Best External Speakers for Laptop: A review Guide

To set your home office or personal workstation, it is essential to have external speakers for your laptop. Because so often the built-in speakers from your laptop NOT get the job done. Or if you have your laptop connected to an external display and want to keep it hidden with the lid closed. Whichever the reason is, the only sensible thing to do is to invest in external speakers.

This guide will help you choose what the best will be while you are exploring your options. With detailed reviews and verdicts you will be on the fast track to getting to pick your external speakers. In addition to sound experience, adding an external speaker can also add personality to your workplace or home office aesthetics.

With that covered we will now dive head first into the reviews of the speakers. This guide will only discuss the best options within various budgets and by no means will it suffocate you with lack of options. Feel free to pick and choose from your preference and let this serve as an anchor to options.

Connection Guide

Before we list the best options let’s talk about connecting your external speakers to your laptop real quick. Connecting them and setting them up is pretty straightforward with no bends. As most laptops come with AUX input and Bluetooth and that is the bare minimum that is what you’ll be using to connect your speakers.

AUX is simply plug and play through the 3.5mm Jack if the external speaker has it. It is highly unlikely to find any that don’t. If you’re looking for a wireless solution then looking for external speakers that have built-in bluetooth is important.

Top 10 best types of external speakers for laptop

Creative Gigaworks T40

If you’ve confused with external speaker options in the past couple of decades, you’ve probably heard of creative speakers. They are great little reliable speakers that come in several ranges and options. The gigaworks is a 2.0 speaker system that gets the job done well if you need a quick fix.

Although they are not bluetooth equipped they serve as a pretty decent placeholder or even a permanent installment for you. By spending this much you are pretty much expecting the bare minimum. But that does not  go as to say that it won’t get the job done. It will and there’s plenty of space for pleasure too.

In terms of aesthetics you will be seeing 4 tweeters in total. Which has two tweeters on each speaker. They have a Two-way 3 speaker design which ensures an articulate sound for both high and mid range. It also comes with BasXPort Technology which is designed to ensure great bass sounds.

You have everything you need on both the drivers. You are also given the freedom to control your bass treble and volume straight from one of the speakers as they come with the designated knobs which are on the front so there’s no fumbling required to move the right knob. Also comes equipped with AUX In on the drivers themselves for private listening.

Product Differentiator

This is a great purchase if you’re looking for a quick selection for the subwoofer. Aesthetically they will fit right in with the black theme if you want a cleaner more monochromatic look with a gold finish to accent and compliment everything. Giving it a super professional look.

JBL Jembe

This is also a household name for audio you simply cannot go wrong with. Or rather quite hard to get wrong because it’s JBL and they have made quite the name for themselves over the past year with their flagship or otherwise standard audio products.

The Jembe’s are your run of the mill 2.0 computer speakers that pack a decent punch. If you’re looking for a low-key simple plug and play solution once again for your personal use with your laptop. These are great as they come with a built in AMP so you don’t have to worry about much.

This may not be a requirement for external speakers or rather be very crucial depending on what you’re looking for. It has features such as slipstream port technologies which allow powerful and deep sounding bass with minimal distortion. It’s not going to blow you away but it sure will provide that extra low end that every sound system requires to sound decent.

Additionally it has a standard 3.5 mm jack built into its power amplifier which ensures that you can plug in your additional headphones whenever for personal listening. This defeats the whole purpose of getting an external speaker but having the option to easily switch between the two is great.

Product Differentiator

The jembes aren’t the greatest in the world but they will surely get the job done. And they will always make sure that you get the best out of the tiny speakers as well. Overall they are worth the buy and will definitely give you a run for your money.

Bose Companion 2

Another flagship brand that provides reliable and great quality audio products as we all know is the infamous bose. Where their price tags may be premium, they accompany products that go well with that price tag as well. Well, most of the time at least.

The companion 2 are your state of the art 2.0 multimedia speakers. As you already know they definitely do know what they are doing in terms of aesthetics. They keep it simple and minimal while their looks scream professional and premium.

They provide amazingly high quality audio performance with great clarity at any decibel  you enjoy audio in with minimal distortion. You don’t ever have to worry about tinny or bare audio coming from your small factor and simple multimedia speakers.

They have a volume rocker on the front for ease of volume adjustability. And right underneath it is the headphone jack input so you can rock to your private concerts straight from the speaker if they are closer than your computer whenever you please. Both of these are located on the right speaker.

They claim this to be their most affordable pair of speakers in the computer multimedia speaker department. While it’s not dirt cheap, it is pretty affordable when it comes to comparison with other Bose speakers. So if you were ever hoping to get an affordable Bose product, this is your best bet.

Product Differentiator

These amazing pairs of speakers are great for your multimedia needs for your personal computer or laptop. They are pretty straight forward just plug and play and go to town enjoying whatever task you’re doing on your station. Definitely a great contender for external computer speakers.

Dell Wireless Portable Speaker AD211

This is yet another household brand that performs great in almost every department of gadgets they manufacture. The Dell Wireless portable speaker AD211 is an excellent replacement for your most likely subpar laptop internal speakers. They can serve as both your external speakers and outdoor speakers if you’re looking to take it on the go.

Apart from it leaving a small footprint which makes it easy to put anywhere in your setup. It packs one hell of a punch for something that comes in such a relatively small package. You’re free to take it on the go and when you’re running low on battery just hook it up to your Laptop and enjoy upto 10 hours of high quality Audio.

The speaker comes packed with bluetooth 4.0 and NFC (Near field communication). NFC is a great feature to have if you want to connect other devices that have NFC available on them. All it takes to connect is one singular tap of a button and you’re already set up. Switching devices have never been easier.

Feature wise it comes with buttons on one side of the speaker which allow you to control your receive call function, pairing mode, volume up and down and power button. All that you need to have full access to your speakers for. Comes with a great microphone if you frequent online meetings that aid you to speak in full clarity.

Product Differentiator

It’s a great purchase if you’re all about that portability. Great to pack into your bag because of the size. It also comes with an Aux port so if you want a super easy set up without bluetooth even you may. Really hard to go wrong with such a convenient device at your disposal to help with your audio needs.

Sony SRS-A3 External PC Speakers

If you’re looking for super basic last minute speakers with stereo sound then look no further. The Sony SRS-A3 has your essential external speaker needs covered. It’s pretty barebones with a 2.0 tweeter configuration with nothing extra and super small form factor.

You can plug it in via the AC adapter to your nearest outlet and get to work and not suffer the audio of your ever so detereoting laptop speakers. Along with The included and removable AC adapter it also comes with a non modular 3.5 MM standard jack.

It goes to say that even though you’re being economical with your spending you’re getting an experience that is ten folds better than your internal speakers and a marginal cut above them. However you’re not going to get a premium sound with super punchy bass.

The functional and physical buttons are pretty standard. It comes with a power indicator LED which is one side of the tweeter, on the other side you will find a 3.5 mm input for private listening. On the same tweeter you will find your low profile volume rocker and power on and off switch. No microphone included unfortunately.

Product Differentiator

For a pair of inexpensive speakers you’re getting what you ask for. A replacement to the tinny and almost hushed sound of your laptop. If you’re good at keeping the speakers in one place and not moving them around and fumbling, these should last you a good amount of time.

AmazonBasics AC Powered PC Multimedia External Speakers

This speaker on the list is as barebones as it gets. They are pretty decent nevertheless for just 24 dollars. They come in clutch for a quick fix and give out great audio for the price. They are mass produced by Amazon themselves as the name suggests.

Each speaker comes with two tweeters stacked on top of each other. Providing clear audio instead of your laptop speakers with a notable lowend bass. For the price that is quite an impressive feat to have coming from dual 2.5 inch drivers per speaker.

Although they are run of the mill plug and play speakers they are quite easy to connect. They have a non-modular adapter that connects to wall outlets for maximum power. While they do not come with an included 3.5 MM Jack you get the privilege of 2 ports for both auxiliary listening and private listening.

The speakers come with volume rockers on the front. With the ports for aux out and headphone ports in the same speaker. The caveat of these are that they do not come with great cable management so if you require clean and minimal and low profile, you can skip past these.

Product Differentiator

For the price point these are half decent replacements for your laptop speakers. They get the job done really well and provide clear audio and a little bit of lowend for your home or office setup.


The connectivity within the list is pretty straight forward. These in the list are few of the very best external speakers to consider on the market. They come with either Bluetooth connectivity or AUX support. Which are the only two if not the most popular connection methods for external speakers.

The setup for both the methods are straightforward as well. For the ones that come with AUX just plug and play via the 3.5 mm jacks and get to work. The ones that come with bluetooth require only a few steps to set up.

Just turn on the bluetooth and enable pairing through the speakers and find the device name in the list of searched nearby devices on the device you want to connect to, pair. Then you finally connect and you are set for setup for the foreseeable feature. It’s only a one time thing.

Almost every laptop has the aux feature and has not been discarded yet and it’s only a matter of wires, whether they are a dealbreaker for you or not.


All products listed in this guide are some of the best external speakers for any device you own. Be it a Macbook pro, Macbook Air, Dell laptop, Dell notebook ETC. In short they are great for any laptop regardless of them being notebooks, ultrabooks or even chromebooks.

For macbook notebooks and laptops alike the connection modes are as mentioned earlier. They all have AUX and bluetooth. Picking whichever connection method is your call.


This guide had a few great picks for whichever sort of replacements you might need for your device in the laptop department. Whether you like to keep it simple or complex is up to you. You might like the classic plug and play or you might want something wireless. Whichever it is, The ball is in your court.

Hopefully this guide helps you in finding just what you need for your ears. Additionally to all that it also ensures whichever you do pick, you know what you are looking for in terms of features. Once you know all this you can explore the options for whichever purpose you may need the external speakers for.

Be it for entertainment or office work or both.  Happy listening!


When it comes to solving your problems, our FAQ sections are at the best service. Let’s find out about this particular segment here:

On my laptop, how can I choose external speakers?

Type control by pressing Win + S. Select “Control Panel” when it displays, then “Sound.” You should notice two devices listed under “Playback”: your laptop audio card and your new speakers. To change your default sound device, double-click the new speakers. To hear sounds via your new speakers, click “OK.”

How can I use my laptop’s speakers as well as external speakers at the same time?

Make use of an audio splitter or a Bluetooth adaptor to do this. Simply connect the splitter to your computer and insert the headphones into one port while the speakers are connected to the other port. It is preferable to invest in a high-quality audio splitter. Cheap splitters may have a severe impact on the sound quality and loudness of your music.

Is using laptop speakers a wise idea?

The answer to this question is a resounding no for the vast majority of laptop users. When it comes to buying a laptop, most end-users do not consider audio quality, and for manufacturers to employ better-quality audio equipment (speakers, microphones, and software), their pricing would have to be higher.