What to do when YouTube Activate is not working: Easy Solution

You will have to trigger it with a code when you want to open YouTube on a smart TV or other gadgets, so what happens if the codes do not work? Here are some of the easiest ways to address the problem.

Often reconnecting to your account can allow you to enter code problems with Youtube.com. Do as follows:

  • Open your app on YouTube.
  • To Sign-in & preferences, head over.
  • Select Sign In now, and then press X.
  • A code will be issued to you by the app.
  • Using your PC or phone to go to youtube.com/activate.
  • If required, sign in with your Google account details.
  • Enter the code above, and chose to proceed.
  • Pick Access Allow.

Device/App Reset

The answer is often as basic as restarting the app. Follow the instructions after entering the code and restart the computer (TV, Console), and try again using the software.

Any YouTube applications offered 9 digits of code occasionally, but only 8 digits were allowed on the web. If you face a similar challenge, simply remove the app from your computer and install a new copy from the app store. If not, simply restart a new code application process.

This way you can easily activate your YouTube account.

Other Tips

Try to delete cookies from the machine or gadget you’re trying to unlock from YouTube and Google.

Try another device or open the connection with a tablet or phone.

You do not connect to the same internet, but guarantee that you still have an internet connection between the computer you wish to enable and the device you are using.

The above tips are available for Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Smart TV, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles. If you ever face problems, then contact Google or YouTube for advice.

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