Subpac vs woojer: review and comparison

Does your neighbor hate you for being an audiophile? Often times we hear music lovers complain about congested apartments and ‘annoyed neighbors’ that prevents them from getting a subwoofer. That doesn’t mean we will enjoy music without a sub. Comparing SubPac vs Woojer, both these manufacturers produce physical audio systems but SubPac focuses on better flexibility and options compared to Woojer. On the other hand, Woojer is famous for being portable and less costly.

The ‘physical audio system’ plays the role of a subwoofer where you can listen to a favorite track, movie, or play games in Xbox or PS4. SubPac vs Woojer makes some of the best products to enjoy the low-frequency physically.

The main purpose of a physical audio system is to transfer low-frequency vibration into the body via bone conduction technology so that we feel the deep bass as if we have a subwoofer in the room.

Quick Verdict: SubPac vs Woojer

While SubPac vs Woojer is competitors, they are continuously improving their products in their own way.

Compared to Woojer, the SubPac is costly but the performance to cost ratio says that the price is accurate.

If you are just starting into this physical audio, you should go with the Woojer Strap or Strap Edge which are cost-effective products while ensuring you enjoy a tight and punchy bass. However, if you want a premium wearable product you can choose SubPac X1. With the latest product X1 you can wear it or mount it on your chair.

  • The main difference between SubPac S2 and Woojer Strap is the design. While S2 looks like a backpack, the Strap is more like a single belt. The S2 will cover more areas of your body compared to the Strap and this means you will feel and experience the vibration more in S2.

The S2 isn’t wearable so you have to attach it with the chair and it isn’t portable. The Strap is wearable, light, and portable. Although the S2 is made from premium material you can’t use it while workout or outdoors. Both of these products are ideal for games, movies, or music. The battery life is similar but the Woojer usually can run up to 4 to 5 hours.

  • The S2 has a frequency range of 1 to 200Hz which is really low towards the frequency range. But for the Strap, editors or users tested and found that to be around 25 to 50 or 75Hz which covers a small area of the frequency. You can absolutely take a look at the Subwoofer Frequency setting Guide.

Although the S2 is made from premium material, it is bulky and might hurt your back if you use it for 5 to 6 hours. The Strap doesn’t have this problem and both these products are ideal for games, movies, or music. The battery life is similar but the Woojer usually can run up to 4 to 5 hours.If you are new to these products and want something very light which you can carry wherever you go, then you can go with the Woojer Strap.

  •  Another reason to go with the Strap is the cost. The price difference between the SubPac S2 and the Woojer Strap is around $100.

However, we’ve compiled some subwoofer isolation pads to choose from. Plus, if you are wondering about the difference between woofer and tweeter, then this is the perfect place for you.


SubPac produces wearable physical audio products that allow users to experience audio, especially bass, physically. It has products like M2, S2, M2X, and X1. The X1 is the latest product that is already given in their website for pre-order and will be released this September. SubPac develops its products in Canada and focuses on movies, music, games, and virtual reality.



  • You can use it in on chairs for mixing audio, enjoying a movie, or for gaming.
  • It takes care of the bass from 1 to 200Hz.
  • The Bluetooth allows smooth connection with a mobile, tablet, Apple TV, etc.
  • If you don’t like to wear it then this model of Subpac is for you.
  • It has lower noise reduction but a low buzzing due to deep bass will be heard.
  • It is best for people who have low space and doesn’t want to wear the product.
  • Users should adjust the bass between kicks and basslines by calibrating while listening to a known track.


  • The Bass intensity knob allows you to set the amount of bass you want
  • Delivers dynamic soundstage and plays low frequency with precision.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Sound engineers, DJ, audiophiles, or general music/games lover can use it easily
  • Best for congested audios while users can enjoy room-shaking bass without annoying the neighbors.


  • It doesn’t have a crossover dial on the control box.
  • Bluetooth delay while connecting to iPhone




  • X1 is the latest product which is available for pre-order that has ‘interchangeable’ straps to adjust in both seated or wearable position.
  • It comes with a C1 Pro Wireless box which is optional but has several options like ¼” line inputs, ¼” monitor outputs, ¼” and 3.5mm headphone outputs, USB Audio input.
  • Has advanced hardware and software to improve audio with precision, accuracy, and performance.
  • It supports Bluetooth A2DP as well as LE Audio so it will compatible with a wide range of headphones.
  • It made the ‘vest’ more comfortable to wear and made an overall improvement to the whole system, such as introducing an optional remote I/O, mobile app, C1 box.


  • The SUBPAC VX™ vibrotactile membranes widen the vibrotactile field.
  • It uses the ESS Sabre® Headphone Amp that reduces the noise floor and widens the headphone compatibility range.
  • The SHARC® DSP chipset is used for high-resolution audio processing.
  • It is sweat-proof so you can use it extensively without worrying that it will be dirty.
  • It has balanced/unbalanced options, USB-C, Neutrik connectors and all come together to make it ideal for the audiophile.


  • Compared to previous models it is costly.


Woojer is considered to be a competitor of SubPac.  It is famous as it makes affordable products that are best for an entry-level physical audio system.

Strap Edge:


  • Comes with a wetsuit bag and is very lightweight and small so you can easily carry it around.
  • It is comfortable to wear but if you sit on a chair and wear it around your chest, the battery on the back will poke you. So you can simply wear it on the waist or turn it so that the battery is on your side rather than back.
  • Easy to use while playing a game, working out, jogging, outdoors, or simply walking.
  • As you put the headphones, it will focus on explosions, collisions, or low-frequency sounds with great dynamic range and punchy bass.
  • Immersive effect of audio with a deep rumble in the bass section of the track.

However, we’ve compiled some subwoofer for your music experience.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Best for newbies who want to experience physical audio at an affordable price
  • Comfortable to wear without hurting your back
  • Great aesthetics with the flashy front.


  • Women can’t wear it on the chest and it doesn’t feel the same if you wear it on the waist
  • The immersive effect is not the same as the Vest.

Vest Edge:

No products found.


  • This is the updated version of the Woojer Vest. It is a wearable physical audio system similar to M2X or X1 of SubPac
  • Better surround audio with an emphasis on explosions, firing, running, roaring effects than Woojer Strap. This is because it surrounds more of your body than a strap.
  • It is designed for games, VR, movie-theater experience, or audio professionals.
  • It uses Osci haptic transducer to generate vibration in the body.
  • The haptic technology ensures accurate harmonic reproduction and eliminates reduces distortion.
  • The Osci actuator delivers polyphonic vibration that plays in the 1 to 200Hz frequency range.


  • The Woojer Vest Edge promises 360-degree immersive sound with accurate details.
  • The front haptic unit has controls of the headphone level and you can also do it with the app.
  • Between Woojer Strap Edge vs Vest Edge, the Vest delivers a more intense experience in the bass region
  • It covers the whole back rather than a single strap so users will get more profound punchy bass.
  • Bluetooth version 5.0 with aptX technology


  • Compared to Woojer Strap Edge, it is quite heavy
  • It is costlier than Strap Edge

Parting words: SubPac vs Woojer

For better gaming or movie-theater experience, you can choose a physical audio system. It works similarly to a subwoofer and instead of shaking the room as well the neighbors, you can enjoy the audio without compromising the bass.

Comparing SubPac vs Woojer, we see that the SubPac products are costly, but they are quite versatile. The X1 is the latest model and the most versatile. You can tie it with your chair or can wear it on your body, so if your body aches you can easily shift it to the chair.

Author’s Pick: SubPac

The SubPac can also produce accurate vibrations going as low as 1 to 200Hz and makes sure the audio you hear is in sync with what you feel. Woojer makes more affordable products. So if you think you don’t want to spend so much, then you can buy the Strap or Strap Edge. You can check out these Vibration speakers.

They are also very light to carry but the vibration will not be as immersive as Vest Edge or X1 simply because it covers less body area. At the end of the day, it will depend on what your budget and criteria are.


This FAQ section is going to talk about some fo the most asked questions from all over the internet. Let’s find out more about that!

Will other audio interface work in place of the C1 of SubPac X1?

 it is recommended to use the C1 for the X1 instead of an existing interface. This is because it has an AI-based flow that delivers audio with accuracy.

It can control the desktop with the A/B in the SubPac, monitor, or headphones. It also allows you to control the X1 with a computer app.

How can I connect the SubPac M2X with the gaming console?

if you want to connect the PlayStation 4with the M2X then connect the Aux in the controller and the other end into the Line port of the M2X. Then connect your headphone and you are good to go.

You can also connect to the TV or monitor to the M2X via Bluetooth instead of cable.

What are the improvements of Vest Edge compared to Strap Edge?

Comparing the Woojer Vest Edge vs Strap Edge, we see that the main difference lies in their design. the Vest Edge has six Osci transducer but Strap Edge has only one.

The Strap Edge contains a Lithium-ion 3350mAh but the Vest Edge™ has 4 X Lithium-ion battery pack.