. Still? Why? The answer isn’t that complicated. Although they have been out of use for the better part of a decade. They aren’t as antiquated as you might think. Probably explains why you’re looking at this guide too.

In this guide we will be covering some of the best Radio CD players on the market. Along with Modern alternatives for your maximum comfort. So when you want to use other more modern features you are not locked inside a box.

Additionally we will be covering most household name brands for your comfort. Brands such as Yamaha, Sony, Bose and Toshiba. Along with a few not-so-popular brand names.

The options will include built in high-performance speakers. CD players, FM/AM radio, Bluetooth, USB and AUX output to connect directly to your smartphone or IPOD or mp3 player.

What to expect when you’re investing in a tabletop radio CD player?

The best part about investing in one of these is that they do indeed provide a full on solution as a boombox package when you’re buying into them. They’re not that expensive as before because people have moved to other solutions. And you’re getting good prices because they’re not hard to find.

When buying a tabletop radio CD player you need to make sure you cover all bases. You would NOT want to compromise any audio features. Lucky for you there are options where they have futureproofed systems containing old technology such as the CD.

Making sure the radio signals and audio quality are crisp and clear are a crucial part of picking a device like this. You are paying for convenience and quality both alike. So it’s best advised if you pick and choose from reputable brands such as Sony and Pioneer and other household names you’ve heard before.

Additionally when you’re comparing devices you are finding distinction in the looks and aesthetics, form factor, durability, portability and features packed with modern alternatives built in if you so please so that you don’t have to create a cluster of devices in your real estate.

Listed below will be a review of some of the best and most popular options available on the market for buying a radio CD player.

Bose Wave Radio IV

This is a great entry level option for you to invest in. Obviously it’s not really that budget friendly but it’s bose and that is what you’d expect and for good reason too. It comes with features such as

AM/FM tuner with 6 presets for each. CD player, large visual display and alarms.

Everything you need for an AM/FM radio CD player for your tabletop. Set it on your bedroom table top or your living room and instantly you have a modern looking classic radio CD player with huge sounds for your set up.

It has crucial features such as dual alarms that gently rise in volume. Large display with adjustable brightness and it even dims during night time automatically. Additionally it has a headphone jack for private listening or if you want to connect your devices VIA aux.

The DC player is super simple and straight to the point. It allows you to hear your music the way you enjoy it if you want to shuffle repeat or keep it running continuously. The FM radio delivers clear radio reception and you are able to access your favorite stations with the 6 presets on AM/FM.

You are provided with a remote player that looks really professional and stealthy with their black or silver options. In the box you will find the product itself. An 8 foot (2.4 m) AC power cord, the remote control with pre-installed batteries.

The system’s dimensions are 4.2″ H x 14.6″ W x 8.7″ D (8.4 lbs) and the remote controls dimensions are 3.75″ H x 2.25″ W x 0.25″ D (1.06 oz). The input and output options available on the system are your AUX input, FM antenna, Headphone jack and bose link. You can additionally purchase a wave FM antenna from their website.

The best parts of this system apart from it giving out great big sound from a compact system is the fact that it sets up in minutes. There are no wires running across the room. The simplicity of Bose systems are truly a blessing to marvel at.

The Bose Wave IV is one of the best you can really spend your money on. The features will surely give you a run for your money. If you have any discs that you want to enjoy from your favorite artist you can enjoy them on this system with no hassle or set up or external tuning required. An incredible pick up for someone who loves enjoying music.

Don’t wait up, stocks run out really quick and you can even pick up a refurbished one from the first party website for almost  half the price.

Wave® SoundTouch® music system IV

This option is a cut above the previous system with integrated modern alternatives for your listening experience. The sound touch comes with Features such as CD player and AM/FM radio tuner.  For huge sounds from an easy-to-use system with a futuristic and refreshing design.

Clear and crisp. Their sounds fill up a whole room for services like Spotify, Deezer, music from your phone, Cds and AM/FM radio. It has a free app to turn your phone into a remote  if you please. It also is equipped with their Waveguide speaker technology that delivers guttural and high-performance sound.

It has Wi-Fi,  bluetooth and Apple Airplay 2  technology built in. Meaning you are futureproofed to play and wirelessly stream with whichever feature is convenient for you. This system is able to match the incredible performance that can match with large and more expensive stereos.

All of these features are centralized for you with the click of a button. In the Soundtouch app upon launch it lets you take control of your listening experience from your phone or your tablet. The best part is that you can control how you want your CDs to sound; it seems like a dream come true.

This system is almost the same except it looks like it has a little extra part on the bottom. The system seems stacked on top of an interface and yet carries that elegant classy look along with it. A great addition to your tabletop in your living or bedroom. Has alarm functions and a visual display.

The dimensions of the system are 10.9 cm H x 36.8 cm W x 22.1 cm D (4.0 kg) and the dimensions of  the remote control are 9.53cm H x 5.72cm W x 0.64cm D (30g). With outputs and inputs of  AUX, FM antenna, Headphone jacks, USB ports and even ethernet. Comes in a box with AC power and IR remote.

Ideally a great buy if you’re looking for wireless functions with a compatibility of 802.11 b/g/n with a wide range of audio lossless format compatibility. Look no further and get yourself this device. You are sure to have a premium looking and sounding system with room filling audio.

Marantz CD6007

Next up on the list is a more vintage looking option. It seems to be a novelty to be able to afford it as it is just as any other CD player. However it does have great things going for it. The price point is nowhere near budget friendly but if you’re looking to replace that dusty old CD player and fire up some nostalgie. This is a great option.

It is equipped with a premium digital-to-analog converter that gives out an old vintage warm sound. These features talk serious business if you’re a connoisseur of music. If you’re more of a casual listener skipping this part of the guide would do your time justice.

However if you still want to go for this system simply because of the novelties it offers. It’s not really the worst to consider.. You are getting most of the functions you would need with the radio CD player. It’s nice enough to sit on your table top.

It is wireless so you can battery run the drivers. It has a USB output in the front so if you want the option of using that. The CD player however is good enough too of course. You can enjoy all your favorite artists discs in high enough quality.

It’s on board drivers allow you to run all files through the USB port and CD. You are able to play files such as WAV, FLAC HD, LAC, AIFF and DSD ensuring you are not compromising quality through the system. Additionally it also supports 192-kHz/24-bit D/A conversion and features two selectable digital filters and a highly accurate system clock.

It has a frequency response of 2 Hz to 20 kHz with  a dynamic range of 100 dB. This ensures you are able enjoy your music in the highest quality.

Its dimensions in W x D x H in mm are 440 x 340 x 105 and it weighs 6.5 kgs. It is available in colors of black and silver-gold. And they look quite premium alongside their sound.

Although despite it’s incredibly high price point. It is still not a bad idea to invest in one of these. They have premium support for premium files and have a very nice build too. Get the Marantz to fully satisfy your inner audiophile by enjoying the highest quality music.

Toshiba TY-CWU700

This system is an all-in-one micro component wireless bluetooth streaming CD player speaker system. In other terms a super future-proofed glorified CD player. Not to say it is a novelty but the wooden build is something to take note of.

Aesthetic wise it is pretty retro looking. With the wooden build and plastic buttons it’s not the greatest looking little entertainment system but if you’re keen on saving a few bucks while still getting reliable audio along with its features it’s worth considering.

It’s features include bluetooth streaming for all apple and android devices. It has a MP3/CD player supported interface with a built-in LED. The display on it, however, can be considered super antiquated as it is a dimly lit LED interface.

IT is ideal for any sort of home setting and can play any genre of music and it will sound pretty good for such a budget option. The aux output allows you to connect it with ease if you so please. The CD player is pretty decent.

Along with FM radio it also allows you to stream internet radio if you’re into that. You are able to tune manually or automatically for FM radio and it has presets for upto 30 stations to set your favorite channels for one touch accessibility.

Drop it in any room of your house. It’s just a glorified showpiece that delivers excellent sound quality and can play your favorite CD drives. It’s dimensions in MM are 404 x 274 x 118 and it weighs 10 pounds.

Apart from the price tag and the vintage designs the Toshiba CD player does not have much going for it. It’s a nice option to keep in hand if you’re looking for a casual tabletop radio CD player with the bare minimum. Can’t complain much if you get it because you’re not investing much in it.

Yamaha MCR-B020BL

Possibly one of the most stylish and the most futuristic looking systems of the bunch is the Yamaha MCR-b020BL micro component system. It packs everything you’re looking for in a radio CD player starting from bluetooth wireless streaming to AUX output.

The most enticing part about this component is the fact that the side speakers are detachable. The looks of course never fall short. Yamaha has taken its place as one of the most reputable music brands in the world and is pretty self-explanatory as to why they are a household name.

They never fall short in the feature department by putting out the most well endowed looking devices. This system will sit seamlessly on top of any table top. Allowing you to keep the speakers attached or detached according to your preference.

It has large-diameter speakers for full bass. Making it an insanely good cop for the price range for any audiophile. The CD player at the bottom and an option for AM/FM radio makes its competitors question their presence because it’s really hard to beat this.

It has Aux input for connecting external sources. USB for mobile device charging. The system comes equipped with a remote for control around the room without having to use the physical buttons. The only caveat of this system is the display.

Its dimensions in LxWxH in mm are 279 x 301 x 143. Making it decently compact for a system packing that much heat in itself.

This option is for anyone who loves music and features. Sits great anywhere in the house with a powerful sound. If you’re looking to stay away from the more expensive Bose speakers. These will deliver just what you need in no trouble. It’s also incredibly easy to set up.


This entry in the list is possibly the most comfortable solution to your radio CD player needs. Sony being a household name has come a long way by providing you incredible quality with their products while at the same time keeping all their products looking good and fit for purpose.

The ZSR offers essential functions such as bluetooth, NFC, CD, USB and MP3 playback. The device is rocking a clean and classic minimal black look with all the buttons on the system itself. Implying that it does not have any other source of control.

It is compact in design. Features like FM/AM radio have 30 memory presets to allow you to switch between your favorite stations with ease. The CD player housing on the top of the player. Paying a sort of homage to the older boomboxes.

It has Mega Bass sound enhancement ensuring that you are getting the most possible sound and quality from the audio that plays through the system. It has an LCD display. The only caveat of this device is that the display is quite ancient and has no backlight.

It can survive upto 26 hours with its battery. Audio in for auxiliary support, It even has a handle for when you want to take it on the go. Sizewise it sits great on any table top. Set it on your living or your bedroom and it’ll surely turn heads when it plays and fills up the entire room.

It’’s black design looks professional and premium with the grills covering the speaker. It’s dimensions in mm L x W x H are 350 x 152 x 236. Great portability with the handle and weighs 4.41 pounds.

It’s an excellent pick up for when you just want to get a CD radio player that does what you need like give good quality audio with CD player, FM/AM and wireless capabilities. This super budget classic looking device will definitely not let you down. It is a foolproof purchase for any enthusiast.


The last installment of the list of the best CD players is the JENSEN CD-575. It is a top loading CD/MP3 player equipped with an AM/FM receiver. It is in the mid price range sporting the traditional boombox design.

It has all buttons for control on the device itself. Indicating that it has no remote control accessibility. It has all standard functions and features such as AUX input to connect any device that has an AUX feature as well.

This option lacks a lot of future proofing features. So not many options apart from AUX, CD and LCD display. It has a rotary telescopic antenna making it pretty antiquated.

The AM/FM stereo receiver has the conventional preset memory function for ease of access to your favorite stations. The speakers are not huge as this is a pretty small device. You’re not expecting much from the audio quality but it gets the job done and music is actually quite enjoyable.

The system is wireless as it does not need an AC out to have it up and running. It can run solely on battery power.

The dimensions are 11.8 x 10.3 x 5.6 inches in L x W x H. . Weighing at 4.3 pounds.

This option is pretty barebones coming in at very cheap. However it is not really all that bad for just 40 dollars. Which is a fraction of any other options in this list. You Can grab this if you want something to just use and not show off in any tabletop or space. It can serve as a glorified showpiece that plays good music nonetheless for your CDs.


All the options listed in this guide were already futureproofed and are applicable in this day and age. They don’t need any modern alternatives as they are already built in. That’s the beauty of Technology advancing.

Hope it serves as a good guiding light for you to pick whatever you want to go for. Happy listening!