How to fix YouTube on Xbox keeps signing out: Easy Solutions

A new upgrade to the Xbox One console’s YouTube software has made customers, who have been signing off continuously, very irritating. That is very mischievous. If you wish to see video reviews suited to your needs rather than the general public, it is important to be logged into your account. How to fix YouTube on Xbox keeps signing out is a popular search for that reason.

The rest of you may be pleased with your endless X Factor recap, but thanks a lot to those of us who care about endless computer hardware reviews.

Fortunately, a clarification was noticed (via OnMSFT). It appears that every half an hour people are logged out. It’s a pretty quick method to uninstall and reinstall the software and get it into the gear, but here you can find some step-by-step guidance if the details are needed:

How to fix YouTube on Xbox One

  • Delete and re-add your profile.
  • Clear the cache on your Xbox.
  • Recover your Xbox profile.
  • Re-activate YouTube.
  • Try connecting to the YouTube app again after every move.

Delete and re-add your profile

  • Go to Setup and pick Framework.
  • Choose Room.
  • Choose All Computers.
  • Pick Profiles of Gamers.
  • Pick the tag you wish to erase from the Gamer.
  • Click Delete.
  • Pick Delete Just Profile.

This deletes the profile but leaves untouched saved games and accomplishments. Reboot your Xbox and add your profile again.

Clear the cache on your Xbox

  • Turn the Xbox One-off.
  • Then unplug the power cord from the back of your console and wait for the warning lights to go off.
  • Wait for 30 seconds at least.
  • Plug the power cable back into the Xbox and turn it on.

Recover your Xbox profile

  • Click the controller’s Xbox Guide button (large X button in the center of your controller).
  • Pick Profile Download.
  • Press X to sign out of your profile if you don’t see a Download Profile.

Re-activate YouTube

  • Delete the YouTube app on your Xbox.
  • Redownload and reinstall it from the App Store.
  • Open the YouTube app and copy the activation code.
  • Follow the YouTube activate steps to reactivate on your console.

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