1440p vs 4k–Which Resolution Suits You The Most?

Comparing 1440p vs 4k, technically, the 4k is superior than 1440p. However, other factors largely affect the overall experience and simply getting the newer 4k monitor may not always be the best choice. Picture wise, 4k is the clear winner specially if you are a professional photographer, editor or are into graphics related work.

4k or 1440p, for gaming? Since gaming always remains a huge part to rely on monitors, 4k monitors are best for games if the games are more of visual than action. Input lag, response time, Free Sync and G-Sync are important as always. A 27” or 32” monitor will suit most games.

Fast pacing games need higher refresh rate so a 1440p 144Hz is the best monitor that you can rely on. Lastly, even if you have the 4k monitor, the GPU must be compatible otherwise you can’t get the benefits of this higher resolution.

If you are wondering, what is better 4k or 1440p? Most users go for 4k to flow with the latest trend. 4k is the winner only in terms of resolution. When you include refresh rate to this, the equation changes.

1440p vs 4k: Compare and Contrast

The following table shows the differences between 1440p and 4k. Comparing 1080p vs 1440p vs 4k, they differ in terms of pixels. Between these three, the 4k has highest number of pixels and can produce the best image quality.

Known asQHD or WQHDUHD or Ultra HD
Screen real estateFalls between 1080p and 4k4 times of 1080p
Monitor size27-32”32-40”
CPU powerlessmore
Overall costlessmore

 1080p, 1440p, 2160p resolution are common in monitors as well as TVs. Comparing 1080p vs 1440p, the 1440p has more pixels, so is the better one. What’s the difference between 1440p and 4k? The first and basic difference is resolution. Is 1440p 4k? 1440p lies between 1080p and 4k.

4k has higher resolution than 1440p which means the images or pictures will be precise, sharper, clearer with 4k than 1440p. Users are moving towards 4k which is the latest technology for monitors and TVs. Although 8k exists, 4k is the widely used option.

The 1440p vs 4k pixel count shows that, the 4k has 4 times the pixels of a full HD or 1080p. 1440p or 2k is applicable and suitable for most applications but 4k is better and newer. Comparing the 1440p vs 4k productivity, 4k is the ultimate winner.

These days 4k is also very affordable so you can easily choose a 32” or a large 40” 4k monitor for office or professional work, and even for gaming. Although 4k is budget friendly, comparing the 4k vs 1440p cost, the overall price for 4k is higher.

This is because you often need a high-end GPU and more storage for 4k than 1440p. otherwise you will not be able to make optimum use of 4k monitor.  the response time comparison in 4k resolution vs 1440p shows that most 4k monitors have lower response time than 1440p which is crucial for gaming.

You can also use gaming consoles like the Xbox series X on 1440p vs 4k. Xbox series X and PS5 can support 4k and 1080p at 120Hz over the new HDMI 2.1. Comparing 32” 4k vs 27” 1440p, you can choose the 27” for small desks and for everyday use. Again, the use case will depend vastly on refresh rate.

Resolution and refresh rate:1440p vs 4k

After resolution, refresh rate is the most important specification that you should look into. Refresh rate means how often the monitor can display a new image in one second. Look at the image below to have better understanding.

Resolution and refresh rate

As you can see, the 120Hz monitor will display new images more times than others. A higher refresh rate is important to enhance our visual experience. It is most important for gaming specially action or shooting games where objects move rapidly. It will give you a realistic and natural feel.

4k 60Hz vs 1440p 144hz: visible difference observed with 4k being able to produce sharper and detailed images. However, 4k 60hz or 1440p 144hz which is better for gaming? In most case a 1440p 144Hz monitor will be better and smoother for gaming.

4k 144hz vs 1440p 240hz: a 4k monitor with higher refresh rate is much better because it gives you the sharpest image as well as the most-responsive gaming. On the other hand, the 1440p 240Hz monitor will work smoothly with almost all games.

Unless you are a professional gamer, you might not even tell the difference or, the difference will be very small. If you prefer going with latest and updated technology, 4k 144Hz is better.

Best 1440p vs 4k products:

This section enlists some of the best 1440p and 4k monitors for different applications.

Best affordable:

HP U28 4K HDR Monitor


  • Contrast ratio: 1000:1
  • Brightness: 400 nits
  • Pixel pitch: 0.116mm
  • Response time: 4ms
  • Refresh rate:60Hz
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9

Product Analysis:

The HP IPS 28” 4k monitor is made of recycled ocean-bound plastics which makes it environmentally friendly. It has very thin bezels on the three sides of the display. The stand is sturdy to hold the monitor firmly. You can use it for multiple purposes: creating content, YouTube videos, photo editing, etc. you can swivel the monitor as well as adjust the height.

This Vesa Certified DisplayHDR 400 ensures the color accuracy is top notch. One HDMI 2.0, couple of USB Type-C, one 1 DisplayPort 1.2 and 3 USB-A 3.1 are available on this 4k 60Hz monitor. you can change settings like Input control, Menu control, Brightness+ Color and Image from the On Screen Controls.

You can use the small joystick on the rear side. It supports HDR and, sRGB and Display P3 presets. It goes up to 90% in DCI-P3, 99.8% in sRGB and have broader color gamut. These ensure the color reproduction is at its best, they are vibrant and just as the artist wants it to appear. It has HP Eye Ease which is enabled for all time.

The compact screen size makes it ideal for cozy tables or workspaces. It has a 178/178-degree view angle so multiple people can enjoy any content or watch videos/ movies without color washout. Along with placing it on a desk or table, you can also wall mount it with VESA mounting brackets.

Under $400, the color profile and connectivity options make it the best affordable 4k monitor that delivers crispier and vibrant images. However, you might want to add additional speakers because it doesn’t have one built-in.

Although not designed for gaming, you can use it for playing casually. Even if you are playing 1080p games, the 4k monitor performs that job as well. The color accuracy and pixel performance focus on professionals to use this. It is durable and has high quality, the monitor doesn’t bleed and is designed to be the ultimate display for users.

Best multitasking monitor

Razer Raptor 27″ Monitor: WQHD (2560×1440)


  • Refresh rate: 144Hz
  • Contrast ratio: 1000:1
  • Brightness: 420 nits
  • IPS display
  • GtG response time: 4ms
  • Pixel density: 109PPI

Product Analysis:

The Razer Raptor monitor has 2.3mm thin bezels. It supports 94% coverage of P3, 132% of sRGB and has 8-Bit + FRC dimming processor. The monitor has HDMI 2.0b, DP1.4, USB-C, USB3.2 ports for connectivity. You can easily reach the ports by tilting the monitor backwards.

The broader and bulkier stand firmly supports the monitor. The finish and build quality are excellent and quite sturdy. The rear side of the base has an excellent cable management option. The support for Nvidia G-Sync and FreeSync along with high refresh rate makes it the best monitor for gaming.

Comparing 1440p vs 4k gaming monitors, the 4k seems to the be hottest and latest technology for the best gaming experience. However, only a 4k monitor is not a solution, you need several other things which we will discuss later.

A 1440p monitor with higher refresh rate will perform much better, given that it has the proper GPU and gaming features. It is one of the best multitasking 1440p monitor that you can use for photo editing, watching movies, writing codes or even gaming. If you prefer larger screens, then a 40-inch 4k monitor is also best for photo/video editing.

The color accuracy, HDR 10 and gradient handling makes images lifelike with full of colors. The monitor has large screen real estate needed if you use it for programming, scroll often through websites. This will increase your productivity as well.

The low input lag, 144Hz refresh rate and FreeSync makes gaming scenes smoother eliminating any screen tearing or ghosting. The color contrast is good but in case you use the monitor in dark environment, some black objects may appear gray in color.

The 27” screen size will fit into any desk leaving lots of space for office work as well. The rear side has a joystick which is similar to the HP model mentioned above. While 144Hz refresh rate is ideal for most cases, you can choose the 165Hz also if you need one. It has flicker-free backlight and you can improve motion scenes by using Motion Blur Reduction option.

Best gaming monitor

LG 27GN950-B 27 Inch UHD


  • Response time: 1ms
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz
  • Brightness: 400nits
  • Contrast ratio: 1000:1
  • Color gamut: DCI-P3 98%

Product analysis:

This Nano IPS display has 4k resolution that sits on a V-shaped stand. The thin stand along with a 27” screen size will leave you lots of space on the desk for office work. Comparing 27-inch 1440p vs 4k, the 17” 1440p is best for gaming or even office use. The brightness and color contrast ratio are good but could be more.  It has 2 HDMI, USB (2 downstream/1 upstream), Headphone Out and DisplayPort.

Comparing 4k vs 1440p gaming monitor, this 4k screen has more number of pixels, 163 pixels per inch. Using a 4k monitor for gaming doesn’t only need higher number of pixels, you also need a powerful GPU to work and produce adequate FPS.

The LG 4k monitor price is slightly higher than its competitors. This is mainly due to the edge-lit backlight technology. This will have its own local dimming option where it can control each LED for dimming. The result is almost similar to FALD. For gaming, 40-inch 4k monitor is the best choice. The LG 43UN700-B 43 Inch Class UHD is an example of it.

While you can enjoy the large screen to immerse yourself into gaming, this requires expensive hardware equipment to work with the high-resolution. Select the Faster Mode in the LG 4k monitor to get 1ms response time. Make sure to use a GPU has DisplayPort 1.4 and supports DSC to work with the 4k 144Hz.

Along with the Nano IPS panel, the VESA DisplayHDR600 ensures rich and detailed color with good contrast. Gaming images are free from blurring and focuses on smoothness and clarity. This is due to the Nvidia Shield G-Sync as well as AMD FreeSync. You can tilt, swivel, rotate or adjust height of the stand.

With wide view angle, you can invite you friend for multiplayer games. The color accuracy of the monitor ensures that you can use it for other purpose as well. To adjust the OSD controls, it has a similar joystick found it other monitors. With Radeon RX 5700 XT GPU you can go up to 144Hz. Games like Tomb Raider of Call of Duty: WWII at ease.

Best overall:

Philips 325E1C 32″ Surper-Curved Frameless Monitor


  • Display colors: 16.7 M
  • Response time (G2G): 4ms
  • Brightness: 250 nits
  • Refresh rate: 75Hz
  • Backlight: WLED
  • Contrast ratio: 3000:1
  • Screen coating: Anti-Glare, 3H, Haze 25%

Product Analysis:

This model belongs to Philips E-line series. It has a frameless design on the top and two sides.  Unlike other competitors Philips deliver curved VA panel at affordable cost. It has a rectangular base and a sleek design which will give lots of desk space. Comparing the 32” inch 1440p vs 4k, with a refresh rate of 75Hz, it is well-suited for most general uses.

The rear side has slots for cable management which gives it a clearer look. The screen is designed to protect your eyes and make them comfortable with anti-glare and flicker-free features. Along with these, the LowBlue mode lowers the blue light which is known to improve productivity.

While most other monitors can be adjusted into any direction, this one can only be tilted. The monitor’s OSD controls can be adjusted with buttons on the lower side of it. Ports include: 2 HDMI 2.0 ports, DisplayPort 1.2a, 3.5mm audio input, and 3.5mm headphone jack. Unlike the other monitors we reviewed, this monitor also has 2 x 3W built-in speakers.

The VA panel delivers impressive colors with broad view angle of 178/178 degree. It works with AMD FreeSync and the response time is decent. The gaming performance is quite good and with SmartGame it gets better. You can choose modes including FPS, RTS, Game 1, Game 2, Racing, etc.  Philips Ultra-Wide Color Technology supports 123% sRGB and 102% NTSC. It has a pixel density of 93 PPI.

The images are sharper, the colors are vibrant and at this price range, the monitor is packed with features. You can use it for wide range of tasks including office work, watching videos or movies, for photos and etc. It is the best 1440p monitor for overall use. The monitor uses SmartImage game as Picture enhancement.

The CrystalClear Quad 2560×1440 monitor can be used for professional works as well. Like, for CAD-CAM solution and 3D graphics works. The SmartContrast will analyze the displayed content and set the appropriate color. It adjusts backlight intensity to set the best contrast for needed for images or videos.

Best high-end monitor

ViewSonic VX4380-4K 43 Inch


  • Static contrast ratio:1,100:1
  • Color: 1.07B
  • Color space support: 10 bits
  • Brightness: 350 nits
  • Response time: 12ms

Product Analysis:

The true 10-bit SuperClear IPS panel along with 4k resolution ensures the best possible image color and quality. It has broader view angle from top or side, and excellent color accuracy. The larger display along with large screen real estate, you can use it for four split windows to fit easily. The bezels are very thin and the display is also slimmer.

Connections are: USB 3.0 3 Type A and 1 Type B, 2 HDMI 2.0 In, DisplayPort, DisplayPort Out, 3.5mm Audio out, and Mini DisplayPort. It has 7Wx 2 built-in speakers. There are physical buttons and others are OSD control with which you can adjust Auto Image Adjust, Contrast/Brightness, Input Select, Audio Adjust, Color Adjust, etc.

You can tilt the monitor 5° backwards and 12° forwards. It has MultiPicture feature which makes it the best monitor for multi-tasking. You can view maximum 4 1080p video sources. You can also use the ViewSplit software for splitting screen with multiple windows as well. These, along with a large screen helps you do more is less time.

The anti-glare screen uses Flicker-free technology and blue light filter to reduce fatigue and improve comfort. You can use this monitor for editing document or for any graphics work. This UHD monitor has 103 PPI and can be used for slow-paced games where visual appearance is important.

It is a decent monitor for gaming where you can use the Advanced or Ultra-Fast modes to reduce the high response time. You can press the OSD buttons and use the joystick to navigate and select the desired settings. Picture settings can be change by selecting different ViewMode presets: Game, Movie, Web, Text, MAC, Mono, etc.

For gaming there are modes like FPS, RTS, and MOBA. The gaming settings and modes help with color contrast, brightness, black stabilizer, etc. the ViewSonic is one of the best high-end 4k monitor that you can use for multimedia, gaming and office work.

Parting words:

Is the upgrade from 1440p to 4k worth it? With higher refresh rates, 4k is the best resolution for monitors. A large screen with 4k resolution will be the best monitor that you can have for multiple purpose.

It will have large workspace which means you need less scrolling through pages and can do more in less time. Is 4k better than 1440p? 4k is definitely better because it has more pixels resulting in the best quality image. HP, Philips and LG make some of the best monitors that are also budget-friendly.

In case you are looking for a gaming monitor, a 4k will need lots of investment, especially with GPU. Whereas a 1440p with 120Hz or 1440Hz refresh rate is the convenient choice within budget. 4k monitors are best if you want to view images or 4k contents.

Since you will be using the monitor for longer time, make sure it can be adjusted at a suitable angle and used anti-glare along with low blue light filter. If you watch movies often with your friend, then wide view angle is a must. Color spectrum and accurate representation will always make a huge difference.


This FAQ section is going to help you even at the end of the article. let’s find out more about this amazing questions and answers!

Is there a big difference between 1440p and 4k?

Given that you understand resolution and is serious about image quality, there is difference between 1440p and 4k. however, the difference or improvement will not be as drastic as an upgrade from 1080p to 4k. Nevertheless, the 4k will definitely produce better image quality, rich and vibrant than 1440p.

Can I use a 4k monitor for running 1440p?

1440p resolution will look the best on a native 1440p monitor. This is similar for 4k as well. 1440p on 4k may look fuzzier and will lose clarity.