IPX4 vs IPX5: Explain With Example

While buying any devices, consumers are more concerned about the waterproof, water-resistance, or dustproof features. You may also have come across this term IPX3, IPX4, IP55, etc. But have you ever thought about what these terms actually mean? Because your single mistake can lead your devices to significant damage.

Well, you don’t need to worry about the IP ratings because here, I will describe these IP terms in a specific word. Also, going to highlight the specific difference between IPX4 VS IPX5 with some recommended audio devices.

At the end of this article, you will be able to figure out the IP rating yourself, and thank me for sure.

What Do IP Ratings Mean?

Ingress Protection Rating, or in short, IP rating, is a code that specifies the device’s protection from liquid or solid-state particles. The manufacturers must determine this rate in their products so the consumer can know about the equipment protection state.

This way, the consumer can protect the devices they need to take care of or properly store them. This IP rating is most important when it comes to electrical appliances.

The IP rating is recognized worldwide, and anyone who knows about it can use it to learn about the device’s capability.

Most people damage their devices due to a lack of proper IP rating knowledge. But this is much easier to know about this rating than you can think of. Also, having the proper knowledge can save your favorite headphone or earbuds from any unwanted situation like sudden rain or others.

So, now how to figure out the terms IPX3, IPX5, IP67, etc. These two letters IP are always followed by two digits like IPXX. This means a range from 0 to 8 can be placed in this XX position. And this is how it is specified whether the device is resistant to solid or liquid.

To be more precise, in IPXX, the first X represents if the device is protected from solid particles like dust or dirt. And the second X represents the device’s protection from liquid such as water or sweat.

To measure the protection from solid-state, those digits range from o to 6, and for liquids, it ranges from 0 to 9.

Let’s see some of the popular ratings so you can understand better.

Some Popular IP Terms


Since the first digit represents the sold ingress, here in IP24, here 2 means all the devices rated to this code are resistant to objects more than 12mm. Also, they are fingerprint-proof.

Next digit 4 stands for it are splashproof from all directions but cannot survive underwater like submerging the devices.


It means IP44 rated products are both solid and splash resistant, and the solid particles can be bigger than 1mm.

Often this term is compared with IPX4, and a common question rose which is better. The answer is, of course, that IP44 is a better option.


This rating means the product has protection from dust but is not totally protected from dust. It can protect from dust particles that can harm normal activities.

At the same time, it is also waterproof; a nozzle protects that from any direction.


This type of product is truly beneficial. Because they are fully dustproof and waterproof, submerge this type of product underwater for about 30 minutes and still can save your device.

This type of electrical device is best for swimming, showering, pool, or beachside parties.


This gives protection from a splash from any direction but is not dustproof. As it has no digit in the place of the first X, it means it is not tested for the dustproof feature.

However, it does not mean this type of product can be harmed by dust seriously. It gives protection to some extent.


This is a bit better than IPX4, as it ensures protection from water jets through a nozzle from any direction.

Similar to IPX4, IPX5 does not have any dustproof feature. But it can again save your device from dust considerably.


This code refers to the protection that your device can be submerged underwater for a long time. It is fully submergible without harming the internal or external parts.

IPX4 VS IPX5: Which Is Better?

Both IPX4 and IPX5 rated products are splashproof, but they are not dustproof. There is no solid, resistant feature in these IP rating products. So, you cannot expect that.

But when it comes to better protection from water, IPX5 is slightly better. It can prevent water from going inside the device. Also, it can give protection during light rain and from low-pressure water.

If you accidentally get stuck in the rain or on the beachside, some waterfalls on your device won’t get damaged immediately. However, it cannot protect from deep water or submerged water.

Another hand, IPX4 is only splash proof. These types of products cannot bear heavy water flow or rain. Only can it prevent low-pressure water flow.

That’s why for showing or for light rain time, IPX5 can work better.

Now let’s review some of the IPX4 and IPX5 rating products. This will make you understand better. Also, if you are in search of speaker, earbud, or headphones, you can check out from here and get yours.

IPX4 Rating Products

Most portable pool or beach speaker, earbuds, or headphones comes with this IPX4 rating. This is not the best rating, but it can save electrical devices promisingly for day-to-day life.

Edifier W285BT Wireless Sports Headphones -IPX4 Waterproof

Edifier W285BT wireless headphone comes with an IPX4 rating. This thing makes these headphones waterproof and sweatproof. This makes the headphone a good choice for workouts, sports, or traveling.

If you are a workout freak and love to enjoy some music while doing exercise, then you must like this Edifier wireless headphone. Most of the time, headphones get damaged because of sweat while exercising. Sweat can harm the internal parts if your headphone is waterproof.

Or sometimes it can happen if you are traveling or walking a sudden rain or accidentally if some waterfalls on your headphone, it again can get damage. And good headphones cost a fair amount.

This is why the consumer search for something that can prevent water. If you are one of those and have ever suffered in life because of a slight carelessness, then you can count on the headphones.

Surely you can now enjoy your gym time with your favorite music. Or you can walk by road without worrying about the rains.

Moreover, this headphone is wireless and has a 4.2 version of Bluetooth. Wireless connectivity reduces the hassle of wires. Overall, this headphone is worth considering, and the price range is also not much. As an IPX4 rating product, it works really well.

Product Differentiator:

As it is designed for sports especially, you can think that it may fall from your ears during a workout. But there is the additional ear hook that stays with the ears and does not fall easily.

Sony WF-C500 Truly Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Earbud Headphones IPX4 water resistance

For those who are not into some headphones, the Sony WF-C500 earbuds are for them. This also has a rating of IPX4 which means a great advantage.

There is no need to tell you what IPX4 means. If you have come this far into this article, you must already know about this term. If not, then I would request you to go through the section “What Does IP Rating Means?”. Then you should see the product review. Otherwise, you won’t be able to figure out the real meaning of IP rating.

However, Sony WF-C500 is an excellent earbud, undoubtedly. It also comes in a reasonable price range. So not everyone would love this product. But those can I would recommend you to have this earbud.

Especially for those who have a very light workout or exercise. Or if you have a treadmill or something in your home and you exercise there regularly. Also, if you want to enjoy some peacetime with your favorite music, these earbuds are for you.

The water and sweat resistance feature makes it great for light exercise. Your sweat is not going to damage your earbud. Also, if you are traveling or like to walk there, then this earbud can prevent any kind of sudden splash.

Product Differentiator:

Apart from the IPX4 rating, this earbud has a long battery life of almost 10 hours of hands-free calling. This tiny device can be your good companion for a hill tracking or long drive.

AXESS SPBW1048 IPX4 Bluetooth Speaker in Rose Gold

Now it’s time to enjoy parties besides the pool or beach with a super portable speaker. And this is now no more a dream anymore because numerous brands are making portable speakers with good IP ratings.

Such a speaker is AXESS SPBW1048 IPX4 rating Bluetooth speaker. This decent-quality speaker comes at a minimal price that anyone can afford.

While enjoying some quality time with family or friends beside the beach or going on a hill track, often our speakers get damaged because of water or sudden rain. Because most of the time, we cannot be careful enough to save our electrical devices.

In this article, I have discussed the IP rating and now recommend some of the good items for you.

This Bluetooth speaker has an IPX4 rating which means it is waterproof but not dustproof. So, if you are a party freak, then this speaker is for you.

Now enjoying parties anywhere, anytime during the rainy or dry season, is no longer a headache. But also remember that IPX4 doesn’t ensure any kind of submerge of devices.

So be careful about that. Also, it cannot protect from heavy rain.

Now talking about other features, this speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery with it. With a single charge, you can play it for almost 5 hours.

Product Differentiator:

The sound quality is not too high but fair enough, as the price is not too much. If you are searching for a cheap price speaker, then this is a good choice.

GOgroove Rugged Bluetooth Speaker with IPX4 Water Protection

For those fond of hiking or the beach and want to listen to their favorite music, the Gogroove Rugged Bluetooth speaker is for them.

Whenever it is about hiking or going on hill tracks or in the shower, the water is most concerning. Because water can damage electrical devices, this is why IP helps a lot by giving protection from water and dust.

GOgroove Bluetooth speaker comes with this IPX4 feature suitable for showering, playing beside pools, or on the beach. It is splash-proof. So, any unwanted water flow cannot harm the speaker in any way.

However, the lacking’s of dustproof sometimes may cause a problem. But the actual problem always arose because of the water. And this is the exact point where IPX4 gives complete protection.

Since this is IPX4, you just need to be careful about submerging the speaker. Because IPX4 cannot protect from that. If you want something like that, you search for high IP rating products, such as IPX7 or IPX8.

If you want to go with this speaker, let me tell you that the IPX4 feature makes this speaker, but other components are pretty impressive.

A silicon bumpers line is integrated with the body to save the speaker from unwanted scratches or bumps.

It is also shockproof to use near water sources without being worried.

Product Differentiator:

As mentioned earlier, this speaker is suitable for hiking; here is another reason that makes it worthy. The integrated reinforced metal loop is detachable and can be attached to anything. Attach with your bag pack, or hang with anything you want.

JVC Portable Wireless Speaker Waterproof IPX4, 7-Hour Battery Life – SPSA2BTP

Here is the JVC portable speaker’s final IPX4 rating product we choose. This speaker also works like other IPX4 rating devices. But here, you can get the sound quality slightly better.

This is a super portable speaker with a hook at the speaker’s top. For attaching it to bags or walls, this hook is excellent.

Also, the shape of this speaker is unique. A round shape with a metallic body comes in three different colors, pink, black, and blue.

All these features combine with the IPX4 to make it suitable for hiking, long drive, pool, beach parties, and even traveling. As a perfect outdoor speaker, this is a decent option.

If you want to play the music in your shower, then attach the hook to the wall and enjoy a peaceful time. IPX4 will make sure any kind of water drops or splash won’t harm the external or internal parts.

Want to go on a picnic with your friends? Also concerned about the weather then, this speaker is going to make you tension free. Because if a sudden rain comes, you will get enough time to protect your speaker. As simple raindrops won’t harm it.

But make sure it doesn’t submerge or stay under heavy rain.

Now about the sound quality, this speaker ensures surround sound with Bluetooth 5.0. you really cannot expect the best sound quality from a portable speaker like this.

Product Differentiator:

Within a small budget, a 7-hour battery is enormous for any occasion.

IPX5 Rating Products

There is very little difference between IPX4 and IPX5. They protect in the same way. Choosing anyone would give your device almost the same protection.

We have chosen some good-quality IPX5 devices for you. You can watch over these products if you want one.

OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker IPX5, Bluetooth Speakers (Black)

OontZ Angle 3 is one of the best-selling products on amazon. This is so budget-friendly and a fantastic IPX5 product. For this who are in search of a shower speaker but are not comfortable with IPX4, this OontZ speaker can serve you best.

IPX5 speakers are great for low water pressure. But IPX4 products are not capable of handling that. That is why many people choose IPX5 over IPX4. However, there is a very small difference between them. But as IPX5 products are not high priced, you can get both IPX4 and IPX5 at the same price; you should go with IPX5 for better performance.

This speaker is suitable for showering and both indoor and outdoor use. If you want to play music inside your home, the crystal-clear audio quality will definitely surprise you.

This speaker is the perfect solution for a small gathering with a couple of friends.

As it has an IPX5 rating, it is suitable for outdoor use. Take this speaker with you for hiking, pool parties, or if you are traveling. Any kind of sudden rain or spray of water will give you complete protection.

IPX5 can survive under low water flow for almost 5 minutes. So, if you get stuck in the rain someday, you will get enough time to go somewhere safe.

Besides, 14-hour battery life 100 feet wireless Bluetooth range make this speaker super portable and incredible.

It provides richer bass and loud volume to enjoy music anywhere, anytime.

Product Differentiator:

Most impressively, this speaker is at such a low price that anyone can afford it. This speaker is perfect for you for those on a low budget or who don’t want to spend much on a shower speaker.

Upgraded Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker with IPX5 Waterproof

Our next choice is the Anker Soundcore Bluetooth portable speaker. This is another good IPX5 speaker but gives additional remarkable features and audio quality.

This contains a square shape, is made with good material, and is very lightweight. IPX5 rating makes it suitable for both outsides and inside the home. Enjoy a very incredible music quality with detailed sound while taking a shower.

Or enjoy a party in your backyard with a couple of friends or go hiking, whatever you want. The IP rating’s 24-hour playtime capability makes it suitable for any kind of usage.

Like another IPX5 speaker, this ensures complete protection against water. Save your device from getting damaged because of water but unfortunately not from dust. An unwanted rain or beach parties are no more tension. It comes at a meager price in three different colors, black, red, and blue. If you are not into OontZ, then you can count on this speaker.

Take this portable speaker with you with one single charge and play the music connecting to iPhone, Android, or others. A wireless Bluetooth connectivity up to 66 feet is really reliable to use.

Product Differentiator:

With all these perfections, this speaker adds more punch to the performance with the rich bass. For the bass lover, it would be a good choice.

Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Waterproof IPX5-WAYANG-F3-Blue

Another impressive IPX5 speaker on our list. But this speaker claims some additional features though this is an IPX5 rating speaker.

This brand claims that this speaker is at the same time dustproof, slip-proof and waterproof. So, you can get the double advantage. It can protect your speaker from dust and water.

Because of the dustproof feature, you can use it for a picnic in summer or place it at home for several is not going to harm anyway.

As you know about the IPX5 waterproof feature, you must know now how this saves your devices. It gives protection from drops or splashes of water.

But do not try to submerge the speaker or do not take it inside the pool. This will definitely hamper the internal parts, ports, and others. So, be careful about what the rest of the protection IPX5 is going to ensure.

This speaker’s features are not limited to this. This speaker is the ultimate solution for the bass freak on a small budget because you will get HD bass with the lowest distortion.

Again, this is a universal speaker, which means it can connect with any device. Bluetooth compatibility lets you connect easily without any hassle.

Product Differentiator:

10-hour playtime, the excellent sound quality makes it ideal for traveling, beach or pool parties, hiking, climbing, and showering anywhere you want.

QCY HT03 Wireless Earbuds IPX5 Waterproof Stereo Earphones

We have enlisted a couple of IPX4 earbuds. But those who do not like them can check this IPX5 QCY HT03. This offers many exciting features that you would definitely like.

First, let’s talk about where you can use this earbud. IP rating for the user easy understanding so they can use the electrical device properly. Because electrical appliances can get harmed because of water and dust.

But nowadays, from speakers to headphones, everything comes with a waterproof feature. Among them, IPX5 is great because it gives protection from water.

And when it is to earbuds, many like to use them while workout, traveling, or enjoying music while walking. But a sudden water drop or sweat can damage the earbuds. But lucky you are if you choose this earbud.

I would recommend this earbud for light workouts, outdoor use, or others. The price range is also considerable, not so high, and affordable for anyone. Overall, a good quality earbud at an affordable price.

Product Differentiator:

This also has noise cancellation features, good audio quality, powerful bass, wireless connectivity, and 24-hour playtime.

Final Verdict

To help you know the difference between IPX4 and IPX5, we have described them using simple words. We also tried to briefly explain the whole IP term, so you don’t need to search here and there. Basically, to protect the electrical devices both internally and externally, we need to be very careful about solid and liquid particles. That is, dust and water can damage electrical appliances.

Mainly IP rating helps to know about the device’s capability so that the consumer can understand and use them accordingly. Apart from this discussion, IPX4 VS IPX5 has a very small difference between them. IPX4 products are splash proof, and IPX5 products can handle a low water pressure.

There are a couple of IPX4 and IPX5 products we have enlisted for you. From them, if you need anyone, you can have them. All the devices in our list are super budget-friendly and also provide decent performance.

Frequently Asked Question

If you have further questions, go through the FAQ section. Here you will get all the answers.

IPX4 VS IPX5: Which is OK for a shower?

IPX5 can handle a low-pressure water flow. IPX5 earbuds or speakers can survive in the shower for about 5 to 10 minutes. But cannot manage heavy water flow, except the water spray.

Other hands, IPX4 earbuds or speakers are not suitable for use in the shower: only a splash or a little bit of spray of water can be handled. And the survival within 10 minutes.

Which is suitable for rain, IPX4 or IPX5?

IPX5 has a better capability of surviving under low-pressure water. It can be a shower or in the rain. IPX5 can stay for about 5 to 10 minutes. If someday happens that a sudden rain begins to start, then your IPX5 rating device is not going to damage immediately.

You will get enough time to protect your device from heavy rain. Because the tiny drops of rain are not going to harm the appliance.

The same thing goes for IPX4. It also can protect devices from rain but submerging or using them under heavy rain won’t be good.

Is IPX5 or IPX4 sweatproof?

Sweatproof earbuds or headphones are suitable for exercise or workouts. Most people like to hear music during their workout sessions. Regarding this, a headphone with at least IPX4 or IPX5 can work best.

Both IPX5 and IPX4 are sweat-resistant as they are splashproof. Both of the ratings are good for traveling, regular exercise, or heavy workouts. But IPX5 is slightly better.

Can I swim with IPX4 headphones?

Swimming with IPX4 or IPX5 headphones can be dangerous because there is a chance of submerging them. Both of them cannot protect from heavy water pressure.

If you can be careful about that, then you can swim. Because they are splashproof, I would recommend not to do that. Because you really won’t like to waste the money on water.

What is the highest waterproof IP rating?

This is the most common question as everyone wants to know which is the highest waterproof IP rating. The highest waterproof IP rating is IP68 or IPX8, IPX9.

Because the second digit means the capability of handling liquid particles, it ranges from 0 to 9. 9 is the highest rate. That’s why IPX9 is the highest rating regarding waterproof or water resistance features.

You will be able to submerge the device underwater for about 30 minutes.

We have also mentioned IP68 because both the digits are the highest in their range. So, if you want complete protection both from solid and liquid, then you can search for an IP68 product.