Best AC Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are widely used due to their wireless connectivity and ease of use. The best AC powered Bluetooth speaker can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. However, you may need to rely on battery powered speakers if you want to have a wireless system.

Despite its compact size, the Bluetooth speakers excel in producing impressive sound with proper focus on precise treble, mids and low-end. Some AC powered speaker systems may come with dedicated subwoofer to ensure tight bass with clarity.

You can use large Bluetooth speakers in wide spaces while partying with friends. Good outdoor Bluetooth speakers are designed to produce massive sound quality without distortion. You will find speakers at different price range so even if you have tight budget, you can choose a decent speaker for yourself.

What is an AC powered Bluetooth speaker and why do you need one?

Bluetooth speakers can be corded or cordless. Corded or Bluetooth speaker with ac power cord need to be connected to the power supply at all times. These are Bluetooth speakers without battery. It gives a minimalist setup with clean wires because you only use the power cable while the Bluetooth connection is wireless.

Wireless or portable speakers often have rechargeable battery which you need to charge through the power supply. Some speakers also come with USB charging option. The reason to have one AC powered Bluetooth speaker is, you don’t have to rely on temporary battery life and can eliminate the hassle of charging speakers often.

Best AC powered Bluetooth speaker: Product review

This section enlists the top 5 AC powered Bluetooth speakers. These ac powered Bluetooth speaker review will help to know their quality and you can choose the best one for you.

Soundcore Trance Bluetooth Speaker


  • 100-240V AC power supply
  • 4900mAH/7.4V battery
  • 80W peak power
  • 5hour charging time
  • 18-hour playback time
  • IPX7 rating
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Product differentiator:

The Soundcore Trance is one of the best outdoor wireless Bluetooth speakers which you can rely on. This budget outdoor speaker excels in looks and performance.


This outdoor speaker has 2-inch tweeter and 5.25” woofers along with passive radiator.  The portable outdoor wireless speaker has several features that indicates it is well-suited for indoor and outdoor use. The sound boosts further to make it ideal for open spaces.

There are indoor and outdoor modes which adjusts the sound accordingly. This portable Bluetooth speaker weighs 8 pounds so the handle makes it easier to carry it around. Bluetooth allows connection with two devices at a time. Along with Bluetooth, you can use the Aux input.

Similar to Sony MHC-V13, the Soundcore Trance has two LED rings which brings the festive mood. The Soundcore app has different features that can act as party games. you can play Truth or Dare, or Light DJ and see the effect on the LED light. The lights on the speaker is beat-driven which means it will sync with the music beats.

You can select different preset lighting modes. TheIPX7 rating makes it the best weatherproof speaker. It is resistant to splashes of water. It is a wireless outdoor sound system for pool because even if it accidentally drops into water, it can survive for 30 minutes under 3 ft. depth.

The battery life of 18 hours is long enough to go throughout the day. However, if you use it on full volume, it will last around 8-10 hours. The outdoor party speaker has built-in USB with which you can charge your mobile.

With 101dB, the speaker is one of the loudest outdoor portable Bluetooth speakers. Although it can get quite loud but is best to use at moderate volume level to avoid distortion. The low-frequencies give a thump and bass lovers will enjoy it. Make sure to use the Bass Up feature which, along with passive radiators will increase the bass.

Sony MHC-V13 High Power Audio System with Bluetooth


  • 5cm x 2 high efficiency horn tweeters
  • 20cm x 1 woofer
  • Preset channel: FM20
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 2-ch system

Product differentiator

The Sony is one of the best powerful Bluetooth speakers that can be used for indoor and outdoor parties.


The Sony MHC-V13 is a large Bluetooth speaker that can be used for karaoke as well. The design along with LED lighting is eye-catching. It is made of hard plastic which makes it super durable. This large outdoor portable speaker doesn’t have any battery so it always needs to be plugged in.

The top side of the AC powered outdoor Bluetooth speaker has two tweeters and between these two, the display shows the input type. The speaker has a handle with which you can move it from one room to another. It supports FM radio and has several settings, equalizers and effects. The quality and performance make it the best large outdoor Bluetooth speaker.

The top panel shows several control buttons aligned in a circular way: Speaker light, Voice changer, Voice fader, Fiesta, Mega Bass, Bluetooth, Function, Flanger, Isolator, etc. The speaker is powerful enough to be used in large gatherings, parties or festivals. With 8” woofer and a frequency range of 26Hz-20kHz, the low-end is deep and tight.

The Jet Bass Booster gives a thunderous effect and ensures the bass travels through large spaces. So that, everyone in the room can feel the beat. The tweeters are upward-facing with horn technology that delivers immersive audio and create wide soundstage.

It has two ports on the front side which is known to ‘concentrate’ airflow so that you can feel the bass even if you are far away from the speaker. The lighting creates party mood and lets you enjoy music. With a microphone, you can take advantage of the Sony MHC-V13 speaker. Along with this, it can be used as guitar amp and CD player.

can be connected with PC aux cable with 3.5mm jack. With Sony Music Center and Fiestable app, you can easily control the speaker and its effects. You can also use the supplied remote. The Bluetooth allows connection with up to 50 other audio systems. Unlike other cheap Bluetooth speakers, it can get louder without being distorted. It is the best Bluetooth speaker outdoor party.

DEWALT 20V MAX Bluetooth Speaker for Jobsite (DCR006)


  • AC/DC powered
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Weight: 2.75lbs
  • Dimensions: 10″ x 6″ x 11.9″
  • Battery: Li-ion

Product differentiator:

The Dewalt DCR006 is the best outdoor wireless speakers in terms of quality and performance.


This Dewalt speaker is the most rugged Bluetooth speaker and is quite durable to use in construction sites. Since it is a portable outdoor Bluetooth speaker, the rear side has a handle. It has rubber over-mold at the bottom and on the sides of the speakers. This ensures it can withstand any accidental dents or knocks. The speaker body is made of PVC plastic.

This powerful wireless speaker uses a 1.5A 20V max battery which can run for 15 hours. Controls include: Bluetooth, volume up and down, power on/off, and pause. The powerful portable Bluetooth speaker has two 2.5” 3W speakers. The speaker can be loud but it is suggested not to push it to the maximum volume to any distortion.

The battery powered outdoor speaker has a USB port to charge devices like mobile phones. With 15 hours per single charge, it can be considered one of the best battery powered speaker which you can run throughout the day. You can use it with battery or the AC adapter. Along with Bluetooth it has Aux port to connect to other devices through wired connection.

The Aux port, DC port and the USB port are wrapped with rubber to protect them from dirt and dust. The sound is powerful, rich and loud enough to use outdoors. If you are looking for branded product, look into Bose outdoor Bluetooth speakers.

The Dewalt speaker is not waterproof so although it is an outdoor speaker, you need to keep it under any shade. For the best outdoor waterproof speakers, look into JBL speakers. They have the best aesthetics, battery life and performance.

TEWELL Computer Speaker, HD 24W


  • 24-W audio output
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Retro design

Product differentiator:

This Tewell speaker is powerful than traditional portable Bluetooth speakers and can get quite loud. Most users love it for its looks before even listening to the speaker.


Just as the name RetroRock suggests, this speaker has a vintage look. It has a wooden body covered in synthetic leather and metal fabric on the front side. The top side has one large knob and an old-fashioned toggle switch to turn the power on/off. The speaker is best for people who wants attractive aesthetics as well as performance.

Wireless Bluetooth connection is the best way to use the speaker but there is also a 3.5mm aux-in. Beside the glowing knob, there are control buttons: switch for Bluetooth/aux input, play/pause, next/previous track. The build quality of the speaker and buttons feels sturdy. You can easily place it on a table or shelf.

The Tewell speaker has two 12 W speakers along with a bass port on the back side. The bass is average but ensures clarity. the sound quality is clear, detailed and quite balanced. With the absence of any speaker or microphone, if you get a call during Bluetooth connection, the speaker will go to the call. Then come back to playing audio when the call is complete.

The setup is very simple where you need to plug in the speaker with the power supply. To connect it with your device via Bluetooth, simply turn on Bluetooth. Search for Tewell speaker and connect it with your smartphone or tab. When in pairing mode, the LED around the knob will flash blue and will remain blue permanently when connection is established.

Along with wireless connectivity, you can pair it with other devices like a retro-looking turntable from Victrola. It is one of the best AC powered Bluetooth speaker with old-school aesthetics and amazing performance. The model doesn’t have any battery so you can’t use it on the go.

Logitech Z407 Bluetooth Computer Speakers with Subwoofer


  • RMS power: 40W
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Subwoofer driver: 5.25” woofer
  • Satellite: 2.5” full-range driver
  • SPL:93dB
  • SNR>75dB
  • Frequency response: 40Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance, Sub: 4
  • Satellite: 8 ohms

Product differentiator:

The Logitech Z407 is one of the best AC powered Bluetooth speaker. Along with being budget-friendly, you get a mini 2.1 system which you can use with computer.


The Logitech 2.1 AC powered Bluetooth speaker has 80W of peak power. The sleek and gray speakers will blend into any office setup. The satellite speaker is designed smartly to tilt back so that the sound is directed towards listener’s ears. The speaker quality is quite sturdy.

These AC powered Bluetooth speakers can be placed horizontally or vertically. So, you can arrange them accordingly as per your taste and table space. There are multiple ways to connect devices to this small powerful Bluetooth speaker. Use the Bluetooth to go wireless. There are also micro USB and 3.5mm input.

It comes with wireless control dial that works within 20m of range. With rubber at the bottom, the dial sits firmly on the table. You can adjust sound, play, pause, mute the audio along with tweaking bass or loudness. Bluetooth connection is established by pressing the Bluetooth button of the control dial for 2s.

A blue light indicates the connection is complete. It uses DSP to ensure the best sound quality. These small speakers are best for near-field listening and for small rooms. Along with oval shaped satellite speakers, the dedicated subwoofer improves the low-end of the music.

The subwoofer has down-firing driver and is ported. While we don’t expect the sub to produce chest thumping bass, the low-end is deep and tight. The sound quality from the speakers is quite impressive. It sounds bigger than it looks.

While playing bass-heavy content, keep the volume at moderate level. Overall, the sound is satisfying with crisp trebles and accurate mids. The soundstage and separation are decent and quite powerful. The performance and design make it the best AC powered Bluetooth speaker under $100.

Best AC powered Bluetooth speaker: Things to consider

As you are shopping for the best AC powered Bluetooth speaker, there are some factors to keep in mind. Depending on your use case, the importance of some factors will be more than others.

Power supply

Although we are talking about the best AC powered Bluetooth speaker, there are different ways to supply a Bluetooth speaker. You should look for the one you prefer most. Speakers that always stay connected to AC power supply are known to produce boosted sound. However, if you don’t want to remain attached to the power supply, rechargeable battery is the way to go.

Indoor vs outdoor

Will you always be using the Bluetooth speakers inside your house? If so, then you need a decent Bluetooth speaker that can always remain connected to AC power supply. You can also choose computer speakers to sit close and listen. In this case, even small speakers will be ideal.

If you use them indoors but in nightclubs or large party rooms, then you need a large and powerful speaker like the one from Sony. It is best if the speaker needs to be connected to the AC power supply so that you don’t have to worry of low battery in the middle of the party. In this case make sure the speakers have features to fill up large areas.

If you need Bluetooth speaker for outdoor party which you can to take with you on the go, powerful portable speakers are needed. Check whether the speaker has carrying handle and is sturdy enough to use outside. The best value outdoor speakers must have weather ratings to be resistant against water, dust and dirt.

Another thing to notice is the battery life of the speakers. Most speakers have battery lifetime of around 15 to 18 hours and this is quite ok to run throughout the day. You can always take the charger or adapter with you in case you need to charge it. 


Quality indicates the speaker build quality and audio quality. The driver size, frequency response and SPL indicate how well the speaker sounds. Bluetooth speakers have limitations and will not sound as powerful as floorstanding speakers. However thoughtful design and engineering have made them quite powerful as well.

The speaker cabinet should be strong and last long. If you are using the speaker outdoors, it must have rugged quality to withstand outdoor environment, sudden jerks or falls.


You won’t need a massive sized speaker in your mid-sized room. Similarly, small speakers can’t be use in parties. Also, if you want to take the speaker with you on adventures or in your backpack, you need small sized and lightweight speakers. Party speakers should be massive and certain design like LED lights will enhance the party mood even more.

Parting words:

Some of the best AC powered Bluetooth speaker are from Sony, Tewell and Dewalt. Most Bluetooth speakers focus on producing the best sound quality. However, they vary in loudness. While some are ideal for small spaces others are suitable for outdoors.

Compact speakers are quite affordable and can easily fit into tight spaces. They have easy control options and the setup is often quite straightforward. AC powered speakers are popular because you can keep the speaker connected specially if you use them indoors, so you don’t have to worry about battery life.

On the other hand, Bluetooth provides one tap wireless connection. If you don’t prefer getting off your couch, make sure the speaker comes with remote control or mobile app. Although most Bluetooth speakers are not placement sensitive, make sure the tweeters are at your ear level.


You can take this FAQ section as a parting gift from us. even at the end of the article, still we are trying to help you. So, take this FAQ and best of luck with your purchase!

Which is better, AC powered or battery powered Bluetooth speaker?

Although battery powered Bluetooth speaker can deliver outstanding audio quality and is portable, many prefer AC powered speakers. This is because, since the speaker remain connected to the AC power supply, it can get around 20-30% louder. It is also known to have better bass.

What additional features should a Bluetooth speaker have?

Depending on what you are looking for and what is important to you, check whether your speaker have those features. Some Bluetooth speakers have microphones, others don’t have it. If you get a call, then you can receive it and talk. If you like karaoke, check whether the speaker supports mic and this function.