W-King Speaker Review

If you are looking for a super-budget-friendly speaker but cannot choose from high-end brands, they cost a lot; then this top W-King Speaker list is for you. You can choose from a broader range of collections from indoor to outdoor usage, wireless or wired. W-King speakers’ specialty is the low price but with excellent features.

Among the impressive features of water-resistant, Bluetooth compatibility and portability make it praise-worthy in many aspects. You can barely find out any good speaker under $100. So, let’s review some of the best W-King Speakers without further delay. From our enlisted list, you will indeed find a suitable speaker for you.

W-KING Powerful Bluetooth Speaker, D8

Product Differentiator

Under $100 if you are searching for a speaker with decent sound quality, excellent output power, wireless connectivity, perfect for outdoor; then W-King D8 works extraordinarily.

It offers a long hour battery so that you can take it with you outside for a pool party or in your shower. This speaker gives a tough competition to JBL portable speakers.

Product Description

If you like to have a party at the beach or are fond of the pool party, this is the speaker you are looking for at a super affordable price.

W-King brings all-new surprises for consumers on a low budget so that everyone can have their ultimate music fun.

The sound is decent for a small get-together. 50w output power is excellent for making this speaker loud enough for a small group. It can create a thrilling atmosphere around you with its loud sound.

With excellent stereo sound, the bass quality is also robust. Two passive subwoofers and two tweeters with a double bass radiator are located inside the speaker.

These ensure a robust, punchy bass which makes the quality better.

Are you worried about the battery life? Then just leave it on D8 because it gives 23 hours of battery life with a single charge. You won’t party all day long, right? So, if you are a party freak, this speaker can still give you whole thrilling fun without providing stress to charge it again and again.

Another thing for you if you want bigger sound, connect extra one compatible, portable speaker, with your W-King. Combinedly, you will get 100w power that makes the sound louder.

This portable speaker supports both wireless and wired connectivity. Use a 3.5mm cord or Bluetooth how you like and connect all your devices. The Bluetooth sound system is good and very smooth. You won’t face any hassle with pairing it with your devices at all.

Coming to the build-quality made with hard plastic make sure a good durability. Also, this speaker is rated IPX6 a good water resistance feature to prevent an accident such as sudden rain or others.

This is another reason that makes this speaker well suited for pool or beach parties. There is no tension about the water, and you can enjoy good audio around you.

Overall, this speaker is worth the price range, a good choice for any outdoor activity.

W-KING Bluetooth Speaker (X10-1)

Product Differentiator

The First W-King speaker with three passive bass radiators provides extreme bass compared to other subwoofer speakers.

Product Description

Want your Bluetooth speaker to carry by hand and enjoy a true wireless stereo? This W-King X10-1 is for you. This is an excellent subwoofer speaker, a perfect solution for bass lovers.

With the price tag, I won’t say that is much compared to its working principle because it is filled with great features to surprise you with high-quality low frequency.

This speaker is featured with three passive radiators, a double tweeter, and woofers. In a compact size, you can get all these, enhancing the overall sound quality.

That intense bass quality is only the blessing of the W-King three bass radiator. This is also the first time W-King has adapted this feature for making the bass lovers crazy.

The bass, mids, and highs are crisp and clear with balanced high frequency. This speaker is focused on the bass and the whole stereo system.

A boomed bass with a powerful soundtrack is enough to impress your family friends every time.

Moreover, 70w output power is enough to handle all the functions efficiently. The sound becomes more powerful and rich because of the punchy bass.

Portability makes it more enjoyable to use at parties or beside pools. Most of the speakers belonging to W-King come with an IPX6 rating, which ensures an excellent water-resistant feature.

That’s why we recommend this speaker to use on the beach or poolside. Or if you are a person who loves to hear music while showering, then this is perfect for you.

Now, what is going to surprise you more is the special playtime. With one single charge, you can use this speaker for 42 hours!!! This is huge for any party, such as a long day or night.

Also, to use it wirelessly, Bluetooth version 5.0 works smoothly. You just need to pair with your devices and enjoy your favorite music.

Last, of all, the unique design it contains is mostly preferable for the young generation nowadays. The whole body is covered with Translucent soft rubber that gives a smooth texture. The buttons are made with translucent silicon.

W-KING 70W Portable Party Speakers, 15600mAH Power Bank-D10

Product Differentiator

Perfect solution for parties.

Product Description

Searching for some loud wireless speaker for parties? Then here, you will get the ultimate solution for this purpose because W-KING brings 70-watt powerful sound that gives an immersive outdoor experience.

Go hiking, camping, or on a trip with your W-KING speaker, and never miss a single moment to enjoy music with your friends. That particular feature of IPX6 makes sure that any kind of water doesn’t destroy this speaker internally.

You can be assured and tension free because of this rating. This is most useful while you are far from your home or having a party all day long beside the beach. This also prevents shocks.

When it comes to outdoor usage, the main concern is battery life. Here, you also don’t need to take any extra stress because of the 15600mAh, a complete 42-hour playtime.

Do you still worry about this? Honestly, nobody really needs this huge battery life. But still, this is lifesaving for many if you feel that this battery life is not enough, just carry a power bank and charge whenever necessary.

Then there comes 70-watt output power for a powerful soundstage all over. The entire atmosphere can fill with sound with this single speaker.

But if you are having of people and need more sound, then just pair another D-10 speaker. This pairing compatibility makes the W-KING speaker more beneficial to use.

Now you can have 140-watt power for getting the loudest music.

Additionally, Bluetooth version 5.0, EQ modes, with a 3.5mm jack for karaoke. It means not for music you can also enjoy karaoke.

Last of all, in the design, you can see the LED lights that help make a party environment. The portability ensures you can carry it easily anywhere, anytime.

In a word, for parties, this is a perfect speaker at a reasonable price.

W-KING Bluetooth Speaker Loud- T9-2

Product Differentiator

It comes with two modes, indoor and outdoor, for getting the perfect sound according to the environment: detachable handle 105 dB sound for the high-definition sound stage.

Product Description

Thus far, we have reviewed the outdoor speakers. But now we are going to see a speaker which you can use both for indoor and outdoor activities. W-KING T9-2 has both modes for the consumers

This unique feature makes sure your speaker can play the perfect sound in the ideal place. Switch according to your environment to help you get your desired sound.

Because in outdoor places, the audio needs to be louder and high-pitched. You can get clear, louder music by turning on the outdoor feature.

That same thing goes for indoor usage, just turn on indoor mode and get richer bass, with an enhanced sound stage.

All these are because it is equipped with two 4-inch woofers and a 1.2-inch tweeter. Also, 80-watt continuous power works dedicatedly to handle the entire sound system.

Moreover, a 105 dB sound feature is also responsible for a high-definition sound. Low- frequencies are significant; that’s why we expect a punchy bass from it. Then those tweeters and woofers for a balanced mid, highs.

With your friends, you can have a relaxing music experience or make some noise for a party. Or on the mountain, if you want to enjoy some alone time, just carry this speaker with you, and you won’t disappoint.

Here one concern may arise about the portability since this speaker is pretty big. There is a detachable handle that can be placed both horizontally and vertically.

Remove or add the handle with your speaker and carry it. This handle makes it portable and easy to use.

If you are planning to go on a trip, then this speaker is not going to be a problem at all. 24-hour battery life is enough for any long night usage. Though battery capability is not significant like W-KING D10, it still is not a disappointment.

But the most impressive part of this speaker is the six different LED light modes. They change according to other songs, or you can change them too.

Those ring LED lights to create a different environment with the songs. If you are playing soft songs, you can feel something romantic with the lights.

For wireless music streaming, there is Bluetooth, but apart from this, you can use AUX input, TF card if you wish to.

W-KING 60W Loud Bluetooth Speaker

Product Differentiator

Great subwoofer speaker for outdoor and indoor use at a low price.

Product Description

W-KING D8 is the lowest price portable speaker on our list that comes under $100. W-King brings another low price but extraordinary speaker for outdoor party lovers.

This 60W subwoofer speaker is an outstanding product that belongs to W-KING. The unique feature of this speaker is the tight low-frequency response that makes it desirable for bass lovers.

This speaker makes sure a lossless bit transmission for a dedicated audio quality. Also featuring DSP technology, four drivers with two passive bass radiators. These enable this speaker to provide music like the original content.

Be assured about the punchy bass, perfect mids, and highs with crystal clear clarity. Lower distortion is felt, and no boomy soundstage at all. You will love to hear your favorite song with this speaker.

The multi-directional ability makes surround sound; suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities.

Of course, this is a Bluetooth speaker, but you will get USB or auxiliary input to connect with it. Enjoy a piece of seamless music with your family and friends anywhere.

At this moment, if you are not pleased with 60w power because you have a bunch of people with you, then W-KING special speaker connection feature is waiting for you.

Connect a W-KING speaker that is compatible and enjoy 120w huge power sound. A thumpy bass with an incredible loudness creates a party-like environment all over.

Another point is the IPX6 rating that no W-KING portable speaker miss. This is definitely beneficial for me because a pool person like me always wants to party beside the pool or beach.

This is the exact time when a W-KING speaker makes one really satisfied.

Last but not least, 24-hour playtime lets you enjoy a long hour of music enjoyment without worrying about recharging again and again.

W-KING Bluetooth Speaker D9-1

Product Differentiator

Fantastic bass, double passive bass radiator, double passive subwoofer, and super budget-friendly.

Product Description

W-KING portable is mainly known for the waterproof, Bluetooth compatibility, decent output power features, and they are best for outdoor usage. This W-KING D9-1 is no different than that.

This is a portable speaker with a simple design on it. IPX6 rating protects it from waters that prevent any types of internal damage. This is also dust or sand-proof with shock resistance capability.

So, your speaker is not going to be dusty too much. You won’t need to clear it again and again at all.

The boxy structure comes in a black shade with a handle so you can carry it easily. There are some controls on the top of the speaker. You can control from there like volume increasing or other stuff.

To enjoy an endless music Bluetooth streaming service is there. Pair with your phone or Bluetooth supporting devices and play your favorite music.

There is the AUX input TF card to connect with non-Bluetooth supporting devices. This feature is available for all W-KING speakers. Additionally, if you enjoy the party and your phone is far away, then receive calls without using your hands with the mic feature.

This speaker features a 12,000mAh rechargeable battery and lets the users enjoy endless audio. 40-hour life with a single charge can make any party superbly enjoyable tension-free.

Charge your speaker with Type C port super-fast.

However, with these standard features that every W-KING is featured with, the sound is also incredible. Mids, highs, low frequency is dedicated precisely. Any type of music hears beautiful.

Four drivers, two tweeters, two passive subwoofers, and a passive bass radiator is responsible for the tighter bass. Most portable Bluetooth speakers cannot give a good bass.

But W-KING D9-1 has the ability to give a superb rich bass. Overall, the sound quality is robust too.

You won’t find any other speaker cheaper than this one for sure.

W-KING Bluetooth Speaker D9-1 TF Card, NFC, AUX, Bluetooth

Product Differentiator

Punchy bass, clear sound, and best for outdoor parties.

Product Description

We are two W-KING D9-1 speakers with a different prices. This D9-1 is a bit more pricy than the previous one. I really could not figure out much difference between them, so it would be wiser to choose cheap.

This version also includes IPX6 waterproof, dust-proof features. Bluetooth compatibility, AUX input, USB, NFC is also stuffed in. 40-hour battery life with a single charge.

This is great for outdoor use. Also, if you want to use it inside of your home, then that will work for you.

This speaker works universally for the Bluetooth or NFC feature. You can connect your laptop, tab, phone. It can work with windows, iOS, Android.

One distinct difference between the two D9-1 speakers is the EQ modes. In this model, you will see two EQ modes absent in the previous cheaper ones.

So, it actually depends on you which one you are interested in.

3 Best Alternative Bluetooth Speaker of W-KING

If you do not like W-KING speakers, we have selected three more Bluetooth speakers from different brands. These are the best-selling amazon speaker within budget.

JBL Charge 4

There is no need to talk much about JBL. This is one of the famous brands that make great audio equipment. So, we choose JBL 4 for you that you will love for sure.

This is a fantastic speaker super portable that you can carry on your hand. The sound quality is outstanding compared to other Bluetooth speakers.

This speaker has a unique feature. If you want, then connect two devices or more. Pairing other Bluetooth speakers or devices is not problematic.

Now, if you are getting worried about the battery life, then another piece of good news comes with a 20-hour battery capability.

But what attracts the users most is the IPX7 rating. This is waterproof and protects your speaker if it is submerged.

As a great alternative, this is an excellent Bluetooth speaker belonging to JBL.

New Bose SoundLink Flex

Bose is another favorite name among music lovers because they have been served with some best devices for years.

Bose SoundLink Flex most probably is the expensive Bluetooth on our list. But it is actually worth the price because of the high-tech. Bose put a great effort into making this speaker succeed.

This speaker doesn’t lack a single thing, from the sound quality to other features. Other features are the waterproof, great Bluetooth version with built-in mic. A hand-free calling every time you are busy doing parties.

Bose Connect app helps to update software or for other stuff too.

So, you can consider this speaker a formidable competitor to W-KING speakers.

OontZ Angle 3

This OontZ Angle 3 is the cheapest price speaker on our list. But we are bound to admit that this is giving the stiffest competition to another high-priced speaker.

Sound quality is defined as excellent accuracy and clarity. Any type of music, loud or soft, hear amazing.

Impressively there is the 10watt AMP for boosting up the signals. This way, they could have maintained the sound quality.

Bluetooth compatibility is excellent because this speaker can pair up with Androids, iPhone, tablets, or laptops too.

IPX5 rating gives a splashproof feature that is rare at this price. Moreover, a 14-hour battery is absolutely perfect for a long night party.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker Buying guide

Before buying a speaker, it is good to check out a speaker buying guide. In this way, you will be capable of finding the perfect speaker for you.

Also, if you don’t know much about audio Equipements, a buying guide can help you. You don’t need an expert; instead, just follow some essential criteria.

Here I am going to highlight 5 basic steps. By following them, you will be able to choose the right Bluetooth portable speaker for you.

Battery Life

Before buying a Bluetooth speaker, the most crucial point is the battery life. No one really likes to be always tensed about recharging the battery again and again. This just spoils the whole party mood and the environment too. Also, if you are hiking, in hills, or for a long party night, it is not possible to charge the battery often. This is why while buying a speaker, check out the battery life.

Choose at least a 24-hour lifetime with a single charge. Or you can choose more battery life than this. The more your speaker battery life becomes, the better for you.

Luckily all the W-KING speakers offer huge battery life. Some of them are up to 40 hours. This is why W-KING is praiseworthy every time. If you choose from our list, then just order, and you don’t have to look for the battery life.

Because we did that for you.

Water-proof/ Dust-proof

Bluetooth portable speakers are mainly used for parties. Among them, pool parties or beside the beach are the most popular. This is the exact time when you need a waterproof speaker.

If you ignore this point, then be sure that you are going to regret it later. Because those speakers without waterproof features can cause any kind of internal damage. The result is your new brand speaker can be broken totally.

Besides, if you are going for a long drive with your friends for a picnic or something, a sudden rain also can cause a loss.

For this reason, see the IPX6 ratings of your speaker. This rating means your speaker is waterproof, dust-proof, even shock-resistance.

Bluetooth Version

Since you have a Bluetooth speaker, you need to check the version. This is because of the easy usage. Today’s speakers come with Bluetooth Version 5.0 mostly.

This is actually good because you can get a broader range for your device to pair up. Some Bluetooth speakers let devices connect within a range of 100 feet. This way, you can easily connect and enjoy seamless music.

Output Power or Ability to connect multiple speakers

Output power ensures a decisive sound stage for a mesmerizing audio quality. You are buying a speaker with a reasonable price and have a lot of features but integrated with lower power won’t do any good to you.

For decent sound quality, 60w power is enough for a Bluetooth speaker.

Additionally, if you want more power, your speaker must have the ability to connect with another speaker too. Most of the W-KING speaker comes with this feature.

Sound Quality

The main reason to buy a speaker is the beautiful sound. If you are not getting that, then the purpose of purchasing a speaker goes into a vein.

For a decent sound, the stage sees the driver numbers, bass radiators, passive subwoofers, and so on. These things work behind a great sounding system.

Next, if you are a bass lover, try to buy a subwoofer speaker. These speakers provide a punchy bass that the bass lovers would definitely love.

Final Verdict

W-KING is among the best brands in the marketplace. We enlisted each of its speakers is of incredible quality and stuffed with various features. The sound quality is impressive too.

So, if you are searching for a portable Bluetooth speaker on a small budget, you can choose from our list. Trust me; you won’t find any other better option outside.

We have reviewed each of the speakers considering consumers’ needs. All of them are mainly for outdoor use, but if you want to use them inside of your home, then you can do that too.

We have highlighted the best W-KING Speaker review for you in this article. So, you don’t need to search here and there. Within a couple of minutes, you can choose the right one for you.

But still, if you could not figure it out, check out the alternative section. We have added the three best alternative options for you.

Last, of all, a buying guide is an additional tip for you so you can choose your speaker by yourself.

Frequent Asked Question

Can my W-KING speaker connect with other speakers?

This is mainly asked a question: Can a W-KING speaker connect with other speakers? The answer is no for most of the W-KING speakers. You can connect two W-KING speakers but cannot do this with other speakers.

What feature is needed to be a waterproof speaker?

This is an important question, and everyone should know about this before buying an outdoor speaker. At least an IPX5 rating is a must need, or you can go with IPX6 or IPX7.

IPX6 means waterproof, dust-proof, or shock resistance. IPX7 protects in case your speaker falls into a pool or in water. Still, your speaker won’t get damaged.