Best DVD Player For Samsung Smart TV

There are some basic factors that you should consider while choose the DVD player. First and foremost, it can connect to the TV with available ports. If you TV has HDMI, make sure the player has it too.

While HDMI is the latest and best way of connection, it is still possible to connect the DVD player to the Samsung TV without HDMI. The next factor includes the features you want. Wi-Fi or internet support will allow you to connect internet and stream contents from online. Bluetooth is another popular feature that makes life easier with wireless streaming.

If you want an up-to-date DVD player, the Samsung Electronics UBD-K8500 is best for you. The price range might be higher than others but it has latest features like 4k support, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Other features will include, portability, screen inclusion, etc. If you want an all-in-one package, then the Samsung HT-J4500 5.1 player is best for you.

Top 7 DVD player for Samsung Smart TV:

Let’s have a look at the 7 best DVD player from Samsung Smart TV.

Sony SLV-D360P DVD Player / Video Cassette Recorder Combination 4-Head Hi-Fi VHS Player


  • optical and coaxial digital audio outputs
  • 10-bit video D/A converter


This is a DVD player but you can use it as VCR for recording purposes. You can use the DVD tape or VHR discs and enjoy movies or TV shows. The use of VCR recording and DVD playback can be done at the same time. This device acts as a DVD/CD player and HiFi VCR that you can use for recording in shows in VHR, then watch them in suitable time.

It also allows you to use CD or MP3 disc. It supports DVD-video, DVD-R & DVD-RW, DVD+R & DVD+RW, and Video CD. You can play audio from CD, CD-R & CD-RW, and MP3 CD discs. The high-sampling 10-bit D/A converter will effectively minimize artifacts delivering high quality images. Progressive-scan video also helps in retrieving the best image possible.

There are different AV modes: Standard, Dynamic 1, 2, Cinema 1, 2. Each setting will improve the image focusing on specific details. There are different Virtual sound options as well, Surround 1, 2 or 3. By using sound imaging, the virtual sound options can create virtual rear speakers. Useful functions like Auto Tape speed, Scan and play, Auto play, instant skip, are available in VCR.

There is also Child lock feature which gives you the authority making it safer for kids. It is one of the best DVD players for Samsung Smart TV. You can connect it through S-Video input jack. In this case, complete the audio connection through line out audio L/R or digital audio out jacks.

You can also use component video out to connect the DVD player to the TV. The image below elaborates the connection diagram.

Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player


  • CD and DVD media
  • audio out, coax, component video, video out
  • Laser: Semiconductor laser
  • Video: MPEG-1 (Cyber-shot data)
  • Photo: JPEG (DCF format)
  • Music: MP3 (except for mp3PRO)


If you want a Samsung portable DVD player or a portable player from other brands then you can check the Sony DVPSR210P player. It has different playback options: Fast Playback with Sound, Slow Playback with Sound, Instant Advance, Instant Replay, STEP Playback, etc. There are different custom picture modes: Standard, Dynamic, Cinema and Memory.

You can also adjust the sharpness of the image. Black level of an image can also be adjusted. While using component out port, enable the Progressive option. In the audio setup, there are different options: Audio DRC (TV mode, Wide Range), Downmix, Dolby Digital, DTS, etc. Connect TV to the player and use the remote to control it.

For Samsung TV, press 20. With Multiple-disc resume option you can begin with the last scene on the discs you were playing, up to 6 discs. How to connect DVD player to Samsung TV without HDMI? Well, there are other ways to connect like the. You need AV cable to connect the player to the TV. While latest TVs with only HDMI port might not be compatible with this, it will still work on some older models, like it will work with Samsung 2018 TVs.

You can use it to connect to home theater systems. Use the coaxial digital out to connect to any receiver. With Dolby audio formats, the sound will be immersive and powerful. If you want a Samsung portable DVD player with screen, you can check the Samsung DVD-L200 .

Samsung BD-D5700


  • DVD: 96/48 kHz Sampling: 4 Hz-22kHz
  • Supports 720p, 1080i, 1080p video upconversion
  • Analog audio outputs
  • HDMI port with HDCP 1.4


This Samsung Blu-ray DVD player supports 1080p and has a data transfer rate of 40mbps. Blu-ray discs are versatile and comparatively better than DVD players. Images in Blu-ray player is brighter, sharper and more detailed. Color is rich and overall image. Along with basic sound formats available in DVDs like Dolby Digital and DTS, the Blu-ray supports Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD.

This can be used to play DVDs as well. It supports Blu-ray, DVD, CD. If you are using the player for DVD, then with Progressive mode, the image quality will enhance. While pairing a TV, enter the TV screen size so that the player can adjust image.

There are different picture settings: Normal, Movie, Dynamic, User. Use the BD Wise while connecting the Samsung Blu-ray model bd d5700 through HDMI for optimum image quality. Unlike other DVDs, this player is packed with features making the sound better for every content. The result of this player will be optimum when connected to HDTV. Samsung apps is available to use with this device.

With the AllShare/DLNA Certified function you will have access to photos, music or videos that are saved on the PC. Just like other players, the Samsung Blu- ray model BD D5700 has Parental control where you can tell which part of the device your child will have access. It is one of the best Blu-ray DVD players for Smart TV that will connect via HDMI.

You can also connect this Samsung 3D DVD player to the TV via audio/video cable. The image below shows the connection. In case you want to connect the player to an audio system, you can use HDMI connection for an AV receiver. Then connect other audio systems to the receiver along with TV. The user manual will help through any connection and setup with details.

You can also check the Samsung Blu-ray DVD Disc Player . This is an affordable player that connects to the TV via HDMI. It supports Dolby Digital Plus & Dolby True HD.

4. MEGATEK Region-Free DVD Player


  • Laser wavelength: 780/650nm
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz+/-2.5
  • S/N ratio>=85dB
  • Analog audio out, coax out
  • Video out, HDMI


Megatek DP-260M55HD is one of the best DVD players for Samsung Smart TV. It supports video of DVD up to 1080p. its not necessary to have a Samsung all region DVD player because you can always look at alternative brands. You can play the following formats in this player: JPEG, MP3, WMA, CD, CD-R/RW, DVD-R/-RW, DVD-Video.

However, if you plan to play Blu-ray discs, you will be disappointed. It has anti-shock and error correcting methods with which it can perform quickly yet silently. Different functions and options like Fast and slow playback, Zoom, Repeat, Multi disc resume play, Records audio CDs to USB and others make it easier to use. The image below shows a connection diagram for TV and receiver.

As you can see you can connect the TV to the player via two ways: AV connection or HDMI. HDMI is the best possible connection but if your Samsung TV doesn’t have one, use the AV connection. In case you want to connect a receiver, then use the coax audio connection. While placing the player, make sure not to keep it in confined spaces.

By using the remote control, you can have access to different options like subtitles, audio, angle, Setup options, scan, etc. The user manual will help you with detailed descriptions.

Samsung HT-J4500 5.1 Channel 500


  • 1 ch
  • Total power: 500W
  • 8 DSP modes
  • 3D Blu-ray
  • Bluetooth
  • Has battery


If you are looking for Samsung DVD player with 5.1 surround sound, then check the HT-J4500 model. This package comes with 5.1 speakers so you don’t have to worry to building an audio system. Support for Dolby Digital Plus with DTS Sound and Dolby True HD makes audio clear, detailed and powerful. The image below clearly indicates that this Samsung Bluetooth DVD player is designed to connect TV via HDMI.

on the rear side of the player, there is a cooling fan, speaker out terminals, Aux in, HDMI out, and optical port. The remote control is packed with buttons: Subtitle, Home, repeat, tools, info, disc menu, title menu, function, etc. In terms of speaker placement, see the image below. Figure out your Samsung TV screen size, then determine the sitting distance (2.5 to 3 times the TV size) from the TV.

Place the front speakers 45° with the user and place the rear speakers behind the user. If you want a Samsung Blu-ray 3D DVD player, then this model also has this option. Select 3D Blu-ray playback mode for this case. There are options like HDMI color format, HDMI Deep color or Progressive mode to improve color and image quality.

In Speaker Settings use Level to adjust loudness, adjust the distance and then run speaker test. Other available options are: EQ, Downmixing mode, DRC and Audio Sync. With Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) feature, use one remote for the player and TV but make sure you have an Anynet+ Samsung TV. You will find several additional features like the built-in FM tuner.

By selecting Picture settings and then Mode, you can adjust brightness, contrast, color and sharpness. Wireless streaming via Bluetooth makes it easy to stream from any smart device. Overall, if you want feature packed player, this model is best for you.

Samsung Electronics UBD-K8500 3D Wi-Fi 4K


  • Deck type: Slide Out Disc Tray
  • 2D and 3D playback
  • Multiroom support
  • Supports Ultra HD Blu-ray


This is a Samsung 4k Blu-ray DVD player that is versatile in terms of functions and features. It can deliver outstanding image quality with rich and detailed color. It can upscale low-res contents effectively. The player supports Ultra HD Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray disc, DVD and CD. It is best for Samsung SUHD TV like the Samsung UN65KS9000 Samsung UN65KS9000 .

Since latest TVs are 4k compatible and has HDR, you can get the best out of it. The Samsung Blu-ray 3D DVD player price is under $300. It supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and has two HDMI ports. It is one of the best Samsung 4k DVD player that delivers brighter and sharper images compared to full HD. HDR helps in enhancing the images further.

4k support allows you to play content from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video. This Samsung DVD Blu-ray player Wi-Fi support will be available through wired or wireless connection to the internet. Although it will support DVD, Blu-ray or CDS, it won’t work with SACD and DVD-Audio discs. To enhance the audio, it supports Dolby Digital, DTS-HD, and Dolby True HD.

With HDMI ports it is needless to say that connection to the TV is via HDMI. If the TV doesn’t have HDCP 2.2, then the Ultra Blu-ray file may play at 1080p. Create a home theater system by connecting the player to a receiver, TV and sound system. Going through the menu, the settings and instructions seem clear and overall, it is user-friendly.

Samsung DVD-C631P 5-Disc Progressive-Scan DVD Player 

No products found.


  • No HDMI
  • Has remote


If you want Samsung 5-disc DVD player then check this DVD-C631P player. It has DVD changer that can hold 5 discs. Dolby Digital will help in enhancing the sound. It supports DVD, Video-CD and Audio-CD. Like other Samsung DVD players, it has a remote control. If you want to know how to connect DVD player to Samsung smart TV without HDMI, see the image below.

There are several features, settings and options available. Going through the manual will help you understand them. In case you want a Samsung region free DVD player, you can also check this No products found..

Parting words

The best DVD player for Samsung smart TV should be able to play audio and video with good quality. In that case, supported audio formats are important (Dolby Digital, DTS, etc.). different players use different tactics to improve the video quality. Instead of having a DVD player, you can also choose a Blu-ray player that can play DVD discs as well.

These players have useful user manual guiding you through setups, placement, wiring diagrams and settings. You can choose subtitle, zoom, play, pause, choose different modes with the settings. If you want to take the player with you from one place to another, a portable player will be ideal. Checking the connections and any must-have features are the basic criteria to look into. 4k DVD player will be best if you have TV from recent years.


This FAQ is here to solve some of your problems regarding best DVD player for your TV>

Which DVD player should I choose for Samsung Smart TV?

If the Samsung Smart TV is a latest model and has HDMI, choose a DVD player with HDMI port.

Can I create home theater and still use DVD player?

Connect he DVD player to an AV receiver via HDMI port. Then connect the TV to the receiver via HDMI. Complete connection by pairing speakers and subwoofers to the receiver.