Best 2.1 Home Theater System

Since there is a wide range of different Home Theater System nowadays, people are replacing their old sound system or wants to have the best one. Also, the majority prefer simple, budget-friendly yet incredible home theater systems in their home.

Following this purpose what can be better than a 2.1 Home Theater System! Some think that more channels must provide a more immersive quality of sound which is totally a misunderstanding.

So, to help you to choose the Best 2.1 Home Theater System this article is gonna explore every section. With a bunch of Best 2.1 Home Theater System lists, I will also show why you should choose this system along with a beneficial buying guide.

By the end of this article, you will find the perfect one 2.1 Home Theater System for sure.

Best 2.1 Channel Home Theater Systems List

  1. Logitech Z623 Home Theater System
  2. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Home Theater Speaker System
  3. Cyber Acoustics CA-3908 2.1 Stereo Speaker System
  4. Edifier S330D – speaker system
  5. Acoustic Audio (AA2170) by Goldwood 2.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System
  6. Sony HT-X8500 Soundbar
  7. Polk Audio Command Bar
  8. Klipsch Cinema 400 2.1 Sound Bar
  9. JBL Bar 2.1 Home Theater Soundbar System
  10. Yamaha YAS-209BL 2.1 Channel Home Theater Soundbar System

What Is A 2.1 Home Theater System Actually Is?

For the audiophilic, this is a kind of stupid question, but for the rest of the people, it is really important to know what the 2.1 Home Theater System is means. Only then the perfect decision one can make.

We all have TVs or monitor where we enjoy movies or music or even games. These TVs carry the traditional built-in speaker which is not enough to provide the thrilling sound experience, as to get thrilled both sound and picture are important equally.

A Home Theater system simply just upgrades the sound system. By replacing and improving the whole sound system the quality becomes more pleasing and satisfying. But of course, the quality matter while choosing equipment.

And 2.1 Home Theater System is no different than that, just a simple thing here you will get two channels for the sound. Broadly, speaker, you can consume two ways with your 2.1 Home Theater System.

The first one is having a 2.1 channel speaker with the additional receiver or one. Here two speakers and a subwoofer make a package. The second one is a 2.1 channel soundbar, that consists of everything receiver or others built in.

Today there are tons of quality speakers and soundbars in the marketplace that are excellent comparing to other higher channel speakers or soundbars.

So, if you are in some confusion about whether to have a 2.1 channel home theater system or not? Remove the tension and further read the whole article. Because you will the best list of 2.1 Home Theater System.

Also, you will come to know which would be perfect for your soundbar or speaker.

Or if someone has doubt between 2.1 vs 2.0 Ch speaker or soundbar check out the comparison.

Why Should One Go With 2.1 Home Theater System?

When there are plenty of options like 5.1, 7.1, 9.1 and even more, this is a common question why should someone go for a 2.1 home theater system? Those who are already determined to have a 2.1 sound system, know how effective the 2.1 Ch sound system is.

But who doesn’t know let me tell you, 2.1 Ch speaker or soundbar firstly don’t cost too much? They are much affordable with no compromise with the sound quality.

Suppose you are having some 5.1 Ch speaker, but the quality of sound is just disgusting. That would be a total waste. Rather than a 2.1 system is helpful for the long run.

Also, for those who don’t have plenty of space in their home but want to enjoy high-quality home theater this system is also for them.

This kind of home theater is fully capable of filling the whole house with exciting sound. They are super easy to install, cheap, deliver the most realistic sound. And most importantly are best for any kind of purpose, that can be a movie, music, or even game.

Best 2.1 Home Theater Speaker System Review

Logitech Z623 2.1 Home Theater System

Product Differentiator:

Best 2.1 Home Theater Speaker System at a cheap price, with sufficient input of TVs or others. Amazing bass and sound quality with great power.


Our first choice as a 2.1 Home Theater Speaker is Logitech Z623 because the precise performance at a cheaper price makes it an incredible piece. This can just change the whole atmosphere of any existing sound quality.

Starter with the design and build quality. This is a speaker set containing a standard look that can make up great with any kind of home decor. They don’t look cheap though they don’t cost much.

You can place it with another home theater set up beside a tv or computer or if you have a gaming set up that also can go nicely. You can impress your guest with the simple yet elegant look of this pair.

Both speakers’ dimension is 7.7×4.6×5 with a bigger subwoofer. Both channels have a magnetic shield, and the drivers are set up right behind those grills.

Next, the sound performance is something different level that Logitech Z623 showed. You will not believe it until you began to use it. This delivers three-dimensional sound which is really unexpected from a 2.1 speaker.

It has a total of 200-watt sound that can make your neighbors wake. Yes, you have heard the right thing. Speakers have 35-watt power each and the subwoofer 130 watts.

Only the subwoofer itself can be producing some heart-pumping bass that attracts the bass lovers most like me. Rich, clean bass just goes with any kind of content very well.

And when the subwoofer is so powerful can the speaker balance with it? Of course, they can, and they did so well. The mids, highs are precise and balanced, and, in the sound, the lowest distortion is found.

Surprisingly, it is THX certified. This certification gives a guarantee of giving the original content what the singer or content created has created.

Last of all, the sufficient inputs 3.5 mm jack, RCA, and the headphone jack make it suitable to work with TV, gaming consoles as well computers. Overall, this is such an incredible 2.1 Ch speaker.


There is no remote control.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Home Theater Speaker System

Product Differentiator:

THX certificate, amazing sound, and bass quality, great frequency response with 100-watt power. Moreover, 3.5mm input and AUX port connection let works with TV, computer, or gaming console.


Klipsch speakers always rule over people’s minds with their breathtaking sound quality. And this Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 is no different than that. Overall, this is a package in a small budget range but a blast of sound.

Though Klipsch speakers look quite nice all the time, this 2.1 Ch speaker is not that attractive, to be honest. The black finish is kind of pale but still, it looks good. You can place it like other speakers wherever you want. Since Klipsch always bears a premium quality reputation, you also can have a premium quality feel when you will place it in your home.

Channels it on a stand to be stable and drivers are placed inside them. The dimension of the speakers is 8.5×4.2×5.67 inches each. This is not so big nor small. The subwoofer is a bit bigger compared to the speaker size.

Besides design, it delivers quality room-filling sound. This kind of sound quality is perfect for movies, or music. You can just sit and listen for hours without any bore.

This speaker system also has THX certification. This just gives assurance to the consumers as it means the realistic sound quality for sure. You can hear how the music or movie sounds were made originally.

Also, Micro Tractrix horns, Poly compression tweeters work together to make the sound hear clear and crisp. Highs and mids are rich warm, sound effects go smoothly.

And for the bass, there is the subwoofer. It alone can deliver deep and rich bass. Overall, the combination of beautiful sound and rich bass is mesmerizing, a perfect combination as a home theater system.


No remote.

Cyber Acoustics CA-3908 2.1 Stereo Speaker System

Product Differentiator:

One of the cheap prices 2.1 speaker system. Best for movies, gaming with a blast of bass.


For movies, music, gaming, and other multipurpose another lowest price 2.1 speaker sound system are Cyber Acoustics CA-3908. This is the cheapest speaker on our list but a promising one with excellent sound quality.

I will start with the design because I personally liked the piano black finish with removable grills. For the living room or bedroom, this speaker can match the decor and modern home theater system beautifully.

Both speakers stand on their feet for staying in a stable position with the bigger subwoofer. The subwoofer contains a matte black finish which also looks nice.

Moreover, there is a control pod for doing all necessary adjustments. You can simply turn it on or off with the pod, increase or adjust the volume, also select the bass volume how you like it.

Importantly, there are enough ports for connecting pc, gaming console or other. The 3.5mm aux input with a headphone jack port. If someone wishes to enjoy alone time to listen to music this feature helps him to do it.

The peak power is 92-watt and RMS 46 watts. This amazes the users most as they are getting at a reasonable price this kind of pretty powerful speaker set. To give a thrill to your whole body this pair is definitely an amazing one.

Furthermore, the 6.5 bigger subwoofers add extra spice to the sound quality. If you ever heard one saying that is bigger woofer means bigger sound. This subwoofer is as same.

The side-firing subwoofer delivers the highest punch in the bass it can. So much rich, powerful bass just turn the whole sound system so much dedicated, smooth, and defined.

With all these, you can expect a long movie night like you are in the movie theater. Or a gaming experience with some real sound in your home.


No noticeable.

Edifier S330D -Speaker system

Product Differentiator:

Simple minimalistic design, wired controller, decent sound for movies or games, music.


Under $200 Edifier S330D is really an outstanding 2-way speaker set. With the most simplistic design, this package provides good quality sound with great features.

If you are not into some heavy design speakers, then this speaker can work well for you. I did not notice any over structure, instead a simple with a black finish in a box shape in MDF enclosure this speaker system set looks beautiful.

You can set it up in your drawing room. Beside TV or computer. Or in your personal space in your bedroom. Since there is a headphone output port, so you can enjoy some personal music time.

Also, there is RCA input and output, 3.5mm aux input, and a wired controller. There is a blue highlight on it to let the user know when the system is on or off. It lights up with the turning on of the system.

The 3.5mm input and headphone output is integrated with this controller.

There is also an active amp, that is not so much common into another speaker. This really helps to makes the sound clearer and smoother.

All these features work combinedly to produce a sound quality that can match any movie, music, or gaming sound very well. Whether you are watching some movie with a bunch of people or alone it is for sure you are gonna have a room-filling sound. What else do you really need?

And if you intend to listen to music with headphones or without headphones then be prepared to listen to those lyrics that you never have understood before.

Lastly, in video games, you can have a decent grip over the sound that helps a lot to respond quickly to the enemy. All over a great deal, this 2.1 Home Theater Speaker System Is.


No Bluetooth connection.

Acoustic Audio (AA2170) by Goldwood 2.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System

Product Differentiator:

Produce decent sound for movies and music. Can work best for home theater, computer, TV, or laptop. Also, streaming is so easy via Bluetooth.


The last one from our list but another best home theater speaker belongs to Acoustic Audio (AA2170). This is the cheapest speaker system on our list but with an extraordinary feature that is Bluetooth compatibility, which you rarely find in other speaker systems.

The most attractive part of this speaker is the Bluetooth compatibility. You can stream with your phone or tab, laptop wirelessly. This is much effort-free to stream favorite music and just enjoy.

Besides this other feature are superb for delivering a decent sound quality. The powered subwoofer and two passive satellites come in the box. The total calculated power is 350 watts with a power amp.

The power amp is mostly responsible for producing the best sound. And as it is integrated already you will not need to spend extra cost here. It itself will make the signals dedicated and clear one thus an impressive audio quality.

2.1 speaker system mostly benefits the consumer with the subwoofer. Because today’s many high-end speakers do not come with any subwoofer. For this, the users always need to count extra money. And you will not find a superior quality subwoofer at a small price.

For this reason, the 2.1 system is a kind of jackpot. You just can find all the required things in a package. Acoustic Audio makes subwoofers promising. The real, punchy, and powerful bass is always expected.

Moreover, the rest channels also produce decent sound. The mids and highs are good enough to gift a room-filling sound. The amazing bass and good sound make this system great for home theater at the smallest price.

Lastly, the design looks cool because of the golden touch. All over the golden color in a matte black finish really makes this speaker set gorgeous. There are magnetic shields for both speakers.

Additionally, illuminated front panel control, a remote control, a 3.5 mm RCA jack, with an instruction manual you will get in the box.


For the price, there are considerable cons. But some distortion seems in the highest volume.

Best 2.1 Home Theater Soundbar System Review

Sony HT-X8500 Soundbar

Product Differentiator:

It is compared with the 7.1.2 Ch audio system for the high-defined sound. Compatible with Dolby Atmos, DTS: X.


When it comes to soundbar it cost a bit expensive than any speaker system. There is an obvious reason as soundbars came with lots of updated features. And Sony HT-X8500 is also an incredible soundbar contain a gorgeous design with dedicated sound quality.

Most people prefer to go with something that can match the home decor. HT-X8500 is one of them. It has a nice sleeker body and a built-in subwoofer. The structure has a smooth finish with a black coating.

The front side is covered with a rolled grill. And the touch-sensitive buttons are also on the top for some controlling systems such as power or Bluetooth pairing. There are the LED lights to indicate input or output connections.

It can perfectly fit under any TV or beside a computer on a table.

Talking about the sound performance HT-X8500 is compared to the 7.1.2ch audio speaker system though it is only a 2.1 Ch soundbar. So, can you imagine how dramatic the sound quality it offers!

There are a couple of smart features it supports that are Alexa and Google Assistant. This is great for those who just feel lazy or find it troubleshoot to use remote control. Just give some command and here you are.

Next, for providing next-level sound it is compatible with Dolby Atmos, DTS: X. For a feature like Dolby Vision or HDR10, HLG has a 4K HDMI board. Therefore, this sound is fully capable of delivering high-resolution audio to the audience.

Sony’s proprietary Vertical Sound Engine is integrated with the feature to makes the sound quality even better. The highs, mids hear clear.

Then comes the excellent subwoofer. This is the kind of subwoofer that kind of gives the hardest punch with bass to your ears. What type of music you hear does not matter. This is a gift to the bass lovers for sure.

In the end, the criteria and awesome performance make it perfect for the 2.1 home theater system.


No WIFI connection.

Polk Audio Command Bar

Product Differentiator:

Space for plug-in Fire TV, Alexa compatibility, different modes for movies, music, sports. Great sound quality with decent loudness.


The second soundbar is from Polk in a balanced price range. Price may seem to some bit expensive, but the thing is if you really wanna go for soundbars then you must consider that otherwise, of course, there is the speaker system option which is impressive.

However, this model from Polk is nice and provides performance. Like other traditional soundbars, this also looks quite similar with a bit of additional design in it. The round shape Amazon Echo dot you will see at the top of the soundbar.

This helps to understand when the Alexa is activated or if the volume is increased or decrease. It indicates with the blue light there.

Other than that, you will find the necessary ports at back. This is all about the design is simple and minimalistic in a black shade.

In the box there is a remote also, that needs to control the volume, activating Alexa or using Bluetooth, adjusting bass, etc. The buttons are not too many so you can have easy access.

Next comes the power and subwoofer. With a total of 260-watt power, this soundbar gives amazing sound and bass. The subwoofer is a pretty well-produced rich, deep, and powerful bass that directly hits the ear.

When it gets the loudest you will feel the real bass. Along the mids and highs are balanced, and distortion is much lower than even do not feel.

Music if you want to enjoy movies or sports, games then there is a different mode for that too. With the remote simply change the mode and enjoy what you want to see with full excitement.

The best part about this soundbar is that it has a place for connecting Fire TV. This is the latest smart feature of it which many peoples are liking too much.

Last, of all, I would like to say that being a 2.1 home theater sound system it is offering much more. If you have the budget, then get it soon.

Con s

You must spend extra on having the Fire TV.

Klipsch Cinema 400 2.1 Sound Bar

Product Differentiator:

Decent performance, great sound quality with punchy bass can fill big rooms full of sound. Perfect for the Klipsch lovers.


Klipsch is serving with the finest sound quality for years. There are very few brands that can compete with Klipsch, thus in our audio component list, Klipsch always makes its place with the best ones.

Such another excellent soundbar is Klipsch Cinema 400. Though soundbars were not popular this Cinema 400 just bring a blast with a decent budget.

As a home theater system, this is recommended soundbar. This can bring lifelike music and audio to the home.

The design is as usual unique compared to other soundbars. What you will first notice is the horn in the design. Those tractrix horns with a 1’’ tweeter inside go well with the overall design, that does not look odd at all.

Besides the horns, the front side of the bar is covered with a grill behind which fiber-composite cone woofer is hidden.

Both soundbar and subwoofer are made of MDF closure with a black finish. Most of the soundbars came with black color as black always gives a premium quality vibe.

The features are also quite good. Peak power is 400 watts, there is also Dolby digital decoder with enough ports but not too many. HDMI-ARC, 3.5mm analog/ optical digital input.

You will find different sound modes surround or dialogue enhancement etc. With the remote, you can change the modes or even adjust the bass. The remote is user-friendly because there are no messy buttons.

Last of all describing all the criteria now it is time to tell how it sounds. At the same price, there are a lot of soundbars in the marketplace. But I personally like this one because of the beautiful sound quality.

The bass is tight and punchy which is most important. The subwoofer really did a respectable job.

Moreover, any type of song in full volume or lower it hears close to the actual content. Talking about movies or sports you really won’t be able to complain. It delivers what the user intends to get.


Not enough smart feature.

JBL Bar 2.1 Home Theater Soundbar System

Product Differentiator:

Under $300 this is worth buying than other soundbars at the same price.


First, I will talk about the bass as JBL indeed offers breathtaking bass which can create a thrill over the whole body. There are many other high-end soundbars, but this one left everyone astonished.

The subwoofer is 6.5 inch goes with saying perfectly bigger woofer means bigger sound. A bomb blast bass, the hardest punch with the richness in the bass is surely praiseworthy.

Like the bass, the JBL bar gives powerful sound quality. There are two speakers that are just mind-blowing. Clear, detailed, and room-filling audio can turn your movies nights alone or with a bunch of people full of entertainment.

2.1 sound system is worth getting the place in the home theater this soundbar proves that.

However, not only the great sound quality JBL allows to stream with Bluetooth. Wireless options also attract users. You can just pair and enjoy your favorite content. If not, then use your TV remote to control the options. One thing to point out is the smart mode option. By default, it remains turned on, but with this mode, the sound hears much good.

Like Klipsch Cinema 400 JBL Bar has a Dolby Digital decoder. For some similarities often these two soundbars are being compared but no one is less.

Coming to design the soundbar has a sleek body but the subwoofer looks bigger. The structure is not heavily designed.

Summing up, under 300$ you won’t find much good soundbar so think about this for sure.


Do not have many smart features.

Yamaha YAS-209BL 2.1 Channel Home Theater Soundbar System

Product Differentiator:

Smart features, plus sound clearing mode.


After reviewing Klipsch and JBL soundbar if someone is more into some smart features then Yamaha YAS-2098L is for them. It is loaded with clever features, but you need to count a bit extra money for that.

Built-in Alexa helps to give the voice command for choosing music, sports, or other content. Even you can ask to know about the date, alarms, news lot of time-consuming.

Along there is the option for Spotify, WIFI, or Bluetooth both options. Choose what makes you comfortable to use. Stream favorite music and enjoy a long hour only with your room-filling surround sound.

The Virtual DTS:X and 3D surround sound ensure the best sounding effect. In addition, for the fine and deep bass, the subwoofer is present. It doesn’t have any wired connection.

Besides this for making the sound more convenient and clear the clear mode works amazingly. Find out every lyric, hear every movie dialogue without any hardship, or rewinding repeatedly.

The last soundbar from our list but one of the best 2.1 home theater soundbar systems.


Bit pricy.

How to choose the perfect home theater system?

Before buying a home, theater system everyone must remember some criteria. Following them, both experts and unexpert can choose the right one.


This article was about the 2.1 home theater system. But in case anyone hasn’t decided which type to buy than first decide then search for the type.

2.1, 3.1, 5.1, 9.2, 7.1.2, and many more channel soundbars or speakers you can see in the market. But buying randomly anyone is not a clever idea. You will then just end up roaming here and there and won’t be able to have anything.

So, first, see the type understand the difference then see the product reviews.


Most of the speakers or soundbars contain enough connection for connecting TV, Blu-ray, or other devices. But if you have some specific device to connect then make sure your new speaker or soundbar has the input or output connection.


Some like smart features others want just simple home theater. So it is better to check out that too.


There is always an argument whether wired or wireless connections are better. Wired connection always provides the best sounding, contrast wireless sometimes fails to do that.

But today’s modern wireless audio Equipements are far better. That is why select what you like.


Last of all is the price. Where a speaker system you can find on a small budget, you just need to spend more money on soundbars. But it’s not like that speaker is bad.

So, if you have a good budget soundbar is best otherwise speakers can serve you as same.

Final Verdict

Best home theater does not mean only expensive products, but also quality ones. So, in our Best 2.1 Home Theater System list there are both reasonable and expensive products.

Also, two category one for speaker lovers other for the soundbar users. With all kinds of necessary information what you need to complete your home theater system.

If you have come this far you must have chosen one for you as the list is enriched with excellent products. So, find out your need then go for that because something new sound experience is waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section is all about finding the solution about some of your problems, that may arise while walking in the quest of finding the best ips tv. let’s find out more!

Is the 2.1 Ch home theater system enough for me?

Of course, a 2.1 system home theater system is enough. There is no time for old saying 2.1ch system are not good. Now an era has come when you can get the best on a tiny budget.

So, without further worry just go for a 2.1ch speaker or soundbar that you want.